Xtest Review – Another Organic Test Booster on the Market

What Is Xtest?

Xtest, also known as X Test, is a natural testosterone booster created by Xyience. The supplement is marketed to male athletes of all fitness levels. Designed based on results from multiple studies published in the scientific community, the product aims to increase a person’s testosterone levels without the use of synthetic materials. It is only available in capsule form which is common among testosterone boosters, but it may be an issue for some individuals.

The manufacturer recommends that the product is to be taken by mouth daily, preferably in the evening, within 30 minutes of a workout. Customers are encouraged to use the product for eight consecutive weeks before taking a two-week break. The schedule is vital to experiencing effective results. The product can also be stacked with other fitness supplements.

Although the supplement boasts an impressive formulation, the manufacturer doesn’t provide details where the ingredients are harvested. The downside of the aspect is that customers don’t know if any of the components were exposed to harmful elements. Even if certain chemicals weren’t applied directly to the plants, they can be exposed to toxic items that are already in the soil. Without proper testing, there isn’t any way for customers to be sure of the product’s safety.



Xyience has been producing workout supplements for a few years, but they aren’t yet as well-known as some of the old school supplement powerhouses. They are currently still building their brand and following by introducing new supplements into the market and working directly with professional athletes. The company’s contact information is listed as Austin, Texas, but they are also listed with the Better Business Bureau as operating out of Cleveland, Ohio as well as Las Vegas, Nevada. One of their most well-known items isn’t a supplement but an energy drink. Xyience Energy Drink, as it is named, is a sugar-free, zero calorie drink that boasts natural flavors.

Locating the company through the Better Business Bureau’s database is complicated. The organization has two listings under Xyience: one listing for Xyience Energy Drink in Cleveland and one listing for Xyience Incorporated out of Las Vegas. The Xyience Energy Drink has been declared a scam and the BBB has warned customers that there is an issue with identity theft from this company, but they’ve also made it clear that Xyience Incorporated is not affiliated with the scam company. The manufacturer’s website does warn of a scam that has been happening using their name, so it’s safe to assume that the manufacturer of Xtest is not associated with the other listing. As for Xyience Incorporated, the BBB has provided the company with an A+ rating, although they were unable to contact the company after three customer complaints in 2014.


How Xtest Works?

Xtest is formulated to safely raise an individual’s testosterone levels. Testosterone has a large impact on a person’s physique. As men grow older, their testosterone levels decline, and this decline is accompanied by a decline in their muscle mass and an increase in their fat cell growth. Testosterone boosters combat this issue by not only increasing the athlete’s natural testosterone level but by also increasing the level of free testosterone. Free testosterone is easier for the body to grab onto and use.

Xtest’s efforts can all be pinpointed to its unique design. The testosterone booster uses three different proprietary blends to reach its desired effects. Multiple components offer varying degrees of productivity within a person’s body. Two types of Fenugreek, which is the most abundant component of the formula, work to manipulate the brain. The brain is signaled to release large amounts of testosterone into the body.

While the testosterone levels are increasing, other hormone levels like estrogen are being reduced and blocked from binding to the testosterone. Blocking these other hormones allows the testosterone to flow freely through the body. The third functioning aspect of the formula works to prevent a person’s estrogen levels from being completely depleted because this can have negative side effects which counteract the positive effects of the testosterone boost.


Ingredients of Xtest

Xtest combines a few useful vitamins with three different proprietary blends. Taking a single serving of the product (4 capsules) provides the body with 10.5 mg of Vitamin B6, 90 mg of Magnesium and 30 mg of Zinc. Vitamin B6 is extremely useful when it comes to fitness because it assists with turning food into usable energy. Magnesium relaxes muscles to prevent pain while Zinc increases the rate the body heals. The three proprietary blends are as follows:

  • Proprietary Testosterone Support Complex – 2.1 g;
  • Proprietary DHT Support Complex – 280 mg;
  • Proprietary Estrogen Support Complex – 150 mg.

The Proprietary Testosterone Support Complex contains Testofen Fenugreek, Trigotest Fenugreek and Tribulus Terrestris. Fenugreek is a common component of testosterone boosters because it naturally raises testosterone levels. It also assists with insulin production. Raising insulin levels assists with muscle mass growth if it occurs around physical activity. This complex uses two trademarked blends of Fenugreek to increase its effect.

