Virilax Review – Is the Story About This Supplement True?

What Is Virilax?

Virilax is a testosterone booster that uses a unique mineral support formula designed to lower cortisol levels and improve strength and well-being. This formula features a small amount of Calcium and a proprietary herbal formula made of eight different all-natural ingredients. This supplement is designed to balance hormone levels in otherwise healthy men, especially when used in conjunction with regular exercise.

Each bottle of this supplement contains a 30-day supply. Users take two capsules daily, and results should be evident within a month of use. While Virilax may provide an initial energy boost, due to some of the herbal ingredients, its effects will be fully felt after some time.

This supplement is currently offered as part of an automatic delivery subscription program, which allows customers to first try the product for two weeks. After this, customers will receive another bottle every 30 days, so that they can continuously take the supplement. Satisfied past customers report increased strength and energy, leading to gains in muscle mass and improved healing.



It appears that this supplement is manufactured by a company also named Virilax, although this is not immediately clear from the information provided on the website. There are no published articles of incorporation available for this manufacturer, but it is presumably a Limited Liability Company. This supplement is manufactured in the United States of America, and its distribution center is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The manufacturer, or one of its agents, can be reached through a toll-free customer service phone number or email address provided on the website.

There is no evidence of any active lawsuits or other complaints against the makers of Virilax. There is also no ranking or information about them with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), although this is not necessarily a bad thing. There are a few social media sites affiliated with this supplement, including multiple accounts on Facebook and Twitter, but none of them appear to be officially linked with the manufacturer. Customers should keep in mind the lack of information about this manufacturer, especially in light of the automatic subscription that will require direct communication for future cancellation.


How Virilax Works?

Virilax is designed to work over the course of a few weeks to increase natural testosterone levels with its proprietary blend of ingredients. Individuals simply take one serving of one capsule two times a day, approximately 30 to 60 minutes before eating. It is strongly recommended that users eat a healthy diet while taking this supplement to facilitate the necessary exercise.

To experience the full effects of this supplement it is necessary that users work out regularly, preferably with heavy weights and low repetitions. It has been proven that this type of exercise, in conjunction with Calcium, increases strength and may also increase testosterone levels. Calcium has also been shown to decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which promotes overall wellness, speeds healing, and allows for more exercise.

The eight herbal ingredients all work to improve hormonal balance by increasing the natural production and retention of testosterone. Some of the herbs may also provide an immediate energy boost, although this does not occur for all users. The maximum effects of this supplement will be felt after four weeks of continuous use in conjunction with the prescribed exercise and diet routine.


Ingredients of Virilax

This supplement contains nine ingredients, starting with 44.28 milligrams of Calcium Carbonate, which makes up 5% of the Recommended Daily Value (RDV). Calcium has been shown to reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Recent studies also suggest that supplementing with Calcium, combined with regular exercise with heavy weights, increases natural testosterone levels in healthy adults.

The eight different herbs that make up the 1484 milligram FloViv MAX-TEST BLEND are all reputed testosterone boosters or have claimed to enhance men’s health. Most notably, Tongkat Ali, or Longjack, and Horny Goat Weed have centuries-old reputations for increasing stamina and energy. Saw Palmetto Extract also has been shown to stimulate testosterone production and balance hormones, while Wild Yam, Sarsaparilla, and Nettle Root are used to promote various hormonal levels, including progesterone and testosterone.

The mineral Boron is necessary for growth and hormonal health, and the more questionable Orchic Substance may have some impact on hormone levels as well. Besides these active ingredients, this supplement contains a number of inactive ingredients, including Microcrystalline Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Croscarmellose Sodium, and Magnesium Stearate. It also has the preservative Silicon Dioxide, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, and Polyethylene Glycol, as well as the artificial color Blue #2, Titanium Dioxide, and Talc.



One advantage of Virilax over other testosterone boosters is its unique mineral and herb support formula. The proprietary FloViv MAX-TEST has eight different herbs that are known for increasing energy and supporting hormonal health. A small amount of Calcium helps enhance the effects of these herbs and minimize any diet-related deficiencies. All of these ingredients are backed by either scientific or anecdotal evidence, and all of them come from natural sources. There are no illicit or dangerous chemicals in this formula, and athletes can take it with confidence.

