Trigger XL

Trigger XL Review – Could Your Slow Gains Be Attributed to Low Testosterone Levels?

What Is Trigger XL?

Trigger XL is an all natural testosterone boosting supplement designed for men aged 18 or older. It uses a variety of all natural and plant-based ingredients to stimulate the body’s natural testosterone production. It also works to stimulate circulation, blood flow and energy and may function as an effective workout enhancer even before testosterone boosting is factored in. It is designed to be taken consistently twice each day. When it is combined with a rigorous workout routine and a proper diet, it may provide a variety of beneficial effects including weight loss, more energy and more muscle tone.



Trigger XL is produced by a manufacturer under the same name. There is very little information published about the manufacturer, their other products or their practices. They are an American company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It can be assumed that Trigger XL is produced in the United States although the ingredients may not all be sourced in the United States.

The manufacturer does provide excellent and clear contact information for customers including phone, email and physical address. This open contact information, including business hours, is a good sign that the company is responsive and stands behind their products. There is some concern that the company does not provide any additional information about their research practices or any outside support or testing for their products. This means that the overall value of Trigger XL must be focused on a careful analysis of the product’s ingredients and formula and less so on the reputation of the manufacturer.


How Does Trigger XL Work?

Trigger XL works by stimulating the body to produce more natural testosterone. It does not provide an artificial source of testosterone. This means that the gains made by using the product occur gradually over time. The product must be taken consistently, and noticeable increases in testosterone may be seen only after three or more weeks of supplementation.

Trigger XL is designed to work as an active sports-enhancing formula. It also contains a variety of plant-based ingredients that do not directly boost testosterone but may work to enhance energy levels and overall athletic ability and muscle growth. The stimulation of testosterone may be an indirect effect of the supplement and be largely the result of a more intense and rigorous workout routine.

A secondary part of the formula serves to increase the absorption and digestion of the supplement. This part of the formula contains various natural enzymes and digestive aids to help the body get the most out of the supplement. It may also help in generally with protein metabolism and provides better building blocks for muscle growth and testosterone synthesis in the body.

Naturally boosting testosterone levels may have several noticeable and significant impacts on health and sports performance. Higher testosterone leads to greater muscle mass, increased energy and a variety of other beneficial effects. It may also help to off set an overall decrease in testosterone production in the body that tends to begin after the age of thirty and increases with age.


Ingredients of Trigger XL


L-Arginine is a non-essential amino acid that can be obtained naturally from some food sources, especially meat. When taken in supplement form, it can have some greater benefits than concentrations available from food alone. It is a very common ingredient in sports supplements and has very strong research supporting its effectiveness and its direct role in enhancing athletic performance.

It’s primary role in the body is to be converted into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide plays a very strong role in blood flow and blood vessel dilation. It is often used to treat various circulatory conditions. In terms of athletics and bodybuilding, increasing blood flow is a vital part of providing muscles with the energy and nutrients they need to perform at optimal levels for longer periods of time.

While this ingredient has little to no effect on testosterone, it is a worthy complimentary ingredient because it is highly beneficial to sports performance and increased workout intensity. There is a good deal of research supporting the idea that intensive physical activity causes increases in testosterone, so ingredients that enhance workout performance and intensity will benefit testosterone production.

Maca Root

Maca is a plant that has been cultivated in Peru for 3,000 years or longer. It has traditionally been used as a vegetable crop and a medicinal herb to treat a variety of conditions. It is similar to the radish and tends to have a butterscotch odor. In places where it is cultivated, it is often incorporated into various foods and becomes a dietary staple.

Modern science has uncovered that Maca contains a variety of chemicals and amino acids that may play a role in improving energy, memory and hormone function, but there is very little to no concrete scientific evidence to support its use. Of the ingredients in this supplement, Maca may be one of the few to directly stimulate testosterone production, but further research is needed on its efficacy before a good conclusion can be made.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb. While it has been used to treat a wide variety of conditions in traditional medicine, it has little strong scientific support. The reasons behind its inclusion in this supplement is not clear from a sports or athletic performance standpoint. It is not shown to increase testosterone levels. Since it contains plant-based estrogen, it may actual be disruptive to testosterone production if taken in significant quantities.

