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True Testo Review – Could You Actually Use It?

What Is True Testo?

This pre-workout supplement is a small capsule designed to help build muscle mass in men. The product claims to help build the levels of free testosterone in the blood stream. Additionally, the supplement uses only natural ingredients. This makes this a worthy product to consider to aid in building muscle mass and losing fat. Utilizing natural herbs, True Testo helps increase the flow of blood to all muscles of the body. It also aids in delivering oxygen, a necessary part of building lean muscle. This increased blood flow also aids the body in recovery time, and it may also help raise metabolism. Increased metabolism helps to cut fat from difficult areas.

The main intention of this product is to help men who have experienced problems as the result of aging. No matter how hard they try, many men cannot build muscle mass after a certain age. For many men, this age can be as young as 30. Strenuous workouts become harder to recover from, and the workouts do not do any visible good. Some men also see an increase of fat around the middle of their body. All of these issues are problems that this product is designed to eliminate. With multiple benefits and very few risks, this product is worth looking into for men who have experienced difficulty meeting their personal fitness goals.



True Testo is manufactured by at company with the same thing. This has become a popular business model in the modern age. The company manufactures and distributes their own product. This has some advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that the manufacturer only has one product to worry about. All of their attention, innovation, and hard work is based around the success of this product. This allows for a higher quality of product. The company literally needs the product to work as advertised because that is what makes them money. Another advantage to this business model is that it allows consumers the ability to follow the manufacturing practices of the business. It is easy to find out where the product is made, how it is made, and communicate directly with the creators. This is unique, but it is becoming more and more popular in the workout community.

One disadvantage of this model, however, is that the product is only offered through limited distribution. Because the business is so small, the company must restrict free trials to 250 or fewer per day. The main reason for this is that they do not have the large operation necessary to manufacture large amounts of the product quickly. Unfortunately, having such a small business means a smaller distribution. This product can only be purchased through the company’s official website. It is not available in any store in the United States. The benefits of this smaller business model outweigh the disadvantages, however. It guarantees a certain quality that is vital to the company’s success.


How True Testo Works?

True Testo works in a pretty simple and straight-forward way. First, the consumer takes the recommended dose of the product. This supplement is in the form of a capsule, and the recommended dose is 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. The capsules are small, tasteless, and easy to swallow. They can be taken at the gym, at home, or on the way to the next big workout. It is recommended that consumers take the product at least 30 minutes before meals to see the full effects, but this is not necessarily a requirement. Next, the product enters the bloodstream. This helps increase the flow of blood to all of the body’s muscles. The increase in blood helps the muscles that are already there stand out. It also helps increase oxygen to the body and brain. More oxygen helps to raise the levels of testosterone in the body that are responsible for building lean muscle mass.

It is very important to understand that this pre-workout supplement depends on the consumer’s ability to be consistent, dedicated, and strenuous in choosing appropriate workouts to achieve their goals. The supplement does not work if the consumer does not put in the work. The product simply helps give the body the building blocks that are necessary to build a fit and desirable body. This is a unique formula, but the concept works for nearly every person as long as the consumer uses it in conjunction with a healthy food and exercise regimen.


Ingredients of True Testo

True Testo has a couple of key ingredients. All of the ingredients in this product can be can be found in nature. The first big ingredient in this product is tongkat ali extract. This herbal remedy has been used in Eastern countries to improve male testosterone and vitality for centuries. In fact, it is reasonable to suggest that this ingredient may be among the world’s first testosterone boosting elements. This ingredient helps significantly in the creation of new lean muscle mass. This is the main active ingredient in the proprietary blend. However, the product has a few other ingredients that help to make the product work well. Once again, all of the ingredients are natural, decreasing the risk of side effects to almost zero.

Other natural key ingredients include saw palmetto extract. This is considered a fruit that is intended to help the consumer get increased blood flow to muscles and joints. This can help the creation of muscle, but it is also widely known to help decrease recovery time in men who enjoy a good, strenuous workout. This combines with wild yam extract, sarsaparilla, and nettle extract to further assist in recovery time. These substances help with cellular creation. Since heavy workouts tend to kill cells, the creation of new and healthy cells is vital to building new muscle mass. This unique blend of substances is finished off with the element boron. Boron helps to assure that energy levels are high. This is important, because energy helps make the consumer want to work towards accomplishing goals.



