Viatropin Review – Increase Your Muscle Recovery With It

What Is Viatropin?

The manufacturer states that Viatropin is a natural testosterone booster and fat burner. The supplement comes in a simple pill form. Since testosterone is a hormone that your body naturally uses in muscle building and athletic performance, Viatropin works to naturally stimulate testosterone production in the body.

This supplement claims to be a helping addition to your workout routine that will increase stamina and muscle mass via increased testosterone levels. The resulting testosterone helps to protect your body’s level of nitric oxide, which is increases blood flow to muscles and prevents lactic acid build-up.

The interaction between nitric oxide and testosterone impacts a man’s health in a number of ways. Testosterone optimizes and boosts nitric oxide levels, thus increasing blood flow to the muscles. Nitric oxide is also important to maintaining heart health. It’s well documented in the medical field that both testosterone and nitric oxide are important to men’s health, and that one supports the functioning of the other.



The manufacturer is DSV Labs, though the website is owned by a company called Entura. No information is available about DSV Labs other than the name. Entura LLC owns several sites, including, and the Viatropin website. The company sells a number of health and beauty products, though it’s not clear whether or not they manufacture any of the products featured on the site.

Viatropin is just one of the many offerings in the Entura online catalog. They have a number of sports nutrition supplements available, including amino acid supplements, protein powders, and fat loss capsules. They also offer skincare products including retinol A cream, glycolic acid peels, and facial masks. Since the products fall under several brand names, one can assume that they serve as an online retailer and not a manufacturer. No other products can be found that were manufactured by DSV Labs.


How Viatropin Works?

Viatropin enhances your body’s own natural processes to improve performance. According to the manufacturer, it works by increasing nitric oxide levels through testosterone production. According to claims, nitric oxide allows the body to accumulate the amino acids essential to body processes. These processes include hydration, nutrient absorption, and testosterone production. Nitric oxide also combats the loss of natural testosterone.

Losing the body’s natural source of testosterone can bring on a host of health issues for a man, aside from loss of stamina and muscle mass. It can also cause fatigue, a lowered, mood, poor sleep, and even heart problems in the long run. The result is a lower quality of life. Testosterone boosters like the one featured here can naturally boost testosterone production and help combat these ailments. Healthy testosterone levels mean that your body can function optimally.

Given that, healthy testosterone levels have advantages aside from athletic performance enhancement. These include better sleep, improved heart health, stronger bones, an optimized metabolism, and better blood circulation. Viatropin is designed to naturally increase testosterone levels for better health and functioning.

Testosterone encourages stronger bones, protein synthesis (for building muscle), faster healing, improved blood circulation, and a more efficient metabolism. Although this supplement claims to be clinically proven and work based on proven science, no further information is provided about the research. The instructions are to take one pill in the morning, and another before workouts.


Ingredients of Viatropin

Ingredients in this supplement are natural, meaning that they can be found in nature and without being produced in a lab. They are mostly amino acids, which are essential building blocks for proteins. The muscles use amino acids to develop during bodybuilding. The four main ingredients are:

Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate – AAKG

This is an arginine and alpha-ketoglutaric acid salt and amino acid commonly found in bodybuilding supplements. This is a key intermediate in metabolizing nitric oxide in the liver. it helps the liver break down by-products of aerobic exercise including ammonia. Many athletes claim that AAAKG helps them to workout longer without pain or stiffness.

Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate – OKG

This is a time-tested supplement in the bodybuilding world. The body uses this amino acid to build proteins that enhance male athletic performance.

L-glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate – L-GKG

This amino acid is helpful for building muscle. It also regulates pathways in the body, including blood flow and the urinary system.

Arginine-ketoisocaproate – A-KIC

Used to boost to boost nitric acid levels. Also key in increasing stamina and strength. One study showed that A-KIC improved the performance of the athletic cyclists involved in the study.

Although these are natural ingredients, every individual has their own allergies and level of tolerance. While Viatropin has no known hazards, you should consult with a doctor before taking this or any supplement.

