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Xtreme Exo-Test Review – What to Expect from This Testosterone Boosting Supplement?

What Is Xtreme Exo-Test?

Xtreme Exo-Test is a testosterone boosting supplement that combines the wisdom of traditional medicine with the hard science of multiple clinical trials to create a supplement that will hopefully work for you. Its homepage outlines what the manufacturer calls the “three D’s” of failed diets: deprivation, desperation, and despair. For many people, this cycle starts because of low testosterone. Having low T often means you have a hard time building muscle and burning fat, so in order to look more cut and show off your hard-earned muscle gains, you probably start to deprive yourself. For many athletes, deprivation goes too far, and they start to feel sluggish. This sluggishness gets in the way of workouts, which paradoxically makes your gains even less and may even cause fat gain. This would lead to the company’s second of the three D’s: desperation. At this stage, you are probably feeling stuck. Maybe you try to drastically restrict calories, or maybe you up your weights in hopes of achieving a breakthrough. Either way, if you do these while deprived, you will often continue the plateau that low testosterone caused in the first place.

This would lead you to the third stage: despair. Lack of progress is tough for anyone, but when you’ve tried hard to achieve it and still failed, this sort of despair can be crushing. We’ve all blown off a workout because we were depressed about lack of progress, but despair of this magnitude can be more damaging than that. It doesn’t help that low testosterone can cause mood disturbances and make you feel generally slow and down. Luckily, Xtreme Exo-Test can help you to naturally raise testosterone with a variety of proven ingredients. It contains boron, which is a mineral that has proven to boost free testosterone. But it also includes horny goat weed, which can boost general energy and increase your stamina in the gym. It also has saw palmetto as an ingredient. While this plant is touted as a testosterone booster, it has not been proven effective, but it has a huge following, so it may have some benefits for energy or general well-being. Regardless, if you need a testosterone supplement that will keep your energy up (without using traditional stimulants) while simultaneously increasing your levels of testosterone, then Xtreme Exo-Test may well be a supplement for you.



This supplement is made by a company called Exo. This company only makes two products: Xtreme Exo-Test and a spray called Exo-Lean. The spray does not have any information on the site as to how it actually works. However, it’s safe to assume that, like Xtreme Exo-Test, the spray product works to boost both energy and testosterone. Some buyers may be wary of a company that only makes two products. However, there are some benefits to buying a product from such a company. Think about large companies that make upwards of a hundred products. These companies may have plenty of resources, but if you call them to ask a question, chances are that the representative you have does not have information on all products on immediate recall. People aren’t robots, and it’s impossible to remember detailed information on that many products. When you call Exo, though, your representative likely is only required to remember things about a couple of products, so your answers will likely be more thorough and accurate. This company also has the resources to research and improve their products, since they make so few of them.


How Xtreme Exo-Test Works?

This testosterone booster works in the two key ways that the most effective testosterone boosters work: it boosts levels of testosterone, but it also reduces estrogen. Before we delve into why both functions are important, let’s cover the basics of testosterone, estrogen, and muscle gain/fat loss. Weightlifting has been shown in men and women to temporarily elevate testosterone, and muscle and testosterone have a mutual relationship. More muscle can raise testosterone, and increasing free testosterone can help to raise levels of testosterone in the body. For many men, losing testosterone means losing focus and also losing muscle mass. And since men can start losing testosterone at as fast a rate as one percent per year after age 30, paying attention to testosterone is extremely important.

However, while many just dismiss estrogen as a “female hormone,” this hormone has potentially significant effects on the body, even if you’re a buff dude. Everyone’s body produces estrogen in some capacity, and too much estrogen can really derail your gains. For instance, estrogen aids the body in terms of fat deposition, and it can have a bit of a vicious cycle in the sense that getting too fat increases your estrogen and makes it harder to get lean. Because boron reduces estrogen, it can help you to avoid these complications. Boron also has been shown to reduce hormone binding globulin. This means that more of your testosterone goes toward anabolic purposes. SHBG will take active testosterone from your bloodstream, thus making it impossible for your body to recruit for the purposes of gains.

