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Testerone XL Review – A Good Supplement or Another Scam?

What Is Testerone XL?

Testerone XL, known also as Testosterone XL, is a natural supplement that helps you create a leaner and shredded body in your overall fitness regimen. The amino acids in this supplement work as a catalyst to create a better protein metabolic rate in your body. Protein is the building block for muscle growth, and it’s very important that your body can process this element in the right manner.

This product increases the amount of testosterone in your body, which helps increase your rate of muscle growth as well as increase your metabolism and ability to build lean muscle. The supplement also uses all natural ingredients in a proprietary blend that really take your body to another level. This all happens without any side effects that you would normally receive from traditional steroids or illegal supplements. Of course, it’s important to have optimal testosterone levels for health reasons.

Your testosterone levels begin to decline after 27, and you need to ensure you find good methods to keep these levels high. Testerone XL is a safe method to give you good testosterone levels, but without creating a total body shock. Take a look below to see how this supplement works.

The effects from Testerone XL


How Does Testerone XL Work?

This is actually a very simple, but scientific process. Do you know that testosterone helps create lean muscle due to muscle protein synthesis? As you get older, this actually drops without a good health regimen to keep up. Testerone XL helps you replenish these levels to make you a fit machine and operate how you did at the peak of your prime. You will effectively create a body that’s leaner and ripped by using this supplement in conjunction with a great diet and workout routine. First of all, amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) help to secrete more insulin in the bloodstream, which is the key to better protein retention. You’ll need this to start the protein building process to increase muscle growth as well as recovery. Below, there are some details about how these amino acids affect the body.

The Leucine helps maintain your muscle because it keeps your muscle tissue from breaking down too much. Often times, we breakdown the tissue too much from either working out or running. This is counterproductive because it eats into the muscle production. Rather than burning fat, you actually burn muscle – a big no-no. The IsoLeucine is great because it’s an energy booster and helps prevent fatigue during workouts. Stamina is a big thing especially when it comes to lasting during your workouts. Good energy before and after your workouts will make it easier to sustain intense training, and muscle recovery Also, you won’t be so prone to muscle fatigue, which makes rebuilding a lot quicker. The Valine works well to help you repair muscle tissues. If you find that it’s harder to lift heavy days after a workout, it’s due to extreme fatigue. Your body plateaus overtime and it’s hard to gain more muscle because you actually burn through it. That’s why it’s essential to have a system in place to keep your muscles growing consistently.

Testerone XL and how to take it


When to Use It?

You should use it during a time where you really want to get lean and ripped. This process takes some weeks to see the results, but it’s perfect for muscle tone. If you are a budding bodybuilder, you should take this during a cycle where you want to actually see the definition. There’s a time period where you do a lot of your bulking and your body doesn’t burn as much fat.

This product provides natural elements to make toning a lot easier, and you won’t lose as much muscle. One of the hardest things a bodybuilder has to do is build mass and keep the right definition. You’ll see results in a matter of weeks, which is perfect for creating more tone right before your next competition.

It's advertised that you can make up to 30% more muscle mass by using a product like Testerone XL



There are a lot of key benefits of Testerone XL. Take a look at what you’ll get from taking this supplement:

  1. It helps build more muscle mass faster.
  2. You’ll gain more energy from taking this supplement.
  3. Not only will you protect your muscle fibers, but you’ll also strengthen them.
  4. It decreases the loss of muscle tissue.
  5. You’ll be able to repair muscles at a faster rate.
  6. It increases your drive and determination.
  7. You’ll increase your stamina during workouts.
  8. You’ll get leaner and have a healthier BMI level.

The features of Testerone XL

It’s clearly evident that these are all great factors to create a fit body. By speeding up the process of building muscle mass, you’ll release more protein in the body. The elements in this tablet helps you make protein synthesis more prevalent.

It’s important this takes place at a faster rate because you’ll be a lot more active.
Of course, increasing your energy will enable you to get more out of your workout and build the stamina to last for intense lifting sessions. Muscle fibers are supposed to break down to allow for growth, but this doesn’t happen overnight. It’s beneficial to have an element that strengthens your muscle fibers and decreases the loss of muscle tissue.

You’ll find that your recovery time is quicker to get the necessary muscle repairs and get back to performing optimally. For bodybuilders, they need a recovery boost because time between competition is very short. It can take a toll on the body performing at a high rate without a supplement to help your body sustain the intensity.

