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TribX90 by AllMax Nutrition Review – Have You Considered This Double-Strength Tribulus Terrestris Product?

What Is TribX90?

AllMax Nutrition has manufactured TribX90 with the specific intent of introducing a double-strength, 100% Pure Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris product to the bodybuilding and sports nutrition market. Marketed primarily in capsule form for twice-daily use, this dietary supplement claims to deliver “extraordinary high levels of Steroidal Saponins”. The average product on the market delivers an average of 45% Steroidal Furostanolic Saponins; in every dosage, this product boasts double that, at 90% Steroidal Furostanolic Saponins. While the product is still in its testing phase, many athletes have reported increased energy, strength, and stamina while supplementing their diet with this capsule. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) testing has confirmed a great deal of their claims; however, certain intangibles may still be subject to an individual basis, such as:

  • More active workouts
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Higher Self-esteem from Physical Improvement
  • Increased Naturally Produced Testosterone

Certain drawbacks to TribX90 (or any performance-enhancing supplement) absolutely exist. Registered as regular, dietary supplements, all of AllMax’s products are virtually immune to federal oversight from the FDA. While Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) do contribute to quality control, there is no way to test the end-user product for all possible defects and individual results may vary extremely.

The consumer should consult with their physician before embarking upon any new addition to their current dietary or exercise regimen. Nonetheless, the effects of healthy living definitely contribute to a stronger immune system; accordingly, given that Saponins are theoretically being utilized to contribute to healthy living, the argument has be made that those same Saponins directly contribute to this attainment of a stronger immune system. Furthermore, Studies have shown that Saponins have a positive effect on unhealthy levels of Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol. However, an even more intriguing medical claim has been made that Saponins may prevent some diseases as well. Assuming this claim is true (and there is little evidence to support it), the jury is still out on whether or not the potential pitfalls of toying with your DNA is worth the benefits derived.



AllMax has been regarded as an industry leader in dietary supplements for over a decade. With a wide range of products from whey protein powders to creatine supplements and everything in between, AllMax essentially has a product for every niche of the athletic performance market. Boasting government-inspected facilities, cutting-edge technology for product development, and some of the finest Research and Development in the industry, it is no wonder that a huge portion of AllMax’s operating budget goes to quality control. In general, consumers can expect AllMax to market highly concentrated varieties of otherwise common dietary supplements; though, a few rather esoteric supplements do grace their menu and they are well-regarded for importing what is required to create only the best.

AllMax products are not necessarily the cheapest options for dietary supplements – there are tons of cut-rate products on the market challenging their market-share. That being said, AllMax is noted for consistently offering a higher quality product than their competitors and their products are available from a plethora of high-end retailers. The ‘average Joe’ will have little interest in their offerings, but hardcore athletes will certainly be no strangers to AllMax brands.


How does TribX90 Work?

Elite athletes supplement their diet with TribX90 by ingesting one capsule, twice daily – often along with some other food, such as protein shakes. It is thought that constant dosage of the primary ingredient, Tribulus Terrestris, will increase the body’s natural creation of testosterone – a key difference from illegal performance enhancing drugs, which artificially increase testosterone levels. Of equal significance, therefore, is the fact that this supplement should not theoretically cause violations of PED tests among professional and Olympic athletes. Nonetheless, there remains the distinct possibility that any dietary supplement (especially one that is ‘steroidal’) will cause accidental positive readings on PED tests and any athletes wishing to remain 100% invulnerable to such accidental complications should avoid taking any dietary supplement. Yet, for many athletes, the benefits may outweigh the risks: certain individuals have reported extraordinary improvements to the growth patterns of their day-to-day athletic performance while supplementing their diet with this product.

A plethora of individuals taking this supplement – in conjunction with a strenuous, scientifically designed training regimen and healthy diet – have reported seeing real results. These are athletic professionals and world-class enthusiasts who support the claims that diet and exercise alone will not allow them to compete at the elite level of their sport. It is important to note that these top-notch athletes are utilizing dietary supplements specifically to attain this professional-level strength: a serious problem may occur when such supplements are misunderstood or abused.

In general, professional and other full-time athletes derive greater benefit from dietary supplements than the typical layman. As with all dietary supplements, the effects of this product are severely inhibited by a poor diet, lack of routine exercise or other such deficiency in proper athletic regimen. AllMax Nutrition does not claim that this product will reduce weight or increase fat-loss; rather, this product is simply intended to accentuate and exponentially improve results, naturally occurring from an athlete’s current training regimen – mostly related to muscle growth and athletic performance. Thus, individuals who are not actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle may actually reap negative effects from ingesting this dietary supplement. Athletes most likely to derive maximum benefit from Tribulus Terrestris include bodybuilders, swimmers, cyclists, marathon runners, and contact sports enthusiasts, to name a few.


