Testosterone XL

Testosterone XL Review – Should You Try It?

What Is Testosterone XL?

Testosterone XL is a supplement that assists individuals in gaining a significant amount of muscle mass in a short period of time. This product is for men over the age of 18 who want to appear and actually be more physically fit and strong. Users can expect to add as much as 30% more muscle mass in less than a month, usually as little as 3 weeks. This supplement has also been known to:

  • Make consumers look up to 52% more ripped;
  • Increase the endurance of athletes by up to 42%;
  • Lessen workout fatigue by 35%.

The supplement is simply a pill filled with natural herbals and extracts that help bodybuilders and those who desire to become more fit to reach their ultimate goal. Each ingredient has a specific need that it fulfills and no ingredient acts as “just a filler”. This, in turn, allows men to reach their full physical potentials. The supplement is meant to increase the factors in a man’s body that help him to build muscle mass and gain significant strength. Because of this, the manufacturer focused on filling the supplement only with ingredients that would accomplish this.

There are ingredients to increase energy so men can increase the intensity or length of their workout. There are ingredients to reduce recovery time so prolonged periods of rest are not necessary. There are ingredients to increase testosterone so that more muscle is produced by the body than normal. There are also ingredients to reduce mood swings and increase mental acuity so users are not only assisted in building their body physically but also mentally.



The manufacturer is Bluebreath Investments Limited in Cyprus. This manufacturer has received excellent reviews from customers and is in good standing. Bluebreath Investments specializes in a wide variety of health and beauty products for both men and women. However, Testosterone XL is just for men.


How Testosterone XL Works?

Testosterone XL uses an all-natural formula to increase the testosterone levels in the body. To ensure that the product works, customers must take one capsule twice daily. To enhance the results of the capsules, individuals should introduce, or continue, a workout routine of lifting heavy weights but with low repetitions. For an individual to see the full potential of these supplements, a healthy diet is also recommended.

The supplements are made up of safe and natural ingredients. One of the main reasons Testosterone XL works is because it contains a wide variety of amino acids. These amino acids are the buildings blocks of protein and allow your body to create new muscle tissue. The increased availability of amino acids in the body means that users can build a much greater amount of muscle than they would be able to without the supplement.

The supplements also contain ingredients that help regulate insulin and increase testosterone levels. Increased testosterone is widely proven to increase muscle mass. Extra testosterone has other benefits as well. Testosterone will strengthen bones through the process of making bones more dense. It is also known to assist in fat metabolism so users will achieve a lean muscular body. Finally, due to the fact that testosterone increases the amount of red blood cells in the body, more oxygen is carried through the blood and users will be able to perform at a higher level.

In addition, due to other ingredients that increase energy and reduce recovery time, bodybuilders are able to push themselves to their ultimate limit and this, in turn, increases muscle mass and strength.


Ingredients of Testosterone XL

The main ingredients of Testosterone XL are:

Tribulus Teresstris Extracts

This extract stimulates the testicles to produce more testosterone, ultimately increasing the body’s testosterone level by 300%. It also assists in hormonal balance.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin enhances energy and power in the body and manages the testosterone level in the body.

Rhodiola Extracts

Rhodiola is known to increase energy levels in the body and as well as enhancing mental acuity.

Damiana Extracts

Damiana is proven to assist with general health and wellness

Fenugreek Extracts

Fenugreek has been shown to dramatically increase male growth hormone levels.



Testosterone XL has a number of advantages for customers. It has been shown to build muscles significantly faster than other muscle building supplements. This supplement is also known to increase general health and energy level in users. Through its provision of energy, Testosterone XL speeds up the metabolism of users to ensure that the muscle that is built is lean, ripped and defined.

The supplement will assist bodybuilders and gym goers by reducing fatigue after workout. There will not be any more days of waking up too sore to go to the gym. The muscles will be ready to go for another session of heavy weights. It will also increase aerobic and anaerobic stamina. The combination of these two benefits allows users to both workout for a longer period of time and to recover from their workout more quickly.

The supplement also strengthens and protects muscle fibers, helps to repair muscles, reduces muscle tissue breakdown and strengthens bones. Because of this, users may be less likely to injure their muscles and bones. This preventative care will enable customers to save money in the long run. Rather than spending money and time in rehab with a physical therapist, chiropractor or doctor, individuals can spend that time at the gym building bigger muscles and strengthening their body.

An extra bonus is that Testosterone XL uses natural, herbal extracts to ensure its safety to all users. Many of these herbal ingredients have been through multiple clinical tests and have several proven benefits in addition to being side effect free. Some of the ingredients are also well known for having anti-oxidant benefits in customers.



This product is an all-natural dietary supplement, therefore it is legal in all countries and does not require any type certificate or FDA approval.



