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X Alpha Review – Is This a Supplement for Big Muscle Gains?

What Is X Alpha?

X Alpha is a testosterone booster formulated to help build muscle, help with strength during weight training, lose fat, and tone the body through the boost in testosterone levels in the body. It also is a supplement with natural ingredients, and doesn’t have harmful ingredients.

When the body ages, the natural levels of testosterone in men decreases, leading to more fat and less ability to develop muscle and have quality muscle tone. It also causes a decrease strength and endurance during bodybuilding workouts. This product increases the levels of free testosterone to restore proper levels in the body. This leads to better strength while lifting, better endurance and sustained workouts, and loss of unwanted fat for better definition of muscle. When you take the supplement as a powdered form, it enters the bloodstream and enhances the testosterone levels. Then it spreads throughout the body through the blood to muscles, which results in the desired results.



X Alpha Muscle is the manufacturer listed on its site for X Alpha and several other products. They say that their products are clinically tested. In the test for the product, men were divided into a placebo group and a group given the supplement with all of its actual ingredients. They were tested over a period of time, and the placebo group didn’t see results. The group taking X Alpha saw more muscle mass, raised testosterone levels and fat loss. However there is no information about this testing on the Alpha site, so you might want to contact Customer Support to verify this trial test was actually done.

There is a Contact Us page on the X Alpha Muscle site with an email, phone number and address. However be aware that the address is listed specifically as a returns address, and there is no additional information confirming that the address is actually the site where the products are manufactured, and there is no other address listed as the place where the product is made. The address is located in Savannah, Georgia, but there is not enough information to know where the product is actually made and if it is made safely. If you are thinking about trying the product this might be something you can ask them about through Customer Support.


How X Alpha Works?

X Alpha is designed to boost free testosterone levels in the body and to restore the natural levels of testosterone that might have been depleted with age or other factors. You take the supplement in powder form and it can be added to smoothies, protein shakes or other foods that are a part of your diet. After you take in the product, it is absorbed into your bloodstream and then raises the levels of testosterone. As the levels increase it then permeates the muscles, giving a greater ability to build muscle.

The ingredients listed in the product are also reviewed as raising levels of testosterone in the body. There was supposedly a clinical test done between two groups with one group taking placebo and the other taking the actual product with the second group reporting results over time. However there is no mention of this test being done on the official site, or how long it took the group to get results if the test was actually done. Most supplement reviews say that it might take several months to see results. Overall there is no significant evidence of a proven trial, or many positive reviews that speak to the supplement’s effectiveness.


Ingredients of X Alpha

X Alpha’s ingredients include Fenugreek Extract, Horny Goat Weed, Pyridoxine HCL, Tribulus Extract, and Yohimbe. At first glance, Pyridoxine HCL might sound synthetic, but it is actually Vitamin B6 which, when extracted and put into the form of a supplement, becomes an efficient and concentrated dose of the vitamin. Vitamin B6 helps with the immune system and with taking Oxygen from red blood cells to tissues and muscle of the body. This leads to better muscle development. Tribulus is also a natural ingredient that is supposed to help with bodybuilding, but also has been linked with prostate problems.

Fenugreek is a plant-based product to increase testosterone levels. Horny Goat Weed is also a natural ingredient that helps increase Nitric Oxide levels, which raises the amount of blood flow throughout the body and helps with endurance and energy for the workout. It also has been known to help burn fat and maintain mind alertness. Yohimbe is also a natural ingredient that comes from the bark of an African tree. It dilates blood vessels, which is how it is supposed to help with a workout to increase blood flow in the body. However one doctor criticized the ingredient saying that it can lead to vasocongestion. This can raise blood pressure and someone’s heart rate, and could lead to side effects such as headache, mental problems such as increased anxiety and irritability, hallucinations and even kidney failure. The FDA also rates Yohimbe as an unsafe herb.



X Alpha’s main listed advantage is its ingredients’ reviews which are listed to boost testosterone levels. When the levels are raised in men who have had lowered levels, they see improved ability to gain muscle, lose fat and also see increased energy levels. The product is in powder form and so therefore is easy to take when consumed with normal food, and also is meant to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. Once the powder is absorbed into the bloodstream it then can take effect and produce results.



X Alpha has no certificates. There is an ingredient also listed for the product that has been labeled unsuitable for consumption by the FDA called Yohimbe. This is because the ingredient has been known to raise blood pressure and also the heart rate. Negative side effects listed for the ingredient are increased irritability, anxiety, and physical problems such as headache and kidney failure. This and the other ingredients should be evaluated before consuming the product, however further research into the other ingredients indicates no further major problems with the ingredients.

The product also has been mentioned in a few magazines and has been listed as having had results for bodybuilders who have used it. There is no certificate listed for the manufacturer XAlpha Muscle either, or a lab or specific researchers listed who supposedly did a clinical trial for the product. If there are no facts to back up the product itself, the product test claims or the manufacturer, you might find this to be a problem. You may want to contact Customer Support to see if you can get answers to these questions, but don’t count on the support being able to answer much more than about purchasing and returning the product, since this is the information listed with the address and phone number.



X Alpha has no listed testimonials, either on their product site or on other promotional sites. There are also no reviews from actual customers that used the product. Therefore you might question how much of the product was actually sold successfully. Also there was supposedly a clinical test done between two groups, one placebo group and another that was given the product. Those who consumed the product were said to have results over time, but there is no proof that this test took place as people, place and other information was not given.

