Wrecking Balls

Wrecking Balls by Vigor Labs Review – Is This a Good Supplement for Everyday Athletes?

What Is Wrecking Balls?

Wrecking Balls is a fast acting nutritional supplement that boosts energy and, over time, increases testosterone levels to help athletes gain lean muscle and strength. Taken as directed, two pills daily for at least one month, users report a surge of testosterone that encourages and enables them to work out longer and harder. This supplement combines a number of all natural ingredients, derived from plant sources, with vitamins and minerals that naturally stimulate hormone production and muscle growth. There is an initial energy boost that users experience from the first time they try the supplement, leading to longer and harder workouts. When users take the product for a longer period, at the full recommended dosage, the supplement’s many ingredients work together to raise natural testosterone levels and inhibit the production of estrogenic hormones.

For athletes and bodybuilders who already have a nutritional supplement regime that is working for them, Wrecking Balls makes an attractive addition to their routine. The ingredients do not interference with other supplements, since they are all vitamins, minerals, and herbs that have been shown safe. The warning label does specify that individuals should not take this product if they are under 18, and should consult with a doctor first if they suffer from hypertension, diabetes, or other major health concerns. Otherwise, Wrecking Balls is safe and efficacious for athletes who want short and long term energy and testosterone increases, whether alone or in conjunction with a larger supplement system.



The manufacturer of Wrecking Balls testosterone boosters supplement is Vigor Labs, an established American nutritional supplement maker that bills themselves as the “Male Health Experts.” It’s corporate headquarters, laboratory, and manufacturing plant are all located in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the United States of America. The Vigor Labs research facilities and production plant have been regularly inspected by the US Food and Drug Administration for health and safety compliance, and have earned the official CGMP, or Current Good Manufacturing Practices, certification, the industry standard.

This manufacturer has a long established reputation for producing and selling supplements that focus on men’s health, including this and other testosterone boosters, as well as vitality and virility enhancers. According to their website, consumers should consider combining a number of their supplements at once for maximum results, depending on their specific supplementary needs. Many of Vigor Lab’s products have been in production for a number of years, which implies that they are sufficiently potent to impress past buyers into continuing their purchases.

Although Vigor Labs has not submitted themselves to accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), they have still managed to receive an “A” rating by the this consumer organization. This high rating is thanks to a lack of complaints from customers and a successful handling of the one complaint they did receive, which was related to an issue with advertising. The company also maintains a large social media presence, which makes them more available for customer scrutiny and public access, including a regularly updated blog and series of informational videos on their products.


How Wrecking Balls Works?

Wrecking Balls nutritional supplement works in a number of ways to boost testosterone, both in the short term for an immediate impact, and over time, increasing male hormone levels and aiding in muscle and strength gain. Right away, the large dose of niacin gives users the energy to start working out, lifting more weight and pushing athletic abilities to the extreme, although this high dose it can also cause an unpleasant reaction in some users. The niacin is supported by a number of other herbal ingredients that are known to deliver fast, energy enhancing results, including Gingko Biloba and Longjack, or Tongkat Ali. These ingredients affect hormone levels and add other stimulation right away, so users experience effects with the first use and see some results very soon after starting the supplement.

All of the ingredients in this supplement also work over a longer period time to raise the user’s overall biological testosterone levels and help build lean muscle. The niacin is complemented by zinc, which has been shown to eliminate testosterone deficiencies in unhealthy men and increase serum testosterone to stronger, healthier levels with extended use. Additional herbal supplements, such as Saw Palmetto and Wild Yam, are reputedly natural, plant-based promoters of men’s overall physical health. Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama, Dodder Root and Damiana are familiar herbal testosterone boosters, which round out the Wrecking Balls’ formula. Taken together, users will experience an immediate energy boost, along with a longer term increase in testosterone levels and generally enhanced men’s health.


Ingredients of Wrecking Balls

The formula for this nutritional supplement is a powerful mix of multiple, proven testosterone boosters, combining two potent vitamins with a proprietary blend of herbs. The first major vitamin ingredient is niacin, which is a B Vitamin that has been repeatedly shown in scientific studies to increase testosterone and provide an immediate boost of energy to support harder workouts and extreme stamina. The second is zinc, an essential mineral that has also been proven to increase testosterone levels, especially in males who may be testosterone deficient. Multiple peer reviewed studies support the power of these two vitamins, and using them in conjunction should greatly expand their effects.

