Zaditen Side Effects – The Real Truth About Them!

What Is Zaditen?

Zaditen or Ketotifen is an antihistamine that is used as a cutting product in the world of bodybuilding and weightlifting illegally. The reason centers on the beta receptors in the body. When strong anabolic steroid products are used then the beta receptors go into a down and non-receptive mode. The desensitization causes a drop in the lipolytic effects. This means that cycles have to be shorter than what a bodybuilder would like. Adding Zaditen to the cycle helps in the effectiveness of the cycle itself as well as being able to draw them out a bit longer. Zaditen is the product of choice for those that:

  • Want a stabilized and steady cutting cycle
  • Want to increase the length of their cutting cycle
  • Plan to add lean muscle mass in a short period of time


Who Makes Zaditen?

Ketotifen Fumarate is an H1-antihistamine that is sold under the brand name Zaditor or Zaditen. It is manufactured by Novartis. It is packaged as 1mg tablets. There is an eye drop formulation, but it is not effective as it would require too many drops to be a reasonable method of taking Zaditen. The same can be said of the syrup. It is 1.38mg per 5ml concentration. That would make it a very expensive venture to take the product in syrup form.


How Does Zaditen Work?

When a bodybuilder begins a cycle of strong fat burning compounds the body’s beta-2-adrenergic receptors become desensitized fast. Loss of the fat burning benefits means ceasing the cycle after about 2 weeks. By adding Zaditen the cycle can be as long as 12 weeks.

Even though Zaditen is an antihistamine, problems such as tiredness and drowsiness are not really felt with a dosage of 2 or 3mg a day. It can often help stimulate appetite, but fats generally melt away when stacked with other compounds. This is a product that you really need to have on hand if you are entering into a serious cutting cycle to tone and lean out the muscles you are building. It helps provide the refining touch you need to develop an impressive muscular display.


What Are The Ingredients of Zaditen?

  • Ketotifen fumarate 1mg
  • Calcium hydrogen phosphate
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Maize starch



The use of Zaditen is important for all serious cutting cycles. The work needed to really bulk up well requires more than a mere 2 weeks and this is a simple addition that can make all of the difference. Some of the benefits of adding Zadinten to your cutting cycle are:

  • Extending the cycle much longer than it could be normally
  • Easily and affordably adds a necessary product to a cutting cycle
  • Avoid a down for the beta receptors
  • Reduce incidences of insulin resistance

Think of the sheer pounds of increase in lean muscle mass growth that can happen if you could bulk up and reduce fat over 12 weeks instead of 2. Adding Zaditen to your cutting cycle is very cheap and only requires taking 1 to 3 additional pills each day. Removing expected down for the beta receptors means you will get full benefit of the fat burning product for a longer period of time. This means the results will much better and maximizes the time you put in to careful diets and rigorous workout routines.

Another benefit that has been discovered when it comes to Zaditen is the lessening of incidences of insulin resistance in the muscles. If glycogen cannot make it to the muscles then the rate of growth slows tremendously. It does this by blocking TNF-alpha, which lowers testosterone in the body and increases appetite. TNF-alpha has been proven to cause problems in the muscles ability to bring glucose into the cells. It is a serious problem to any serious bodybuilder.


The exact amount of Zaditen needed each day will depend on what other products you are taking and how much. Anywhere from 1 to 3mg per day is sufficient. You want to take the least amount necessary to limit any possible side effects, however it is still too risky to use this product.


Who Uses Zaditen?

Anyone that has been involved for any length of time in the world of bodybuilding is familiar with Karl “Nandi” Hoffman. He was the picture perfect example of what all professional bodybuilders strive to achieve in both bulk and tone. He was a pioneer in the field and even though it never really took flight until after he died, he is given full honors presently for bringing it to mainstream attention.






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