When you consider any given supplement, it’s important that you consider its claims and if they are valid. And for Xtreme Exo-Test, that answer is a bit of a mixed bag. All of its ingredients have a following of users who claim they work, but at least one ingredient has evidence behind it that proves its efficacy. That ingredient is boron. Boron, which is a trace mineral that can be consumed if you eat plenty of fruits and veggies grown from mineral-rich soil, has been shown to increase testosterone and reduce estrogen, as discussed above. However, the other two ingredients in this supplement, horny goat weed and saw palmetto, have not been proven to boost testosterone. Both have followings of users who will swear by them. And horny goat weed has boosted testosterone in animals, which may mean that further research will show that it boosts testosterone in humans. Regardless, horny goat weed is generally believed to boost stamina, and it may have heart health benefits. Like saw palmetto, which also has quite a following, this ingredient may have further benefits that have not been formally discovered by medical research.


Ingredients of Xtreme Exo-Test

The makers of this product make it somewhat tough to find the ingredients, as they are not listed plainly on the website. Though the company mentions taking this as a “nitro” supplement, sources that list ingredients do not mention any ingredients that boost nitric oxide. Rather, they list three main ingredients, which are named below:

Boron – This ingredient is a trace mineral. It is known for its testosterone boosting abilities, but it also can lower estrogen. This ingredient is somewhat exotic, as it comes from meteoroids and other space matter. It’s in soil, but only in small amounts. It can increase levels of vitamin D, which helps both bone health and testosterone levels. Boron has been shown in several peer-reviewed studies to increase testosterone levels, but its benefits don’t stop there. It also is an anti-estrogen, and it decreases hormone binding globulin, or SHBG. SHBG is bad news for your gains because it binds free testosterone, which stops it from inducing anabolic effects. Essentially, boron is one of the few testosterone boosters that actually has scientific evidence backing it up.

Horny Goat Weed – This ingredient has been popular in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. It has been used anecdotally to boost energy and testosterone. But unlike some herbal agents, it may actually have the potential to increase levels of testosterone. Studies in animals have shown that it boosts testosterone, but its effects on testosterone have not been studied in humans. However, as with many herbal agents, horny goat weed has a large following that swears by it, so further research may well show that it boosts testosterone. In the meantime, some research suggests that it may boost cognitive function and heart health. Since greater focus can almost always help your gym results, this herb is likely very good for your results in both strength and hypertrophy.

Saw Palmetto – This extract comes from a plat of the same name, and it refers to a mix of fatty acids. Though it has been alleged to boost testosterone, multiple studies done on it have indicated otherwise. However, it may be effective at suppressing prostate growth. As is the case with many herbal agents, saw palmetto has a large following despite limited to zero evidence on its effectiveness. It does seem to boost performance in some, though this may just be placebo effect.



There are many advantages to choosing Xtreme Exo-Test as your testosterone booster. One such advantage is the fact that the manufacturer is very small. As mentioned above, buying from a small manufacturer can benefit you because the manufacturer has a larger investment in a smaller pool of products. This can mean these products are better, and it also can mean that the manufacturer will be better equipped to answer any questions you have about their product. Another advantage is the fact that at least one ingredient of Xtreme Exo-Test has been thoroughly researched. All too often, testosterone boosters sold online have no research behind them, but desperate buyers will purchase them anyway in a desperate hope for muscle gain and/or fat loss. Because this product is backed by research, there is a much greater likelihood that it will actually work.



This product has not earned certificates. However, this should not be viewed as a strike against it. The supplement market, and specifically the American supplement market, is consistently saturated with supplements. the sheer volume makes it near impossible for issuers of certificates to determine which supplements are legitimate, and it can take years for a legitimate supplement to gain any recognition at all. However, though it is not a certificate awarded to Xtreme Exo-Test specifically, the volume of research behind boron should indirectly support this supplements efficacy. As it has more time on the market and more people hear about it and are willing to try it, it’s likely that this supplement will earn some certificates.



For many, buying any supplement online is risky business, but it can be useful to hear from those who have used a given product before. Below are some words from those who have used Xtreme Exo-Test before:

– Joshua, 23, Palms, CA:

I’m somewhat young for a T booster, I guess, and a lot o my friends don’t use them. But I wanted to give it a shot. And I’m so glad I did. My big lifts were stuck, and in a month, I’d added at least 10 pounds to each one! That isn’t even the best thing, though. I feel so incredible. I have more energy, and I’ve been looking more cut while also getting stronger. Will keep using for sure.