The Proprietary DHT Support Complex contains Saw Palmetto Extract and Stinging Nettle Extract. Saw Palmetto Extract is another common ingredient among testosterone boosters as it is believed to decrease the natural production of estrogen. Stinging Nettle Extract is thought to increase the rate at which the body heals itself. Proprietary Estrogen Support Complex is composed of Hesperidin, Apigenin and Resveratrol. While estrogen can negatively affect testosterone production, this complex is designed to create a safe balance between the two hormones.

The product only uses two inactive ingredients: Gelatin and Magnesium Stearate. Using minimal inactive ingredients results in the bulk of the product being active ingredients instead of filler ingredients. Both Gelatin and Magnesium Stearate have value in the production side of the product. Gelatin is used to encapsulate the formula while Magnesium Stearate prevents the formula from clumping together. The only downside to the product including Magnesium Stearate is the fact that it is considered a filler, so users aren’t receiving a completely pure product.



The biggest advantage of Xtest is its formulation. While it doesn’t have the smallest list of ingredients of all the testosterone boosters, the ingredients it uses have shown positive results in studies that were done previous to the product’s development. Basing the design of the product on scientific provides a sense of quality and assurance of the effectiveness of the product to the customer.

The formula also avoids an abundance of fillers in its production. The one ingredient that is considered a type of filler among supplement manufacturers, Magnesium Stearate, actually serves a purpose within the product. Using only two inactive ingredients guarantees that the majority of each dose consists of the active formula, thus preventing users from spending money on mostly inactive ingredients.

Unlike many of its competitors, the testosterone booster doesn’t try to completely deplete estrogen. Many supplements will try to eliminate the hormone in an attempt to prevent it from binding with any of the free testosterone. Such a method can actually have dangerously negative side effects on the body. This product avoids that by promoting a healthy level of each hormone.

The supplement also has the perk of multiple customer support options. Providing 24-hour support results in convenience for customers that may have varying work schedules. This is also helpful for international customers whose business hours do not match up with the Central Time Zone.



The testosterone booster is missing an important certificate that would’ve provided the product with an unmatchable competitive edge: a patent. In order to receive a patent, the manufacturer would need to prove the effectiveness of the product. The manufacturer has yet to properly study their product through clinical trials after formulation.

The product does use two trademarked ingredients: Testofen and Trigotest. Both proprietary blends cannot be copied without providing the formulator with compensation. Using trademarked ingredients doesn’t ensure that Xtest’s formula won’t be replicated, but it is unlikely that any other testosterone boosters will want to pay for such quality ingredients.

Potential customers who are also competitive athletes may be concerned that the product doesn’t boast an NSF Certified for Sport stamp. Both professional and amateur sports organization have an extensive list of substances that their athletes are banned from taking. This list also includes some natural ingredients. Failing to obtain the certificate doesn’t necessarily mean that the supplement contains any banned ingredients, but the situation does require that athletes double check with their organization before using the product.



Xtest has been the most helpful supplement in my fitness journey. I’ve tried multiple types of supplements in nearly all of the categories, but this was the one that finally provided the biggest results. I went from flab to ripped within two months of working out five days a week. I also follow a low-fat diet filled with lean protein and lots of veggies. – Stuckey Burroway – Austin, Texas, US

This is the supplement that I recommend to all of my male clients. As a personal trainer, I’ve watched many clients follow all of the rules of diet and exercise without ever reaching their desired results. Xtest gives them that extra bit of stamina to push a little harder and goes a little longer. Within a few weeks, the extra fat is diminished and their muscles are more toned than ever before. – John Pearson – Dayton, Ohio, US

My age caught up with me when I turned 40. My body went from fit and muscular to droopy and achy. I initially tried this testosterone booster in a desperate attempt to regain my youth, but it has turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m back in the shape I was in my 20s, and I finally have enough energy to not feel like an old man. – Dermot Gillan – Miami, Florida, US

Xtest is my secret to winning every match. Before I started taking the supplement, I was in good shape, but I wasn’t winning as often as I needed. I took a chance and implemented the testosterone booster into my regimen, and it has made all the difference. I’ve been able to increase the intensity of my workouts enough to provide me with results that win every match. – Charles Ellis – Kansas City, Missouri, US


Awards & Media Coverage

The testosterone booster is lacking in the awards department. Working against it, the supplement’s manufacturer isn’t well-known by fitness enthusiasts. The well-known manufacturers have a more established relationship with the fitness outlets that provide such awards, thus giving them the advantage over the competition. The supplement also has the disadvantage of existing in a flooded market as testosterone boosters are one of the most common workout supplements manufactured.