Another advantage of this supplement is that it’s easy to take, making it more likely that users will take it consistently. This regular routine promotes better results, especially when it’s combined with the kind of heavy weight-bearing exercises that the supplement’s manufacturer recommends. In fact, even if the supplement is not very effective, the twice-daily reminder to work out will almost certainly have a positive effect. Finally, for users who find Virilax effective, the current offer provides an opportunity to get a continuous supply of the supplement without the hassle of reordering.



This supplement is made in the United States of America, so it is certified as safe for consumption by all healthy adults by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This federal agency guarantees that dietary products and supplements sold or manufactured in the U.S. are healthful and appropriate for use by individuals without pre-existing health conditions. It also certifies that the ingredients used are wholesome and safe and that the manufacturing facilities are available for inspection and meet levels of cleanliness and safety. These facilities are also monitored and certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration – OSHA.

This supplement is also made in a GMP-certified facility, which means that it uses Good Manufacturing Practices in the production of its supplements. This self-certification may or may not be checked by an independent third-party agency. Good Manufacturing Practices are put in place to check the purity of the ingredients used and make sure the manufacturing process is appropriate. They are also meant to certify that labels are accurate and that the highest standards of manufacturing are adhered to. These practices also work to minimize risks in production and ensure that the supplements produced are of a high, consistent quality.



Dwight E. from New York, US, writes:

I’ve been using Virilax for about a week now, and I like how I’m starting to feel. I take a capsule two times a day, once in the morning before breakfast and once later before dinner. When I take it I remember to work out, and I’ve been exercising more than ever. I can already see some results!

Toby H. from Cleveland, US, writes:

Ever since I started my new job I stopped working out and have lost a lot of muscle. just started this supplement and haven’t felt any difference yet, but I’m excited to get going! I’m going to take it every night an hour before dinner and then work out after dinner. There are no side effects and I feel alright.

Trevor F. from Chicago, US, writes:

I probably won’t keep getting these, but I’ll keep taking it for now. Luckily I already workout regularly so I didn’t have to change anything. It’s easy to take but sometimes I forget in the afternoon.

Dave L. from Seattle, US, writes:

I’ve been looking for a testosterone booster that’s got a lot of different herbs and this looks like the real deal. I did a lot of research and it looks like these ingredients could really work. I really like what I read about Tongkat Ali and some of the other stuff. I’ve been taking it for about three weeks now and am looking forward to getting stronger!


Awards & Media Coverage

According to their website, Virilax has received media coverage from NBC, FOX News, and USA Today. However, there is no confirmation for any of this, and it appears that no major media outlet has ever covered this supplement. However, it has received a good deal of attention online from fitness enthusiasts and supplement reviewers, who have given it mixed reviews. Although there are some accounts of bodybuilders who reportedly had had positive experiences with this supplement, other accounts are less positive and more skeptical of the results.

On the other hand, the ingredients in the supplement have received plenty of media coverage, including praise for the testosterone boosters included in the Max-Test Blend. The importance of Calcium, the primary mineral ingredient, has been praised by Science, Nature, the New York Times, and Men’s Health for its many strengthening powers. Horny Goat Weed has received coverage for its testosterone boosting properties from Natural News Today, Men’s Fitness, and NewsMax. Recently, Tongkat Ali has been praised for its energy and hormone boasting by ABC News, Business Today, and the Montreal Gazette, and Saw Palmetto Extract has been written about by GQ, The New York Daily News, and the Nation Newsletter. Most of these ingredients have also been the subjects of academic papers, published in peer-reviewed journals, and available online at PubMed for consumers to read for themselves.


Money-back Guarantee

The Virilax website boasts that it has a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee, although the Terms and Conditions page provides a more nuanced picture. Customers who receive deliveries through the automatic shipment program are eligible for returns, as long as they first call the customer service department to speak with an agent. They will then receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, which must be written on the outside of the returned package. It is strongly recommended that customers track any packages that are returned, to make sure that the company receives them.

Customers who purchase one of the larger package deals are also eligible for returns, but only for bottles that are unopened and in their original packaging. These customers must also get an RMA and clearly mark their return package with it before sending it back to the distribution center in Florida. Since customers are fully responsible for the cost of shipping back any merchandise, sending back multiple bottles from one of the package deals can be prohibitively expensive. Customers who authorized to get a refund should receive it within 3-5 days of the return being accepted by the distributor. All refunds will be credited back to the original method of payment, and any questions should be directed to the customer service department.