Green Tea Leaf

Green tea has a wide variety of health benefits. It is especially known for its antioxidant properties. From an athletic and testosterone boosting perspective, green tea has both a benefit and a downside. Green tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine. Caffeine has been shown to help prevent the onset of muscle fatigue if consumed within a short duration before a workout. On the flip side, there are multiple studies showing that green tea contains other chemicals that may actually result in a net lowering of testosterone and a dramatic decrease in the form of testosterone DHT. Considering these studies, the inclusion of any form of green tea in a testosterone booster would seem counter intuitive and the results of insufficient research.

Rhodiola Root

Rhodiola root, sometimes called Arctic root or golden root, is a herb that may function as an adaptogen. This means that it may work to prevent stress and fatigue. The research surrounding the root have been published widely in Europe and Russia, and it has a good deal of scientific support. The root’s place in this formula from a bodybuilding standpoint is likely to help reduce muscle fatigue and help maintain energy level and focus during prolonged or intense workouts. This does not play a direct role in testosterone boosting, but it does help from an overall workout standpoint.

Korean Ginseng Root

Korean Ginseng is an Asian form of the commonly known Ginseng herb. Despite sharing the name, it is much different from the common American versions. The plant is widely used to treat a number of conditions, but there is no evidence that it has a direct effect on testosterone production. It is another type of adaptogen and so it functions in largely the same capacity as several of the other ingredients in this list. It helps relieve stress and improve overall energy levels.


This is the active chemical compound found in cocoa beans. It is found in this supplement in an extracted and purified form. It can also be found in food substances that contain large concentrations of cocoa, namely dark chocolate. The chemical functions as a vasodilator, which means it causes blood vessels to expand, increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure. While this also does not have a direct effect on testosterone production, it can work in concert with ingredients like L-Arginine to promote great blood flow to muscles. This may result in enhanced workout performance, decreased onset of muscle fatigue and decreased muscle recovery time.

Absorption System

A variety of ingredients are included in Trigger XL to help increase the body’s ability to use and absorb the various compounds and extracts in the supplement. While several minor ingredients are included in this formula, Protease is principal among them. Protease is an enzyme that helps the body to break down proteins and peptides. This has a variety of benefits for athletes and bodybuilders. First, a key ingredient in this supplement is the amino acid L-Arginine. Protease will work directly to help the absorption and use of L-Arginine. Since athletes and bodybuilders are also likely to have a diet that is higher than average in all forms protein, a protein enzyme is useful across the board.

The absorption system formula also contains several mineral supplements, including Magnesium, Zinc and Manganese. These minerals have been shown to have an effect on testosterone production in the body, so they are going beyond just helping with nutrient absorption. They are actually supplying additional key micronutrients that may be difficult to get from food sources alone.



Trigger XL may work as a testosterone booster and workout supplement by providing athletes with a variety of ingredients designed to increase blood flow to muscles, increase energy level and lower muscle fatigue. Those taking this supplement may notice that their workouts become easier and they are able to exercise intensely for longer periods of time. They may also notice that muscles recover more quickly after workouts and that they are able to workout more often than usual.

In terms of testosterone boosting, Trigger XL actually has few ingredients shown to directly boost testosterone. The approach taken by this supplement seems to be that by giving an athlete a variety of energy-boosting and fatigue resistance herbs, the great intensity of workouts that result will likewise help to boost testosterone. This is somewhat the opposite approach compared to the standard testosterone boosting supplement, which assumes that boosting testosterone is what boosts physical performance. It is likely that the two work in tandem. Boosting exercise and energy levels may help stimulate testosterone production, which over time may lead to generally increased energy levels and muscle gain. Athletes may not notice much of an increase in testosterone levels before the first few months, but they may notice the direct effects of the ingredients much sooner.

The inclusion of enzymes and other absorption enhancers also make Trigger XL a more effective and efficient supplement. Often supplements fail to live up to their on-paper potential because the body does not make full use of all the ingredients. This supplement is one of the few that has taken steps to alleviate this problem.

