X-Andro Review – Is This One of the Good Products Out There?

What Is X-Andro?

X-Andro is a health supplement designed to raise testosterone levels in males from the ages of 18 and up. Its manufacturers claim that this product is made of 100 percent natural ingredients, making it safe for consumption. Its formulation is targeted to serious bodybuilders and people who would like to build a lot of lean muscle mass in a short amount of time. This supplement should be consumed just before workouts. Its primary purpose is to boost men’s stamina and strength for longer workouts.

Testosterone loss is a serious health concern for men, especially for those in their middle ages. Doctors have found out that men lose up to one percent of the testosterone levels in their bodies every year after the age of thirty. Some studies show that in actuality, middle aged and older men could be losing as high as two to four percent yearly. And, since testosterone us responsible for endurance, strength, stamina and building lean muscle mass, many men in the bodybuilding community seek supplements that ensure consistently high levels of testosterone in their bodies.

Aside from benefits to physical fitness, testosterone contributes to male vitality and general health and wellbeing. X-Andro promises to safely and effectively raise testosterone levels when regularly used over a period of time. The active ingredients in the supplement aid in increased testosterone production. Additionally, there have not been any adverse side effects to consuming this product, although it is a relatively new introduction to the US market.



X-Andro is made by a company that carries the same name. This parent company is found in the UK, where the supplement is produced and manufactured. Per the terms on the product’s website, the supplement is also known as Hydromusclemax as well as Hydro X-Andro. Perhaps this is the name that the product is known by in other countries.

The product’s website also gives an address and telephone number in the United Kingdom for customer service concerns, but that will be further explained in this review later on. It is good to note that this supplement is manufactured in facilities that are rated as “Good Manufacturing Practice Facilities.” This rating helps assure consumers of the product’s safety and quality in manufacturing. Members of the bodybuilding community as well as serious athletes are encouraged to purchase products that carry the GMPF rating. This certification ensures protection for them, as they know that the products that carry it are effective and safe.


How X-Andro Works?

The manufacturers of X-Andro claim that it is the most advanced supplement for building lean muscle that is available at present, based on scientific research. In fact, they make a guarantee toward this claim on their website. Their Extreme Nitric Formula purportedly gives a tremendous boost to users on a molecular level, right down to the DNA level. In layman’s terms, this is supposed to help create lean, ripped and toned muscles even while the user sleeps. And even more than that, the manufacturer claims that no additional physical fitness regimens or exercises are needed for the supplement to produce instant effects.

These are lofty claims indeed. Apparently the product is full of rare ingredients that are necessary for building well-defined muscles. The product’s website states that users of the supplement have no need for other powdered mixes or any other tablet or capsule for optimal bodybuilding. This is supposed to make the product more convenient, as well as easier on the pocket. The supplement is supposed to be extremely potent and powerful.

How does this happen? The product does two things. First, it works by relaxing the muscles around your blood vessels. Second, it aids with the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, in order to give the needed boost of energy for more intense workouts that build lean muscle mass. These two effects also protect your body against muscle crash and shorten recovery time between workouts.


Ingredients of X-Andro

Unlike many other testosterone boosters, this supplement does not include the product’s label where the ingredients and their corresponding amounts are listed clearly. This is one of the disadvantages of the product’s site. The only information concerning ingredients included on the webpage is that the supplement contains a carefully blended mixture of L-Arginine and other amino acids. These ingredients fill the user’s muscle tissue with nutrients needed for building lean muscle mass. They are also responsible for enhancing endurance as well as protecting muscles from breakdowns. Ultimately, these ingredients contribute to generous muscle gains.

Here is the breakdown of the supplements amino acid blend:

L-Arginine is essential to people who lift weights regularly as it aids with the release of nitric oxide into the bloodstream.
L-Taurine helps with lessening levels of stress, since it decreases cortisol in the body. It also helps people sleep well, improve their metabolism and decrease fat faster.
Citrulline Malate is a compound that increases strength, combats weakness and muscle-tissue tiredness. It also contributes to stamina and vitality, and like L-Arginine, aids in producing more Nitric Oxide.
Silica helps with tissue repair. It also reduces recovery time between workouts, and users find themselves having more than enough energy for their next workout after a shorter period of time.
And finally, Nitric Oxide is of supreme importance to athletes and bodybuilders since it causes blood vessels to relax.

Upon further research, we found that other reviews of the product have additional information about it. One site mentions that the supplement’s active ingredients are Tong Kat Ali and Horny Goat Weed. These are both plant extracts that have been used in traditional medicine. They have been known for many years to increase levels of testosterone and contribute to male vitality.

Another site lists the following ingredients for this supplement: L-Arginine, Ginseng Blend, Saw Palmetto, Sarsaparilla and Boron. All of these ingredients have also been proven over the years to help increase testosterone levels, as well as enhance wellbeing and strength. L-Arginine, in particular, is an amino acid with many documented health benefits, including helping people with high blood pressure, weight loss and migraines.

