Turbo Boost 911

Turbo Boost 911 Review – How Testosterone Can Make You a Better Bodybuilder?

What Is Turbo Boost 911?

Turbo Boost 911 is a dietary supplement that can be used to increase your health. Per the Oxford Dictionary, a supplement is “something that completes or enhances something when added to it”. It is intended to add or enhance what your body already has within it. This supplement utilizes just a few natural ingredients that are already found in the body such as alpha ketoglutarate. Perhaps your quantities are lower than average, due to age or health, or you just want a boost of these enhancement chemicals. As a supplement, it is not required to be approved by the FDA. It isn’t a medication. It has been studied and evaluated in a lab though.

The goal of Turbo Boost 911 is to ultimately aid in increasing blood flow to a healthier rate. Therefore, it can be used as an incredible tool in achieving athletic excellence. Proper blood flow allows more oxygen to arrive to the muscles fueling their growth. The ingredients also stimulate the muscle growth. Whether you are having trouble gaining muscle mass, want to take your current muscular growth up a notch or need to bring your fitness and athleticism to peak levels, getting more blood and oxygen to course through your arteries is imperative. Turbo Boost 911 as a supplement, or natural enhancer, can assist in these areas.



PhytAge Laboratories is the manufacturer of Turbo Boost 911 as well as a number of other dietary supplements. They are based out of New York but also have a facility in Colorado. The majority of their products focus on overall health, including:

  • Digestive cleansing;
  • Increase in energy;
  • Vitality boost;
  • Improved bodybuilding or athletic results;
  • They claim recent breakthroughs in products that eliminate harmful toxins as well;

This manufacturer appears to be a relatively young laboratory – their copywrite date is from 2015- but seem to be working with a solid foundation of known ideas and advancements in the field of health supplements. Products introduced by PhytAge Laboratories generally have short ingredients lists containing only what is needed to add to your health. Each active ingredient is also usually something already produced inside our own bodies.

Products of PhytAge Laboratories are researched, tested and made in the United States, but do ship globally.


How Turbo Boost 911 Works?

To see exactly how Turbo Boost 911 works, let’s look at the main ingredients and examine what each of them aim to do. First is alpha-ketoglutarate. Often used in treating kidney disease, liver problems, cataracts and preventing muscle breakdown when enduring long term injuries. This is the most prominent ingredient and the most useful for direct muscle growth as it directly stimulates the muscles.

L-Arginine HCL is a synthetic form of arginine, an amino acid. This is going to be the chemical that stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels. The results are additional oxygen and blood being delivered to the muscles, increasing stamina during work outs.

Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate is another amino acid found in the body and used for building proteins. Proteins are essential in cell growth.
Arginine ketoisocaproate is a keto acid which motivates the body to switch to an anabolic state, building muscle mass. In other words, the muscles are engaged to switch from rest mode to growth mode.

This particular dietary supplement works at a chemical level to ultimately increase your ability to gain muscle. One of the things the four active ingredients do is to help maintain higher nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide’s role in the body is to help transmit signals between your brain and your cells. It relays a message to your circulatory system to expand, thus allowing a stronger flow of blood to reach your tissues. That means more oxygen and added nutrients are going to make it directly to the foundation of your muscular system. Messages sent from the brain to the body and vice versa are also improved.

Muscles are stimulated to begin and maintain growth. This, partnered with amino acids, the building blocks of our cells, allows for ultimate muscular increase using the same amount of training. Bodybuilding results can be maximized. Athletic performance will be at its peak and your fitness will reach new levels, once possibly thought unattainable.



The ingredient list for this product is moderately short. The simplicity of the make-up of this supplement brings the focus on doing exactly what the product claims to do – ultimately increase nitric oxide levels and build strength. Each item is easily researched and linked to the products claims. The active ingredients are:

  1. A-AKG  – arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, 1100 mg;
  2. L-Arginine HCL, 50 mg;
  3. OKG – ornithine alpha-ketoglutrarate, 50 mg;
  4. A-KIC – arginine ketoisocaproate, 30 mg.

