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Vital Test Extreme Review – A Nice Natural Booster?

What Is Vital Test Extreme?

Vital Test Extreme is an all-natural testosterone booster formulated specifically for men to increase testosterone production safely and rapidly. AllI of the ingredients in its formula are extracted from natural sources such as flowers, plants, seeds, roots, vitamins, minerals and other herbs. Its active ingredients are KSM 66 Ashwaghanda Extract, Tribulus Terrestris Powder, Eurycoma Longifolia Root and Diindolymethane. It comes in capsule form and is designed to be taken by mouth before workouts on a daily basis. It is developed entirely in the United States, though it is sold across the world.

This product may be a viable solution for healthy, active adult men who are looking to get the most out of their workouts, potentially enabling them to work harder for faster, more extreme results. It is also posited as a solution for competitive fitness professionals such as bodybuilders and athletes who are looking to gain an edge on the competition. It may also help to restore testosterone levels in older men whose testosterone has declined over the years. In addition, it may support improved athletic performance by increasing strength, stamina and endurance. Other advantages to consistent use may include improvements in energy levels and mood.



Vital Test Extreme is manufactured by a company named Apex Nutra, LLC, which is believed to have been in business for a number of years and also offers beauty products such as teeth whiteners, softgels and more. Its official website is presently non-operational, which may disappoint customers who prefer to be informed about the manufacturers whose products they invest their money in. It offers a range of other successful natural supplements though it does not provide links (to its additional merchandise) on the product website. Its corporate headquarters are listed in Tampa, Florida in the United States. It pledges a dedication to high-quality, safe ingredients formulated into effect health solutions.

If Apex Nutra, LLC opts against having an official website, they may want to at least offer customers the chance to interact directly via social media. Research-minded fitness enthusiasts who want to learn more before committing to buy, may be disappointed by the lack of available company information online. Similarly, there is no detailed history or mission statement on the Vital Test Extreme website nor does the company maintain a presence on any social media sites. As many consumers feel far more confident in investing their dollars in manufacturers with some transparency, Apex Nutra, LLC may want to reinvest in getting their official website operational.


How Vital Test Extreme Works?

Users must maintain an effective exercise regimen as well as a protein-rich diet in order to see maximum results. The capsules are taken by mouth and, once swallowed, are dissolved and distributed throughout the bloodstream to instigate testosterone-triggering chemical interactions. According to instructions, users should take one to two capsules one to two times a day with a glass of water. Though the directions do not specify what time during the day to take these, dietary supplements are commonly used approximately a half an hour before workouts. Doing so may lead to a noticeable power and energy spike to enable users to work out with more intensity and for a longer duration.

Vital Test Extreme may be used as a sole workout supplement or it may also be stacked with other quality workout supplements and protein shakes. Instructions state that optimal results are achieved with consistent use alongside a rigorous strength-training regimen. The product website does not state whether or not it recommends continuing to supplement with this product to maintain results. Since there is always the possibility of a medication interaction and/or an allergic reaction to the botanicals in the formula, the manufacturer advises that all users should consult with a professional before beginning use. The manufacturer does not guarantee specific results.

This product may also help to increase testosterone in men who are suffering the effects of age-related testosterone decline. Once men reach the approximate age of 30, testosterone levels begin to gradually decrease. This hormone imbalance often leads to muscle weakness, lethargy, fatigue, muscle atrophy, fat gain, mental fog and a host of undesirable physical and mental effects. By restoring hormonal levels for a healthy balance, this supplement may counteract these detrimental effects for improved strength, stamina, energy and endurance which may then translate to more lean muscle mass and less fat storage. As such, this may be an effective, all-natural solution to help older men regain lost strength, physicality and muscle.


Ingredients of Vital Test Extreme

This supplement features a host of natural extracts formulated to stimulate the body to produce more testosterone. Its active ingredient is KSM 66 Ashwaghanda Extract, an Ayurvedic root that has been in use for centuries for a wide range of health purposes. It may contribute to raising testosterone levels as well as to improve mood levels and enhance endurance. This formula also features Tribulus Terrestris Powder, an annual plant harvested around the world often included in dietary aides for its purported effectiveness in increasing strength and lean muscle mass. Perhaps the most popular potential benefit is that it, too, is thought to stimulate testosterone production.

Also included in this proprietary formula blend is Eurycoma Longifolia Root, also known as Longjack and Tongkat Ali. Eurycoma Longifolia Root is extracted from an annual flowering plant native to Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. This root extract is thought by many fitness professionals to significantly increase testosterone levels as well as to support increased blood flow. Another key ingredient in the formula is Diindolymethane, a lesser-known compound derived from cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli. It has become more common in nutritional and exercise supplements due to its reputation as a potent testosterone booster.

