Varitonil Review – The Effects of It on Your Body

What Is Varitonil?

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build muscle. Sometimes, even the most intensive workouts can leave a guy feeling like he is coming up short. For those who want that extra edge, Varitonil is there to help. This natural testosterone booster can help men to reinvent their bodies when combined with a healthy diet and regular workout program. Whether an athlete who wants a performance boost or a bodybuilder who wants to get a more chiseled physique, this nutritional supplement packs the power to help individuals to achieve their goals.

Testosterone is a vital component in the body’s muscle-building process. Unfortunately, there are factors that can limit its production, such as excess fat tissue buildup and the process of aging. During those times, even the most dedicated bodybuilder might see a reduction in lean muscle or a slowing down of the gains that he is working so hard to achieve. It is during those times that men could use a little boost from supplementation. Rather than resort to illegal steroids or products that can lead to potentially damaging side effects, a natural product is generally a better choice.

That is where Varitonil comes in. By utilizing ingredients that come from natural sources, this supplement works with the body’s own processes to increase the levels of free testosterone in the body. With more testosterone available to use on demand, men can find that they have more power and energy during workout sessions and more stamina to go longer and push harder. Recovery time for muscles post-workout is also reduced, allowing a man to work out more frequently with less fatigue and less chance of pain. All of this can lead to a more shredded body in less time.

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According to the Terms of Service page that can be accesses through a link at the bottom of the product web page, the company that manufactures Varitonil is referred to as There are a lot of similar supplements that are available with trials and automatic shipments that use the name of the product as the company name. This can make it incredibly difficult to find out any information regarding the actual manufacturer of this type of product.

The company that manufactures this product is not the same Varitonil company based out of India that produces a host of sports and nutritional supplements. It appears that only produces this one testosterone booster of the same name. Because there is no specific information regarding the company or an easy way to discover more through searching, this could be problematic for potential customers who would like to learn more about the manufacturer of this muscle-building formula.

Because there are so many sports supplements available through a vast array of manufacturers, it might serve this brand better to provide customers with more information regarding the company and its practices. While the ingredients in this particular supplement are a bit different than some of the others of its type, the selected formulation may not be enough to give potential customers the confidence that they might want before actually choosing a brand of supplement to try. It might be in the manufacturer’s interest to provide this additional information in the future.

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How Varitonil Works?

This testosterone-boosting supplement is designed to work with the way that a man’s body works to increase lean muscle mass when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and a rigorous weight-training program. The special blend of all-natural ingredients can help to increase energy levels for more explosive workouts with added strength. The special blend of ingredients also provides more focus to help a man maintain proper technique and to keep moving forward with his muscle-building goals. The increase in stamina can help him to get through even the most intensive workout session for greater gains in just a short amount of time.

The natural formula in Varitonil helps the blood vessels to expand, allowing more blood to flow through. Increased blood flow helps more nutrients to get to the muscle tissues during activity when they are needed the most, which can help to increase muscle mass. The greater blood flow also aids with the removal of wastes that are a byproduct of every workout. This can help to reduce cramping in the muscles that might occur from waste buildup as well as shortening the duration of the recovery time that is needed for muscles to heal before the next lifting session.

It is recommended that users take two capsules each day on an empty stomach. This can help the nutrients to be digested easier so that the vital components can more efficiently do the work that is necessary for a man to achieve his desired results. While some men may notice the effects of this supplement fairly rapidly, for others it may take more time for the ingredients to really reach their full potential so that the user can really begin to tell a difference in the way that he feels during and after a workout session.

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Ingredients of Varitonil

The manufacturers state that this performance enhancer is derived from all natural ingredients that have very little risk of side effects. However, those who are currently taking medications should consult with a care provider to make sure that there will be no interactions with the ingredients in this formulation. A special blend of vitamins and a proprietary Muscle Test Blend are what gives this bodybuilding formula its ability to work naturally with the body to help a man get ripped.

Pyridoxine Hcl, more commonly known as Vitamin B6, is necessary for the body to break down foods into the necessary fuel that the body needs, especially during a strenuous workout. This vitamin also aids specifically with the metabolism of both proteins and fats, helping to burn fat for fuel while making the protein more accessible for the muscles to use during growth and repair.

Cyanocobalamin is the synthetic, or man-made, form of Vitamin B12. This is the version of this vitamin that is most commonly found in supplements. It is important for proper metabolism and the health of all cells. Even though this ingredient is synthetic, perhaps the company considers it as natural because it is easily converted by the body into a form that is effectively used.

The label lists Vitamin D2 with “Cholecalciferol” in parentheses. This is a bit confusing, as generally Cholecalciferol pertains to Vitamin D3 while Ergocalciferol refers to Vitamin D2. If it is truly Vitamin D2, then this form of Vitamin D is derived from another source. However, if it is Vitamin D3, then this is the naturally occurring form of the Vitamin. The company should clear this up on the label. Vitamin D is extremely important for bodybuilders because it is needed to increase the size and strength of muscles and bones, it helps to burn body fat while properly synthesizing proteins, and it helps to raise testosterone levels.