These vitamins are blended with the Wrecking Balls Extreme Proprietary Blend, a mix of a dozen herbal extracts and additives, all working to further increase the masculine hormones. Well known testosterone boosters are included, such as Tribulus Terrestris, Chrysin, Damiana and Muira Puama. Another major ingredients is longjack, also known as Tongkat Ali or Malaysian Ginseng, which has been shown to restore testosterone levels, reduce estrogenic effects by lowering aromatase, and lower SHBG, a hormone-binding globulin. Avena Sativa, sometimes referred to as wild oats, boosts testosterone along with other positive health effects, including fighting inflammation and stimulating cell growth. Smaller amounts of other proven nutritional supplements, including Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam, Gingko Biloba, and Royal Jelly work together to enhance the benefits of the main ingredients and promote overall improved health.



The first advantage of the Wrecking Balls supplement is that it gives immediate results when taken as directed. Thanks to the niacin and herbal testosterone boosters in the proprietary herbal blend, users will experience an energy boost right away, motivating them to push harder and longer at the gym from the first use. Seeing these fast effects leads to greater self-esteem and a stronger drive to keep working out hard.

The next advantage is the longer term, overall increase to natural testosterone levels using vitamins, minerals, and natural, plant-based herbal supplements. Zinc has been proven to raise the hormone to healthy levels, and herbs like Longjack, Tribulus Terrestris, and Avena Sativa are all reported to increase body’s access to biological testosterone while blocking estrogen. Users will start to see the results from these ingredients after the first week, although the extent of the results may not be clear until at least 30 days of usage.

The final advantage of this supplement is that it is an easy and safe addition to a regular exercise and fitness regimen, and will enhance other elements of that routine. Users need to take only two pills in the morning, preferably right before working out, when the impact will be the greatest. Since the ingredients are all natural and proven to be safe, it should not interfere with other supplements that are taken at the same time.



All of the products made by Vigor Labs, including this supplement, are made in a CGMP certified laboratory in the United States of America. Those initials stand for the Current Good Manufacturing Practices, which are the regulatory industry standards for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The CGMP certification guarantees that the products are made in a facility that safeguards the high quality, purity, and strength of all ingredients. Companies that produce in CGMP certified facilities are regularly inspected by professionals from the Food and Drug Administration. Customers can feel safe purchasing testosterone boosters that are made in laboratories with a CGMP certification.

The unique formula behind Wrecking Balls is also supported by both its individual reputation and that of its manufacturer. There are many positive reviews of this supplement online, both within the bodybuilding community and on other athletic forums. The company has a large social media presence, with many fans who testify to the efficacy of their products. They have also been featured in major fitness magazines
and won multiple awards for their muscle building and testosterone enhancing products.



Jeff M., Boston, MA:

As soon as I took the first dose of Wrecking Balls I wanted to go work out right away. I felt the burn and blasted through that workout and the next one.

Ron W., Columbus, IN:

I’ve been a bodybuilder for over a decade, but I hit a plateau and was totally under performing. Wrecking Balls got me over the slump and I’ve seen a positive increase in my performance abilities. It’s been a month and I’m very satisfied with the results.

Juan T., Austin, TX:

This is the best thing for getting big. I’ve tried everything and this is the best. I’ve gotten so big from Wrecking Balls. I’ve gotten the most gains ever, you wouldn’t believe it.

Joe B., Jacksonville, FL:

I’ve taken this supplement for one week now and been rather pleased with the initial results. I’m going to stick with it and hope to see some better results in the future.


Awards & Media Coverage

Vigor Labs, the manufacturer and distributor of Wrecking Balls, has had extensive coverage in major media outlets. Their products have been featured in internationally famous magazines including Rolling Stone, Men’s Fitness, Planet Muscle, and American Curves.
They also have made a series of informative videos in a major Hollywood studio in 2012, which have garnered a great deal of attention.

In fact, Vigor Labs has recently won a number of awards in Planet Muscle Magazine. This publication, founded in 2002, is an authority on bodybuilding supplements and fitness support. Vigor Labs’ products won multiple awards in Best of the Best and Blue Ribbon categories.

The unique, proprietary formula has also been covered extensively online, through multiple, largely positive supplement reviews, forum discussions, and articles. The bodybuilding community has discussed its benefits and frequently recommend the product for users experiencing a slump. The reputation of Vigor Labs lends credence to the claims about the use and efficacy of this specific, proprietary blend.


