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Votofel Force Review – Does It Really Work?

What Is Votofel Force?

Votofel Force, a popular testosterone boosting supplement available in both the U.S. and abroad, primarily intends to improve assist males, 18 years of age or older, who want to build more muscles, achieve better fitness and bodybuilding results and even improve their sports performance or stamina. The product’s creators attest that low testosterone levels are truly the hidden cause behind most males’ low performance at the gym. The product hopes to rectify such inequities by adjusting the body’s natural levels of testosterone in attempts to make any man’s hormonal and chemical balances regulate, especially as they relate to his fitness performance. They say the male ego is very fragile, and in this area, no less. That’s why it’s crucial to maintain all male muscles, glands and organisms working at their optimal levels: A man’s very self-esteem is what’s on the line.

This item promises a three-fold formula for success, which consists of the unity of a longer stamina and a stronger bodybuilding experience or a higher sports performance level overall. As such, the product promises to deliver on all levels. Virility, vitality and vigor are its three promises as listed on each label. Plus, it is available without a required prescription.

Votofel Force’s main ingredients are the following:

1. Horny goat weed
2. Tongkat Ali/Eurycoma
3. L-Arginine
4. Panax Ginseng/Red Asian Ginger
5. Saw Palmetto
6. Maca Root Extracts

Votofel Force is made in the USA. It employs various distributors. Its products are also available in countries like England, Australia, New Zealand, France, Ireland and South Africa, respectively. Most residents of these countries may order a trial of the product online.



This product’s manufacturers understand that many potential customers will often require a degree of further analysis and even “personal user testing” to see if the product is right for them. As such, the manufacturers here have decided to enlist their product in a “trial first” option, thus enabling potential clients to try the product before buying it. During this time, they would only need to pay shipping and handling fees.

The product offers a 14-day trial, which is usually the ideal time frame for one to know if a product is a suitable fit. This is also how long it typically takes to notice results and their effects, good or bad. Either way, it appears the manufacturers were more than confident in their brand and in what it can do; they decided to take their chances and offer trial periods for their Votofel Force. This is always a good sign, one that a shows company’s trust in its own brand or product.

To continue with Votofel Force after its trial period, one could expect to pay approximately $84.91 for each month’s additional supply. Those who do not cancel their trial period within the required period will automatically enroll in what the business calls Automatic Supply. One may cancel Automatic Supply at any point but will still be responsible for the new month’s full payment.

For maximized benefits, the manufacturers suggest continuing with the product for no less than two or three months; one may take a break from the product for about a week and then continue if he or she feels the need. Discounts for bulk purchases are often available. Ask the providers for more information and for online coupon codes.


How Votofel Force Works?

This testosterone booster uniquely works to target all aspects of the male hormonal drive and even hopes to have the most positive, lasting effects upon it for years to come. Even men 50 and older may benefit from increased hormone production as that’s one of the main things the product promises as well. This testosterone booster hopes to attack the following symptoms most often associated with continual testosterone levels:

1. A reduced energy drive with lowered daily energy levels
2. Fitness performance stress
3. Fatigue
4. A decreased sweat production
5. Significantly reduced muscle mass

Votofel Force hopes to take action upon use and extend one’s vitality and physical drive or performance past its peak, pushing the body to greater limits than expected. Since those older than 30 will naturally experience testosterone level decreases, more so gradually as the years progress, it only helps to find another form of “testosterone boost” to offset the lack. That’s its claimed mission.


Ingredients of Votofel Force

1. Horny goat weed
It’s an essential natural extract. It’s known to boost mens’ overall performance and virility while increasing their long-term stamina altogether. It’s truly a miraculous element, one most used in the natural health world.

This original deciduous perennial can grow up to 12 inches and is a flowering-plant joy of China, Korea and Japan. Asian cultures have characterized themselves for cultivating wonderful plants and herbs used for male energy and vitality. Horny goat weed is even a top choice among traditional Chinese culture, especially among middle-to-older-aged gentlemen who lose their performance.

2. Tongkat Ali/Eurycoma
Its full name is Eurycoma Longifolia. It’s a medium-sized, Indonesian flowering plant. It serves multiple functions, such as treating diseases or everyday illnesses, strengthening the immune system and even cleansing the body of toxins or parasites.

