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Ultra Boost Testo Review – A High Quality Testosterone Booster?

What Is Ultra Boost Testo?

Ultra Boost Testo is a health and fitness supplement designed specifically for men to help stimulate the natural production of testosterone. In doing so, this product promises to increase strength and stamina, to raise energy levels, to ramp up muscle size and strength as well as to accelerate muscle growth and fat-burning to achieve optimal results from every workout. Its ingredients are derived entirely from plants, roots, herbs, flowers and other natural extracts. Its active ingredient is an herb called Tongkat Ali (a.k.a. Longjack), which purportedly helps to stimulate free testosterone production. It comes in capsule form and is designed for use as a daily workout supplement.

It promises to deliver lean muscle-building strength to a variety of demographics. Firstly, it is marketed to any healthy adult male who wants to get shredded faster. It also promises to be a safe, effective performance enhancer for fitness professionals such as bodybuilders and weightlifters. It also claims to significantly enhance athletic performance when combined with a healthy, protein-rich diet and a rigorous strength-training program. Lastly but equally, it promises to help restore strength and vitality in older men who have suffered age-related testosterone decline.



This all-natural testosterone booster is manufactured by a company that shares the same name, Ultra Boost Testo. The parent company does not have an official website at this time nor does it appear to be available via any social media channels. Although it has been very successful researching, developing, manufacturing and selling health and fitness products around the world, it does not provide any such links on this particular testosterone booster’s website. The only sort of mission statement it provides can be found on the ‘contact’ section of the site, where it pledges a dedication to efficient and knowledgeable support. It may want to add a brief history as well in order to increase consumer trust and help its customer base become more informed.

Aside from that, little else is available online as far as information regarding this company. What is known is that it does offer other very successful supplements in the bodybuilding industry. It also seems to be oriented toward a more natural, holistic view insofar as its product ingredients go. Interested parties may be able obtain more information on this merchant by contacting its customer service department via one of the listed channels on the product website.


How Ultra Boost Testo Works?

For those new to the world of supplements and bodybuilding, testosterone is a steroid hormone produced naturally by the body. It is key to performance traits such as building and repairing muscle cells, sustaining high energy levels and building and maintaining lean muscle and strength. As stated on the Ultra Boost Testo website, testosterone levels begin to decline around the age of 30, leading to negative effects such as muscle softness, fatigue and a decrease in strength and endurance. This supplement promises to actively increase the body’s free testosterone levels, which are essentially the stores of testosterone available to be used to build new muscle. Once the capsules dissolve in the body, they then permeate the bloodstream to purportedly stimulate this process.

It also claims to work by blocking and suppressing hormones that prevent the production of this steroid hormone. It may also support the pursuit of bigger, stronger muscles by reducing the production of lactic acid. Lactic acid is believed to be a significant contributor to muscle soreness, cramping and trembling and other potential negative effects after especially strenuous workout sessions. Ultra Boost Testo may work by helping to reduce this workout-inhibiting acid. It may also promote improved blood flow, allowing for more powerful pumps as well as more intense workouts and less recovery time afterward.


Ingredients of Ultra Boost Testo

Unlike some natural dietary aid suppliers, this one lists all of its active ingredients on the official product website. First listed is an herb called Longjack, also known as Tongkat Ali. It is experiencing a surge in popularity on the bodybuilding supplement market due to a reputation for effectively supporting muscle strength, fat loss and hormonal balance. All of these factors are crucial for the process of myogenesis, i.e. the building and repair of new muscle fibers. It is also believed to promote natural testosterone production.

The next listed ingredient is Horny Goat Weed, also known by the names Puncturevine and Devil’s Weed. This flowering plant may increase blood flow by purportedly dilating blood vessel walls, driving more protein-rich blood to working muscle tissue. Many bodybuilders believe this gives them stronger pumps and helps their muscles heal more quickly after training sessions. Also mentioned is a lesser-known plant extract called Monkey’s Head Hericium Extract, which may help to promote optimal glucose levels as well as to help reduce fat cells. The product website mentions a general study that found improvement in cognitive cells with use of this botanical.