Most of the ingredients are active ingredients, leaving little to go in as binders and fillers. There is no caffeine which leads to sluggish feelings later. It is always good to know exactly what is going into your body and all ingredients found in Turbo Boost 911 are proven to be safe.

Inactive ingredients:

  • Gelatin – natural ingredient used to combine everything;
  • Rice flour – natural ingredient, also used to keep other ingredients together;
  • Magnesium stearate – a release agent found in most pills, medicines and cosmetics;
  • Silicon dioxide – also found in most pharmaceuticals, used to help the powders of the formula flow.



Who couldn’t use some advantages in life? Every day our health is bombarded with harmful chemicals, GMO’s, time itself and tons of other negative assailants. Not to mention the engrained poor genetics some of us battle constantly within ourselves. Some struggle to gain weight while others are at war with losing it. Busy schedules and the barrage of fast food tempt us away from the health standards we set. Sometimes goals are met but new goals become unreachable as our fitness plateaus.

Fortunately, a large portion of our world is focused on good health. A strong, lean body is a flashing beacon of this. Through proper diet and exercise our bodies become heathier. But vigor and vitality are not as easy for some to achieve as it is for others. When all the blood, sweat and training isn’t producing the results you want, adding the Turbo Boost 911 supplement can hand you the advantages you need. Some of the personal advantages you will receive are:

  1. Natural ingredients – The ingredients found in this supplement are produced within your own body. Whether you have a deficiency or just need a boost, the naturally-found supplements compliments each of your body systems at the cellular level. The resulting increase in nitric oxide takes what your body has and makes it better, giving you an edge in performance without any damaging side effects.
  2. Stamina – Stamina is an absolute must when lifting weights or cross training for optimal health. The longer and harder you can push yourself results in a direct accumulation of larger muscles and a stronger physique.
  3. Strength – Increased strength shines a healthy light on all we do, from a friendly backyard football game to hours of gym training. It shows characteristics such as hard working, dedicated and successful. Not to mention how great you will look.
  4. Boosted Self Esteem – When we look good and exude health in all areas, we feel even better about ourselves. Confidence is as important to our mental health as fitness is to our physical health.
  5. Convenient – The pill form of this supplement is extremely convenient for everyday and when traveling. Plus, there is the ease of taking it only once a day.
  6. Overall health – Proper blood pressure, increased energy during the day resulting in higher quality sleep at night and fewer digestive problems are all achieved when our health takes a turn for the best. Good health in one area can lead to a snowball effect in overall health.

Turbo Boost 911 also provides an advantage in the fact that it is not illegal in the sports circuit. It is not a steroid or other banned enhancement substance leaving it available to be used for any fitness needs.



Certificates related to Turbo Boost 911 have not yet been awarded. A search for certificates on the manufacturer, PhytAge Laboratories, did not surface any either. The product and parent company are fairly young. Also, since this is a supplement and not a medication, no testing certificates are required by law to be attained.

However, researchers in the field of nitric oxide, the increased chemical resulting from Turbo Boost 911, received a Nobel Prize for Medicine. The studies on the products, results and ingredients are documented throughout many areas. Other than that, no direct certificates are linked to this supplement or it’s manufacturer.



I could feel a major difference in my energy levels just after the first week of taking Turbo Boost 911. It really helped me in the gym! – Justin M., Los Angeles, US

I have been skinny my whole life. I’ve tried multiple workouts routines, special high calorie diets and dozens of pills and powders to attain muscle and nothing helped. After years of trying to bulk up, I was ecstatic to finally find something that worked! I’m finally able to get the results I’ve worked so hard for! – Chris S., New York, US

Changed my whole life! I’ve got the energy and stamina I need to play a full game of basketball with the guys and I’ve never been stronger. Love the muscle mass I’ve put on. – Max W., Cleveland, US

After a serious car accident I wasn’t able to work out for months. Once I got back into the gym I just wasn’t happy with the results I was getting. I tried Turbo Boost 911 at the recommendation of a friend and now I’m not only back to where I was physically, I’m surpassing it. – Charles M., Los Angeles, US


Awards & Media Coverage

Being new to the market, Turbo Boost 911 doesn’t have a lot of media coverage. It is not featured on any television shows or advertorial spotlights. All the product orders and information are found online on their website. Some basic reviews can be found regarding the supplement. There is an educational video on the website which highlights the features. It also goes into detail about how exactly the product works. Over time, expectations to see more of this product in the media seem very reasonable, but for now, even the ordering is only done online.