While results have been recorded within the health supplement industry, the claims that the manufacturer has made about this supplement haven’t been verified by the FDA. This is only because natural supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, and therefore don’t need this body’s approval.



The advantages of natural testosterone supplements have been well documented in the medical field. Although advancing age is a major factor in decreased testosterone levels, there are also other factors. Toxins in food and water, damaging free radicals, and bad eating, sleeping, and exercise habits can also lower testosterone production. Doctors recommend natural supplements for boosting testosterone levels and increasing male health. Supplements like Viatropin can help to get your testosterone levels back on track.

Some advantages include:

  • Increase stamina: Make your workouts last longer;
  • Increased muscle mass;
  • No side effects from artificial ingredients, including allergic reactions, dizziness, and headaches;
  • Less lactic acid and other post-workout buildup in the muscles means shorter recovery periods;
  • Reach and maintain the peak performance that you used to know;
  • Achieve the cut and chiseled body of your dreams;
  • Improved sleep: You can reach deeper levels of sleep thanks to increased levels of nitric acid;
  • Improved blood circulation: Your body will deliver oxygen to your muscles and organs more effectively;
  • Improved bone health: Lessen the chance of fractures, breaks and strains;
  • Improved mood: Increase your quality of life by improving your outlook;
  • Better brain function: Be sharper and more alert;
  • Increased energy: Get more done during your workouts and during the day.



While this supplement has no certificates to speak of, men who have taken this supplement can testify to its benefits. Third party research can attest to the effectiveness of its four active ingredients. There is also plenty of information online about the safety of these ingredients.

Certification implies that a third party has investigated and approved a product. As mentioned before, the FDA doesn’t regulate natural supplements, and so Viatropin isn’t legally required to be certified. Since the landing page itself doesn’t offer much by way of detailed information, it’s left to the customer to do their own research into its effectiveness. Firsthand testimonials can go a long way in the vetting process. See the testimonials we’ve gathered below.



After I hit age 35, I had a very noticeable drop in stamina. Not only did I have a lack of energy, but I couldn’t complete sets like I used to, or run the distances around the track I could run before. I was also losing muscle mass. As a weightlifter, this was a huge problem for me and I was determined to find a solution. A friend of mine recommended Viatropin, since he had the same issues once he hit his thirties. After just a week of taking it, I started regaining my stamina. I resumed my regular workout routine, and gained back my muscle mass and more! I’ll always sing Viatropin’s praises. It gave me my life back!

– Craig B., Tallahassee, FL

About a year ago, I hit a plateau with my weightlifting. I didn’t have the energy to take my workouts to the levels I wanted. I would do just a few reps on the barbell and feel wiped out. I figured that testosterone had something do with it. After searching online for useful supplements, I came across Viatropin. It promised to increase my testosterone production naturally, so I decided to give it a try. It made such a difference! My buddies are all jealous that I can out-lift them now. These are the same guys who used to tease me for doing short sets! I’d recommend Viatropin to anyone wanting to improve their athletic performance.

– Jonathan D., Denver, CO

I didn’t know that low testosterone was an issue that men faced until my doctor told me that I was suffering from it. I had developed a lack of energy and I couldn’t perform in the gym as well I did in my twenties. All of my efforts to get back into shape were falling flat. At my doctor’s advice, I changed my diet and increased my exercise, but I still had the same problems. I discovered the trial offer for Viatropin, and decided why not? I took it for just a couple weeks, and the results were amazing. I had a huge boost in stamina, and my workout efforts were starting to pay off in pure hard muscle. This little pill is awesome.

– Carl S., Reno, NV


Awards & Media Coverage

Viatropin has been featured in well-known magazines, including Maxim, Men’s Health, Playboy, and Men’s Journal. These are well-known magazines for men and typically feature advertisements for high quality products. They’ve chosen to feature this supplement since many people can attest to its ability to increase muscle tone and workout stamina. These publications only endorse the best products to its readers in order to maintain their integrity.