Money-back Guarantee

Vigor Labs does purport to offer a money-back guarantee, with restrictions, for any customers who are dissatisfied with their purchase and wish to return it. Customers should return unopened bottles within 30 days if they would like their money to be returned by the manufacturer, through the credit card that was initially used to make the purchase. Vigor Labs provides a mailing address on their website for customers to return their products to if necessary, and an email address to send questions about said returns. These customers would be responsible for the cost of shipping those bottles back to the company, and the original cost of shipping, assuming one did not receive free shipping from a larger order, is not part of the guaranteed refund.

There is an important caveat to this guarantee, however. The manufacturer only accepts returns of unopened bottles, so customers can not return any bottle on which the seal has already been broken. This means that individuals would be wise to make a judgement on the product and its efficacy before opening up a second container, although full results may take up to a month to be evident. Returns also do not cover the initial shipping and handling fees. Vigor Labs also reports on their website that no customer has yet been dissatisfied enough with any product to actually make a return, which is a strong statement of confidence about their product and customer satisfaction.



There are a couple of options for customers having their supply of Wrecking Balls supplements shipped to their home or other address. The most commonly chosen option is USPS, or United States Postal Service shipping, which costs $5.95 for a regular order of the supplement. If a customer wishes to buy multiple bottles of the supplement, or other supplements by this manufacturer, and spend over $40, shipping is then free. This usual shipping should take 3-5 business days, which of course excludes weekends and holidays.

If customers are in a hurry to get their supplements, there is also the option of express shipping. For $30, the shipment will be sent by USPS and delivered within 1-2 business days. International shipping is also available, but customers are responsible for covering the cost of any taxes or fees occasioned by the overseas shipment. For international shipping, outside of the United States, customers should expect some delay, anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on the circumstances at customs. All deliveries are sent in discreet packaging, for customer privacy and discretion, with no mention of the product on the outside of the package.


Customer Support

The preferred method of communication with Vigor Labs, the makers of Wrecking Balls, is through email, via the email address that is provided on their website. According to that page, a customer service representative from Vigor Labs will respond to any customer query or comment within the hour, providing the email was sent during regular business hours.

There is a phone number provided, but it is only for placing orders, and it does not lead to a customer service who is available to answer questions. If a customer simply wants to place an order while speaking to a person, they can choose to call the toll free number, which is available 24 hours a day. There is also an extensive Frequently Asked Questions page, which answers most of the typical questions that a customer may have, and gives a great deal of useful information.

There is alternative method to communicate with Vigor Labs, which is through their multiple social media sites. They can be found on both Facebook and Twitter, where they maintain an active social media presence, and are available to their many customers. They also make YouTube videos about their products, so customers can watch those and leave comments if they prefer this method of communication.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customers who are purchasing Wrecking Balls can feel confident that they website provides a secure and safe checkout. When making a purchase, the customer’s connection to the Vigor Labs site is made by using a strong protocol version and cipher suite, ensuring ordering security. Further, it uses a 256 bit SSL encryption to protect customer’s information, the industry standard for online transactional security.

Generally, customers are also protected by using a credit card or other safe payment option to make their purchase. Returns are accepted for any unopened bottles that are sent back to the company, which makes large orders a little less risky. All purchases are sent in a discreet package, with nothing that identifies the product inside.

Vigor Labs also states that it protects the personal and email information of all of their customers, with the goal of retaining repeat customers by providing good customer service. It does not have an auto-bill feature, which holds onto customer information for the purpose of automatically billing their credit cards on a regular basis, nor is the website enabled with the necessary tools to obtain and store that information.

Customers will also not receive any spam email or advertisements from Vigor Labs or any of its subsidiaries. The company does not sell or share email addresses or personal information of any of its customers. When making a purchase, the customer’s email is only required for tracking information or to communication about any problems with an order, not for future contact or retention.



Wrecking Balls prices are kept quite low, making them a reasonable addition to a supplement routine. One bottle of the formula, which contains 60 capsules, enough for a 30-day supply, costs $19.95. Considering the limited return policy a single bottle purchase may be the most frugal and practical choice. Users report immediate results, with greater effects felt within the first week, so that should be enough time to decide its value. Since users are instructed to take two of the supplements daily, they should see results after taking approximately 14 of the pills.

For customers who are more confident with the efficacy and value of the supplement, these supplements can also be ordered in bulk for a discount in the shipping price. Orders of over $40 will receive a free shipping discount, saving customers the usual cost of $5.95 on their order. However, customers should keep in mind the return policy if they are ordering this larger quantity. Vigor Labs will only accept returns of unopened bottles, so customers who order a large amount to save money should not open up a new bottle until they are ready to use it.






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