Lean Muscle Formula

Lean Muscle Formula Review – Working or Not?

What Is Lean Muscle Formula?

Lean Muscle Formula makes promises and those promises state that those taking this pre-workout bodybuilding supplement will get ripped and get in shape. It is designed to intensify workouts in order to achieve better results from the very first supplemented session. In fact, may bodybuilders say that they can feel the results the first time, despite the fact lean muscle growth isn’t usually seen until the end of the first week.

What these bodybuilders experience as they increase their muscle gain while on Lean Muscle Formula looks something like this: improved performance through less fatigue, better pumps that are more pronounced, and fat elimination that leads to a ripped physique. There is no prescription required to get this result because the supplement is classified as a legal steroid.

It is a legal steroid because the ingredients within the supplement are 100% natural, and each one of these ingredients has properties that enable the supplement to focus on the building of muscle. What men have said when they have taken Lean Muscle Formula is that muscle growth occurs at a rate that is accelerated when compared to muscle gain without supplementation.


How Lean Muscle Formula Works?

Of course, how Lean Muscle Formula works is all in the ingredients, as each one has unique properties that do things that promote muscle growth. Those ingredients are L-Argnine (also containing nitric acid), Glutamine, nitric oxide and essential amino acids.

L-Argnine increases blood flow to the muscles through the regulation of nitric oxide, which is extremely important when building muscle. Nitric oxide regulates the oxygen molecules in the muscles and muscles thrive off of oxygen and increased blood flow. Better blood flow also means there is improvement in how nutrients are carried to the muscles, giving the muscles everything they need to operate at full capacity.

Scientists have suggested that arginine draws its energy from the diet so that that energy can be used toward muscle gain instead of storing fat. Although this ingredient is still in its infancy, this particular amino acid looks to have a promising future in the world of bodybuilding.

The use of nitric oxide in bodybuilding supplements is rather new, but it does contribute to muscle gain. In this case, nitric oxide is an important part of L-arginine, but it can stand on its own as far as its benefits go. It is the nitric oxide in Lean Muscle Formula that is responsible for increased recovery rates so that you can adhere to a vigorous exercise routine.

Many times, an individual will work out one day and be too tired to do so the next. It can take several days to recover. By improving recovery time, you can hit the gym much sooner than you would otherwise. More workout sessions means better results in the short-term and the long-term.

Reduced fatigue levels also mean better results because you can work out longer. When a person works out, their body starts to become deprived of oxygen. When this happens, lactic acid builds up in the muscle tissue and this generates fatigue. This fatigue comes in the form of the burning sensation you feel that makes you stop exercising. If you are attempting more reps, the fatigue can become quite extreme and limit your progress, so you need to improve oxygen flow.

Better oxygen flow also contributes to better endurance during your workout. To improve oxygen delivery, blood flow has to be improved and that is something that nitric oxide does. Those training for endurance will want to strongly consider supplementing with nitric oxide. It is even said that those living and working out at higher altitudes naturally get less oxygen, so nitric oxide supplementation can improve this situation.

Glucose is even used better. The American Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism looked at how L-arginine, the precursor to nitric oxide, helps metabolize glucose during exercise. They had 9 males trained in endurance cycle for two hours, followed by max effort cycling for 15 minutes. When they were finished, it was found that those who had taken L-arginine had a higher glucose rate of disappearance, glucose rate of appearance, and glucose rate of clearance. Those athletes were taking up glucose in the muscle cells faster as they exercised.

Lastly, nitric oxide increases the muscle pump. Every bodybuilder loves the feeling of a tight and full muscle after an intense bicep and tricep workout. When taking a supplement that utilizes nitric oxide, the pump is more pronounced and has better longevity. Pumps are actually the result of increased blood flow to the muscles, which happens naturally. Nitric oxide makes the pump more obvious.

Glutamine increases stamina while working out. As any bodybuilder knows, stamina is very important when it comes to doing your best and getting the most out of a workout session. In one exercise test, stamina was increased because the glutamine/arginine combo improves water and electrolyte absorption during exercise. In other words, the subjects were able to up their game.

Essential amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. This is something most everyone knows is necessary for the body to function. When you want to build muscle, it is imperative you get the amino acids the body needs in order to improve body composition through the formation of lean muscle.

Amino acids are also ideal for better cognitive function, which is why many individuals throughout the world take amino acids in supplement form. They want to improve overall health and mental function. Focus is everything when working out and improved brain function can help with that focus.

These ingredients have been subjected to extensive clinical trials. What this particular combination has shown in these trials is that it achieves a boost in testosterone and a boost in metabolic rate. By boosting metabolism, the body gets the energy that it needs to build the muscle you want.


When to Use It?

Lean Muscle Formula should be used before a strenuous workout. As stated before, glutamine improves the definition of your pumps and you will only see this after a workout. Nonetheless, this is a formula made especially for men because of its ability to raise testosterone.

Please note that increased testosterone levels are not for women, as it could cause side effects. These side effects could result in excessive hair growth or breast tissue loss. Hormone levels become unbalanced, causing a woman to become much more buff than she may want to be.

It is also not recommended for males under the age of 18 to take this supplement. Doctors state that teenagers could see some side effects. Although these effects may not be immediate, they could be later than life.

Lastly, individuals with health problems are not encouraged to take this product. If you have diabetes, asthma, blood pressure problems, experience frequent migraines, or have digestive issues, you shouldn’t take this supplement. Everyone should always check with their doctor before starting a muscle sculpting supplement in order to identify any health issues that could interact with the ingredients.



