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Viril X Review – Should It Naturally Increase Your Testosterone?

What Is Viril X?

Viril X is an all natural testosterone boosting formula that can help you reach your goals. Whether you’re aiming to build muscle, lose weight, or just perform better on the field or court, this supplement can help. Viril X works in two ways.

First, it contains a variety of different amino acids and compounds that will increase the levels of nitric oxide in your blood. Nitric oxide is partially responsible for getting air to your muscles, which they need in order to perform their best. In addition to this, a small dose of caffeine can help to put some pep in your step and get you ready to hit the gym for your workout.

Additionally, this supplement will help you recover faster and build more muscle. The nitric oxide released into your body by this formula is also an essential part of muscle recovery and will improve blood flow. The improved blood flow and NO2 availability in your body will allow your muscles to recover much more quickly than you might typically expect.

By helping you clear your head and focus, this supplement gives you the opportunity to give it your all on the field and in practice. If you ever get tired in the afternoon and don’t feel like hitting the gym or going to practice, this supplement will help you. It’ll give you the energy you need to give it your all even when you’re feeling less than perfect.



Viril X is manufactured by a self-named company, Nitric Alpha Inc. This company has been around since 2012 and has, of course, been producing this supplement for that long as well. Since their inception six years ago they have had an excellent track record producing this formula. As they say, don’t fix what’s not broken.

Shockingly enough, when they first entered business the company struggled with satisfying orders quickly. Whether their supply chain couldn’t keep up or whether they were flooded with orders is unknown. They quickly gained a reputation though as providing a supplement with clean yet potent natural ingredients.

Nitric Alpha Inc. has received some impressive attention over the years for their formula. A lot of research and development went into each ingredient, how much would be used, and where they would source it from. The made sure that they were combining the most effective ingredients in the most beneficial ratios and receiving the ingredients from only the most high-quality sources.

When you only make one thing, and you name your entire company after it, that product better be good. Nitric Alpha Inc. realized this and has made an excellent formula to use to represent their brand. Whether they will release new products in the near future isn’t known, but for now, they produce a very good testosterone boosting formula that is worth checking out.


How Viril X Works?

Viril X works through a few different mechanisms of action. The main one, represented by its name, is that it increases the concentrations of nitric oxide in your bloodstream. Nitric oxide in the blood is responsible for two things, both of which are very important to those pursuing athleticism or bodybuilding related goals.

For one thing, nitric oxide is a powerful oxidizer. This means it is incredibly efficient at delivering oxygen places, and in your body, that means it can give oxygen to your muscles. Oxygen is crucially important to the function of your muscles, and having more of it can give you greater strength and endurance. Nitric Oxide is also important in the body for delivering the other element in the molecule, Nitrogen. Nitrogen is used in the muscles for building more tissue, and chemically muscle is mostly nitrogen by weight!

By combining the oxidizing and muscle building effects of nitrogen and oxygen, this supplement can allow you to push yourself harder on practice and on the field.This formula will also allow you to recover better from the increased strain. By training harder and recovering faster you can achieve a leaner, more muscular, and stronger body.

This supplement comes as pills and you have to take three a day every day in order to see the maximum benefits. On your rest days, you can take each one with a meal spread throughout the day. On training days, however, you will probably want to take all three at the same time about 20 or 30 minutes before your workout in order to see the biggest boost in energy.


Ingredients of Viril X

Viril X is a good supplement with all the ingredients you would expect. The ingredients are of high-quality and have been proven in countless studies to be effective at achieving bodybuilding related goals. The ingredients of this formula include:


Branched Chain Amino Acids, or BCAAs, are very complex molecules that serve several functions in your body. The most important from a bodybuilding perspective is that they are the precursors your body uses to signal that there is protein in the bloodstream. This, in turn, triggers the muscles to start grabbing energy from the blood in order to build new tissue. This is similar to the way insulin works, but instead of carbohydrates and sugars triggering the reaction, it’s protein. This makes BCAAs great for people who are on a calorie deficit and trying not to lose much muscle while shedding fat.


L-Arginine is another amino acid but is probably one of the most important amino acids in the body from a bodybuilding perspective. It triggers the release of nitric oxide into the blood but is also a precursor for a number of other desirable hormones including growth hormone and insulin. This means that in addition to improving circulation which can increase strength, stamina, and recovery, this formula will also boost the rate at which you can build new muscle.


Caffeine is something everyone is already pretty familiar with. It is a mild stimulant and the amount included in this formula is about the same as a big cup of coffee. This is just enough to wake you up but doesn’t cross the boundary into jitteriness or poor circulation (which the large doses of caffeine found in some testosterone boostings can cause).


Beta-alanine is a good ingredient to include for people who are taking this supplement before longer or more cardio focused workouts. In the body, beta-alanine triggers your muscle cells to begins storing a compound called carnosine, which acts as a buffer between the cells that can help to offset the onset of fatigue. This means it can allow you to give your best effort for longer periods. Also, this is most likely the compound responsible for the itchiness some people experience when taking a testosterone boosting.

