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Power Precision Review – Does It Work?

What Is Power Precision?

Power Precision, also known as Lean Muscle Formula, is a natural supplement designed to help you achieve a better body. The supplement aids in fighting fatigue so your recovery time between workouts ends up being much quicker, which can enhance your workouts, and prevent the type of muscle soreness that usually follows a period of tough activity in the gym. The formula also enables the body to efficiently shred fat, and increases your lean body mass, strength, and muscle growth.

The product was designed for men who are in need of a proven way to overcome their natural body types, and add lean muscle mass quickly and naturally. It serves as an alternative to adding more protein to your diet. An amino acid-based formula, like this one, provides the nutrients you need without bringing along additional fat.

Power Precision is advised for use solely by men who are 18 years of age or older. Doctors warn that teenage boys, especially those who have yet to complete puberty, could experience side effects that are detrimental to their hearts, health and future brain development. You are advised to always read and follow the labeling instructions when using the formula.

It should be used by men who are 18 or older. Younger men and boys may experience serious negative side effects. Since the product increases testosterone levels, it is not a good choice for women, who may experience hormonal imbalances, and gain more bulk than they would prefer.

The Package of Power Precision

Bodybuilders, athletes, and men with active lifestyles can benefit from the product in many ways. It reduces the amount of time they need to recover between workouts, and the number of breaks that are needed between reps. The formula can also eliminate the muscle soreness usually associated with strenuous workouts.

Bodybuilders, athletes, and even actors have said the product allowed them to bulk up in a hurry. They have reported increased testosterone levels, an increased amount of stamina, increased energy levels, and a boost in confidence. users say these advantages show up quickly, and last for the long term.

This product is clearly not for everyone. Boys who have yet to finish puberty, and teenage boys under the age of 18, are warned that the side effects of using the Power Precision formula may bother them later in life. They could also adversely affect their hearts, overall health, and brain development in the future.

Women will also want to avoid the formula, especially if they are older. The product increases testosterone levels, and that can lead to hormonal imbalances. Women may also gain far more bulk than they intended to.

In the end, if you are considering a muscle supplement to increase your lean mass, Lean Muscle Formula is a god choice. The ingredients the company does list have been proven to work, and most of its side effects have been described by users as temporary. You get a total of two and a half months to decide whether the product is right for you, and if it isn’t you can cancel for a full refund.

Power Precision is designed to be a useful supplement for many categories of men over the age of 18. Users give the impression that the product works quickly, providing them with noticeable results. A free trial period offers a low cost of entry, and orders can be canceled at any time, making things simple and hassle-free for consumers.

The Effects from Power Precision



Power Precision is manufactured in Canada, but it’s customer support is available worldwide including in the Canada itself, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia. The Product is not currently sold in stores, so you’ll need to purchase the product directly from the website. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be offered a free trial. You’ll just have to pay for shipping and handling costs.

If you are pleased with Power Precision, you don’t need to do anything else. When the trial period ends, you’ll be charged for the bottle. Each month, a new bottle will be automatically shipped to you, and you will be charged the same price.

If you are or become dissatisfied with the product, you can cancel auto-shipping at any time. The company insists this is a simple and easy process, but that has not been verified. If you want a full refund, you need to return the unused portion of the formula within the two months that follow the trial period.

The free trial period is a good opportunity. It allows you to see if the product can be useful to you, with a low cost of entry. Just remember to make a decision before the trial period expires.


How Power Precision Works?

The Power Precision formula contains a number of natural ingredients that work to boost your metabolism and nitric oxide levels. These two things are essential to shredding layers of fat from your body, and increasing muscle growth. The amino acids and extracts the formula contains have been tested, and proven safe and effective for men who need to add muscle mass.

Higher nitric oxide levels allow your blood to transport more nutrients to your muscles. This reduces the amount of time you need to recover from workouts, and increases the rate at which your muscle cells are rebuilt. Your body will also be better able to use the nutrition it gets from food, ensuring that none of the nutrients you’re consuming are wasted.

An increased metabolism will burn fat more efficiently. This will help you see the results of your work at the gym. You’ll notice improved definition of your muscles.

Some users may experience headaches, migraines, and stomach cramps while using Power Precision. These side effects are due to the fact that your body must adjust to any new supplement you introduce to it. Users report that they usually cease to be a problem in about three days.

Skin rashes have also been reported by users. This condition may indicate an allergic reaction. If the problem doesn’t resolve itself in a reasonable amount of tine, you should stop taking the supplements immediately and contact your doctor.

In rarer cases, men have reported spikes in blood pressure. Some have blacked out due to the accompanying dizziness. If you feel this way, stop immediately and sit down, and contact your doctors if things do not improve. The product can also cause allergic reactions in some users. These may be heralded by persistent skin rashes. Medical professionals advise you to stop using the supplement and see a doctor if these don’t go away in a reasonable amount of time.

The Benefits of Power Precision


Ingredients of Power Precision

Power Precision features several ingredients. These include amino acids for protein replacement, and Nitric Oxide for improved blood flow. Glutamine has also been added to improve your stamina during workouts.

L-arginine is a precursor to Nitric Oxide. Its purpose is to increase blood flow to your muscles during workouts. This increases the transfer of oxygen and nutrients they need to work at full strength.

Power Precision does not provide a complete list of its ingredients, but some highlights can be found below. Dosing instructions are also ambiguous, so you’ll need to wait to receive your bottle to learn to use Power Precision. Additionally, overdosing can produce side effects ranging from headaches and stomach cramps to dizziness and blood pressure spikes.