Fenugreek Seed Extract – also known by the names Fenigreek and Greek Hay – is an annual plant harvested in many areas throughout the world. Its seeds and leaves are harvested for many health purposes, including use as a popular athletic performance enhancer. It may also work to drive up testosterone levels. The other ingredients rounding out the formula are Gelatin, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, FD&C Yellow #6 and FD&C Red #3. Although these ingredients are all considered generally safe for consumption, it is always advisable to consult with a health professional to rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction and/or a medication interaction.



The advantage most fitness enthusiasts will likely be most interested in is Vital Test Extreme’s promise to accelerate testosterone production for optimal physical and workout performance. It may also work to increase stamina and endurance, which users can translate into rapid fat loss and increased lean muscle mass. Another advantage may be an improvement in energy levels both at the gym and throughout the day. This energy boost may help users to get fit and toned, faster. In addition, it may provide a safe, all-natural solution for athletes and competitive fitness professionals to level up their performance on the playing field and in the arena.

In short, this product may boost workout capability in order to build more lean muscle, faster. It aims to support optimal hormonal levels as well as to increase muscle strength and vascularity. It may be a safe, all-natural solution for older men to regain lost vitality. Its benefits may also extend beyond the physical: This testosterone booster also promises to help improve cognitive clarity and focus. In addition, several of its ingredients may work to improve blood flow to working muscle tissue – this helps to promote a faster post-workout recovery, to lessen muscle cramping and to reduce soreness to allow for more frequent and strenuous workouts.



Vital Test Extreme comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which is reflected in the company’s Money-Back Guarantee (details below). The product website also bears a certificate reading ‘Proudly Made in the USA.’ As is standard practice in the fitness supplement industry, it was developed and produced in accordance with strict safety guidelines. This allows interested fitness enthusiasts the confidence to try it out without fear of negative side effects or questionable ingredients. Most customers will likely view its domestic production as a benefit.

Most importantly, near the checkout section is a seal certifying this product as GMP-certified. GMP certification – short for ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ – ensures that the product has passed rigorous federal regulations for safety and efficacy. It also guarantees consumers that the manufacturer has researched and developed the product in accordance with optimal manufacturing practices. This quality assurance certification is a crucial step in demonstrating premium quality to customers, which shows that the company is invested in safe, quality merchandise and manufacturing practices.



After quite a bit of research, I decided to try Vital Test Extreme to see if it might help me drop the extra ten pounds I’ve been carrying. I was skeptical at first, but I wasn’t really seeing results from my workouts, so I wanted to see if I could find something to give me an extra power boost to help me improve my strength at the gym. I started using it with a new resistance training program and I can do more deadlifts than ever. Working out isn’t nearly as painful as it was even a month ago, and I’ve lost almost all of the extra weight. — Juan R., graphic designer in Buffalo, NY, USA

I finally decided to do something about my low ‘T,’ and these pills have definitely done the trick. I get a noticeable surge of energy after taking them, which helps me avoid giving up early in the workout and power through it instead. I’ve lost weight and built new muscle faster than I expected. So far, so good; I plan to make this a part of my fitness routine for quite awhile. — Jason K., minor league baseball player in Bethesda, MD, USA

I’ve been taking these before my High Intensity Interval Training three times a week, and I’ve lost five pounds in a matter of weeks. My energy levels are way up, and I’m not down for the count after my sessions the way I used to be. One of the things I like best about Vital Test Extreme is that it doesn’t take longer than fifteen minutes to really kick in for me. My gym buddies have all been wondering what’s given me the extra workout juice, and I’ve shared this with every one of them. I’d recommend looking into it to see if it might work for other guys who like to work out. — Tim H., aerobics instructor in Montreal, Canada

My guy friends were skeptical about my using this until they saw my six-pack. I’ve always been a hardcore workout fiend, but a couple of these with a protein shake before workouts seems to help my muscles heal faster. I’ve added an extra two days of strength-training sessions per week, and it shows. I look leaner, my biceps are more cut and my wife tells me I look more chiseled both with clothes and without. This has been a win for me. — Jerry S., entertainment lawyer in Bismarck, SD, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

This testosterone booster has been featured on a number of popular fitness-based men’s magazines and online media outlets. Muscle & Fitness, which focuses on nutritional supplements, workouts, fitness, diet tips and general health advice, has included Vital Test Extreme in its pages. Men’s Health – a publication with a slightly broader range including lifestyle advice, style and weight loss tips – has also promoted this product. Men’s Fitness – an exercise magazine for men often featuring celebrities and sports stars on its cover – has also advertised this product. The exposure it has received from these popular outlets have undoubtedly contributed to the popularity it seems to be experiencing among users online.