This flowering plant’s purpose is two-fold. First, it assists testosterone level production. Second, it enhances the male personality and psyche, thus “boosting one’s manhood and confidence.” It’s held in high respect for its testosterone boosting properties, and many praise Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia and India for providing it first. Here are some other names it’s known by, for those who may know this natural, powerhouse plant by any of its other alibis:

1. penawar pahit
2. penawar bias
3. bedara merah bedara putih
4. lempedu pahit
5. payong ali
6. tongkat baginda
7. muntah bumi
8. petala bumi

3. L-Arginine
L-Arginine likewise combats low stamina and energy levels in its own ways. It’s most effective in powder or pill form. It works best right before a workout. L-Arginine’s an amino acid and a chemical building block used in making proteins in the body.

L-Arginine also hones its efforts around targeting lack of physical activity, male underperformance or even decline as a result. In other words, many benefit from the L-Arginine contained in this product through getting the very motivation they need to either enter, continue or finish a solid workout. Those achieving lean muscle mass get an extra “boost” of this life-fueling, energy-recharging supplement and feel its effects but only seconds after taking it. L-Arginine has been around for hundreds of years, as well, and has gone by different names each time, but its effects have always been the same.

4. Panax Ginseng/Red Asian Ginger
As implied in its name, it belongs to the Ginseng plant family. It comes from Korea. It’s also called the True Ginseng and assists one’s immunity, mood and cognition alike; it also simultaneously targets one’s quality of exercise and even his testosterone levels.

It drives longer-lasting workouts. It’s all natural as well. Red Asian Ginger also helps with muscle fatigue and overall athletic endurance. A greater physical performance in the gym, after all, can also lead to a stronger one in all other areas of life.

5. Saw Palmetto
It’s also primarily energy-giving and energy-sustaining in its very nature. It gradually boosts the body’s interior endurance mechanisms with notable progression in each step. Among these primarily stands the torso’s and its regulated blood flow levels. Those who exercise on a treadmill, for instance, use every area of the torso to move around and will thus “feel the burn” when doing so. That’s the Saw Palmetto kicking in and assisting with the carb and calorie loss, which this booster can also do.

Votfoel Force also works well with athletes who wish to engage in cardio activities like daily walking, running, hiking, biking, swimming and several other forms of aerobic fitness. Many have yet to find all the benefits that it’s capable of.

Interestingly, the Cochraine Foundation recently performed its own form of “meta-analysis” on Saw Palmetto and found its berry extract “beyond phenomenal” when used as a sports fueler. When therapeutically ingested in double or triple doses, it’ll improve one’s motivation and drive to continue even the most challenging workout regimens. It gives one not only the overabundance of energy but also the will and positivity to move forward. Yet, like all things, even those natural, one must take in moderation. Anything “overdone” may, in turn, act against its intended nature and purpose, thereby imposing a two-edged sword.

6. Maca Root Extracts
Maca root has served for thousands of years. It contains phenomenal energy properties. It elevates one’s fitness peaks.

It’s most popular form is its powdered variation as it offers a direct intake to the blood stream. Within minutes, those who swallow will feel more lasting vitality. This allows them to accomplish more within each workout schedule.



Intensified workouts for maximum performance are the primary advantages that come with using this product. In addition, one may expect to find regulated testosterone levels, which will positively impact all other areas of his fitness drive. A controlled, balanced testosterone will offer a greater long-term workout satisfaction, higher energy levels – and those continually within their ideal range – fatigue reduction or removal while engaging in slow motion or lifting, a more alert state of focus through greater mental clarity and calm, leading to a greater long-term muscle mass and, ultimately, a longer lifespan.

The unconsidered benefits include the changes that the user’s loved ones will notice, friends and family alike. Since the quality of any man’s relationships should likewise benefit, he may even hope for better productivity at work, stronger friendships and bonds with other loved ones as well. Imagine what a good night’s sleep from a day filled with energy and a positive workout routine can do for anyone. It should affect one’s morning and evening commutes, his times at the breakfast or dinner table, his busy demands at work and everything else.

The product advantageously holds a relatively high consistency of all-natural ingredients. Its methods and strategies of extraction are thorough and carried out by top experts in the health field. They, in turn, have carefully processed each element of the final product to ensure that it has met the company’s standards for quality and satisfaction. As such, mens’ fitness levels are not all that reach their prime but mens’ very “future workout potential” itself. To take care of one area of the body is to ultimately assist its other areas.