Delivery is available to all 50 states in the United States of America, including P.O. Boxes and rural routes, and to all military addresses at home and overseas. Shipping methods vary depending on the distance and weight of the order and will be sent at the distributor’s discretion. Typically, shipments are sent out within one business day of the order being placed, and delivery usually takes between three and five business days, excluding holidays. Although the manufacturer is not responsible for any delays in shipping due to circumstances beyond their control, customers who do not receive their shipment after five days should call the customer service department to make sure that their order was sent to the right address. This is especially important due to the automatic subscription, which goes into effect 14 days are the order is placed, regardless of when it is actually received.

For a single bottle of the supplement, shipping costs a flat rate of $4.95. Customers who continue the monthly subscription will be charged an additional $4.95 for shipping each month. However, shipping is free for customers who purchase one of the two larger packages, even though the delivery will weigh considerably more. The cost of shipping is never refundable, and the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping back any returns that they may occur.


Customer Support

Customers with questions or concerns about Virilax or the automatic monthly subscription program have a number of different options for contacting customer support. The easiest option is probably to call the toll-free phone number that is provided online to speak to a customer service agent directly. Agents are available during normal business hours, specifically Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST), excluding holidays. These customer service agents should be able to answer questions about the supplement, its ingredients, and how it works, as well as about the automatic subscription program and its costs.

There is also an email address for contacting customer support, which may be a better option for two reasons. First, email can be sent at any time, not just during regular hours, and second, email provides documentation of your communication, which can be helpful in resolving any future disputes. Customers who wish to cancel the automatic subscription within the 14 day trial period are advised to use both the phone number and the email address to confirm their cancellation. There is also a physical mailing address located in St. Petersburg, Florida, which customers should use for returns. Finally, customers can seek assistance on the various Virilax social media pages, although it is unclear whether any of these directly communicate with the manufacturer.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Purchasing Virilax online is fully secured, thanks to high-quality encryption tools and virus protection. The checkout page uses strong 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, which is the industry standard for online commerce. According to the site, the page is also Norton Secured, which protects customers from computer viruses and other malware, and it is also protected by McAfee Security, one of the best-known security firms for online protection against third-party attacks. Furthermore, since customers must make their purchase using a credit card, their payment is also protected by the credit card company, which guards against fraud, identity theft, and online scams.

As required by the Online Privacy Protection Act, the Virilax website also provides an explicit privacy policy, which outlines the specific data collection and retention policy in place. This policy states that the website uses both cookies and web beacons to track visitors and enhance their shopping experiences. The company also collects and analyzes all non-identifying personal information, such as IP addresses and web history, for all visitors to the site. Finally, the privacy policy states that all personal, nonfinancial information that is voluntarily provided, such as customer’s names, phone numbers, and email address, may be shared with or sold to other companies and third-party affiliates. This information may be used to send customers future information, solicitations, or any other communication by any number of companies or agencies, a fact that customers should keep in mind before sharing that information online.


Pricing & Free Trial

There are three price options when purchasing the Virilax supplements, depending on how many bottles are purchased at once. For individuals who have not taken this supplement before, the simplest option is to purchase a single bottle, known as the Sampler Package, which is sold for $85.95, plus $4.95 for shipping. At this time, customers can receive a risk-free trial of a single bottle, initially being charged just the cost of shipping and handling. Even in this case, however, the customer will eventually be charged the full $85.95, unless they call within 14 days of ordering to cancel the subscription.

For customers that have already used Virilax with success and want to purchase a larger quantity, there are two bigger packages that will them save money. The Tier 2 package, which costs $179.00, allows customers to purchase two bottles at full price and receive one for free. The Best Selling Package, which costs $269.85, is an even better deal, as customers get six bottles of the supplement for the cost of three, basically halving the price of each bottle. These two larger packages also include free shipping, saving customers another $4.95 per order. It is unclear from the Terms and Conditions whether or not buying these packages also enrolls customers into the automatic subscription program, but it is safe to assume that it does, so customers should be prepared to contact customer service within two weeks of ordering to ensure that they only receive the quantity that they want.






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