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XTest by Xyience Review – Is This a Good All-Herbal Testosterone Booster?

What Is XTest?

XTest is a somewhat unusual, all-herbal testosterone booster designed to help the active man maintain high testosterone levels. This is a supplement that can accomplish that without the dangerous ill effects of synthetic products. While it is billed as a testosterone booster, however, this supplement also has ingredients that are known to help you build additional muscle mass. And unlike many herbal supplements that are all backed by “junk science,” or worse, by no science at all, all ingredients in this supplement are backed up by scientific research. With two ingredients that help increase your body’s molecular production of protein, one that was found to increase building of muscle mass while simultaneously encouraging fat loss, one that may predispose you to gaining 50 percent more muscle mass, and two that have been shown to increase your production of testosterone, this is a supplement that can work on a number of levels to ensure that you reach physique goals.

It may seem like, at first, these ingredients, or at least some of them, have redundant effects. However, because different people’s bodies react differently to different ingredients, it can be helpful to have multiple components that accomplish similar objectives. With these ingredients in play, it becomes more likely that this is a product that can work with your individual physiology. Additionally, these ingredients are all natural and therefore do not have side effects. They will not cause the dangers that some supplements can cause. Essentially, if your goals include adding muscle and boosting testosterone safely and naturally, but with ingredients that have evidence behind them, then XTest may be for you.



This supplement is manufactured by Xyience, a uniquely-named supplement company that strives to cover each area of sports nutrition it can. This company sells separate pre-workouts for men and women, hydration and electrolyte supplements, whey protein, and more easily portable bars. While it does not necessarily manufacture many products, this company is dedicated to finding the best ingredients for their supplements, even if said supplement ingredients are uncommon. For instance, one herb in XTest was studied in the USSR (before that country became Russia). You may not always have heard of the ingredients in this company’s supplements, but you’ll know the company has put serious thought and effort into manufacturing each of those products.


How XTest Works?

This herbal supplement works on a few levels: it encourages fat loss, it supports protein synthesis and muscle gains, and it raises testosterone levels naturally. Many testosterone boosters you’ll find on the market only do one of these, so the comprehensive approach here may well prove to be more helpful than those. Encouraging fat loss may sound like it should be one of the effects of a fat burner, but fat loss has an effect on testosterone too. One of the major signs of having low testosterone is increased fat, and this can slow you down and increase estrogen, keeping you in a vicious cycle. When you lose fat, it becomes easier for your body to produce testosterone, and it also helps keep you energized and happier.

Muscle gain is one of the primary goals of this supplement, and for good reason – most of us who strength train want to gain more muscle. Gaining muscle has a great relationship with fat loss, as adding muscle raises your base metabolic rate. This means you will burn more calories even while asleep. Additionally, adding muscle can help support testosterone production, and testosterone helps to add muscle, so in this sense the three objectives of this supplement are somewhat united.

This supplement also works by increasing testosterone production. Of course, adding testosterone helps with adding muscle and burning fat, but it also has positive mental health implications. Men with low testosterone tend to be tired, irritable, and have trouble thinking. the right amount of testosterone can be a godsend for you, and not just in the gym. Essentially, the three connected goals of XTest, when achieved, can help you achieve your physique goals, look your best, and feel better than you ever have.


Ingredients of XTest

This supplement has some relatively non-classic ingredients. Among them are well-researched herbs and traditional medications for low testosterone. Below is a listing of the ingredients included in this formulation, as well as some information on each.

Rhaponticum – This plant is an attractive pink flower that has been shown to aid in muscle development. Its success in this manner has only been shown in rodent studies to date, but its success is attributed to the fact that this plant is a source of ingredient that enhance the shedding of the exoskeleton. Studies of this plant on rodents revealed that when taken into skeletal muscle extremely quickly, and that they likely play a role in the building of muscle. Studies suggest that it may work well in humans as well, and many users say that their experience indicates that it helps.

This herb was also tested in the former USSR as an athletic supplement. It was found in this study that athletes who took it were more likely to lose fat while also gaining muscle. This is important for a couple of reasons. For anyone who wants to boost testosterone, gaining muscle while losing fat can help lower estrogen levels while increasing testosterone levels. Additionally, these objectives will generally help bring you closer to a well-muscled but cut physique.

Ajuga – This herb is used as a decorative groundcover, but it also can be used to support general health and as a muscle supplement. Some studies suggest it can help support immune function, and others suggest that it increases protein synthesis in the body. Proteins are aggregated to make muscle fibers, so it may therefore support muscle growth. More research is needed to effectively determine whether this claim is completely valid.

Myozap/CSP3 – This is a natural, patented extract that is found in XTest. Some research has suggested that those who supplement with it as part of a diet and exercise routine will experience as much as 50 percent more muscle growth than those who do not. More research may be needed to determine exactly how it works.

Tribulus Terrestris – This is a well-known plant that has been used for centuries as a testosterone booster. In some places, it actually needs to be protected because people have over-harvested it in order to boost testosterone. The research behind it is limited, but it has a large following of users who swear by it. Its historical use also supports the idea that it may in fact work as its supporters say it does.

Eurycoma Longifolia – This herb, also known as longjack, is a favorite among lovers of natural testosterone boosters. Many users of this supplement claim it can increase testosterone levels greatly, but there is not a lot of evidence to prove this. However, it is promising as an anti-estrogen agent, and as mentioned earlier, lowering estrogen is important in terms of losing fat mass and boosting testosterone, so fans of the plant may be correct, albeit in an indirect way.