Ingredients of TribX90

The primary ingredient of TribX90 is Tribulus Terrestris – a plant which thrives in dry climates around the world, known by such colorful names as puncture-vine, Devil’s Weed, and Cat’s Head. During the plant’s peak season (one month each annum, in Bulgaria) entire crops of Tribulus Terrestris are harvested and large concentrations of Steroidal Furastanolic Saponins are immediately extracted, with the highest purity being derived from the earliest possible extraction, post-harvest. Steroidal Saponins have been shown in some laboratory studies to increase the amount of Luteinizing Hormone naturally produced by the body; this Luteinizing Hormone then directly contributes to the production of testosterone in individuals consuming minute to large amounts. As a direct result of increased testosterone, the athlete will theoretically have proportionately-increased athletic performance, strength and muscle growth. Though, AllMax Nutrition has doubled the typical concentration in these capsules, similar products have been shown to cause positive effects in athletes supplementing their diets with as low as 40% concentrations of Steroidal Saponins; thus, TribX90 can be said to be among bodybuilding industry leaders (for example, the most powerful type of Steroidal Saponin, known as Protodioscin, is among the Saponins found in this product).

Other ingredients play insignificant roles but should be checked by the consumer for allergy concerns. Unfortunately, due to the presence of multiple varieties, TribX90 may cause allergic reactions in those sensitive to blue food dyes or red food dyes. Notwithstanding this, none of the other inactive ingredients tend to cause adverse reactions. However, it should be noted that the facility in which this product is manufactured also produces certain products known to cause allergic reactions – so consumers must do thorough homework before using this or any other dietary supplement.



The primary advantage of TribX90 is simply its concentration! There are tons of Tribulus Terrestris products on the market and they all do the exact same things; by going for the more concentrated variety, one need interrupt their day less frequently to take their supplement. In reality, however, few athletes take only a single dietary supplement – opting to take supplements with every meal – reducing the weightiness of this fact. The major advantage, therefore, is the delivery method of oral capsule. The vast majority of dietary supplements come in an inconvenient powder form, which is typically added to the infamous, baby-bottle shaker of milk, almond milk or water, which full grown adults can all-too-often be seen trotting around gym locker rooms with.

With this new, capsule, delivery method, TribX90 is more portable and convenient than the competition and ditches the silly baby-bottle fad. Outside of these fun tidbits however, it all comes down to quality control. AllMax boasts some of the finest quality control of any dietary supplement company: indeed, the only significant complaint is that their products are essentially unregulated and unexpected health complications could certainly occur when taking any kind of performance enhancing supplement, be it legal or not.



  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Gluten Free

While the majority of AllMax products have certifications galore, TribX90 only really qualifies for two: undoubtedly, AllMax utilizes Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) across the board – including with this product. Beyond that, it is Gluten Free. However, those looking for Vegan-friendly or Kosher options will have to go elsewhere. This one is pretty straight-forward: if any Tribulus Terrestris supplement works for you, the odds are that this one will too.



For me, bodybuilding is a daily endeavor. When I wake up in the morning the first thing that strikes my mind is what strides I can make in the weight-room today. Those accomplishments begin with my morning dose. Since I’ve began taking TribX90, my growth has been unbelievable! I can bench and squat significantly more; I can take on extra cardio before and after my workout; and, most importantly for me, I feel less exhausted and more refreshed after my cooldowns. No doubt: my whey and my TribX90 are my wingmen in accomplishing all my bodybuilding goals.

– Danny Hernandez, 29, Lubbock, Texas

I’ve been training for my first Ironman and I cannot do without TribX90. I hate mixing up powders into anything and prefer to take my dietary supplements all at once, when I wake. Just one capsule in the morning and I’m feeling like I can soar over mountaintops and swim across the English Channel. Sometimes I’ve had indigestion with dietary supplements but I’ve found that AllMax products settle better for me and this one is no exception. I definitely do not think I’d have a chance at completing the Ironman under normal circumstances…but AllMax gives me the drive I need to get it done.

– Mary Benson, 27, Santa Monica, CA

Activity has always been my ‘Achilles’ Heel’…but when I hit 200 pounds and my doctor told me I was officially obese, I knew it was time for a change. I began dieting for real and eventually included a daily workout, too. I had lost over 50 pounds when I hit a plateau and could not seem to break into the 130’s. That was when I discovered TribX90! My workout instantly changed: I am less lethargic when my workout begins, don’t get tired for nearly one-third longer and when I finally do take a break, it isn’t five minutes until I’m yearning to just get back at it! Fat seems to fall off now and I’m tightening up all over. I can tell you this: I wouldn’t be 115 pounds and ‘healthy as a horse’ today, without this supplement.