By getting leaner and decreasing your BMI level, you’ll see more definition. It’s not the weight gain that matters as much as it is building lean muscle. You’ll pack on the muscle mass and get rid of excess fat. You’ll see this more during the weeks as you increase your stamina and put your body through more rigorous workouts.

As you can see Testerone XL, covers the bases to allow for premium muscle growth and overall muscle stability. Use these elements with your workout and diet to create the best results. Although, you’ll get to your goal faster, you still need to do all the work to make sure that your body is healthy.

Information on how Testerone XL may help the consumer


Testerone XL’s Side Effects

There are no side effects currently found in this product. This supplement uses all natural ingredients to help you get the results you need for your long-term growth in building a better body and lifestyle. All of the elements in this particular supplement are 100% safe, so you won’t have to worry about any health issues or major side effects down the line.

Most steroids in the market use certain man-made substances that don’t mix well with your body’s chemistry. Of course, this almost makes it unapproved by the FDA, so many people get disqualified from competition when found in the bloodstream. The amino acids present in these supplements aid in your protein growth, but it’s an addition to those present in your body.

Just make sure you don’t overdose on this supplement because you don’t want your testosterone levels going haywire. Keep this in mind when you take these tablets for your long-term fitness goals. An overdose can have some severe effects on the body.

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How to Use It?

As with most supplements, it’s recommended to use a tablet before and after a workout. Take two tablets everyday right before your workout. This process will giving you more energy before your workouts so you can have good stamina to truly get the most out of your training. Of course, you’ll also want to get on a good physical regimen to maximize the amount of testosterone released in your consumption of this supplement.

Remember, the product helps stimulate different cells (particularly amino acids) in your body to make the job of muscle growth easier. By having a great diet and exercise program, you’ll be able to maximize the production of testosterone in the body. Also, it’ll be better regulated because the intensity of your workouts will give the extra testosterone more purpose to stimulate your tissues, fibers, and overall musculature.

Simply take one tablet of Testerone XL twice a day, lift heavy for your lower and upper body days, and eat properly. You’ll begin to see results after a few weeks with a very consistent regimen for building body mass. Also, you’ll get leaner because the amino acids will naturally build more protein synthesis, which means a more defined body.

Testerone XL and how to take it


Why Choose Testerone XL?

Testerone XL is a great supplement that has many elements. All of its elements provide you with great testosterone levels. The good thing about using an all-natural supplement is not having to worry about any side effects that correlate with traditional steroids. There are certain things you can expect from having this natural supplement in your body.

This is a supplement that helps you increase testosterone and energy levels. This makes for a prolonged time period where you can have stamina throughout any intense activity. Many athletes from bodybuilders and rugby players have noticed the increased energy just from 30 minutes of taking the supplement. After a few weeks, they’ve noticed that they can last hours in whatever activity they engage. While it may not be a direct correlation to strength increase, testosterone levels do help you last more during your workouts, which is a byproduct of building strength. Overall, this is a great tool to help you in your workout regimen.

The main reason why people use certain aspects of this supplement is for endurance and strength. This is perfect for your workouts because your body fatigues after tremendous stress due to heavy weightlifting. Athletes can use this extract to better their performances and training sessions throughout the season. Another thing that’s worth noting is it helps to relieve stress. Stress is not only a mood changer, but it does affect the body by creating toxins. You’ll be able to more effectively workout because you’re limber and your muscles are much more relaxed. Also, you’ll get better sleep, which will help your muscles grow better after a long day.

When it comes to working out, you want to strive for having a symmetrical body. You don’t want to look like a cartoon character with a huge upper body and a lower half that looks like the cartoon character Olive Oil. The testosterone level distribution in Testerone XL helps you create muscle equally in your lower and upper body. This makes for a much better physique, and you’ll see that your body adapts better to a variety of workouts.

You’ll also eat smaller meals because of the fiber content in the supplement. While this may not be favorable in terms of gaining mass, this will help you gain leaner muscle. This is absolutely perfect for cutting before a big competition like bodybuilding or modeling. This supplement serves a lot of great purposes to help you not only get lean, but enhance the way your body looks for true muscle tone. Not only does Testerone XL help to increase your energy levels, but it relaxes your body as well. This type of combination will help you really focus on your workouts at optimal levels.

