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Ultimate Alpha Extreme Review – The Ultimate Guide

What Is Ultimate Alpha Extreme?

Ultimate Alpha Extreme is an all-natural testosterone booster formulated to help boost levels of free testosterone for maximum workout performance. By enhancing physical abilities like energy, strength, stamina and endurance, it promises rapid lean muscle growth and fat burning. It was formulated specially for men who want to achieve their goal bodies faster as well as professional athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters who want to optimize their performance. It also claims to be an effective solution for older men whose testosterone levels have depleted over the years and who wish to restore power and vitality.

One of this pre-workout supplement’s most celebrated aspects is the fact that all of its ingredients are 100% organic. Its formula blend employs Boron, Fenugreek Extract and Maca Root as its active ingredients. It is formulated to work synergistically with the body’s natural processes to amp up performance ability and drive up testosterone levels safely and with no side effects. It was developed in the United States in sterile, FDA-approved labs. It must be taken daily along with an excellent exercise regiment and a protein-rich, balanced diet.



This supplement is manufactured by a company of the same name, Ultimate Alpha Extreme. There is not, unfortunately, much information available online regarding this company. It doesn’t offer an official website of its own, a company history or a mission statement. Not even its physical headquarters address is available online. This lack of transparency may be a drawback for consumers who prefer to buy only from well-established companies, which this one is known to be (though it doesn’t make this apparent on the Ultimate Alpha Extreme site).

This company is believed to own its own laboratory, research and develop its own products as well as market its own lines. It is also believed to be the manufacturer of other successful fitness supplements. Without the necessary identifying information online, however, many customers may bypass this product in favor of more (seemingly) established companies. Other customers who are interested in learning more about the manufacturer before trying this supplement out, may perhaps find more information through its excellent customer service base. Considering the top-notch quality of the website and its security suite, this merchant has clearly been successful in its field.


How Ultimate Alpha Extreme Works?

At its core, this formula promises to alter body chemistry for peak workout potential by working with the body’s natural functions safely, naturally and synergistically. Users should take 1-2 capsules by mouth with a glass of water before workouts for a fast, natural energy boost. The capsules can also be taken with a protein shake as an alternative. Consistent use is important for maximum results; users should take a capsule or two before workouts for a minimum of two months. It is important to note that the pills will not do the muscle-building work for the individual – rather, they may instead make the work more effective and may yield greater results.

Once the capsules are swallowed, they then dissolve and permeate the bloodstream to release the formula’s extracts to do their work. One of the key ways in which Ultimate Alpha Extreme functions is to increase the body’s stores of free testosterone. As bodybuilding professionals are well aware, free testosterone is the supply of testosterone that is available for the purposes of muscle-building and other important bodily functions. A depletion of testosterone can lead to fatigue, loss of muscle tone, fat building, poor concentration and a host of other maladies. This product seeks to counteract those effects for increased vitality and power.

This supplement also works by widening and relaxing the blood vessel walls to allow nutrients, oxygen and minerals to pass more freely into working muscle tissue. Not only does this enable a more powerful “pump,” it may also fuel users with more energy and endurance necessary to work out harder and longer. This intensified workout ability may then lead to the results fitness fanatics are looking for: More rock-hard lean muscle mass, greater muscle definition and tone and less body fat. Greater blood flow also supports a quicker recovery time after workouts, along with a decrease in soreness and cramping. Maximally-functioning circulation is key to the process of myogenesis (i.e. the process of building new muscle).


Ingredients of Ultimate Alpha Extreme

However intriguing this supplement’s objectives may be, the manufacturer does not provide an ingredient list on the Ultimate Alpha Extreme website. It would be wise to post such in order to help its customers be more informed and to make better health decisions for themselves. Luckily, its core ingredients can be found online through a number of sources, and all of these extracts are derived from natural sources such as roots, herbs, seeds, vitamins and minerals.

The key ingredient listed appears to be Boron; specifically, the purest form of boron available, which it claims will kick in instantly to increase the natural production of nitric oxide. Boron is a trace mineral that is responsible for regulating the body’s absorption of essential nutrients and rose to popularity in the 1980’s as a bodybuilding supplement. Fenugreek Extract, an annual seed plant currently experiencing wild popularity in the fitness supplement community, is believed to significantly help increase muscle strength and size. It is also believed to have potent testosterone-boosting properties.