– Stefan, 44, San Diego, CA:

As a somewhat older guy, I realized last year that I was more than overdue for a supplement evaluation. And boy, did I need a testosterone booster. I didn’t mind my lifts stalling and my energy dropping because I chalked that up to age. As I’ve now found, age doesn’t mean your lifts have to suck. In my six months of using this, I’ve improved so much it’s insane. Will be a customer for life!

– William, 31, Philadelphia, PA:

I’ve always been strong, but I’ve always looked a little fat. I decided to do something to change that, and I started taking this stuff. My lifts actually improved, which I didn’t expect. But fat seemed to melt off! I had worried for ages about estrogen levels, but I never seriously thought they were an issue. Now I know they were. I keep looking leaner and lifting heavier, and even strangers notice how strong I look!


Awards & Media Coverage

As mentioned above, the market for supplements is full of new supplements, and more are added each year. This is particularly true in America. As such, Xtreme Exo-Test has not yet won any awards, and it has not gained extensive media coverage. However, a couple of factors make it likely that this supplement will gain both, and perhaps in the near future. One factor is the professionalism of the product website. Many supplements, and especially those sold exclusively online, have sites that are littered with pop-up ads. These sites can look gimmicky and hurt the chances of the product succeeding. Another factor that makes success more likely is the inclusion of the well-researched and proven ingredient boron. Many testosterone boosters do not have ingredients that are supported by research at all. Having at least one solidly-researched ingredient greatly increases a given supplement’s credibility and makes it more likely that, when it gets its turn in the spotlight, it will be viewed favorably by media outlets.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of Xtreme Exo-Test stand behind their product, and as such, they wish to give you enough time to experience their product before committing. While most manufacturers offer a 14-day trial, this company offers an 18 day trial. For this trial, you only pay shipping. If you cancel before the products have been shipped, you will be refunded the entire purchase price, including shipping and handling.

If you cancel after the product has been shipped, you must do so inside of the 18-day trial period. If you cancel and send the product back, and the product is still sealed, you will be refunded your whole purchase amount, including shipping and handling. If you cancel outside of the 18-day trial, or if you cancel a non-trial purchase, you will need to cover the costs to send the product back. This is waived if the product is damaged or not as described.



Shipping is fast, and if you choose the free trial option, you only need to pay shipping of $4.95 CAD to receive your first shipping of a 30-day trial bottle. In general, once you place a trial order you will receive your order in two to five business days. Accidents happen, though, and if you don’t receive your bottle within a week, it may be prudent to contact the company and make sure it has not been lost or sent to the wrong address. If you continue with the product after the trial period, you will have the product shipped to you automatically each month, and you should receive a continuous supply of Xtreme Exo-Test.


Customer Support

The customer support team for Xtreme Exo-Test is made up of people who are dedicated to fitness and knowledgeable about supplements. When you call them, you can expect educated answers. This is true regardless of whether you are a member or not. Even if you are merely considering this product, its manufacturer can help you decide whether or not this supplement is right for you and your fitness goals. You can reach customer support by phone, by e-mail, or by regular mail.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying products online can be worrisome, especially if you remember the times when there was no encryption, and it was easy for hackers to steal information. However, when you make your purchases here, you can rest assured that the makers of Xtreme Exo-Test rely on only the strongest encryption methods. This means that your information, both address and financial, is kept confidential. In addition, the company will not sell or share information in any way. It is kept safe with the employees.


Pricing & Free Trial

Pricing for this product is in par with most other online testosterone supplements. The manufacturers of Xtreme Exo-Test also provide a way to test out the product if you are unsure as to whether or not it’s right for you. You have a free trial option. If you want to use this trial, you just pay the shipping fee of 4.95 CAD and receive a 30-day supply. You have 18 days to decide whether this is a product you want to keep receiving. If you do not want to continue taking Xtreme Exo-Test, just cancel within the 18 days, and you pay nothing else while still keeping the bottle. If you want to keep taking it, do nothing. At the end of 18 days, you’ll be charged 119.95 CAD  for the bottle, and each 30 days until you cancel, you’ll be billed 119.95 CAD plus shipping. You can cancel anytime.






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  1. Eric Avatar

    Found my heart rate to jump everywhere for no reason. Not sure this product is safe.

    1. Allen Hicks Avatar
      Allen Hicks

      If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you shouldn’t use it. I suggest you talk to a doctor.

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