Green Tea Extract

The inclusion of this ingredient really solidifies the values this supplement has for both helping people who are trying to shed fat, and for those who are looking for an energy boost. Green tea extract is not only great for increasing the user’s energy levels but has also been shown to be excellent at mobilizing fat reserves in the body.



Almost everyone has those days where they know they need to go get their workout in, but they simply don’t have the energy or motivation to go do it. Staying motivated in the long run is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to fitness. Whether you get these days only every so often, or whether they come multiple times a week, it’s important to fight through them and train anyways, lest you let yourself fall into the habit of skipping workouts. This supplement will help increase your energy and motivation, making it easier to stay on track, give every workout your all, and not miss workouts.

The increased focus and energy will not only allow you to not miss workouts but will allow you to have more of an edge on the field. If you’ve ever tried to perform well on the field, the court, or in the weight room while tired you know it’s next to impossible. If you’re training harder you’ll need to improve your body’s ability to recover too or you’ll quickly find yourself becoming too sore to continue giving it your all.

To help with this Viril X contains several compounds that will help your body with tapping into fat reserves in order to fuel your muscles. By freeing up some of your body’s fat and signaling your muscles to start building tissue this supplement can help you lose weight and build muscle. This also means you’ll recover from your strenuous workouts faster and will, therefore, be able to push your limits every day.



Nitric Alpha Inc. has taken great strides over the past several years that it has manufactured this formula to ensure that people feel confident in its quality. They have sought out and earned several certifications for almost every part of their manufacturing process. From their ingredients to their facilities, everything is inspected and certified to meet the most rigorous standards.

Their ingredients are of the absolute highest quality and are also resourced from companies that are using natural and sustainable methods. All of the ingredients included in this formula are certified organic, meaning there is no chance of possible contamination with pesticides or other potentially harmful chemicals. The individual ingredients are also certified as being produced naturally, meaning no synthetic compounds are snuck into the formula.

This has been a big issue in the supplement world recently, with a number of big name brands getting caught in the past few years sneaking less than desirable ingredients into their supplements without showing them on the label. The most well-known incident was when some testosterone boostings included a powerful stimulant that was not included on the label. The certifications Viril X has earned show that third-party auditors and inspectors have visited the facilities, checked the ingredients, and can assure you that nothing undesirable is going into the products.



As I got older I noticed my energy levels began to drop, which I just thought was something normal. Something we all come to expect when we age. I didn’t realize that I could turn back the hands of time by taking a supplement like Viril X. Once I started taking this supplement my energy came back like I was 18 again, now I always have a pep in my step and I never miss a workout due to lack of energy.

– Jeff, Texas, USA

I used to never have the motivation to work out. I always wanted to and I knew I should be doing it, but it was always so hard to get started. I decided to try taking this testosterone boosting, and it was fantastic. I would take it 20 or 30 minutes before my workout and by the time I was done getting changed and climbing into my car I’d be noticing my energy and motivation levels starting to skyrocket. Now I look forward to my workout each day rather than dreading it.

– Brian, Virginia, USA

As a somewhat serious athlete, I’ve always been pretty lean. But when I started trying to get extra shredded I always noticed I’d hit a wall and be unable to lose any fat beyond a certain point. Beyond this point, my energy would plummet and no matter what I did I’d always be sore and unable to lose any more fat, only muscle. After doing some research I heard about this supplement and decided to try it out. This stuff allowed me to regain my energy to keep pushing my body, and I noticed more fat than ever before come off.

– Chad, Colorado, USA

I had been working with a personal trainer for about three or four months and was noticing some decent results following the program and diet they gave me. I heard about Viril X and decided to give it a try. My results tripled in speed and my trainer was in shock! He asked me what I had started doing differently and I told him about this supplement. He didn’t believe me, but when he tried it for himself he was hooked too.

– Debra, Washington, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Over the years this testosterone boosting supplement has earned itself a number of awards and media coverage. The first recognition it gained was in 2015, over two years after it came onto the market. It was given the Ripped 2015 awards. This obscure award within the industry recognizes upcoming companies and products that are expected to take off.

After receiving this award several magazines took notice of Viril X. It was first looked at in playboy where their writer remarked on how energetic he felt while taking the supplement and said that he was able to recover faster between workouts. Taking fewer days off lead him to be in the gym more and ultimately get better results.

The next writer to discuss the product was a supplement critic for Men’s Health who was actually in the process of preparing for a bodybuilding competition when he wrote his review. If you’ve ever dieted hard for any period of time you know how it can drain your energy levels and leave you feeling constantly hungry, tired, and irritable. According to the Men’s Health writer, the severity of these symptoms, while they were still present, was greatly reduced when he included this supplement in his contest preparation routine. He was able to recover well enough that he wasn’t overly sore after workouts and had enough energy to keep training even on his most cab depleted days.

Since then Viril X has earned itself a number of other best choice and top seller awards with a number of publications and online vendors. Maxim and Men’s Journal both mentioned this formula in each of their best choice lists for testosterone boostings. Needless to say, this formula has earned itself quite a reputation.


