Liothyronine Sodium

Liothyronine Sodium Side Effects – How Bad Are They?

What Is Liothyronine Sodium?

Looking for a healthy way to lose weight and give your metabolism an extra boost? Liothyronine Sodium is a product that might just be the solution that you need. Doctors use this medication to treat those dealing with an underactive thyroid. Patients often feel lethargic and tired, but they may also find themselves frequently infected with common viruses and suffering from a weakened immune systems. Most people dealing with thyroid problems also gain a large amount of weight. Other signs of thyroid problems include:

  • Dry skin;
  • Problems breathing;
  • Lower than normal pulse;
  • Hearing difficulties;
  • Inflammation throughout the body;

Liothyronine Sodium is one of the more common treatments recommended for a low thyroid. This hormone affects the thyroid and forces it to work faster and more effectively. The thyroid in the human body produces hormones that change the metabolism levels of the body. Those hormones can promote healthy skin, regulate temperature, burn calories and improve the rate at which the brain processes new information.


Who Makes Liothyronine Sodium?

Liothyronine Sodium is best-known as Cytomel in the United States. In Australia and other countries, the product goes by the name Tertroxin. Kaiser Foundation Hospital is one of the manufacturers associated with the packaging and production of the pills. Other manufacturers of the product include Paddock Laboratories.


How Liothyronine Sodium Works?

A poor metabolism is one of the biggest reasons why so many people gain weight and why so many people have problems losing excess weight. Those with a poor metabolism often find that they lack energy and that they have problems burning calories. The human body uses the food that you eat to produce energy that give you enough energy to get through the day. This is why professional athletes work with dieticians and nutritionists to create a diet plan that provides them with enough calories. When you have a poor metabolism, your body cannot properly transfer that food into fuel and energy.

Liothyronine Sodium uses a type of salt to increase metabolism. When taken regularly, it forces the thyroid to produce the necessary amount of hormones to better regulate the body. It bonds to the cells of the thyroid and slowly increases the production of more hormones. This causes the body to increase the rate at which it processes foods. It can also break down fats found throughout the body and help users burn more calories when working out.


Ingredients in Liothyronine Sodium

Liothyronine Sodium is the most common ingredient found in this product, and it is the only active ingredient in the product. Those concerned with the other ingredients found in the pills will want to take a look at the list of inactive ingredients. Manufacturers often use the ingredients as filler materials that will not affect the usefulness of the primary ingredients. Inactive ingredients found in these pills include calcium sulfate, cellulose, talc, silicon dioxide and hypromellose. The pills often have a round shape and a white exterior.


Why Use It Over Other Options?

Troubles with your thyroid can lead to a host of other problems. In addition to gaining weight because of your poor metabolism, you may also suffer from some other symptoms, including:

  • Speech problems;
  • Hair loss;
  • Lower body temperature;
  • Sleep difficulties;

Other products designed to assist with weight loss do little to reduce those other symptoms. You might find that taking some weight loss products gives you too much energy, which can make going to sleep at night difficult. That is because many of those products contain a high level of caffeine. Caffeine can leave you feeling nervous and jittery and with racing thoughts even hours after taking your last dose. Liothyronine Sodium users get the benefits of weight loss drugs without any of the common side effects associated with caffeine usage.



Users from around the world admit to using Liothyronine Sodium for weight loss and other treatments beyond low thyroid problems. Users found that not only can it help them avoid gaining weight but that it can also help them lose excess weight. Some users reported losing up to 50 pounds or more when taking the pills or using the injection form of the drug in combination with changing their diets and exercising more.

There are also some reports from users that after taking Liothyronine Sodium for a short period of time that they saw a reduction in the aches and pains that they usually experienced after exercising. They found that they could workout longer and harder than they could before. This helped them lose more weight and get in shape faster than if they relied on diet and exercise alone.

One of the biggest benefits associated with Liothyronine Sodium is that it gives users more energy. As it provides a natural hormonal boost, users find that it gives them the energy that they need to workout after a long day at work or first thing in the morning after waking, and they have enough energy to keep working out through the day.


Famous People Who Use Liothyronine Sodium

Doctors originally used Liothyronine Sodium to treat patients with thyroid problems. Some famous people around the world admitted to using these pills and other similar pills over the years. Angie Everhart made a name for herself as one of the top models in the world during the 1990s, and she is now a spokesperson for thyroid conditions. Singer and rapper Missy Elliott and hit Latino actress Sofia Vergara also have thyroid problems. Other famous people who used these pills and others in the past include:

  1. Actress Jennifer Gray
  2. Writer Isaac Asimov
  3. Film critic Roger Ebert
  4. Actress Catherine Bell
  5. Actress Faith Ford
  6. Television host and actress Brooke Burke-Charvet
  7. Weight loss expert Jillian Michaels
  8. Singer Rod Stewart
  9. TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey
  10. Former Miss Oregon Gabrielle Neilan


FDA Approval

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration awarded the pharmaceutical group Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. the right to package and administer Liothyronine Sodium for use in the United States to treat different types of illnesses. The FDA also approved the drug for the treatment of underactive thyroid conditions and other medical conditions that affect or impair the thyroid.






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