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Victor Boost Review – Does It Deliver What Was Promised?

What Is Victor Boost?

It is a dietary supplement formulated with all-natural ingredients designed to work with the body’s natural chemistry to promote muscle growth and definition. It increases energy as well as boosts your metabolism to promote fat burning. Bodybuilders have been using this supplement for some time because they understand how it can maximize results from weight training.

The letters testosterone stand for testosterone. While this supplement does not contain those hormones, it provides the ingredients needed to increase the natural production of the hormones. This particular hormone is essential to growing and repairing tissue in the body, which is why producing more of it can increase the growth of muscle mass. While commonly associated with children, testosterone is highly beneficial for adults.

There are many things happening in your body while you work out that are actually working against you. For example, when you work out, lactic acid builds up in your muscles causing fatigue. This supplement will reduce those acids allowing you to feel better while working out longer.

Weight training also causes your muscle fibers to stretch, which is why you need to take breaks between reps as well as between workouts. This supplement will increase blood flow to your muscles, which increases the flow of oxygen. This works to repair your muscles faster than they would on their own, which allows you to take shorter breaks because you recover faster.

Another thing that can happen when you start trying to lose weight is that you can actually lose muscle mass. This will cause you to believe you are achieving the desired weight loss, but you’re really losing muscles, opposed to fat. Victor Boost will help burn fat, while maintaining and building muscles. It will also help you process proteins better, so the food you are eating is working better for you.

This supplement is available for men and women. It is not a testosterone supplement, but rather a bodybuilding dietary supplement. It is taken daily prior to working out and will give you the energy you need to push yourself in the gym and still function the rest of the day.

The research behind the effectiveness of the ingredients has been conducted independently. Some of the ingredients are well known and widely used among bodybuilders, and some of the ingredients are ancient Chinese herbs that have literally been used for centuries. This supplement has been formulated to provide the best possible results.



The company behind Victor Boost only makes this one product, which benefits the customer because all the customer service representatives are fully trained on the supplement, the ingredients, and the program. They can answer your questions directly instead of having to transfer you to other departments or provide you with vague answers.

The manufacturer is located in London, but they ship worldwide. You can look up their physical address and phone number on their website, and call during regular business hours if you want to speak with someone in the main office. While some may be hesitant to order a supplement online from a company they’ve never heard of, this manufacture is legitimate and respected.


How Victor Boost Works?

Victor Boost works with a combination of Chinese herbal medicine and multiple forms of amino acids. The amino acids were formulated to create a balance between loss of body fat and growth of muscle tissue. As your muscles grow, you will naturally speed up your body’s metabolism, which allows you to burn even more fat.

The supplement contains two herbs that are specifically known to increase energy, so you’ll be ready to work out more and achieve the results you want faster. You won’t feel jittery or hyper, but you will feel ready to conquer the day. You also will not experience an energy crash throughout the day.

Research shows that many people only break down approximately 10% of the protein they consume, so your body is not getting the level of protein needed for real growth. Victor Boost works to break down 100% of the protein you consume, so you can fully utilize it. It can help all people, men and women, interested in building serious muscle mass.

Victor Boost has four main components to the formula that work in very specific ways. The first is testosterone Acids, which provide rapid muscle growth, expedited recovery time and healing. They also eliminate feelings of hunger and help burn abdominal fat.

The second component is the digestive enzymes. These enzymes break down the protein in the foods you eat. These enzymes are naturally in your body, but their levels start to drop after the age of 20. Being deficient in these enzymes can lead to depression, fatigue, weight gain, diarrhea, joint pain, and arthritis.

The third component is the nitric oxide, which speeds up recovery and creates a tight, full look in your muscles, which makes them look bigger and more defined. It dramatically reduces the lactic acids that cause muscle fatigue. Nitric oxide has been found to be an essential component to muscle growth and is widely used by bodybuilders.

Finally, the fourth component is the testosterone. This aids in the growth, repair, and recovery of your muscles. It works well to help burn body fat, and it strengthens bones, tendons, and ligaments. It will help maintain and improve the overall health of your body while increasing your overall endurance allowing you to work out for longer periods of time.


Ingredients of Victor Boost

Most of the ingredients in Victor Boost are found in many major supplements. The difference between this supplement and others using the same ingredients is the formulation. Each of these ingredients have been tested in independent research studies, and have been found effective.

Although you want to check with your physician first for possible drug interactions, these ingredients have no reported side effects. Conversely, they have multiple positive side effects in addition to what they do to promote muscle growth. Several of these ingredients are also components found naturally in your body already. Increasing your natural levels with a supplement will maximize their positive impact on your health.


An amino acid that is commonly used by bodybuilders. It turns into nitric oxide in the body, this is essential to increasing blood flow to the muscles, which also brings in more oxygen. The increased oxygen fights off muscle fatigue and allows for faster recovery.


This particular amino acid has been tested and proven to reduce fatigue when taking prior to working out. It works by eliminating ammonia in the system, which results in more efficient energy consumption. This allows you to work out longer and harder with less needed recovery time between workouts.

Branched Chain Amino Acids – BCAAs

These are simply amino acids that create a branched chemical structure. These structures are vital to building muscle and burning fat. They work to preserve the muscle, which is sometimes broke down when dieting for weight loss. They can also reduce fatigue.


This is a Chinese herb that has been used for generations that has been used to reduce both physical and mental stress. This ingredient can help reduce physical stress during workouts while also helping you focus better on what you are doing. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps boost the immune system.