Having a clear head is important for intense activity because you need to be in the mindset to commit to the task. Once the mind is focused, the body will follow. With increased energy levels due to the supplement, you’ll be able to endure longer and more complex workout programs to help continue to challenge your body. This supplement can help regulate pyridoxine in your liver to create enzymes for protein and fat metabolism. You need optimal levels of Vitamin B6 to help your body produce more nonessential amino acids on its own, and Testerone XL can help with that. Otherwise, you’ll have to get them solely through food intake.

The supplement can help with fat burning for lean muscle gain. This is very important because your body needs to absorb protein and keep up its metabolism to burn excess fat. While some fat is needed to survive, it doesn’t help to have stored fat because it lingers in the body. You want to ensure that you constantly burn fat through an after burn effect to see results up to 24-48 hours after your workout. You want to put your body in a constant fat burning state to see results a lot quicker, and have it focus on creating more muscle. Testerone XL has an essential element to help you see those results. This gives your body a catalyst to produce more amino acids on its own.

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What’s stacking? In case you didn’t know, stacking helps you pull from a number of supplements in a way that gives you the best results from each element. It’s great when you want to get multiple benefits for your overall body. It also helps you create a routine to supplement the things you lack in a more organized manner.

While stacking is not needed to produce great results with Testerone XL, you do have an option using the Power Precision formula stack. This stack also helps you build muscle, but Power Precision helps increase your metabolism. Here’s a brief breakdown of why both elements together are important.

You want to begin bulking up for your competition, but you want to limit the amount of excess fat. You’ll increase your testosterone levels to do better workouts to help gain more muscle. At the same time, you want to eat more to grow muscle, but don’t want to gain fat. This supplement will increase your metabolic rate, so you can burn more fat and help increase the amount of muscle in your body. Having this combination will produce results quicker. It’s not necessary to use an additional formula with your supplement, but it does help a lot. See how this affects the look of your body within a month to ensure you get the best results.

A testimonial from a Testerone XL user


Pricing & Free Trial

The free trial edition of this product allows for a one month supply of the product. However, the trial only lasts for 14 days. You’ll be charged $4.95 for shipping and handling fees for the free trial. If you find that you don’t want to continue on with the product, you should submit a cancel request. You can cancel your membership by going on the site, submitting your email. and order ID number.

Please note that if you do request a refund, you should also return the remainder of the product to the original address. Make sure you submit your inquiry to customer service. You can actually contact them through their number right before your 14-day free trial expires.

If you decide to continue using Testerone XL, you’ll be automatically charged $89.95 after the 14 day trial and every recurring month with a brand new supply of the tablets. The server is safe because it uses RapidSSL, which doesn’t store your credit card information on the site. Also, it uses GeoTrust as well as McAfee to ensure your information doesn’t get phished by any hackers.

Three product bottles of Testerone XL






12 responses to “Testerone XL Review – A Good Supplement or Another Scam?”

  1. Craig Avatar

    I’m in the military and subject to multiple iron examination tests for “illegal drugs.”
    Does tester one XL put me at risk to fail or “Pop” on a piss test and inturn cause me to be kicked out of the military just for trying to get a better physic?
    Semper Fi-Craig

    1. Allen Hicks Avatar
      Allen Hicks

      Hi, let me first tell you that this product is just a mix of herbs and vitamins and/or other natural ingredients. It won’t show as an illegal drug, as it seems it doesn’t containing any pharmaceutical ingredients, at least on paper. However, let me be very clear that we do not encourage people into taking auto-ship products, they will basically charge you each month and ship this product to you monthly until you cancel. I can’t say the product is bad, but there are far better alternatives which we have reviewed. We are not encouraging anyone into taking subscription-based products like this one.

  2. Michael Hahn Avatar
    Michael Hahn

    Hi I’m 66 years of age am I to old to take this?

    1. Allen Hicks Avatar
      Allen Hicks

      This is an auto-shipping product, they will charge you each month and ship you the product until you cancel it. We can’t say anything bad about the product, but we generally don’t encourage our readers to take auto-shipping products. Also, you must know that the idea of these supplements is to encourage your free testosterone in your body to be utilised by the vitamins and the herbs in these products. However at your age, there may be not as much free testosterone to be utilised anyway and some of the herbs, vitamins or other ingredients can affect you if you are on a medication or if you have some condition which requires more attention. That is why, at your age, it is best to ask first you personal doctor or a professional doctor before taking any supplement, no matter if it is an all-natural one or not. Generally, if I was you, I would just skip it.

  3. LIam Avatar

    Hi, I’m 19. If I want to use this product in conjunction with Pure Muscle X, is it effective for weight loss and shredding? Also, does it have any serious side effects or is it completely safe? What other products would you recommend for what I am trying to achieve?