Some supplements don’t deliver the way that they claim to for one reason or another. You can take the pills and go to the gym every single day, but lacking the right nourishment for your muscles can cause you to not see the effects you want.

What some men experience is paying high dollar for a bottle of supplements with huge promises, they take them for weeks after spending many hours in the gym, and they see no measurable result.

Something that Lean Muscle Formula does that is important is boost energy in order to improve endurance, stamina, and eliminate as much fatigue as possible. If doses are missed, then it could be more difficult to experience the entire line of benefits.

The energy surge is a result of improved blood flow. Improved mental clarity is also a recorded benefit. Other benefits include:

  • More pronounced pumps;
  • Muscles get ripped faster;
    Fast recovery time between workouts;
  • Easy to take;
  • 100% natural ingredients that are needed by the body;
  • A reputable manufacturer;
  • The supplement is created in an FDA inspected facility;
  • Side effects are rare when taken as directed;

Combine all of these positive aspects and individuals see better improvement and the body they desire. The manufacturer said that the supplement is scientifically guaranteed, so it comes with a guarantee that it will take the body to the next level.


Lean Muscle Formula’s Side Effects

The ingredients in Lean Muscle Formula are 100% natural. While every ingredient down to the individual amino acid hasn’t been listed, the company stands by the claim that there are no artificial ingredients. As a result, there have been no reported side effects when the supplement has been taken as directed and by individuals with no conflicting health issues.

If women take the supplement, they could see excessive muscle growth, facial hair, and develop masculine features. These side effects are solely related to the fact that it is a supplement meant to increase testosterone levels.

Males under the age of 18 that take Lean Muscle Formula could see side effects later in life. It has not been specified what those side effects could be. However, looking at the individual ingredients and their potential side effects with long-term use emphasize that Lean Muscle Formula should be taken exactly as directed by men over the age of 18.

For instance, L-arginine is safe for most people to take when it is taken correctly. However, there could be some side effects with long-term use, such as bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Gout, allergies, blood abnormalities, airway inflammation, low blood pressure, and worsening of asthma have been recorded with the excessive and long-term use of L-arginine.

Glutamine can also have side effects if taken in excess. Those side effects can involve nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, gas, swelling in the hands and feet, muscle or joint pain, back pain, mild skin rash, itching, headache, tired feeling, dizziness, allergy issues, increased sweating, and dry mouth.


How to Use It?

Lean Muscle Formula comes as an oral supplement, so you take it as directed with plenty of water. It is emphasized that this is a pre-workout supplement, but it has also been said that it needs to be taken consistently in order for the supplement to be effective. Skipping doses could interfere with achieving the result you are looking for.

In addition to taking the supplement, it is also suggested that users eat a healthy diet and work out consistently for maximum results. In other words, Lean Muscle Formula should be part of a healthy diet and exercise routine.


Why Choose Lean Muscle Formula?

What a muscle supplement does for its user is enhance the effects of the workout. You don’t want to take the long way around when building muscle, so an all natural muscle sculpting supplement can provide you with a sort of “shortcut.” However, it’s not as much about the shortcut as it is the level of sculpting that occurs through accelerated muscle gains and sculpting.

Because Lean Muscle Formula increases testosterone levels, it helps with overall male health and energy levels. A decrease in testosterone levels can lead to health problems in the long-term, so it is ideal for men, particularly those 25 and over, to battle the decline for the sake of their physique and their overall health.

If in doubt, there are many reviews on this product that are quite favorable. The average rating on a five star scale stands at around 4. Men can experience results differently because of the differences in physiology, but the reviews are rather consistent as to the quality and effectiveness of Lean Muscle Formula.

In regards to muscle building supplements in general, many bodybuilders use them. The movie star, Chris Pratt, for instance, increased his strength and lean muscle mass through the use of an all natural substance so he could have a sculpted physique in the newest Jurassic Park movie. Movie stars have to be able to get results quickly for their move roles for many years, so they turn to supplements to do that for them. At the same time, they do have a doctor monitoring their progress to ensure they are not harming their health in any way.



Lean Muscle Formula contains an all-natural stack that has been carefully chosen for their efficacy and promising results in exercise studies. The stack that is currently in the supplement may be sufficient enough for the muscle gain that you wish to achieve. If you want to stack with other supplements, it is ideal to call customer service and ask them what other ingredients Lean Muscle Formula can be stacked with in order to avoid any negative effects.

As it is, the current combination of ingredients boosts metabolism, promotes muscle gain, and enables fat loss for sculpting. Reviews have shown that individuals have experienced results in just 7 days with this combination.


Lean Muscle Formula Pricing

If you want to try Lean Muscle Formula, there is a free 14-day trial offer. To take advantage of this offer, you input your name and contact information into the online form, as well as payment information. You are only charged shipping and handling for the trial bottle. If you like the results, you do nothing and the next full bottle will be shipped to you after it is charged to your card. From there, you will be shipped a new bottle at the price of $74.95 until you cancel.

If you find Lean Muscle Formula isn’t working well for you, you can cancel within the trial period so you won’t be charged for the next bottle. You also have to return the unused portion of the product within the 14-days of canceling, according to what appears to be a very clear and transparent return policy.

It also looks like there is a two-month money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can call customer service and let them know. They will provide you with instructions on how to return the bottle so you can receive your money back. Your auto-shipment plan will also be cancelled.

Another important aspect of the purchasing process is that the online checkout is always secure. This is due to using the latest encryption methods. When you look at the address bar in your browser and you should see an (s) at the end of http, this will show you that you are entering your payment information on a page that has an SSL certificate. This certificate is important in ensuring that online checkout adheres to the latest standards and that you don’t have to worry about your information making its way into the wrong hands.






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