The ingredients that comprise the Muscle Test Blend include the following:

Tribulus Extract with a 45% concentration of Saponins may help to boost athletic performance. It is believed to help to aid with the protection of lean muscle tissue. While some claim that this plant-derived ingredient can increase testosterone level, no studies have been able to back up this claim.

Epimedium, commonly known as Barrenwort, is often called Horny Goat Weed due to its alleged aphrodisiac properties. When added to sports nutrition supplements, it has the effect of boosting testosterone and nitric oxide levels in the body. Testosterone is necessary for building muscle while nitric oxide helps to increase blood flow to and from the muscles. This can all lead to enhanced athletic performance.

Yohimbe Bark Extract can help to increase blood flow through the dilation of blood vessels. It is also purported to aid in the loss of stored fat tissue, but studies have been inconclusive. While the manufacturer claims that Varitonil produces no negative side effects according to the product web page, Yohimbe Bark Extract can lead to some in certain individuals. This ingredient should be avoided by those on certain medications as well.

Fenugreek Extract is actually showing some positive effects. There is a link to one research study that can be accessed at the bottom of the product web page. This ingredient may actually be beneficial to the improvement of body composition in those who use resistance training on a regular basis. Both fat loss and muscle gains have been shown with use.

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There are many advantages to taking Varitonil as a testosterone booster. Two capsules should be taken daily at a time that is convenient for the user. These capsules can be taken on a full or an empty stomach, though they may work more quickly when taken without food. These capsules are taken daily and do not have to be timed specifically to workouts, making it a convenient solution to just about any guy’s lifestyle.

The short-term benefits that users may notice fairly quickly are an increase in energy and the ability to workout harder and for longer periods. Athletes and regular users alike may also notice more focus during lifting sessions and more power with each lift. Long-term benefits include an increase in the levels of free testosterone in the body, allowing for the growth of muscles and the building of lean muscle mass with a reduction in the fat stores within the body.

The natural ingredients in this product work with the body rather than against it. This formula uses some ingredients that are not regularly used in other nutritional supplements of this type, making it more unique. This means that it could offer benefits for those who did not get results from trying other methods. And because this blend works with the body, men do not have to worry about building up levels of testosterone that are too high. This supplement can help to keep things at an appropriate level.

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When it comes to nutritional supplements of any type, it is not often that the company gets any type of certification for the product. When it comes to the manufacturers of Varitonil, this may be because they only offer one product so they may not be able to afford to go through the lengthy and costly process associated with the different types of certification that can be obtained. However, this is not unusual, especially when it comes to testosterone boosters and performance supplements.

There is a seal on the label that claims that the product is 100% natural. It also claims that it is the #1 male testosterone booster. At least one of the vitamins in their formula may be synthetic or man-made, so it is hard to tell if this can be considered as a natural ingredient or not. There are no sales reports or other information provided by the company to back up the claims of being #1 in any way. Because there is no independent verification of accuracy for the label, potential customers should focus more on their research of each of the ingredients that are listed. This way, each individual can determine if the assumed benefits outweigh any possible risks in their unique circumstances.

It could really go a long way to boost customer confidence if the manufacturers at the very least obtained the GMP, or good manufacturing practices, certification. There is no indication on whether this product is made in the United States or elsewhere, though the product ordering page shows that the special internet offer is only available to residents of the United States.

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When I take supplements, I want something that works. In the past I’d avoid those pills that claimed to do it all for you because I just assumed that it couldn’t really be true. Instead, I chose individual products that would serve a specific purpose. It got to the point where I was taking more than a dozen supplements every day just to get through my workouts. I saw an old friend of mine who looked great. When I asked him how he did it, he told me to try Varitonil. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose except for handfuls of other supplements so I gave it a try. I found that it worked at least as good as all of those other ones combined and maybe even a little better. I plan to keep using this as my only supplement to help me stay fit and built. – Steven F.

Whenever I noticed that I was getting a bit flabby, all I had to do was watch what I ate and spend a few weeks at the gym. Since hitting my 40s, I’ve noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to get back in shape and to stay that way. Seeing all the young guys in the gym looking for fit really made me feel bad every time I looked in the mirror. Then I saw an advertisement for Varitonil. I researched all the ingredients and it really sounded good. So I gave it a try. So glad I did. I have more energy even after working out and my body is as ripped as it was when I was younger. It did take couple of months and a lot of hard work, but I really notice a difference. – Jayson G.

I’ve always been competitive and I just want to be the best. I thought I was doing good but decided to try this for an extra edge. All I have to say is wow! This stuff is great. I got definition in areas that I though were already chiseled to the max. I began to notice some extra energy and more power after just a few days. Never thought I’d rely on supplements, but Varitonil really does the trick. – Gerard T.

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Awards & Media Coverage

There are no awards that have been associated with Varitonil or its manufacturer. While this might lead one to believe that the product cannot be good without this recognition, it is really rare for a supplement of this type to get recognition, especially beyond the realm of bodybuilding and athletics. With all of the nutritional products out there that claim to boost testosterone levels, it is not surprising that this supplement has not yet risen above the pack.