The important thing to note with X-Andro is that it is made of all natural ingredients, making it safe for consumption. The product contains no additional synthetic fillers or chemical substances that would harm consumers. All of the different extracts and amino acids listed above are safe and well-known ingredients that boost testosterone. It’s doubly reassuring that the supplement has received the Good Manufacturing Practice Facilities certificate as mentioned above, as added reassurance of its safety and efficacy, and that its manufacture is done with strict oversight and adherence to safety standards.



The advantages of this health supplement to weightlifters and members of the bodybuilding community are numerous. However, the many claims of the manufacturer have neither been proven nor disputed. And, as with any health supplement, people who are looking to add this product to their regular fitness regimen would be encouraged to see their doctors beforehand. This would eliminate any possible allergic reactions or other health risks. And perhaps a doctor or even a nutritionist could provide further information on the efficacy of the active ingredients in the supplement.

Having said that, here are the advantages that the manufacturer claims this supplement can bring to regular users. First, the product is made up of one hundred percent ingredients that are all natural and free from any additional synthetic substances. Second, it aids members of the bodybuilding community to achieve the full potential of their strength. Third, it cuts the tiredness that comes from rigorous workouts. Four, it maximizes each individual’s metabolism and hastens fat burning. Fifth, it produces more lean muscle mass faster than workouts that are done without testosterone boosters.

Here are some other additional advantages: Six, the product heightens the amount of essential nutrients, most especially oxygen, to the blood. Seven, it improves recovery times between workouts by hastening the repair of damaged tissues. Eight, it protects the body though muscle breakdown prevention.

Overall, this product is exceptionally beneficial to weightlifters, bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts because its active ingredients help the body when there are issues of imbalance of nutrients. Furthermore, it has been clinically tested for its potency and efficacy, and minimal side effects were found. Finally, because this supplement gives bodies the nutrients it needs for more and more intense workouts, bodybuilders will find using it to their great advantage.



The landing page of this supplement prominently displays two certificates at the very top. One states a “one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee” certificate. The other touts the product as proudly American made. Both of these certificates are quite reassuring to potential buyers and consumers, who, quite naturally, need to know how safe and effective these products are, and if they conform to regulations and standards. There is also certification that this site is a 128bit SSL secure site, which provides security for online purchases. There are no other certificates prominently displayed, although, as mentioned earlier, the product has also been issued the Good Manufacturing Practice Facilities certificate (GMPF).

However, this can be quite confusing when you read the fine print on the site, specifically the “Terms”, “Privacy Policy” and “Contact Us” portions. These portions on the webpage state that the manufacturer is based in the United Kingdom. The phone number given is also from the UK. Furthermore, any product returns are also directed to the UK, which seems rather strange if the supplement is manufactured in the USA, as the certificate says. It is possible, however, that this is a mere oversight on the part of the manufacturer, and that these details just need to be corrected.



X-Andro has changed my life. I actually thought that I had reached my peak in fitness and couldn’t possibly bulk up any further. And so when a friend at the gym suggested taking this supplement, I wasn’t expecting anything much. But because of the product’s ability to boost my levels of Nitric Oxide—I lost even more fat, and can see how much more defined my muscles are. And the truth is, I haven’t even done many more reps—just a little tweaking here and there on my regular routine. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Joshua de la Vega, age 34 from New Mexico, USA

What’s gotten me down in the last few years is a marked decrease in energy. I just don’t have the same strength and stamina that I had in my twenties and thirties and sometimes I don’t even want to go to the gym. But I don’t want to lose all the muscle tone and definition I’ve gotten all these years either. But now, thanks to X-Andro, life is good again! I got my mojo back and I can even lift heavier weights for more reps than before.

Aidan Foster, age 49 from Lansing, USA

Been lifting weights for more than ten years now and I’ve tried many supplements and even other products to make sure than I make the most of my workouts. All I can say is this: X-Andro is the best. I now have the energy to work out every day, not just five times a week, as I used to. And then results are phenomenal. I’ve never burned fat as well as I do now, and my well defined abs show it. Everyone can see it. I’ve been getting compliments left and right.

Jake Morillo, age 28 from Perth, AU

I know it’s not possible to feel like I have more testosterone in my body—but with X-Andro, I like to joke with my trainer that I feel my T levels going through the roof. I really love how much energy I have with this product. I am doing more workouts than ever before because my recovery times are way shorter. I feel healthier and stronger than I did give years ago, and the last inch of stubborn fat on my gut has recently disappeared. I particularly enjoy walking on the beach with so much confidence.