Panax Notoginseng

This is also a Chinese that has been used for generations, and it is a form of Ginseng. It can help promote mental awareness and boost energy. This herb will keep you going as you push yourself to reach new intensity levels in your workouts.



There are several advantages to taking this supplement that you may or may not find with other supplements on the market. Knowing what these advantages are will help you to make an informed decision regarding your purchase. However, the manufacturer is confident that once you try it, you’ll understand the advantages for you.

  1. This supplement doesn’t just address one metabolic process. It works with several simultaneously to support muscle growth.
  2. All the ingredients are all-natural. There are no chemicals, synthetic ingredients, artificial colors, or anything else.
  3. Each of the ingredients are backed by independent research and supplemental evidence to support their safety and effectiveness.
  4. Several of the ingredients have proven help benefits beyond their muscle building properties. They work to promote good overall health.
  5. You can try this supplement first with the company’s 14-day risk-free trial.



Victor Boost currently does not have any certificates. However, it has become highly popular over recent years, and the customer testimonials speak to the effectiveness of the supplement. As distribution of this supplement increases, the potential for certifications will also increase.



Victor Boost has helped a lot of people improve themselves and get the results they were looking for in the gym. Many of these customers have written about their expectations, experiences, and results while taking this supplement. Here are just a few of the testimonials customers have left online.

Jake from Michigan wrote that he had a hard time building muscle after college. He felt tired all the time and his workouts became less productive, so he decided to try Victor Boost. The first couple weeks he felt a new level of energy that he hadn’t had in years. After taking it for a couple months, he was able to see clear muscle growth and definition.

Rob from South Carolina wrote he learned that as you get older it is much harder to maintain muscle mass. He started taking this supplement to try to regain some of the muscle he had already lost while building more. He felt an almost immediate difference in his energy levels. He was able to lift more weight and go more reps, and he still had energy to get through the rest of my day.

Dana from Washington D.C. wrote that she understands not a lot of women take this kind of supplement, but she was really looking to shred fat while building muscle. She takes the supplement each day before going for a run. She has found that she has more energy she can bench-press more than she ever did before, and she can see clear definition in her delts.

Dan from Wisconsin stated that he had been trying different kinds of supplements for years but was never really happy with the results until he tried Victor Boost. He wrote that he was shocked with how well it worked. He was finally getting the results he was looking and had tons of energy.

Mark from West Virginia wrote that he started taking it to train for a physique competition. In just a couple months, he could see a clear difference in definition. He felt it was really worth the price, and he was going to continue taking it.


Awards & Media Coverage

Victor Boost has been featured in a number of bodybuilding magazines and websites. The added coverage has significantly increased the demand for the supplement, but the manufacturer is working to keep up with that demand. It is likely to receive more media coverage as distribution increases.


Money-back Guarantee

In order to show they stand behind Victor Boost, if you are unhappy with your order, you can return the unused portion of the product for a refund. You have to first contact the customer service department by phone or email to request a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA). A refund will not be issued without an RMA.

Once that is done and the product is returned within the given time period, you will receive a refund minus the shipping and handling costs, which are non-refundable. They will also charge a restocking fee of £10.95, which is subtracted from your total refund amount. Taking off the restocking fee, you will receive roughly £90.00 credited back to your credit card.

You have to return he unused product within 30 days of the purchase date. All returned product must be in original packaging, and each customer is only eligible for one refund. If you miss a deadline, forget to send back the original packaging, or overlook the RMA, you will not receive your refund, so it is very important to follow all the refund policies.



There is a small flat rate for shipping when you order a trial bottle. Future shipments of your monthly order will have the shipping charge included in the credit card charge. The cost of shipping for both the trial bottle and the regular orders is $4.99, which is non-refundable if you cancel during your trial or request a refund.

If the product is shipped to the wrong location due to you putting in an incorrect address, the company is not responsible for replacing the missing order. When you place your order, you will receive an estimated date of arrival. This is an estimate only and not a guarantee. If you want to check the status of an order, you can do so by contacting the customer service department.


Customer Support

The customer service representatives are extremely knowledgeable about the product and the ingredients, so they are able to answer any questions you may have. They can also help you with concerns or complaints, and they can help you track orders or process refund requests. Reviews of their customer service representatives suggests that have been overall very helpful when customers call in.

Customer service representatives can be reached by phone or email. All the contact information for these representatives can be found on the company website. The website provides an online contact form that you can fill out, and they will get back to you via email.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The processing and transaction of orders of Victor Boost online is completely safe. Your personal contact information is used for shipping and order purposes only. Your contact information will never be sold or shared with other companies, and your credit card transaction is 100% secure.

If a new product becomes available, the company reserves the right to contact you about it. However, this is only done on a limited basis, and you can unsubscribe from advertising emails if you do not want to receive them anymore. The company understands the importance of security in maintaining the trust of their customers.


Pricing & Free Trial

You can get a 14-day free trial of Victor Boost by signing up on their website. You’ll only need to pay $4.95 shipping and handling, and then you’ll have till the 14th day after ordering to cancel your membership if you are unhappy. In order to cancel your membership, it is best to call the customer service line.

Otherwise, you will be charged $87.99 for the bottle they sent you as well as your next month’s supply. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply, so you will be billed once a month for your new bottle. New shipments will arrive starting 30 after the end of your trial period and continue on 30-day intervals.

Payment is due at the time you place your order. The credit card you provide with your initial order will be the one charged each month. If you need to change this card, you can do so by contacting customer service. If all or part of the payment is declined, the order will not be shipped.






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