This also means that users of this supplement should not be looking for sudden or large increases in testosterone level. This supplement is functioning more like a key to unlock the potential for natural testosterone boosting and providing some useful building blocks. A strict and rigorous workout regimen will be even more important when using this supplement than it would normally be.

A somewhat hidden and ironic advantage may be that the boosts in energy and vitality are often what athletes are looking for in testosterone boosters. The herbs and other ingredients in this supplement provide those effects even though they have little direct effect on testosterone production. Interestingly, these effects on blood flow and energy may occur faster with this supplement than they would in a supplement more focused on testosterone production.



Trigger XL does not advertise having any certificates and the effects of the supplement have not been well researched or studied in any way. While some of the ingredients in the supplement are well researched with strongly documented results, many other ingredients have little to no research to support their efficacy. Many ingredients are reliant on the traditions and folk medicine that have advocated their use for generations.



I’ve been taking Trigger XL for a few weeks now. I’ve definitely noticed an effect on my workouts. My muscles feel bigger and fuller during my workouts and I was able to rapidly increase my number of reps and weight. I’m very happy with the noticeable effect this has had on my workouts.

– Mark P., New York, NY, US

This supplement has worked well for me. I like that it has all natural ingredients and I don’t mind taking it over a prolonged period. I’m not concerned about side-effects or anything unnatural happening to my body. I trust that these ingredients will work with me to give me a healthy and normal boost to my workouts.

– Robert T., Phoenix, AZ, US

This supplement is easy to take. After a few weeks, I really started to notice a change in my energy levels. I was more excited to get to the gym, and I generally felt better throughout the day. This supplement didn’t just help my workout performance. It made me feel better all around.

– John P., Jacksonville, FL, US


Awards & Media Coverage

Trigger XL does not seem to have been covered very extensively in the media. The manufacturer does not reflect any media coverage on the product’s advertising pages. Checking online also did not yield extensive results. Although some independent reviews are available, none of these reviews are from any major magazines or fitness outlets. It could be that Trigger XL is a rather new product in a market already crammed with similar supplements. Additional media coverage may show up in time.

With very limited media exposure, it also stands to reason that this supplement has not won any awards or received any accolades for its use or effectiveness. This may change in time as the product sees wider use and distribution.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer of Trigger XL offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee in their product. The offer made in the refunds and returns section is actually quite lenient and much more generous than many similar return policies. The product may be returned for any reason within 30 days of purchase, and a refund may be issued even if the product has been opened and used. Customers must still call and obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization number. The customer is also not refunded for shipping and they must pay for return shipping, so it is not a complete money-back guarantee. It is worth noting that having customers pay for shipping is standard across the industry and is not at all unusual.



Trigger XL is definitely available to customers in the United States. International shipping and military shipping is not expressly stated or denied in the product’s legal pages. A customer outside the US or at a military address would be wise to contact the company before ordering to be sure that shipping is possible at their address. Standard shipping rates and times apply.


Customer Support

Trigger XL appears to have a strong base for customer support. A variety of US based contact information is provided clearly on the website. Business hours are also listed. It is likely that a customer would be able to reach a customer service representative during normal business hours. The company does not go out of the way to advertise support or encourage the contacting of customer support, but it appears to be available on a consistent basis most likely for the handling of returns and basic customer questions.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Entering order information on the product’s page appears to be safe and secure. The page has the proper encryption and security logos indicated in the address bar. While no additional security logos are present, the URL security logo is sufficient evidence that personal and billing information submitted on the page is encrypted and secure. Purchasing Trigger XL through the online stores should be a safe and secure transaction for all customers.


Pricing & Free Trial

Trigger XL is offered to customers are part of a 14-day free trial offer. Customers must only pay $8.95 shipping and handling. The company offers four additional days to cover shipping and transit, so the actual trial period is 18 days from the day the order is placed.

This is important to keep in mind because the product is sold primarily as part of an auto-ship subscription program. After the free trial expires, customers who do not cancel are automatically enrolled in the subscription program. This program bills the customer each month for a 30 day supply of the product at a cost of $79.95. This price makes Trigger XL one of the more expensive supplement programs available. Customers must call within one day of the shipment date in order to cancel the autoship program without being charged.






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