– Simone Washington, 31, Harlem, New York

Gymnastics has always taken a brutal toll on my body – often, after a day coaching my team at the gym, it would be a couple more days before my body would allow me to get back at it. I started supplementing my diet with TribX90 just after my 40th birthday and I’ve never felt better. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to tumble like a 20 year old.

– Ginny Dunn, 43, Topeka, KS

A lifelong problem for me has been hitting plateaus in the gym. Nothing bothers me more than hitting the gym on every day, benching 300 pounds, just to maintain that strength and not see significant improvement the next week. Thanks to this little capsule, all that changed: if I put in the hard work, I see hard results. It is making me more intense every workout. It’s making me handle more weight, without flinching. And above all else, I’m coming back on one day’s rest as fresh as if I had just taken a vacation. I’ve tried every Tribulus Terrestris supplement on the market and none come close to giving me the same intense edge I get from TribX90.

– Brett Hawker, 22, Venice Beach, CA

TribX90 is my beast-mode supplement! I’ve never needed any kind of ‘get up and go’ before my morning run or my evening workout, since I’ve began taking this rocketfuel. Just turned 51 but I’ve never felt more awesome in my life – I only wish I had this stuff back in my High School Football days.

–  Mitch Belmonte, 51, Palm Beach, FL


Awards & Media Coverage

Anyone who has ever picked up a subscription to Natural Muscle Magazine has surely encountered TribX90 and its sister products, collecting hosts of endorsements and attached to some of the most award winning bodybuilders of all time. Of course, AllMax has been well-represented by athletes of the elite level from across the spectrum of sports. Furthermore, all of their supplements have made repeat appearances at the Olympia championships, the Arnold Sports Festival, and the FIBO Bodybuilding Exposition. From bikini models to fighting championships, it is difficult to think of any major sports industry which hasn’t come into contact with AllMax Nutrition’s products.


Money-back Guarantee

While AllMax is seriously lacking in offering no money-back guarantee or guarantee of satisfaction, they do offer significant deals – such as a ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’, which you can usually get from any online supplier of their products or via rebate should you buy it at a specialty store. Regardless of where you shop, this product will rarely sport a base-cost higher than $20; thus, taking a chance on buying this supplement will probably not rank among your life’s greatest financial risks. It is worth noting that any kind of money-back guarantee is quite rare in this industry: the best a consumer can reasonably expect to see is a free exchange policy on flavored whey powder.



Just like everything else on the internet market, dietary supplements will have many shipping options, depending on where you purchase it from. The only major shipping concern would be the summer heat – and even then, this product is not particularly susceptible to excess heat, unless you live somewhere especially hot (Alaskans need not fret). If you need rush delivery, it shouldn’t be a problem but with small items, such as these capsule bottles, often the cheaper delivery method will get to you just as fast as the more expensive options.


Customer Support

As with all dietary supplement companies, AllMax is going to be reluctant to dole out any sort of medical advice. In general, nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit; thus, what you see is what you get. AllMax has detailed a fairly thorough outline of all of their products – yet, none of them offer advice to the consumer far beyond, “use in conjunction with a hardy workout regimen” or “these statements not evaluated by the FDA”. In law-suit-happy America, who can blame them? If you want support using any kind of dietary supplement, the golden rule of healthy living applies every time and it’s exactly the advice you’ll receive from this review: “talk about it with your medical doctor!”


Safe & Secure Checkout

Because AllMax does not distribute their products directly to the public, you will have to acquire this dietary supplement from some other third-party vendor. Many online distributors offer this product and the safety and security of your checkout will depend entirely on the reputability of the website you purchase from. That being said, though the same identity theft threats pervade every facet of society, many people simply feel more comfortable purchasing things over a counter-top. Technically speaking, the safest and most secure checkout in the world is bringing a wad of cash and a massive set of biceps to your local, specialty store!



As aforementioned – regardless of where you purchase this AllMax product – the base-price should hover just below $20 flat. Assuming you purchase from an online vendor, a few bucks in the infamous guise of ‘shipping and handling’ will almost certainly apply; however, if you are bargain savvy and search for those BOGO-type offers, you will assuredly lock in a sweet deal on the overall order. To apply just a touch of big-kid logic, if you think the vendor is asking too much, do some shopping around! Assuming you have plans of using this dietary supplement routinely, it’s difficult to fathom that the cost will outweigh the rewards.






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