Vital Test Extreme does not appear to have won – or to have been nominated for – an award in the health and fitness supplement industry to date. Though such awards are not nearly as important as food safety certification, some seasoned fitness customers look for such accolades when considering adding a new supplement to their routines. There is no copyright date on the website, so it is not possible to determine how long this testosterone booster has been on the market. Interested consumers are encouraged to keep an eye out to see how it performs in upcoming fitness supplement competitions. Online reviews on various muscle-building forums and blogs appear to have rated it positively overall.


Money-back Guarantee

This manufacturer offers a no-hassle 30-day return policy in the event Vital Test Extreme does not provide the desired results. To initiate the return process, buyers must contact a customer service member to receive a Return Authorization Number (or RMA #), which must be clearly written on the return package. No packages are accepted without this number under any circumstances nor are return packages marked ‘return to sender.’ Unfortunately, the website does not specify whether buyers are allowed to return partially and/or fully used products. In keeping with current fitness supplement industry standards, all returns must be postmarked within 30 days of the original date of sale.

The company also offers an exclusive 14-day trial period offer for US residents for the upfront cost of shipping and handling only. Unless the customer contacts a team support member by phone or by email before the conclusion of the 14-day period, the trial program rolls over into an automatic delivery program. Per the terms of the auto-ship program, the customer’s credit card is charged the full retail price of the product as well as a shipping and handling fee approximately every 30 days. Although this policy may have been instituted with customer convenience in mind, those who do not wish to participate may find the recurring charges inconvenient.



Orders are shipped to any state within the continental U.S. as well as to the Virgin Islands of the United States. The cost of shipping and handling for a bottle of Vital Test Extreme is $6.95. Unfortunately, the website does not detail what shipping carrier(s) it utilizes nor does it specify whether it offers any sort of shipping insurance. Some customers may be disappointed to find that the site has very little information regarding the company’s shipping policies. As such, it does not details whether or not its shipping department is operational on weekends and/or on any holidays.

What the site does make clear is that buyers are responsible for all shipping and handling charges. In addition, all charges associated with shipping are non-refundable. This policy applies whether pertaining to straight sales (non-trial orders) or to trial orders specifically. The product website does not offer general international shipping at this time. Since more detailed shipping information is currently unavailable on the website, potential buyers may want to contact customer support for carrier information, shipping insurance and more.


Customer Support

Customers can opt to speak with a live representative via a toll-free 1-844 telephone number listed both on the front page of the product website as well as on the site’s ‘contact’ section. The customer support center is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Although the company does not offer 24/7 support hours – nor is the support center open on weekends – most customers will likely find its weekday hours more than satisfactory. There is also a customer service email address provided for those who prefer the convenience of online communication. The website does not offer a support submission form at this time.

Apex Nutra, LLC’s customer service address is listed at a location in Orlando, Florida (in the United States). It encourages customer inquiries regarding product use to its physical address. Customers can contact a team member regarding product details, about company policies or for any reason at all. Customer support is also available to assist with member accounts, which can be canceled or modified at any time. Although this company does not offer 24/7 customer support, its hours are reasonable and it does seem to offer a comprehensive customer service base.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout section on the Vital Test Extreme website displays a safety seal certifying it a ‘128-Bit SSL Secure Site.’ For those newer to online security software, SSL stands for ‘secure socket layer’ and consists of industry standard security software. It works to scramble – or encrypt – sensitive data in case of a cyber attack. With this security software in place, online marauders who attempt to intercept banking or sensitive personal information, are not able to read this data. Essentially, one website states that it would require years of continual attempts in order to crack the encryption code.

The site also utilizes Norton Secured, another industry standard antivirus software package commonly found on online transaction sites. Norton Secured guards against malware, viruses, and ransomware as well as provides a firewall against potential phishing attacks. Despite the SSL trust seals, the website’s privacy policy is extremely limited. Though it does outline its data collection procedures as well as several other general points, it does not specify whether it sells non-secure public data to third parties. Interested consumers may want to contact the company’s customer service department for further information.


Pricing & Free Trial

The full price of a bottle of Vital Test Extreme is $95.13. For trial program members who are enrolled in the company’s automatic delivery program, the monthly membership cost is $95.13 plus shipping and handling for a total cost of $102.08 every 30 days. The manufacturer is not offering any promotional discounts at this time. Additionally, the website does not specify whether it charges a restocking fee for any units returned. As with most online manufacturers, buyers are responsible for any sales tax or such surcharges as applicable to their region.

Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted methods of payment. Customers who hold other major credit cards such as Discover and/or MasterCard – as well as those who prefer secure payment methods such as PayPal – may find this very disappointing. Apex Nutra, LLC may want to include these common payment methods in order to better serve their customer base as well as for further customer convenience. Lastly, as stated by the manufacturer, this product is not sold in stores; the only legitimate outlet is directly through the Vital Test Extreme website.






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