Another prominent ingredient in this proprietary formula blend is Tribulus Terrestris, an annual plant that is harvested around the world. It may work by increasing the levels of luteinizing hormone, which may send performance-enhancing signals throughout the body to increase testosterone production. Korean Ginseng Extract is another active ingredient in this all-natural formula, which many believe helps to improve blood flow as well as possibly increasing mental energy and well-being. The last featured ingredient on the product website is Maca Root, a botanical that may improve vasodilation and is also an adaptogen, thereby potentially helping the body to fight workout-dampening stress.



Ultra Boost Testo may support the accelerated growth of lean muscle mass as well as increased fat-burning for maximum weight loss. It claims to stimulate the production of testosterone naturally and safely to combat the effects of testosterone decline. It may also ramp up strength and stamina to optimize every workout for more extreme results. The manufacturer claims it may even boost confidence levels and well-being, which is not unreasonable considering the fact that these advantages would likely be benefits of improved energy levels and muscle tone. It also claims to provide a clean, sustained release of energy throughout the day as well as a rush of energy in the gym.

Another purported advantage to consistent use of this supplement is that the capsules are easy to swallow and to incorporate into daily workouts. They are also versatile in that they can be stacked with other premium workout-enhancing shakes or they can be used alone. The side effects are reportedly minimal to none, though of course this will vary according to user. They may accelerate the building of lean muscle mass as well as to support optimal hormonal levels. With this, the manufacturer claims, men get get lean and shredded in a much faster time frame, gaining maximum benefit from each workout.



Ultra Boost Testo claims to be the number one testosterone booster but does not provide details on its website. Impressively, however, it does cite research conducted by the University of Edinburgh regarding testosterone and its role in bodily processes. One of the statistics cited on the website stated that the testosterone levels of 40% of obese men were below normal. This, the study went on to say, demonstrated a significant link between low testosterone levels and high body fat. This workout supplement proposes to increase this steroid hormone to optimal levels to restore and build strength and power.

Its website cites another important study done by the Mayo Clinic. This finding states that, as testosterone levels fall, body fat levels rise while muscle mass and strength decrease. This is a valid research statistic positing problems this manufacturer proposes to offer a natural, side effect-free solution for. Current and potential customers are encouraged to conduct their own research regarding studies performed on the various ingredients in this workout supplement’s formula.



A couple of months ago, I noticed that even though I was working harder during my training sessions, I just wasn’t getting the results I thought I should be seeing. This plateau was disappointing, and it seemed like the harder I lifted, the less progress I saw. I did some research and decided to go with Ultra Boost Testo to try to pump my t-levels up. I only wish I’d done it sooner! Now, I’m seeing lines of rock-hard definition popping up all over the place, and my energy levels are finally back where they should be. – Jesse D., personal trainer in Quebec, Canada

These capsules have been huge as far as pumping my strength-training sessions up and raising my endurance levels. I can do twice as many squats and deadlifts, and my body is definitely showing it. The best thing about taking this isn’t even the muscle tone I’ve gained – it’s the confidence I feel. I’ve got two dates lined up in the next couple of weeks, and I would say this has helped big-time in giving me the confidence to actually talk to these ladies. I would highly recommend at least checking it out. – Dane S., freelance artist in London, the United Kingdom

I was skeptical to begin with but it became clear this was boosting my energy levels in a big way. I’ve been able to add an extra twenty minutes to every session. My strength is up, I’ve lost a few pounds and I’m finally starting to get my six-pack back. With the money-back guarantee that comes with you, you really have nothing to lose. All of the effects I’ve experienced from it are positive. – Niles F., pastry chef in the United Kingdom


Awards & Media Coverage

There is an indication on the Ultra Boost Testo website that exposure from TV has driven up its popularity markedly. However, the website does not provide links to any of this coverage. Interested parties may want to check publications such as Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Health to see if it has been featured in any of those forums. It may have appeared on Canadian television as well as via radio advertisements. Since it has performed so well in the organic fitness supplement industry, it is likely it has experienced at least a modicum of media coverage.

This product has not won any awards in the health and fitness market as of yet. It may be the case that this is new to the market, as its website copyright date is current-year. Many of its ingredients, however, have been in use for various health purposes for hundreds of years. Instead of researching awards won by Ultra Boost Testo, consumers may want to look into research conducted on the individual botanicals that comprise its formula.