Maca Root is another key ingredient in Ultimate Alpha Extreme’s formula. This root extract is known for its ability to boost energy in a natural way that won’t leave users crashing after the initial energy spike. It also packs four grams of protein per tablespoon for maximum muscle repair after strenuous workouts. Muira Puama, an Amazonian flowering plant, is another key ingredient in this formula. It is believed to be effective in reducing stress and exhaustion as well as in dilating blood vessel walls for more efficient nutrient delivery to muscles.



Ultimate Alpha Extreme is a much safer and fully legal alternative to anabolic steroids. Its all-natural ingredient list may make it especially appealing to competitive fitness professionals, athletes and dedicated fitness buffs who want to get ripped naturally and safely. It may also be a viable option for increasing the free testosterone production in older men for restored musculature and vitality. In addition, it promises a sustained energy release that holds up not only in the gym but throughout the day as well. Many users have also cited a noticeable increase in strength, stamina and muscle pump.

Another advantage is the fact that there is research behind many of its ingredients pointing to their effectiveness for various fitness and muscle-building purposes. A number of these extracts have also been used for hundreds of years for a range of medicinal purposes. Due to the natural origins of these additives, there is a far less chance of an allergic reaction for most users. By increasing blood vessels’ capacity to widen and relax, it may also cut post-workout recovery time, reduce muscle soreness and cramping as well as enable users to pack on more lean muscle mass at a faster rate. Advantages to consistent use may not only be physical: a corollary benefit to greater blood flow may also be sharper cognitive focus and, of course, the improved self-confidence that comes along with looking, feeling and performing better.



Ultimate Alpha Extreme does not list any particular certificates on its website. However, it does manufacture all of its products in a sterile GMP-certified lab. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, and acts as a set of federal regulations put in place to make sure all goods produced in the United States meet predetermined standards of quality and safety. This protects consumers from fraudulent and potentially unsafe food products. With such risks minimized, buyers can be sure they are investing in a product that has met standards of legitimacy.

In addition, several of this testosterone booster’s ingredients are backed by scientific research pointing to efficacy in improving performance levels in specified groups. Although the manufacturer does not provide links to this research on the product website, the data is available online for anyone who is interested in doing the research. This product was developed and manufactured in the United States, which may also translate to a premium quality level in manufacturing for those who prefer to buy from their home economy.



I decided I wanted to finally reach my goal of getting ripped, but I was hesitant to go the supplement route. I read about the risk-free trial, did a little research and decided to give it a go. Before I knew it, I was leg-pressing twice my usual weight – not only that, I wasn’t nearly as beat up and sore after my workouts as I had been before. Because of that, I’m actually enjoying my workout sessions and have added an extra two days a week. I haven’t looked this lean in years. – Ben S., martial artist in Perth, Australia

So far, my experience with Ultimate Alpha Extreme has been excellent. Deadlifts aren’t nearly as painful, I’ve already lost five pounds and I can finally see my abs. My workout buddies are all asking what I’ve been doing differently, and my girlfriend is thrilled with my new-and-improved body. The results have spoken for themselves. – Max L., sales manager in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I would say Ultimate Alpha Extreme has helped me level up my game in bodybuilding competitions in a major way. I’ve been on a winning streak, and I honestly think it has a lot to do with the energy rush this gives me in training and in the actual competition. I haven’t had any side effects, and it doesn’t make me jittery and irritable. I would recommend at least checking this out to any bodybuilder who needs to improve their game. – Minori A., professional bodybuilder in Osaka, Japan


Awards & Media Coverage

Ultimate Alpha Extreme has accomplished quite a bit considering the 2017 copyright date on its website. It was ranked #1 in its category in 2017, though the website does not detail which category this is or who awarded the title. Clearly, however, it has done well in the field of natural fitness supplements. Customer response to its effectiveness seems to be largely positive, as it has been well-reviewed on a number of popular bodybuilding forums. If its popularity among users online is any indication, it seems to be doing very well in the fitness community.

It doesn’t appear to have received any notable media coverage as of it. Since it is likely still new to the market, it is likely it may make appearances in such popular men’s magazines as Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health. Fitness enthusiasts may also want to watch for it in other popular health and fitness magazines and media outlets.