Similar results are found in regards to awards. There are no claims on the website for any awards or award winning formulas – anything like that. This can be viewed as both good or bad. Positive affirmations certainly ease worries, but false claims such are useless. Again, this appears to be a relatively new product. While the company’s claims certainly lead one to believe that an award may be eminent, no nominations have occurred at this time. It is certainly feasible that awards will be in the future of this product though.

The only fact found was that research in the fields covered within this supplement have earned recognition, such as the aforementioned Nobel Prize in Medicine, but was not directed towards Turbo Boost 911.


Money-back Guarantee

Turbo Boost 911 does come with a money back guarantee. This is always helpful to the consumer and it gives some peace of mind when trying a product for the first time. The company claims that if you are not completely satisfied with the product and your results, you will be given your money back. So, they are confident you will not only see results but be very satisfied with them. It is a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.
At the checkout screen, a 90 day money back guarantee is offered as well. If not entirely satisfied, you just show them that you tried the product and send the bottles back within 90 days, even if the product has all been used, meaning you can send back unused product or just the empty bottles.

Instructions for returns are to call customer service at 800-822-5753 and obtain a Return Merchandise Number. Write this number on the outside of the return box. Returns shipments are made at the expense of the customer. Once the return is received and reviewed, the full credit will be given. The refund will go back in your bank account and could take three to five business days, depending on your bank. The address given for returns is:

PhytAge Laboratories
7308 S. Alton Way. #2A
Centennial, CO 80112

These details can be found under the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the webpage. They are not located at the order or checkout screen.



Free shipping is provided on all US orders, even for orders as small as one bottle. The product ships via USPS (United States Postal Service) and has tracking status available. The company does suggest waiting until about five days after date of purchase to check on status of shipment though. Product ships out within two to three business days and can usually be expected for delivery around 10-12 business days. Shipping is done worldwide, though some additional charges may occur and the shipping method would probably change from USPS.


Customer Support

When questions arise, it’s always relieving to know that a form of customer support exists. There are contacts for every avenue. A phone number is provided for customer support – 800-822-5753. All customer service calls are directed through this number, whether you have shipping, returns or general questions. This will bring the quickest response time if you have immediate questions, but operational hours for the phone lines aren’t listed. Perhaps it is 24 hour. An email is also provided support@turboboost911.com for concerns not needing an instant reply. Both calls and emails are promptly handled though. If needed, a returns address is:

PhytAge Laboratories
7308 S. Alton Way. #2A
Centennial, CO 80112

And their mailing address is:

1732 1st Avenue #28568
New York, NY 10128

Safe & Secure Checkout

Ordering and checking out for this product are both safe and secure. The company has taken every precaution to ensure your identity and payment information are kept secure. The order form is secured by 256 BIT SSL Encryption. The order site is 100% clean, having no adware, spyware or viruses and is 100% secured. There are several security measures set in place to keep it safe always including a secure server. None of the customer’s payment information is ever stored on any server.



Original pricing or their suggested retail price per bottle is $120. That is for 60 pills which is a 30 day supply. However, the more bottles you buy at a time, the better deal you can get. And there is an immediate discount applied to even one bottle. There are four different ordering options. You can order one bottle at the discount price of $69.95 which saves you nearly half of the price. If you buy two bottles at once, you pay just $59.95 per bottle. Or for the best deal – four bottles can be purchased at once for $49.95 per bottle.

An option is also given to join the VIP Membership Club. Joining would save an additional 10% on future orders. You would be sent four bottles of Turbo Boost 911 every four months at a total price of $179.82 instead of $199.80 per each order. This is the most cost effective deal and would keep a steady supply arriving to your doorstep.






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