That is not to say that Varitonil is completely unknown. There are plenty of reviews and testimonials available online through bodybuilding web sites and sports nutrition blogs. Because this product uses a formulation that is quite different from the competing products that are available, only time will tell if this specific product will stand out as being better than any of the others.

The media is not likely to cover sports nutrition or performance supplements unless there is something that is in it for them. In most cases, manufacturers of this type of product must pay for advertising space, whether it be in print, on television, or online. So far, it appears that this company is relying more on word of mouth of satisfied customers to extend its product reach.

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Money-back Guarantee

While the company does not state that there is a specific money-back guarantee, they do accept returns. It is important for customers to pay close attention to the requirements of such returns in order to get reimbursement for any unwanted products. While customers may be able to get the price of the product refunded to them, there will be a restocking fee for each return. There is no information provided on how much this restocking fee will be. Additionally, customers will not be reimbursed for any shipping and handling charges.

The customer must pay for all return shipping charges It is recommended that the customer get a tracking number to make sure the shipment gets to its destination. Before returning all unopened bottles of unwanted product, the customer must call the company’s toll-free service number to get prior approval and an RMA number. This RMA number must be written on the outside of the return package as shown on the terms and conditions page. The customer must send back the unwanted product within 30 days of the date of the initial purchase. No refunds will be given that do not meet the guidelines.

Returns are sent to a post office box in Savannah, Georgia. However, Varitonil is not the only company or product that uses this same return address. Others that use this post office box for FDC returns are Vatnid Limited, Poggart Limited, and Activation products, as well as manufacturers of other supplements and facial creams. Potential customers may wish to note that Vatnid and Poggart use the exact same setup for a terms and conditions page as Varitonil. However, perhaps this is a distribution center that handles products for multiple companies.

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Shipping is only available to customers in the United States at this time. The company can ship the product through the United States Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx Express, according to the symbols provided on the checkout page. It is not known whether or not the customer can choose which shipping option to use or if the company uses its own discretion.

After clicking on to the order page, potential customers must insert their personal information before proceeding. The form will automatically check for proper address. Once that is completed, the customer will be taken to the product selection page. Currently, all options available come with free shipping. This might changes if they update their offers on a regular basis.

The company provides additional shipping information on the terms and conditions page that can be accessed through a link at the bottom of the product web page. They state that all orders will be shipped out within one business day of placing the order. The company also claims that all orders are delivered within two to four days of shipment. This is pretty fast, even considering the product can only be shipped within the United States.

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Customer Support

There is a contact link at the bottom of the product web page that automatically opens the customer’s email in a separate window with the customer support email address already entered. For those who cannot use this automatic pop-up email, the email address can be copied then pasted into the customer’s email of choice.

The only address provided is for the post office box in Georgia that is shared with other companies. It is unknown if customer service is based in the United States or elsewhere. It is not uncommon for the manufacturers of this type of supplement to not include a physical address. Because the return address is shared, it might be reasonable to assume that the entire sales and return processes are handled through a distributor of some sort.

The company also provides a toll-free telephone number for customer support. This phone number, as with the return address, is also shared with other companies and products. Customer support through the toll-free number is open between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Pacific time. It is important to note that the toll-free number for customer service is different on the terms and conditions page than the one that is provided on the product ordering page. Information provided with both numbers claim that they can be used to get approval to return the product, so customers may want to ask if they are required to call the second number as well.

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Safe & Secure Checkout

For those who wish to place an order for Varitonil testosterone booster, checking out with a credit card is safe and secure. The company uses a secure 256 bit encrypted connection to ensure that each customers personal and financial information is kept secure. Additionally, the checkout page contains seals for MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by VISA. This should give customers some peace of mind that there information will not be intercepted by hackers when paying for the product on the web site.

According to the Privacy Policy page, which can also be accessed through a link found near the bottom of the product web page, the company can collect both personal and non-personal information from a customer no matter which form of contact is used with the company. Notice is also provided regarding the company’s use of cookies.

The company is fairly clear on how it may disclose personal information, including through the selling of this information to third parties. The company takes the security of the information it obtains seriously, and does not allow unauthorized access. However, seeing as the company can sell or rent customer information, it is not known how secure the information is kept once it is in the hands of a third party.

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Pricing & Free Trial

Pricing for Varitonil may vary as the company makes certain specials available during various times. There is no information available on the product web page or on the first page where the customer must enter personal information regarding the price of the product. While not uncommon with sports nutrition supplements, it could help for customers to know the pricing before having to enter personal information.

At this point, customers have the choice of three options. Each bottle is a one-month supply. A customer can choose one bottle for the price of $126.00. If customers buy a two-month supply, a free bottle is included for the price of $168.00. The best value shows that it is a limited time offer where a customer can purchase a three-month supply and get two free bottles for $235.00. Currently, shipping is free with any purchase option.

There is no information regarding a free trial program on the product website or in the terms and conditions page. This could be good because most of the free trials of these products come with automatic billing and future shipments. This means that a customer can be confident to just get what they order and pay for with no further obligation or need to cancel the service.


There is a free trial option available now, a bottle per month will cost you around 126.00 USD and you’ll be automatically charged each month, if you don’t cancel the free trial within 14 days after the order and return the product unopened.

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