Money-back Guarantee

Fitness fanatics eager to try Ultra Boost Testo may do so via a 14-day trial period or straight sale with a risk-free 30-day return policy. Per the terms and conditions of the 30-day return policy, customers may return an item anytime within 30 days of the date of purchase, for a full refund. If a buyer is unhappy with a product’s performance, they may return the fully- or partially-used bottle. All packages must be sent with clearly-marked Return Authorization numbers on the package, which must be received from a customer service team member; no returns are accepted without a valid RMA # under any circumstance.

There is also a 16-day trial period available for the upfront cost of only shipping. If the buyer does not contact customer service to cancel by the end of the trial period, they will be billed for the full cost of the used product and enrolled in an auto-delivery program. This means that their credit card will be debited for the full cost of a 30-day supply of capsules – as well as for the full cost of shipping and handing – approximately every 30 days from the 16th day of the trial period. The buyer can choose to contact customer service to avoid these charges initially, or they can call at any time thereafter to cancel or modify their auto-delivery account. Many customers will likely dislike the need for action to cancel the auto-shipment program, while others may like the convenience of monthly deliveries.



Orders are shipped within 24 hours of purchase. The manufacturer ships purchases to any address in Canada. At this time, the cost of shipping and handling for a single bottle of Ultra Boost Testo is $3.82. This is easily one of the lowest shipping costs in the fitness supplement industry and is even lower for trial period customers. The cost of shipping and handling for a trial bottle is a mere $2.87.

The merchant also offers a package protection option for an additional $0.95. Unlike many workout supplement merchants, this company does not provide the physical address of its shipping department on the product website. Orders are shipped using the United States Postal Service as well as United Parcel Service. Packages are estimated to arrive within 3-5 business days and, per the shipping policy, packages are not sent out on Saturdays, Sundays or on any holidays. Delivery schedules can be modified by contacting a customer service member.


Customer Support

The manufacturer of Ultra Boost Testo offers extensive and all-encompassing customer service bases all over the world. There are phone support centers in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, France and a number of other countries. The product website provides contact information for each corresponding customer service base. The site also assures buyers that its team members undergoes a series of training procedures to ensure that each customer’s needs are fully met. The company promises its customer service team handles phone calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week 365 days a year.

Team members can also be accessed via a support email address. Emails are answered during the business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST. Customers are encouraged to leave their full names and zip codes on emailed inquiries. Ultra Boost Testo buyers will likely be very pleased at the easy availability of this manufacturer’s support representatives. There is not currently a live chat option on the website, but that is of course subject to change. The product website does not list a physical address for correspondence or other inquiries.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The Ultra Boost Testo website has clearly invested in an industry-standard online security suite. One of the security software packages used is Verified & Secured By GoDaddy.com. This is an SSL certificate that demonstrates to customers that the website utilizes a combination of encryption techniques to safeguard all data stored on the website’s server. The checkout section also bears a trust mark from PCI Compliant. PCI Compliant stands for ‘ Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and certifies that maximum security protocols are in place for all stages of the online transaction.

In addition, the website bears a seal with the stamp ‘This is a secure 256-Bit SSL Connection.’ This software is top-level in the world of online transactions and is currently assisting many thousands of online companies and its customers. It offers even greater security than the 128-Bit encryption technology, and uses ciphers and keys to scramble data in the event of a hacker interception. This ensures that any cyber attacker who attempts to infiltrate customers’ personal and financial data will be unable to read it. It is regarded as one of the most secure encryption methods available.


Pricing & Free Trial

Customers may also sign up for the company’s mailing list to receive notices for discounts and other promotional opportunities. The regular, non-trial price for a single 30-day supply of capsules is $123.90. This is easily one of the higher prices for a testosterone booster on the market, (the cost of) which is not offset by the fact that shipping for straight-sale purchases is not free (though it is low). Per the terms and conditions, all charges from this manufacturer are settled in US dollars. This company may want to offer discounts and promotions to encourage value for its customer base.

This merchant accepts a wide range of payment methods. Accepted methods are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron and Discover. Ultra Boost Testo states that, if it does not hear from buyers within 30 days of a purchase, all charges are irrevocable and the sale is considered closed. Furthermore, all charges related to shipping and handling are non-refundable (whether for straight sale purchases or for trial program purchases). The website’s terms and conditions section details all policies related to billing, sales tax, foreign transaction fees, currency exchange rates and fees, and more.






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