Money-back Guarantee

No explicit money back guarantee was listed on the landing page. However, Entura has 45-day return policy included on their “Terms” page. You can find the link in the landing page footer. It states that a customer can return a product by mail if they’re not satisfied with their purchase. They give refunds minus a 15% restocking fee. Shipping and handling are non-refundable.

To obtain a refund, you can either contact customer service using the phone number provided, or you can mail the empty bottle to the address provided. You’ll receive a refund to your credit card as long as the returned bottle reaches the manufacturer within the 45-day limit.

Not everyone will see the results that they want in the time that they want. Someone may use the supplement for a week, see that it’s not working, and decide that they don’t want to use it any longer. The truth is that everyone body is different. While one person may see results within just a week, another may see results after two weeks. Another person may not see results until after the full 15 days has elapsed. This is why the manufacturer provides a 15-day trial. It is recommended that you complete the entire trial before cancelling.



The manufacturer is offering free shipping on all orders for a limited time. However, the website doesn’t specify how long this will last. Otherwise, cost of shipping for the trial bottle is $4.99. Each order ships out within 24 hours, unless your order is placed on a Friday, Saturday, on Sunday. In that case, it will be shipped out the following Monday.

Once you place an order for the trial bottle of the supplement, you’re opting into an “auto-shipping” program. This means that you will automatically receive a full 60-day supply of the supplement after the 15-day trial ends, and the cost of the bottle will be billed to the credit card you provided. You’ll be sent a new bottle every month at the same cost. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the product, you can contact customer service and cancel your auto-shipping subscription.


Customer Support

Entura can be contacted by Email or phone, although there isn’t any clear contact method aside from the small “Contact” link at the bottom of the landing page. It’s likely that contact information will come with your trial bottle. It’s suggested that you contact the customer support line if you have any questions before purchasing, such as shipping times or the terms of your purchase. They can answer any questions you have if you still have questions after reviewing the page and this guide. They can also assist you with any returns and refunds.

Once you receive your order, be sure to check the safety seal before accepting the delivery. A broken safety seal indicates that the package may have been tampered with, and could be contaminated somehow. You’re welcomed to contact customer support to return any deliveries that don’t meet your standards. You can also report any charges from the supplier that you haven’t authorized.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The website offers secure checkout with SSL secure server, Truste certified privacy, and verified security. The shopping cart is also protected by McAfee Online Security. These logos and seals are visible on the website. SSL is the standard in establishing secure connections between websites and their users. Websites with the Truste privacy seal have reached Truste certification standards. Websites hosted by GoDaddy are given an SSL security certificate. Look for these at the bottom of the page, and also at checkout when you sign up for the trial.

The main website uses cookies to monitor your interactions with the site, including items added to the shopping cart and understanding your preferences for future site visits. The use of https:// instead of http:// in the website address also indicates that your visit to this website is secure from hackers and outside intruders.

The site also has its own Privacy policy established, which you can read by clicking on the “Privacy” link in the footer of the landing page. It outlines what information it collects from you, and what precautions are taken to ensure a safe website visit and checkout.


Viatropin Pricing & Free Trial

There are two sizes of bottles that are offered – the trial size and the regular size. DSV Labs offers a 30-day trial of the supplement for the cost of a 99 cent “reservation fee.” The website doesn’t specific what “reservation fee” means, but it typically means that you’ll be started an auto-shipping program. The 99 cents is a show of commitment to the program, though it can be cancelled at any time.

To get the trial, fill out the form on the landing page, then confirm your purchase on the next page by entering your credit card information. After checking out, you’ll be charged 99 cents plus the $4.99 shipping and handling fee. Cost of the regular bottle wasn’t readily available on the landing page. However, the regular 60 capsule bottle is listed on the Entura website at $49.97.

Avoid purchasing this supplement through an unofficial source. Not every supplier takes care to store their supplements properly, such as keeping them away from UV light and cold temperatures. An unofficial supplier may also provide an insufficient level of customer support, and you might have a hard time getting a refund if you’re not satisfied. Third parties have also been known to sell inauthentic merchandise.






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