Money-back Guarantee

Nitric Alpha Inc. has invested a lot into their product’s quality and potency. They’ve also carved out a strong niche for themselves as a testosterone boosting for people trying to burn fat, have more energy, and recover better. To prove the validity of their sole product to the people who are still skeptical naysayers they are willing to offer people a money back guarantee. This is a great chance for people to try out the product to make sure they like it before spending the money to buy a whole bottle.

The way the trial works is that you enter your basic information and pay for the shipping and handling of the package. If you are in the US this comes out to about five bucks. The product will arrive after a couple of weeks and you’ll have 14 days to decide whether you like the product and it’s for you, or whether you’re going to send it back and save your money. It’s best to give this supplement as much time to work as possible though, as a lot of the results start to show at around the two-week mark.

If you decide the product isn’t for you then you can call up their customer support line. All you have to do is tell them that you aren’t satisfied and that you’re sending the bottle back. This will cancel the charge for the product and you’ll only be out about eight dollars. The company is offering you a great, practically risk-free way to try their product, it’s up to you to take it and see how it works for yourself.



The shipping for Viril X is quick and easy if you are in the US. Depending on where you are the cheapest shipping method is automatically selected between FedEx, UPS, and USPS. On the website, it says that shipping may take up to two weeks but it is common to be able to get it within five business days. After years of refining their supply chain, Nitric Alpha Inc. has figured out how to effectively distribute their product.

It is important for the supplement not to be left out in excessively harsh conditions. Some of the ingredients can be sensitive to direct sunlight or high temperatures. Because of this Nitric Alpha Inc. has designed the bottles to protect the ingredients of their product during shipment.

The bottles are made out of a dark plastic that doesn’t let through any light. This is because of the fact that the light will degrade some of the compounds in the supplement and cause the potency of the formula to decrease over time. The walls of the bottle are also surprisingly thick. This ensures that the temperature inside the container doesn’t get too hot or too cold if it is left in the sun or outside for a couple hours. This ensures that when your product is shipped it is safe and will arrive to you at it’s fullest potency.


Customer Support

Customer support is the face of a company. It is the part of the company that most of your customers will be interacting with, which means customer support determines what kind of impression your company will leave on people. It seems Nitric Alpha Inc. understands this and has established a great customer support department.

This is also essential because you will need to talk to customer support if you decide during the trial period that this formula isn’t for you. Their customer support is pretty good about not hassling people who call in to cancel their trials. Sometimes they’ll try and convince the person to give the formula more time to work, but more often they’ll simply help you cancel the subscription. This is great as being hassled to continue taking a supplement you aren’t satisfied with is never a good experience.

the customer support is also helpful when it comes to setting up automatic deliveries. If you choose to have the product automatically shipped to your house each month you may have to change the address that the bottle gets shipped to. If you move you can call the customer support line for this. Also, if you’re away for a long period on a trip and want to receive your monthly supply of testosterone boosting while away from home you can call their customer support at least two weeks before the delivery is going to be made to your house and change the address so it is delivered wherever in the world you may need it. Overall, the customer support for this supplement is top notch and can be welcomely turned to when you need help or information.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Cybersecurity is incredibly important, and the manufacturers of Viril X understand this. If you’re buying something online you need to be sure that the website you are buying it from is safe and secure, otherwise, you’re taking a gamble with your personal information. Even at physical stores, your information can be at risk. In the past two years, we have seen almost every major retailer in the country have a major data security breach that lead to the loss of hundreds of thousands of people’s private information.

The Viril X website has been inspected by several third-party cybersecurity companies and has passed their tests with flying colors. Well known security companies McAfee and Norton have both been contracted to inspect and certify the website, and both have given their seal of approval, showing that they believe the website would hold up to the most scrutinous hacking attempts. The company TrustE that audits online vendors and determines how secure their websites really are has also taken a look at the website and determined it to be secure.

The site features advanced security that allows the communication between your computer and their server to not only be quick but also highly secure. They have incorporated two forms of encryption into the site and payment, one of which is the standard HTML encryption we all see every day. The other, however, is a highly complex 256-bit encryption that protects your payment information. This encryption is practically unbreakable even to the most advanced and powerful computers, so the odds of your information being stolen are as close to zero as they could get.


Pricing & Free Trial

You can actually get a bottle of Viril X to try for almost nothing. This company believes in their product so much that they are willing to let you try it for 14 days and you only have to pay for shipping and handling. If you’re in the US this is a great deal and ends up only costing you about five dollars. If you don’t like the supplement for any reason you can send it back and you won’t be charged for the bottle.

If you don’t contact their customer support within 14 days they will automatically add you to their monthly subscription. This means that you are charged full price for the first bottle you received, which is $89.99, and then will be automatically charged for the next bottle each month. This is nice for people who want to be able to continue taking their supplements without having to remember to constantly refill their supply. Each bottle comes with a 30-day supply which contains 90 pills, three must be taken each day to see best results.

At the end of the day, this is a fair price for what you’re getting in this supplement. Better recovery, faster fat burning and muscle building, and greater endurance all in a single easy to take supplement. Plus it’s great that there is a way to try the formula before having to invest in a whole bottle. Overall it’s at least worth putting in the five dollars to try for two weeks if nothing else.






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