Mick Harvey, age 42 from Toronto, CA

Awards & Media Coverage

On the X-Andro landing page, there are no awards posted quite yet. This is possibly due to the fact that this health supplement is fairly new in the US, and people are just beginning to see the benefits from using it. It has only been available in the UK in the last few years and is a new addition to the locally available brands of testosterone boosters. But, with its many advantages and benefits to fitness buffs and members of the bodybuilding community, it would not be surprising if this supplement would pick up and award or two in the near future.

Similarly, there has been no major media coverage yet. Newspapers, journals and magazines have yet to write articles about it. However, the supplement has been widely featured and reviews in many online platforms and forums. Sites such as supplementpolice, consumerhealthdigest, menshealthnews, supplementsanctuary and healthsupremeviews have all reviewed the product. The reviews have been very favorable, with the supplement receiving much praise for the efficacy of its amino acid blend for muscle development.


Money-back Guarantee

Because of the certificate on the X-Andro website that promises one hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed, this product comes with a failsafe money back guarantee as well. Terms and conditions on the site state that if the consumer is dissatisfied with the supplement, he can return it to the manufacturer in order to receive a full refund. Furthermore, the unhappy customer can avail of the refund even if the bottle he’s returning is already empty. All the customer has to do is pay for shipping and handling costs.

The site clearly explains the steps to follow in getting a refund. For auto-shipped deliveries, the customer must first call the phone number provided on the website so that he can get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This must be done before thirty days have passed since the product was purchased. The customer should then clearly indicate the RMA number on the outer packaging, otherwise the return cannot be processed.

The customer should always keep a receipt of shipment back to the manufacturer when he ships the returned product. When the returned product comes back to the manufacturer, processing of the refund takes three to five days. Afterwards, the customer should be able to see the refund in his debit or credit card. However, depending on the bank, it may take up to one billing cycle to reflect the refunded amount to the customer.

For non-auto-ship or standard deliveries, customers must return the product in its original packaging, unopened. They need to call the customer service number and get a RMA number. They should then ship the product to the manufacturer, keeping a shipment receipt. Processing of refunds takes two business days, and then within three to five days, the refund should reflect on your credit or debit card record of transactions.



There are two ways to get X-Andro shipped to you. First is via auto-ship, and second is through independent purchases that have standard shipping. Processing of orders usually occurs within 24 hours, except if orders are done on Fridays, weekends or holidays, wherein shipment is done on Monday or the next business day. Deliveries generally take three to five business days, with slight variations depending on where the product is shipped.

Customers wishing to enroll in the manufacturer’s auto-ship program receive a month’s supply of the supplement every thirty days. This can be expected to continue until the customer cancels his auto-shipment. Single shipments are sent on a per-order basis. Customers are expected to pay for all shipping and handling costs, including returns.


Customer Support

Customer service support for X-Andro is widely available. The manufacturer provides both a telephone number and an email address on their site. Furthermore, customer service is available 24/7—so you can contact the company any time you need to. This is really very good, since the number provided is in the UK, and there’s a considerable time difference between the US and UK. Customer service is able to handle questions, billing and return concerns, as well as other matters.

Having the shipping address in the UK for returned products can also be problematic as well. Overseas shipping is not cheap. It would be better to have a local distributor’s address in the US where customers can return products. What’s the point of getting a refund if it costs almost as much to pay to ship the returned product to the manufacturer? Again, this could just have been an oversight on the product’s website, however.


Safe & Secure Checkout

One advantage of the X-Andro website is its safe and secure checkout. They have a guarantee of a one hundred percent safe ordering and payment process, as mentioned earlier. This means that all the credit card and personal information that customers give are safe. The company’s website uses a 128-Bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Connection. This is in keeping with industry standards of best practice, and reassures customers of full encryption to protect their privacy.

Online purchases may be made via any major credit card—Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. The site also uses PayPal for transactions, so customers who have PayPal accounts can use this option. More advantages: The site is Norton Secured and the site’s shopping cart and check out have been verified secure by Visa. Customers know their privacy is safe.


Pricing & Free Trial

The manufacturers of this product are so certain of its testosterone boosting powers that they’ve made it available for free for a 14-day trial. According to the website, interested parties only need to pay $8.95 for this. The product is shipped after the day you order, though Friday and weekend orders are shipped the following Monday. Customers are then enrolled in the company’s auto-ship program, although they can call to cancel within the first 10 days.

After the free trial the manufacturer then ships a 30-day supply every month. This entails that customer is automatically charged $84.99 on their credit or debit card monthly. This is around $109.50, an amount that many customers consider to be pretty pricey, in comparison to the price of other supplements. If customers would like to opt out of the auto-ship program, the process is fairly simple. Customers need to call the company’s customer service line at least one day before the shipment of the following month’s supply. Better not to cut it too short, close, and give yourself more time to cancel your auto-shipped orders.






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