Most of Xtest’s media coverage has come in the form of social media. The manufacturer works with multiple trainers and athletes across the globe. Labeled as brand ambassadors, this team showcases the brand across multiple social media platforms. Using social media for brand awareness works to continuously broaden the brand’s audience, and this type of marketing is becoming just as important as traditional brand spotlights in fitness publications. The supplement hasn’t yet been featured in any fitness magazines or spotlighted on their websites.


Money-back Guarantee

Both domestic and international customers are guaranteed satisfaction on the product. Unopened or damaged items qualify for a full refund while used products can be returned for store credit. All returns must be made within six months of the initial order being processed.

Once the return has been approved, domestic customers can expect their refund within five days for digital transactions. If the original account that the item was purchased from is now closed, the company will send the refund in the form of a check. This is also the refund method used for customers that paid with a money order. Check refunds should be received by the customer within 14 days.

International customers can expect refunds within two weeks of the return being approved. The company does not provide check returns internationally. Instead, customers will be provided with store credit for the full amount. If the original account used is now closed, customers may be able to find an alternative option by contacting the customer support staff.



For domestic customers, there are three shipping options: one day, two days and standard. Standard shipping offers an estimated delivery time of two to four days. For a full-sized bottle of Xtest, one-day shipping is priced at $16.94 while two-day shipping costs $12.50. Standard shipping is set at $6.22. Oddly, the company charges the same shipping and handling costs for the smaller bottle as the full-size bottle.

International shipping costs depend on the country. The three methods available are standard, economy and priority. Standard delivery has estimated delivery timeframe of 10 to 25 days. Economy and priority shipping methods offer five to 10 day and two to six-day timeframes respectively. Regardless of the shipping method selection, there is still the possibility of delays as result of customs which needs to be kept in mind when ordering a new supply of the product.

When it comes to return shipping, customers are responsible for the price of return shipping unless the item was damaged when the order the was received. In such cases, the company will provide a prepaid shipping label. Unfortunately, international shipments do not qualify for the free return shipping label, so they are responsible for all shipping charges.


Customer Support

The customer support for Xtest offers a well-rounded selection of options. The manufacturer offers phone support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This option also provides assistance for international customers with multiple languages available.

Customer support is also provided through a convenient click-to-chat option. As with the hotline option, the click-to-chat option is manned by the support staff every hour of the day. It can also be used by international customers.

Phone and chat support should be the option used for issues that are accompanied by time restraints, but for less important issues, customers can use the email option. The company dedicates a section of their customer support staff to email support, so customers can expect replies quickly. By covering the whole spectrum of support offerings, users of the supplement are provided with convenience regardless of their busy lifestyle.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Xtest is purchasable through a highly secure checkout. When it’s time to enter the virtual checkout, the process takes place using an encrypted server. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption works like a blanket of protection over the client’s personal information including credit card numbers. This type of encryption is considered the most secure among digital security authorities.

While the order process takes place using a secured server, the information is also stored on secured server. The company must keep customer information for a specific amount of time in the case of mistakes or customer returns. Fortunately, this information is held in more highly secured servers to prevent it being seen by unauthorized parties.

The site is also protected by a McAfee antivirus. A trusted antivirus is vital for e-commerce websites because it helps deter digital attacks from hackers. If a virus infiltrates a server, it can cause the encryptions to fail and allow outsider access to customer information. McAfee is a well-known antivirus provider, so customers are guaranteed to be protected.


Pricing & Free Trial

The manufacturer offers two bottle size variations of Xtest – a one-month supply and seven-day supply. The full-size bottle of the testosterone booster contains 120 capsules or 30 days of the product. The larger supply of the supplement costs $49.98. It is suggested that customers take the product daily for eight weeks followed by a two-week break from the supplement. After the two week break, clients should start the process over again in order to achieve optimal results.

Xyience doesn’t offer a free trial of the testosterone booster, but they do offer a smaller, seven-day supply option for only $19.99. The smaller bottle contains 28 capsules. Choosing the smaller bottle allows customers to try out the supplement before making a larger investment. However, the smaller supply may not be as effective as the product was designed to be most effective over a longer time period.

The price of the full-size bottle of the product is comparable to many other testosterone boosters, but the smaller bottle is much more expensive than its counterparts. A month supply is pretty standard among testosterone boosters. Since the product allows for a two-week break every two months, customers will only need to purchase 10 one month supplies of the product while other products require 12 one month supplies to make it through the year.






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