There are several key advantages to using True Testo. The most obvious benefit to this supplement is the increased muscle mass. This muscle mass may have been hard to build prior to using this product. For many men, this is their path back to achieving their fitness and workout goals. Along with the increased muscle mass comes increased endurance. This may help a lot of consumers to power through exceptionally difficult workouts with energy to spare. Extra endurance and energy can have personal side effects as well. More energy at the end of the work day not only results in better workouts, it can also mean more time to spend with spouses, friends and family. It may also mean more time to pick up a new hobby or skill. More energy can enrich the overall health and lives of men who take this supplement.

In addition to more muscle mass and energy, one huge benefit to taking this pre-workout supplement is that it decreases recovery time. The increased oxygen to the muscles help with cell growth. This healthy cell growth helps muscles recover and build following strenuous workouts. This means that a tough workout will not keep you from having a great workout the next day. The supplement may also increase metabolism. This helps men get rid of fat so that the muscle is visible. One more huge advantage is that all of the ingredients are natural. This means that there are virtually no side effects to using this product. Overall, this product is worth the benefits that it may offer to men who want to achieve higher goals.



There are two main certificates associated with this product. First, the website is Norton Secure. This security certificate is designed to assure consumers that the product is safe to order through the website. The manufacturer is likely not a website engineer. Therefore, having additional security measures is a good call. The certificate requires the company to submit to regular security checks. Norton Secure then makes sure everything is up to date with the security and anti-theft measures. This certificate assures that the manufacturer is making the interests of their consumers a top priority.

Another certificate that this website has is McAfee Secure. This is similar to the Norton certificate. Designed for website security, this certificate requires all software used for billing and the collection of personal information to be updated. Since technology is constantly changing, this assures that the software is as modern as it can possibly be. It is not common for all workout supplements to have a website that has these certifications. In fact, it is pretty rare for a product to have two certifications. This shows that True Testo cares about the safety and security of their consumers.



True Testo really works. I was skeptical at first, but I began to see the positive effects of the product almost immediately. I had more energy, and my workouts resulted it more pronounced muscle. I would not change a thing. – James D., 37

I was surprised how friendly the customer support staff is for this product. They are wonderful with questions and concerns.” – Zac, 28

I have more energy than I have ever had. This product helps give the energy that I need to get through a tough workout after a long day at work.” – Sean, 42

True Testo is the only pre-workout supplement that has ever worked for me. The natural ingredients offer no chance of side effects, so I decided to try the product. It works well, and I would recommend the product to anyone.” – Sam E., 35

A guy at the gym recommended this product. I saw that it worked for him, and he had a great body. So I ordered the product under the trial. It is more than worth the cost of the product. It really can change lives.” – Caine O., 45

I like that the product does not have any nasty aftertaste. Some vitamin supplements taste horrible. This one is so easy to take, and it is convenient and quick. I just have some with water, and there is no taste at all.” – Jack V., 29


Awards & Media Coverage

Most of the marketing for True Testo is done on the Internet. This is pretty standard for workout products. Markets for many products are changing, and it is becoming more and more important to have an Internet presence when advertising a product. This company has that part figured out. The official website for this product is easy to read. It is also straightforward about what the product is as well as what consumers can expect by taking the product. This helps consumers gain respect for the product and the company that manufactures the product. Traditional awards are less common in such products. This may be because these supplements are aimed primarily just at men. This makes the purchasing pool much smaller for these products.

However, a better measure for success is now online reviews. This supplement has extremely positive reviews on a variety of fitness sites all over the Internet. This personal feedback is what people read when they are considering whether they should purchase the product or not. This makes this form of media presence more important than any award. This positive feedback helps word about the product spread. Additionally, online reviews tend to be very honest. This gives the company a great opportunity to address personal concerns, questions, and complaints to help facilitate better customer service.


Money-back Guarantee

This pre-workout supplement does not necessarily have a 100% money-back guarantee. The company will happily replace any product that arrives to the consumer damaged. The consumer will need to ship the product back to the company at their own expense. This is slightly inconvenient, but the shipping is not super expensive. Once the product is received, new product will be shipped immediately to replace the damaged or defective product. Usually, this whole process takes about a week. The product is not guaranteed for consumers who are simply dissatisfied with the product. There is no indication that the company will refund money after the trial period for customers who do not like the product. This is what the trial period is supposed to be for.