There are similar products reviewed online, but most of these were on promotional sites. One such review said that the man had tried to find effective testosterone boosters for years but had yet to find one, but that this one had worked for him. Of course this raises a question about most testosterone boosters on the market if he had tried so many, whether they are generally effective. Also another question comes from the promotional nature of this site for this specific product, that this one alone seemed to have what the man was looking for. Another review said that he had to use the product for awhile, but began to see muscle improvement and loss of fat.


Awards & Media Coverage

X Alpha is mentioned in several publications including Men’s Health and Men’s Journal. They discuss in the articles the effectiveness of the product and express that it leads to good results in the gym. Other than this there is no listed awards for the product and no media coverage such as Facebook or other platforms supplements typically use. There is also no promotion from any specific athletes or athletic associations.

There are other similar products which have positive reviews, but there are no reviews to be found by customers anywhere, for X Alpha or similar products, except for a few positive reviews found on a site to help market a similar product. One review from this site said that as he began to age he noticed that his testosterone levels seemed lower, so he tried the booster and it seemed to help. Another said that after college he didn’t see the same results from the gym that he saw before, and he noticed he was more fatigued during and after workouts. After one year of use he said he felt and looked better. However, always question positive reviews if they are only positive and found on a site to market the product. Also if there are no reviews for the product you are looking to try, in this case X Alpha, you might wonder how much the product has been tried and tested by the market of customers at all.


Money-back Guarantee

X Alpha has a 14-day free trial in which you can pay the $4.95 for the shipping and handling and receive the product to try. During this period if you don’t like the product you can ship it back to the address provided on the site. This means you won’t get your money back, but you won’t be charged the $89.95 for the month’s supply of product, either. You can’t get your money back for shipping and handling, however, so expect to pay approximately $10 for this process.

For any product purchased outside the 14-day free trial, you must call to call the number provided on the site and you will be given an RMA number. You must provide this with the product and ship it back to the address provided on the site. Make a note that you must have this number provided on your return or you can’t get your money back. You also have to address and send the order within 30 days of ordering the product. Also remember that you probably need to call separately to also cancel your subscription for future orders. Your full refund minus shipping and handling for the product will be processed between 5-7 working days. But keep an eye on your bank account to make sure it goes through, because they say on the site that it might take up to 30 days for the refund to show up in your bank account.



X Alpha shipping costs the standard $4.95 for each shipment. So if you order the free trial you will still need to pay shipping and handling costs. Also if you deicide you don’t like the product within the 14-day trial period, you will need to pay an additional $4.95 to ship the product back. This means you can expect to pay around $10 for trying the product for free. Expected delivery time should be the standard 3-7 business days from the day you place your order. However remember to factor in the shipping time with the 14 days to try the product.

If you decide to continue to use the product, you will pay $4.95 for the shipping and handling fee on top of the $89.95 paid for the product. Some supplements and also seller sites will offer free shipping, but for this one you need to pay. You also can’t buy the product from any other site except for the company selling the product so you can be certain you will need pay the shipping costs.


Customer Support

X Alpha is listed on its site as a product of X Alpha Muscle, a company that has a Contact Us page on its site. There you will find a provided address, phone number and email. However note that the address is listed as a returns address and gives no manufacturing information. The address listed is in Savannah, Georgia, but it is uncertain that this is where the product was made. Since you as the customer have access to this this information and to be able to contact the company to ask questions, you might want to contact them to confirm where the product was made and if it was produced safely.

Customer Service hours are listed on the site saying you can contact them 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Also you have to call Customer Care to get an RMA number within 30 days of purchasing the product before you can ship any products back to the address provided. If you return a package without the RMA number the return will not be accepted. Overall the Customer Support information given is relatively standard, apart from the lack of manufacturing information, which might be a concern.


Safe & Secure Checkout

X Alpha has no SSL certificates listed under their product on their online ordering page. These certificates are important to ensure the safety of your financial information entered. You should always be cautious about making an online purchase without these. The Privacy Policy on the site says that it collects your personal information such as bank account information, credit card information, telephone and email as well as your address information.

One item of concern is that it mentioned it might take your social security number. It is highly doubtful that any online purchase outside of one made by the federal government should need that information online. If you are asked to provide the information you might want to think again before doing so. The site says that it collects your information for surveys done within the company, and your information might also be distributed to third parties for promotional purposes. They might also collect your information when you enter prize drawings or redeem an offer from a third party. You also have the option to unsubscribe from the promotional emails and offers they send.


Pricing & Free Trial

X Alpha offers a free trial promotional offer on its site. Some reviews said you can put in an order and then receive the product to try for 60 days. This is longer than most other supplement free trials, which tend to last for 14-16 days. But the site’s order page itself says that you have 14 days to try the product, which is a more standard length of time. If you do not contact the supplier to cancel within the 14 day period, you will be charged the full monthly supply of $89.95.

You will also need to pay the shipping fee of $4.95. The order should come within 3-7 working days, so factor that in to the free trial time. Also if you cancel the order you will need to send back the product. So instead of being free, you can count on spending around $10 to try the product’s free trial. You will also receive a month’s supply every 30 days until you call to cancel future orders.






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