  • I used to lift weights at the gym every single day. My main frustration came from the fact that I was in good physical fitness but I simply struggled to put any muscle mass on. My trainer recommended Testosterone XL to me so I decided to try it out. After about 3 weeks my coworkers started to comment on how muscular I was starting to look. This supplement has helped me gain so much confidence in my appearance and my interactions with others. In addition, I am so much stronger that even my trainer was surprised. – Kevin L., New Jersey
  • I started using Testosterone XL after a close friend recommended it to me. I was skeptical about it at first but I finally agreed to give it a try. The biggest problem that I faced was having enough energy after work to get a good enough workout in. A few weeks into using the supplement I noticed my energy levels increasing. With the increase in energy levels, I was able to lengthen my workout, increase my weight and seriously increase my muscle mass. I am thrilled with the result and get compliments all of the time. – Lewis N., California
  • I have been a gym goer since my brother introduced me to lifting weights during my teenage years. I have always had the goal to look like the great bodybuilders of the 70s and 80s. I tried just lifting weights and I got stronger but just plateaued after a while. Then I got into taking whatever I could get my hands on. It helped by the side effects were too much to handle. I finally found Testosterone XL. No side effects, major muscle growth. There’s really no downside. – Mat L., Oregon
  • I proudly refer to myself as a supplement junky. I have tried every single supplement under that sun. Testosterone XL is the one that works best for me. With other supplements, I would gain weight but it was just bulk and mainly water weight. With Testosterone XL I am gaining defined muscle and the bonus is that I have a ton more energy. – Arnold L., Texas
  • I am a big guy naturally and I have always had a lot of natural strength. However, my strength has never been obvious to the naked eye; I just tend to look chubby or fat. A teammate and close friend of mine recommended using Testosterone XL. Because there was a free trial, I purchased it. Within two weeks I was truly impressed. My body started to lean out and I began to finally see actual muscle definition and even veins. I finally look as strong as I actually am and the crazy thing is that I can now lift more weight than ever before. – David J., Canada
  • I am a big time workout junky. I love to push my body to the limit. The one problem I have always faced is recovery. I’ll lift heavy one day and have to skip the next day because my body is too sore and tired. I have been searching for a natural way to prevent this and finally came across Testosterone XL. 1 month after I started, I noticed that I could workout hard 4 days in a row. The recovery that I have with this supplement is nothing like I have ever seen before. – David S., Oklahoma
  • I had a big problem with injuring myself in the gym. I was constantly tearing or hurting my muscles in some way. I hired a trainer to make sure I was correctly doing all of the exercises. I regularly went to a chiropractor. Nothing worked. My trainer suggested I try Testosterone XL to strengthen my muscles and defend them against energy. It worked almost immediately. I have not had to miss a day at the gym in 4 months because of this supplement. – John T., Oklahoma
  • Due to lifting weight that was too heavy for me, I severely injured my back and was forced to undergo surgery. After months of recovery and physical therapy I was ready to start lifting again. I had lost so much strength and size due to being away from the gym for so long that I felt like I could never gain it back. I friend showed me Testosterone XL and within 2 months I was back to my previous size. After 4 months I was lifting more weight than I ever had before. – Tim S., Mississippi
  • I have been in the bodybuilding industry for 5 years now. For the first 4 years I regularly used injectable steroids to increase my muscle mass. I hated using them because they messed with my mood and my mental clarity. I eventually had to stop but I did not want to end my career. I was introduced to Testosterone XL and have never stopped using it. It builds the muscle and definition I need for competition but it does not mess with my personal life or mental health. – Craig H., Tennessee
  • I am a weight lifter and I found that there were quite a few individuals who I compete against who use illegal substances. I have always been against this but have been aggravated that those people continue to have the competitive edge. Thankfully someone pointed me towards Testosterone XL. I now have a way to legally and healthily improve my abilities. This product has ended up giving me the competitive edge and it makes me feel good too. – Tom T., Maine


Money-back Guarantee

Bluebreath Investments Limited is so confident in their product that they allows users to try it for free. Customers 14 days, plus 4 days incurred due to shipping, to try this all-natural supplement out and if they do not see a difference they may cancel their membership and they will not be charged for the product.

The manufacturer also guarantees that if a customer is not 100% satisfied after having taken the supplements as directed for a more extended period of time, they will refund the cost of the supplements and shipping within 5 business days of the requested refund.

If at any time a customer wishes to end their membership, the process may be done through the website and is extremely simple.



Shipping in the US is not free. It will cost customers roughly $6 depending on location, shipping urgency and discount codes. However, shipping is not limited to the US. If international customers would like to try this supplement out, it is also available to them. It will cost international customers around $8 for shipping.

If the product is ordered prior to 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, it will be shipped the same day. Occasionally, it may take up to 48 hours to process the order. Once the processing has been completed, the product is immediately shipped.

Shipping is sent through USPS Mail and delivery will be made in 2-3 days in the continental US. International orders are also shipped through USPS Mail and delivery should take 3-5 days. Delays may be caused by the local Customs authority in your country clearing the product.

In order to provide privacy for customers, Bluebreath Investments Limited ships the supplements in a plain package so that there is no indication of what product is inside.


Customer Support

For customers who have concerns or questions regarding Testosterone XL, the company’s official website is very helpful. There are links to pages regarding the terms and conditions, shipping and the refund or guarantee policy. If this does not answer all questions, there is also a contact page made available to individuals.

Customer support is only provided in english but it is available 24/7. Individuals may call and speak to a support agent over the phone. However, it should be noted that the phone number is an international one, located in Cyprus. Alternatively, customers may email customer support and expect an expedient response.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout process for this supplement has been tested, inspected and guaranteed by SafePurchase. Customers do not need to worry about their private information being stolen, abused or any other fraudulent activity occurring due to purchasing Testosterone XL. It is a completely safe and secure checkout.

The manufacturer guarantees that they will never share or sell and customers’ personal information to third parties. This includes a customer’s payment information, name and email address information. They also refrain from sending customers emails unless there is a problem with their order information.

Bluebreath Investments Limited does not store credit card details on their server, instead all payment information passes to the payment processor over SSL connection. Their security measures include GeoTrust, RapidSSL and McAfee Secure.


Pricing & Free Trial

All customers can receive a one month supply of Testosterone XL for free, excluding shipping. If the user is not happy after 14 days of using the product they may cancel their membership and will not be charged. If the customer is happy with Testosterone XL, they may continue using the supplement and will receive a one month supply shipped to their door every 30 days. Their credit card will be charged $89.95 plus shipping and handling monthly.

If the card is declined, the manufacturer will try to charge the user’s card every 15 days. After 3 declines, the membership will be ended. The charge on the credit card will appear as “TESTOSTERONE XL”.






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