Unfortunately, the trial period is only for 14 days. By the time the product is shipped to the consumer, this only gives the customer a little over a week to try the product before being billed for the first shipments. This is not a lot of time to decide that he product is worth it. However, reviews seem to indicate that the support staff can help work to make the product work for most male consumers. Future shipments of the product can be cancelled at any time, and this is easy to do. Unfortunately, this is not the perfect return system, but it does show that the company tried to work with consumers when they can. The goal is to eliminate dissatisfaction so that returns for the product True Testo are not necessary.



The shipping for True Testo is very efficient. For the first transaction, the shipping does cost $5.95. This is a reasonable shipping cost considering that the shipping is fast and safe. The shipping all happens through the United States Postal System. This is a good indication that the shipping is handled safely and quickly. The product is all shipped in containers that are entirely safe and quality controlled. In fact, the product ships in containers that work to assure consumers that the product is received in the safest way possible. In fact, these containers assure that the product arrives to the customer with no negative effects from temperature variations or any other weather problems.

The bad part about the shipping process is that the consumer does have to pay the shipping on any returns if needed. This is slightly inconvenient, but it is not necessarily a huge deal. With the shipping costs, the product is still competitive with similar products. The shipping costs are not a reason to turn down the potential benefits of using the product. Shipping costs are a small necessary part of the process.


Customer Support

Customer support for this product is competitively convenient. The first way to contact customer support is via their service email. This email account has a quick response time. In fact, the most consumers have reported that their questions are generally answered within 24 hours. This is a good method of communication because it allows the consumer to list out multiple questions. This can help to keep the questions organized and to the point. Additionally, the responses tend to give the company time to send a better researched reply. This is also a wonderful option for consumers who wish to ask about the automatic billing system. Any concerns will be addressed quickly. The customer support has a 24/7 staff. This indicated that the staff of True Testo is attempting to make customer service an absolute top priority.

The other option for communication with this company is the use of their toll-free phone number. This number can be dialed from any landline or cellular device in the U.S. for no fee to the consumer. Like with the email, the phone likes are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are live advisors available to discuss any questions. This can be a wonderful option for consumers who wish to talk about how taking this supplement may help them reach their goals. The advisors are trained to answer questions. They may also be able to offer the consumer advice on how to make the product work for them. Reviews have reported the customer service team to be friendly and approachable with with questions concerning the product. Cancellations can also be made by calling the same number.


Safe & Secure Checkout

This product offers an extremely secure checkout system. With an 128-bit encryption, it would be nearly impossible for any potential hackers to access any personal information. The checkout portal in monitored and insured by 3 different security companies. It is the job of these companies to constantly test the website to make sure that the process is secure. Since technology is changing every day, it is a great move to have professionals monitor the security of the website. Two of the big names monitoring the website are McAfee Secure and Norton Secure. In fact, the website has achieved an official security certificate from both of these companies. This is probably the best way to tell that it is 100% safe to use a credit or debit card to register for this product.

If you still do not want to use a credit or debit card to purchase True Testo, it is also possible to use PayPal. This is a wonderful option because the consumer does not have to use any personal credit card information to purchase the product. Additionally, PayPal can be convenient for some people because you can choose to have the payment taken directly from the bank if you do not have a debit card. The website for this product is set up with PayPal to add some extra convenience, but it is also there to assure customers that the safety and security of their website is their top priority.


Pricing & Free Trial

There is a trial period for this product. When the consumer enrolls in the trial, they are also agreeing to an automatic billing option. This means that subsequent shipping of the product will happen automatically about 14 days after the initial enrollment in the trial. It is also important to understand that the trial is not necessarily free. The consumer will not be charged for the billing during the trial period, but the first month of product will be charged immediately upon the 14 day mark. The next month’s shipping will also be charged and processed. So, after the trial period, the consumer will be charged for both the first and second months. This has taken some consumers by surprise, and it is important to be clear about what the trial really is. It is still nice that the company allows consumers to try the product prior to deciding if the product is a good idea.

The total cost of the product is $79.99 plus taxes. Additionally, there will be a $5.95 shipping charge. This is less than $3 per day to help men achieve fitness goals. Overall, this is a pretty reasonable price for a testosterone boosting product. In fact, this is probably a more reasonable price than some other pre-workout supplements. The team at True Testo tries to keep their product competitive with the current market for workout supplements. The orders include enough of the product to supply the consumer for 30 days. This means each month’s shipment will contain 120 capsules or 4 capsules for each day. Overall, this is a pretty fair value considering effects.






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