Money-back Guarantee

Lucky for fitness buffs curious to try out Ultimate Alpha Extreme, the manufacturer offers a 14-day trial period for only the cost of shipping and handling. This trial program will automatically roll over into a monthly billing system, wherein the customer will be charged and then shipped out a fresh bottle approximately every 30 days. The buyer can also choose to opt out of these charges by contacting customer service to cancel before the conclusion of the evaluation period. The 14 days allotted for the trial include ten days of use plus four days for shipping and handling. Customer accounts can also be canceled at any time by calling customer service.

Straight sale customers also have the extra security of a 30-day money-back guarantee. In order to qualify for a return, all packages must arrive at the company’s fulfillment facilities no more than 30 days after the original date of purchase. Customers are responsible for all return shipping and handling costs. All packages must be clearly marked with a valid Return Authorization Number, which is obtained by contacting a customer support representative. Once refunds are credited back to the customer’s account, it may take up to 3-5 days for the return to post.



According to its website, all orders are ready to ship within 24 hours. This manufacturer delivers not only to any location in the United States but also to American Samoa, the Federated States of Micronesia, Armed Forces bases from Africa to Europe (and more) as well as to a variety of other countries. Upon checkout, the website provides an estimated date of arrival (although no specific date or time is guaranteed, as there are many factors involved in the delivery of a parcel). All fees associated with shipping and handling – either the initial sale or for returns – are non-refundable.

All parcels are delivered using FedEx, the United States Postal Service and UPS. The cost of shipping and handling is $4.95. Customers also have the option to add Shipping Protection to their order for an additional $1.99. This covers the value of the shipment in the event it is damaged, lost or stolen in transit. The company will then send the customer a replacement of equal value. As per the company’s policy, shipping protection can be redeemed a maximum of one time.


Customer Support

Ultimate Alpha Extreme offers a basic but effective customer service department. Customers have a number of options from which to contact a service representative with product questions, questions about company policy, shipping inquiries or for questions about the customer’s account. The first customer support offered is a toll-free 1-844 telephone number for those who prefer to speak with a live team member. The second avenue of customer support is an email address, though the website does not detail the time range emails are expected to be answered. Customer service hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EST. The support center is also open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Since most organic supplement suppliers provide their physical corporate address on the product website, it is notable that this manufacturer does not. It does not, in fact, provide any sort of address for physical correspondence. Although this can be easily obtained by contacting a customer service member, the manufacturer may want to provide this information on the site in order to facilitate greater transparency and hence customer trust. It may also be the case that this merchant is seeking to ensure that all customers seeking returns call the company directly for an RMA # instead of sending the product directly to the fulfillment facilities without this necessary information.


Safe & Secure Checkout

This manufacturer has invested in an impressive online security suite to keep customers’ personal and financial data secure. Near the checkout system, a logo certifying that the site is protected by a 256-bit secure connection, is clearly visible. This security software is what is known as a Secure Socket Layer, which converts data into an unreadable form called a ‘cipher text’ to make it illegible to outside intruders. It has become an industry standard for safeguarding online transactions from the potential of malware and hackers. This is an even stronger encryption method than the 128-Bit SSL Encryption technology that is similarly used for online transactional purposes.

The Ultimate Alpha Extreme site also employs McAfee Secure security software. This trustmark is displayed to assure customers that the site has been tested and certified as free of malware, viruses, phishing attacks and other forms of attempted data misuse. Over 50 million websites currently employ this trustguard. The product website also displays a Norton Secured safety seal, another SSL certificate that ensures the identity of the website – i.e., that the website “is who and what it says it is” and that the site has passed a daily malware inspection. Any sort of malware attack detected by Norton Secured is then detected while detailed information logs are immediately sent to the merchant.


Pricing & Free Trial

The full cost for a 30-day supply of Ultimate Alpha Extreme is a not-inexpensive $92.99. This is a bit higher than the current going rate of similar testosterone-boosting supplements, but those for whom this product works exceptionally well may find this cost to be a reasonable investment. This manufacturer’s accepted forms of payment are rather limited, as it accepts only Visa and MasterCard. Those who are accustomed to using PayPal – the current industry standard payment method for secure online purchases – may find this to be limiting. Still, the SSL security software employed by the company may yet reassure some of these customers of the safety of their purchase.

Additionally, there is a $9.95 restocking fee per unit returned. This fee is subtracted from the total amount of the return. Buyers are also responsible for any sales tax applicable from the state or region in which their order is placed. At this time, there are no discounts or promotions available for purchasing multiple bottles of this product.






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