When the body’s fitness needs are satisfied, it may then fully attend to its other needs. One could say one good thing leads to another. Plus, it’s been scientifically proven that a continuously solid workout, be it in strength, resistance, core retention, cardiovascular endurance or bodybuilding, will yield better results in one’s other areas of life and even his performance within them; it’s no mere theory but one consistently proven with time. Statistics seldom lie, especially in this area. All data aside, the mere evidence lies within the physical results themselves, and hundreds of users already attest the changes.



As many online sources hold, Votofel Force is certified by a top manufacturing firm. It holds multiple certificates. It has undergone and surpassed countless rigorous standards for health and safety from top specialists within many certified labs, respectively. It has met numerous certified norms in the manufacturing process as well.

Testosterone certifications and statutory standards are never easy requirements to comply with, these days, especially within such delicate, time-sensitive fields. Science and health cannot fail, for they are the very future of all human existence. As such, their imposed standards and approval processes are some of the most challenging, especially for those seeking product approvals in the U.S. alone.



I absolutely love what this product has done for my son. He was a college baseball player going through hard times, and my purchase has not only ‘upped’ his spirits but his outlook on life as well. I truly cannot express all the good things this product has done. I was sure my boy was a goner; he himself had no hope or aspirations for his love of the game. In fact, he took this product months ago, but he still praises it today.

It saved his performance. It saved his baseball career. It ultimately saved him, and for that, I am truly grateful.

— Mary D. Eleanor, D.C.

I’m not alone: Now I feel that I have the power of the universe by my side. God is truly smiling down upon me with this product. He, in fact, placed it in my very hands and said, ‘I want you to have this. It’s time for your luck to change. You’ve had your share of difficult times in this life, especially with your unsatisfactory karate tournament performances, but now the tables will turn.’

I have never felt more in control of my martial arts experience, nor have I ever wanted to continue a product as badly as I do now. I never want to give this up, and I thank the wonderful manufacturers for that. May it only be a force that continues to change lives.

— Brice T., Denver,CO, USA

How does it feel to finally get that workout I’ve always wanted and to enjoy it, for once? Let me tell you. It feels phenomenal, friends, and there is perhaps only one product that can do it in style, and that’s Votofel Force! For this reason, I recommend it to every living male on the planet! This one is not merely a can-try product but an absolute must!

The best part is this: You can return it within 14 days and get your full money back, but I don’t think you’ll want to. This product’s a keeper, and something this good can only come once in a blue moon, so take advantage of this while you have it! Heck, become a member and subscribe to let the real savings kick in! What’s there to lose?

— Joe W., Sydney, Australia

You do not want to give up on something this good. If you miss it, you miss it forever! Don’t let your fitness imperfections get the best of you. You should dominate them, for good, and this product can make it a reality!

Just think of the best and worst experiences you’ve ever had so far with your gym – the good, the bad and the ugly. Then, watch the former relive themselves while the latter two disappear from your life forever! Keep the good moments going. Why would you even need to remember the bad moments when you’ve got a product like this one, one which can only make every fitness experience ‘one to never forget’? It’s all up to you to try it, of course, but I know you’ll be hooked as I am.

— Mark T., Houston, Texas, USA

My husband has never been quite the man he is today, and I could not say this would be possible without the help of this testo-booster. It truly is a force! Yes, he eats, sleeps and exercises well, but it’s just not the same without the ‘extra boost’. It’s not something I can quite describe, but there’s a power behind this product, something not seen in many other ones out there.

I guess that, at the end of the day, you’ll either have to take my word for it or go and try the product for yourself! Might I suggest the latter option, gentlemen? Just try it, and you’ll never be the same! Plus, that ‘special someone’ will thank you for it too.

— Melanie D., St. George, Utah, USA

I’ve always had some degree of trouble going to the gym, and I’ve always had plenty of problems feeling confident in my male dominance while there. This little pill has helped me with both of these problems. Plus, whenever my wife unexpectedly wants to work out, there’s only two words on my lips, ‘Yes, honey!’ Truly, this one’s a keeper, a product you can’t simply hear about; it’s one you need to try!

I want to perform better than average gym members do. With this product, I can now do just that. Heck, I can even give it a little ‘something extra’, if you know what I mean.

What’s not to like? This testosterone/fitness booster’s affordable, convenient and highly effective. Don’t take my words only. But again, try it for yourself.