    1. Allen Hicks Avatar
      Allen Hicks

      Hi, I will start answering your questions one by one. First of all, I am glad that you are 19 and not some teenager which doesn’t understand his testosterone is already booming and the only thing he needs is a good diet and a good workout program. We have reviewed this product and the other product which you have mentioned and if we look at the ingredients list and if they are really the same, it should be considered safe for healthy people. It is advised that you consult your doctor before you take any type of supplement, even if it is a dietary supplement like this one. If you have some medical condition, this is absolutely required, because even natural supplements could lead to issues in cases like that. Regarding the products which we do recommend – we’ve made the navigation as easy as possible so people like you can use the navigation and see the recommended products from our side. By picking each category you can see them on top, I hope you’ll easily find them as they are at the top of every category page. A good thing to note here is that we didn’t place these two products which you have mentioned in our recommended list. One of the reasons for that is because of their billing model which some people don’t really understand, maybe because they do not pay attention to the terms when they sign-up for such programs. By accepting their free trial program you are subscribing to a monthly auto-shipping program and you’ll have to pay for both of the products, until you cancel it. This is enrolled automatically and the only way to stop the company behind these products from charging you is to contact their support. You have a free trial period in which you can return the product, but you have to specifically ask them to cancel the program for both of the products in order to stop them charging you after the free trial period. For some of the products, the period starts from the day of your order. This is one of the reasons why we do not place such type of products in our recommended list. If you really want to try them instead of the ones recommended by us, I suggest you to order them from places like eBay for one-time payment and test them that way. Our website doesn’t encourage anyone into taking any sort of free trial products and we are not associated with these brands or the companies behind them. Hope that my response answers all of your questions and even more.

  4. Tadg Avatar

    I am 14 years old and have been trying to loose weight all summer and build muscle, but nothing seems to work. Is it safe for me?

    1. Allen Hicks Avatar
      Allen Hicks

      Hi! Usually such questions cannot be answered straight with “yes” or “no”, which is why we write reviews which covers many aspects of the product. Supplements are not some magical solutions, they are addition to your proper workout regime and your proper diet. You cannot achieve things overnight, you must be consistent. If you are OK with the auto-shipping program of this product – go for it, but for some people this is not very cheap. The product while not bad at all is not part of our recommended list. What you need is a good workout program, good diet program, healthy and balanced perseverance and a product from our recommended list. I doubt you’ll be rocking this summer as it is too soon to expect such results, but in the longterm you will. If this combination doesn’t help you, I suggest you to switch the sports to swimming or something else and sculpt your physique for years that way. Good luck!

  5. Jise Avatar

    Hi, do you know how this product affects diabetics? I can’t find andthing anywhere

    1. Allen Hicks Avatar
      Allen Hicks

      Yes, I have information, diabetics shouldn’t take any type of testosterone boosters without giving the label to their doctor and ask for an advice, if you don’t do it – don’t take it or you may see some bad side effects and it could be very dangerous.

      Best Regards

  6. Brian Avatar

    It’s amazing how many of these types of products NEVER address the potential harm they can cause to diabetics, whern probably 60% of their likely customers are diabetic. They say they’re the answer to every man’s problem in the bedroom, but couldn’t care less whether their product will dangerously effect you. The internet has become the most dangerous place in the world. I recomment that men and women looking for some particular natural tablet, avoid the web like the plague. Find a decent chemist or store that specializes in what you’re after, and even then only believe half of what they tell you. If you smell a rat, walk straight out and keep looking elsewhere. This is what I’ve had to do with moderate success, but at least I’ve been able to reduce the obscene amount of money I wasted on products off the web.

    1. Allen Hicks Avatar
      Allen Hicks

      Hi, let me clarify that we do not place this product in the recommended list and we didn’t evaluate it from other perspective than bodybuilding. We also encourage everyone, seeking for a bodybuilding product and having a medical condition, to ask his doctor for permission first, before he made his order. I try to warn everyone, it is not only diabetics, all people with hearth, liver and other problems as well. Keep in mind that the bottles do have ingredient list as well. I also recommend people not to ask for advices online, regarding their medical conditions, they must always ask their doctors first. Also, it is important for everyone to know that fast food, and the tons of sodas and all other crap that the typical American eats is a total junk. Everyone should be on a diet and avoid unhealthy foods in order to avoid diabetes.

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