There are many advantages to taking XTest as your primary testosterone booster. For one, all ingredients are both natural and have legitimate history and/or science to back them up. This is important, as the supplement industry is full of poorly-researched and overpriced supplements, especially testosterone boosters. Another advantage is the fact that these ingredients are fairly uncommon. Many testosterone supplements follow an identical or similar mold, so if most have not worked for you in the past, this one may be worth a shot. Another advantage is the fact that this supplement is made by a manufacturer with experience in formulating supplements for every phase of the workout and recovery process. Since Xyience is staffed by professionals who care about fitness, you can rest assured that you’re getting high-quality supplements with high-quality assistance as needed.



XTest has not yet won any certificates. However, because its ingredients are based on innovative and somewhat lesser-known research, it could be that all this supplement needs is some exposure. With some fitness journals or prominent coaches reviewing and evaluating this supplement, it is very likely that it may be awarded some certificates in the future. The fitness supplement market is a crowded one, and it does sometimes take time before a given supplement gets the exposure it needs to make an impact on potential clients.



For many, hearing from those who have used a supplement can be helpful, especially if you don’t have access to free samples or have not otherwise had a chance to try your chosen supplement. Here are some who have tried XTest:

Jonathan, 20, Miami, FL:

“As a young guy, i realize i wasn’t in dire need of a testosterone booster. But I did the opposite of what many people do, and I researched ingredients before formulations. Some of the ingredients I liked weren’t in most formulas, but they were in this one. So I gave it a shot. And I loved it! It was slow going at first, but now my energy is up and I’m getting stronger. It’s been a few months and my definition has really, really improved. Good stuff! Glad i found it.”

Keith, 33, Ventura, CA:

“I never seem to be find a testosterone booster I can completely commit to. I mean, I’ve liked other ones, but fat loss has always been hard. Cutting supplements make me anxious and aren’t worth it for me, so I launched a new search for the perfect testosterone boost. Two years later, I had found it in XTest. This stuff is amazing. I have so much clarity. Muscle gains have been slower but are getting more appreciable by the day. I’m proud of my work on my physique, and I hope that work pays off, but sometimes, you just need a little nudge.”

Jonas, 45, Charlotte, NC:

“I’ll start by saying that I never in a million years thought low T would happen to me. I just thought I’d keep skating by. Turns out my symptoms had started earlier, but they were so gradual I barely noticed. Terrible stuff. I got a little too fat, but mostly, I was just tired all the time. No amount of stimulant would help. At best, I’d still be tired but just too anxious to sleep. Enter XTest. This stuff is the bomb. I have genuine energy – not the kind you get from coffee, but real, sustained energy. I feel amazing in the gym and out.”

Roberto, 35, Phoenix, AZ:

“When I hit 35 I started getting really sluggish. Like someone hit a switch. So I realized something needed to change. I tried several testosterone supplements, and I admittedly didn’t give each one a long enough trial. But when I tried this, everything changed. Confidence, everything. It was like a fog had been lifted and I had an aura. Really great stuff. It’s only been three months, and I can see muscles I’ve always had, but they’re getting bigger and more powerful. It’s great.”


Awards & Media Coverage

As mentioned above, this supplement has not received much coverage or many awards. However, it is possible to see a handful of largely positive reviews on video sharing sites. This supplement has had minimal exposure, so it may well need some more time before users realize the effectiveness of it, despite the somewhat non-traditional ingredient profile. The manufacturer is also a small company, and this poses some additional challenges in the way of gaining exposure for a product.


Money-back Guarantee

Xyience is a company that stands behind its products. However, it offers scarce public information in the way of money-back guarantees. The company has a web form for contact purposes, though, and it may be able to work with you on a case-by-case return basis. If you are thinking of making a purchase and are concerned that you may need to return it if it doesn’t work, it may be wise to contact the company first to verify what, if any, return policy is in place. This can help you make sure you don’t make a purchase you regret and then are stuck with.



Shipping for XTest depends on where you make your purchase. many sellers will ship with a low flat rate. But for many, there’s an incentive to offer you free shipping if you purchase a certain amount of products. Many supplement retailers do this. Because different retailers have different shipping options and speeds, it’s wise to investigate this prior to making a purchase. You may well end up saving yourself money and time by evaluating shipping options, and a few companies may even offer free shipping with no minimum order.


Customer Support

Xyience is a manufacturer that is staffed by people who are knowledgeable about fitness and passionate about helping you achieve your goals. As such, the customer support staff can answer virtually any question you have about XTest or other products in the Xyience family. You may contact customer service via the web form located on the Xyience website. Additionally, if you have other questions about this product, you may be able to speak with non-manufacturer retailers who sell this product. Whether you are already a customer or just considering becoming one, the Xyience team and associated sellers are here to help.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying online can be somewhat concerning for many, especially if you have been a victim of some sort of Internet fraud or know someone who has. Thankfully, Xyience understands the importance of security. Their checkout process involves state-of-the-art encryption, which protects your information from being taken by hackers and those who want to take your money. Additionally, those within the company will keep your information strictly confidential as well. You contact or payment information will not be taken, sold, shared, or used for anything but paying for your purchase and having it shipped to you.



As with many supplements, pricing for XTest may vary somewhat depending on the seller. However, on average, a 90-caplet bottle will sell for $33.32. This price covers 45 servings, since a serving is two caplets. This price is very reasonable compared to many testosterone boosters, most of which also have herbal ingredients but still charge almost $100 for only a 30-day supply. As testosterone boosters go, this one is priced extremely reasonably. Some sellers may offer bulk discounts as well, so this may be a good thing to look into.






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