— John S., Tallahassee, Florida, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Votofel Force ranks as one of the U.S.’s top privately distributed testosterone products. This opinion is of personal consensus. Many who have tried the product have shared their experience of it on the parent company’s main website, on its Twitter page, on its Facebook page and even on its YouTube channel. Many photos, videos and posts are available on these as well.

Though the product holds no news media coverage or placement among top nutrition or sports magazines, this does not imply that it may not hold a featured spot in years – or even days – to come. The product already rises in popularity as its social media accounts and followings hold. The product is quickly rising in views and trending discussions.

In fact, it already holds a top spot among Google search engines. People simply need to type the product’s name in and see how many results arise; there are more than 39 search results in over 12 Google pages with results links. It all depends on the keyword, key term or key search phrase used as different inputted ones will yield different results. For additional findings, one may also type them into other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and MSN.


Money-back Guarantee

A 120-day, 100-percent, money-back guarantee is a common misconception in regards to this product. Many claim it, but it’s simply not found anywhere online. A 14-day money-back guarantee, however, is in full effect. This works in conjunction with the trial period mentioned. Those not fully satisfied with the product have two weeks for a refund.

Votofel Force’s two-week money-back period is a crucial time in the overall process of initial change, one in which the body begins to take its time to “set the foundational bricks”. During these 14 days, the body begins to adjust and truly get into testosterone self-regulation like never before, which is why many advise not to discontinue usage at this point, at least not until the user has taken the product for a few months and seen results. Why lose the time and efforts of two weeks, only to revert to one’s original self and feel even worse than when starting out? It’s simply not worth it to get one’s money back at such an early stage, in the opinion of most.



The shipping costs are not disclosed upfront. No online source has made these available. Common sense would remind one, however, that these tend to range by country and provider. Location and urgency of shipping, along with time frame for final delivery desired, play a key role.

However, those who proceed to final checkout will see the exact cost. It appears shipping costs will range from $7.99 to $21.34 if ordering within the same country. For faster delivery, the Premium/Flex Shipping route is the best way to go; it offers the quickest delivery, along with the shortest processing and packaging times.

Before the order officially ships, one may also purchase a tracking number and check its status regularly. As shipping times advance, the product’s tracking status will update. One may check it often or even set up email or phone alerts to know when the system makes an update to notify him of the delivery status.

With Premium, shipping can take anywhere from two to five business days, with the exception of holidays. Holiday rush times, however, can play into other factors and may even speed up the order. The other, “regular” delivery times can ensure the product arrives in one to two weeks. Those who order from outside the country by which the item originally ships will receive it within two to four weeks. Processing usually takes the longest time and can last from approximately a week to 13 days, be it a domestic order or an international one.


Customer Support

One may reach the customer care support line at +61-290520868. Lines are not open on the weekends. 24/7 chat isn’t available.

Customer support usually replies to all inquiries in a timely and professional form and can often take up to a week or two, depending on busyness. Keep in mind that holiday times may be busier and will often require further delayed response times, but the support team will always do its best to answer all inquiries in the order in which it receives them. One may also reach out to the team with testimonials, comments, feedback, complaints, suggestions, press coverage and even ideas for future product outreach events.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout is always safe and secure. Moreover, a Satisfaction Guarantee carefully backs each purchase. The PL or Premium-Quality logo displays itself on the front of each official Votofel Force bottle in blue and white colors. The safety and integrity of one’s credit card or other billing information should never become compromised. Thankfully, that’s not the case here.


Pricing & Free Trial

All who order now receive a shipped 30-day supply and a bill for only $6.90 to cover shipping and handling. Those who feel Votofel Force is not for them may cancel within two weeks, exactly 14 days from the date they place their order, to avoid enrolling in Votofel Force’s exclusive auto-shipment program. This program will automatically send them a month’s supply after each 30-day cycle ends, beginning 14 days from the first bottle’s shipment of $131.00. Shipping and handling adds an extra $6.90. To cancel at anytime, one may call +61-290520868 or request more information there.

Those who select package protection will be charged a package protection fee with every shipment. Those who purchase three packages online can get up to 50 percent off their first order, which is why many claim that purchasing in bulk is always the most affordable solution “for the long haul”. Those who order a 3-pack can expect to pay approximately $250. Some have also found one bottle of the product going on clearance for $4.95, plus taxes, shipping and handling charges.






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