The highlighted ingredients include:

  • L-carnitine
  • L-arginine
  • Glutamine
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Acai Berry Extract
  • Zinc
  • HCL
  • Nitric Oxide

Power Precision Ingredients



Power Precision can provide you with several benefits. Some users have noticed these within the first week. These include improved strength, increased muscle mass, and a reduction in the fat that is hiding your muscles.

Below is a list of effects Power Precision produces. Some will take longer than others to manifest. The list includes:

  • Decreased recovery time between workouts;
  • Increased energy levels;
  • Greater muscle definition;
  • Enhanced blood flow;
  • Improved ability to burn layers of fat;
  • Improved nutrient absorption;
  • Increased testosterone levels;
  • Fewer breaks between reps during gym workouts;
  • Increased amount of calories burned;

Other advantages to note include the fact that each of the ingredients is natural. Also, the company offers a free trial you can take advantage of. Finally , there’s the comfort the prospect of a full refund can provide in case you are dissatisfied with the formula for any reason.

The Formula of Power Precision



Power Precision has been thoroughly researched and clinically tested to ensure it is safe and effective. Researchers paid special attention to ensuring its adeptness at adjusting to your body’s metabolic processes. It has been approved by the FDA and used in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Each ingredient in Power Precision’s formula has been certified. This helps to ensure both safety and quality. The supplement is made in certified labs that are held to rigorous and exacting standards.



All over the internet, users and potential customers have been discussing the merits of Power Precision. Various product websites feature reviews for the product, along with YouTube and several social media sites. Many of the reviews had several things in common.

Testimonials for Power Precision tend to focus on improved definition, strength levels, and workout performance. Some users report noticeable improvements in these areas within five days. For others, results took longer to manifest.

Most of the reviews were written by men who were frustrated with the results of their workout. Many report having tried other solutions. They indicate those solutions presented health issues or were ineffective.

Reviews for the product are typically positive. They claim the product is quick and effective. Here are a few typical examples:

I’m finding that my energy level is way up, I can finally see some abs peaking through my stomach and I feel really great. – Andrew, New York

This is a pretty amazing supplement. Now I feel like I am really making progress in the gym again. – Darren, IL

I’ve been taking Power Precision for about 5 months now and I will tell you my opinion in 3 simple words. There was a total body transformation. – Sebastian, Toronto

Reviewers also expressed a degree of appreciation for the free trial period. They thought it afforded a decent amount of time to try out the product, work through the side effects, and determine whether the product lived up to its promises. Most men who provided reviews went beyond the trial period.

Many of the formula’s users rate it four or five stars, although some complain of temporary side effects. These mostly include headaches and stomach cramps. Dizziness and blood pressure spikes were reported more rarely, and in most cases, the side effects were gone by the third day of use.

Like many companies, the people behind Power Precision have hired actors for YouTube testimonials. This is not a new or unique practice, nor does it reflect on the quality of the product. As a consumer, you should be aware of that information.

The Reviews of Power Precision


Money-back Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the product, the company offers a means of redress. In total, you have two and a half months to take advantage of it. There is no mention of whether the company will refund your shipping costs.

Power Precision is covered by a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Customers can cancel their auto-shipping plan at any time. You’re given two months, after the trial period ends, to return the unused portion of your product for a full refund.



Power Precision uses a shipping method that will be familiar to anyone who has looked into muscle-building supplements before. it has the distinct advantage of simplicity. Again, the disadvantage is you need to remember to act if you want to halt further shipments.

Shipments arrive in discreet packaging that is designed to protect your privacy. After the trial period expires, the shipments become automatic, but these can be cancelled at any time. Shipments come via the United States Postal Service, and you can expect your product to arrive in about three to seven business days. However, not being able to buy the product in stores may seem like a challenge for some customers.

A Real Photo of Three Power Precision Bottles


Customer Support

If you ever have an issue with your supplement formula, or just have a question or concern you want addressed, you have three customer support options, each of which is English only. You can call a customer service representative from anywhere in the world. Alternately, you can use the online chat option.

In each of these cases, service is available 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. If you prefer, you can also email your inquiry, though this approach is slower for obvious reasons. If you choose email as your preferred customer service contact method, the company promises to send you a reply as soon as possible.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Purchasing Power Precision is safe and secure, and there are a few things the company does to keep your information safe:

  • Encryption is used to protect your personal information from exposure to identity criminals or other companies.
  • The people behind Power Precision will not sell your information to any third party.
  • The credit card data will never be stored in any system.
  • The company uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connections for credit card purchases. These connections are a unique way of keeping your information from falling into the wrong hands.

The Safety & Security of Power Precision


Power Precision Pricing & Free Trial

If you’ve ever looked into muscle-building supplements before, you will no doubt be familiar with Power Precision’s pricing plan. The advantage of this system is that it provides you with a way to experience the product that doesn’t end up costing you very much if you decide not to keep using it. The obvious disadvantage is that you are required to remember to act within a certain period of time, or face additional charges.

Power Precision offers their customers a 14-day free trial of their Lean Muscle Formula. For the trial, you will only be expected to pay shipping and handling costs. If you do nothing until the trial period ends, you’ll be charged $74.95 for the trial bottle.

You will then be charged $74.95 for a new bottle, each subsequent month, until you cancel auto-shipping. Doing that within the first two months will entitle you to a full refund. You can cancel auto-shipping after that period, but your money will not be refunded.

The Sample of Power Precision






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