Tribulon by Trec Nutrition – Could It Be Too Good to Be True?

What Is Tribulon?

Tribulon is an herbal supplement purported to act as a testosterone booster. It is essentially a highly concentrated extract of the herb Tribulus Terrestris. This herb has long been used as a male enhancement supplement, but it has limited scientific backing concerning sports medicine, athletic performance or actual testosterone boosting effects over a prolonged period.



Tribulon is produced by Trec Nutrition. This is a Polish company that began producing athletic supplements in 2001. It has since branched out into a wide variety of sports-based supplements and products including testosterone boosters, protein, general performance enhancers, joint supplements, fat reducers and others. It also produces non-supplement products, including sportswear and gear of various types.

Part of its claim to fame is due to the very nature of its origin as a Polish company. Trec Nutrition claims that due to Poland’s ultra strict guidelines regarding food and supplement products, it consistently produces products of excellent quality and purity because it would literally be illegal to do anything less.

Although less is heard about Trec Nutrition in the United States compared to many other brands, it is a major brand name in Poland and other European countries. It claims a significant community base built up around its various brands, and it is also engaged actively with athletes from many countries. The company even claims to participate actively in educational opportunities with athletes. If nothing else, Trec Nutrition is certainly a company that has taken the production of sports supplements and gear to the next level. It not only produces a wide variety of products, but it is very directly active in the sports and athletic community, at least in Europe.


How Tribulon Works?

Tribulon contains only a single active ingredient: Tribulus Terrestris. Like other relabeled extracts, its method of action will be intrinsically tied with the workings of this particular herb. Tribulus has a claim to fame as a testosterone booster, although the scientific backing for this is tentative at best. Assuming the product does, in fact, boost testosterone, then it will have all of the effects on the body that an increase in testosterone will have. From an athletic perspective, increases in testosterone will also mean increases in energy level and muscle mass.

Due to an overall lack of scientific research, it is not 100 percent clear how exactly Tribulus works or how exactly it boosts testosterone levels, although there are several leading theories about how it would do so.

The first theory is that it lowers blood glucose levels significantly. This will show up in the body as an increase in testosterone concentration. Although there is also the argument that this secondary effect only alters test results and doesn’t actually increase the amount of testosterone present.

The second, a slightly more promising, theory is that the herb boosts the production of hormones specifically tied to testosterone production. These are namely luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone. Essentially, the herb stimulates the body’s natural testosterone production, leading to increased levels. These levels, however, will naturally flatten out at a certain range as the body recognizes that there is more than enough testosterone in the system. Tribulon has no ingredients, as some other supplements do, to trick the body into overproducing testosterone.

It is important to note that the strongest study supporting the herb’s testosterone boosting ability came with several caveats. Most importantly, that testosterone levels increased for only the first 10 days of the study and then either leveled off or dropped. This indicates that the product’s effects are quick but last a very brief amount of time, which is certainly a consideration for dosing. Taking the supplement continuously over the long term may not actually be effective or worthwhile.

It is also worth noting that research has shown that such acute changes in testosterone levels do very little when it comes to muscle mass increases or performance. This makes the primary method of action for this supplement dubious at best.


Ingredients of Tribulon

There is only one active ingredient in Tribulon, the herb Tribulus Terrestris. It is actually a very common plant in several parts of the world and is known by a variety of other more common names such as Puncturevine, Devil’s Weed or Goat Head. It is characterized by developing a very sharp and thorny seed strong enough to puncture bicycle tires and cause no end of pain for dogs who walk through it.

This herb has ancient Ayurvedic origins, and it has been used for centuries as a male enhancement supplement by cultures across the world. This gives it a long history of anecdotal and cultural support under the assumption that if it didn’t work at all, it probably wouldn’t still be used. That said, scientific evidence for the herb is widely varied and not particularly promising. There has been strong evidence for overall male enhancement, but much weaker evidence specifically for athletic performance or testosterone boosting in a way that has a significant effect on muscle gain or athletic performance.

Studies have also uncovered a very wide discrepancy in the herb’s effectiveness depending on its origin. The primary active ingredient in Tribulus is the saponin protodioscin. This substance specifically is believed to cause all of the herb’s potential testosterone boosting effects. The variance means that a product with a higher concentration of saponins is going to be more effective at a lower overall dose. The best sources for the herb are thus Turkey, Macedonia and Bulgaria. The weakest and least beneficial sources of the herb are purportedly India, China and Vietnam.

From a scientific standpoint, Tribulus holds a place as an adaptogen. This means that the body primarily uses it to stabilize hormone levels to optimal amounts and then hold them there. This corresponds heavily with the evidence that the herb raises testosterone levels at first and then holds them at a seeming maximum no matter how much time passes or how much dosage is increased. For those looking at testosterone boosting, this is an extremely important fact. This herb will basically have little to no effect on a person who is already at very high testosterone levels, for example if they have been taking other testosterone boosters. It will also not increase testosterone beyond a certain point, and so will result in overall inferior levels of boosting compared to most other testosterone boosting substances available. Essentially, if a person has a low testosterone condition, the herb will be effective in bringing them to optimal levels, but this means very little overall in terms of bodybuilding.

Although dosing and concentrations of this herb are not fully researched, there has been evidence that the effective dosing range is very strict. When either too little or too much of the herb is consumed it tends to lose its effectiveness. This is important to consider since with most testosterone boosting herbs and substances more almost always equals a greater boost. Not so with Tribulon. The 60 percent concentration of saponins in the product is actually above the recommended maximum, this means that a lower overall dose of the product is advisable. Only a blood test will reveal any actual increase in testosterone levels, and consumers may wish to experiment with dosages until they find something effective for them. In general, a lower dose of this supplement will probably be more effective given its concentration.



Overall, there is not the greatest scientific or consumer support for Tribulon and supplements like it that use Tribulus Terrestris as their only ingredient. Although studies have shown that the supplement is beneficial to overall health, especially cardiovascular health, it is widely considered to be one of the least effective testosterone boosting substances available. The increase in cardiovascular health, which has an indirect effect on athletic performance, may be of benefit to certain individuals or older adults, but is unlikely to have any noticeable effect in younger, healthier adults who are already active.

Tribulon does have a few things that stand out both in terms of its primary ingredient and this supplement in particular. First, the effect on testosterone levels when taking this supplement is likely to be much faster than with other substances. Testosterone boosters have been notoriously slow to change actual testosterone levels, with many of them taking weeks or months to achieve full effectiveness. Tribulon is quite the opposite, reaching full effect within 10 days and then permanently leveling off.

Tribulon also claims to have a high concentration of saponins, the critical active ingredient in the herb. Considering the wide variation in concentration among extracts, this is an important distinction. It may also mean that a lower effective dose can be used, making it last longer. This is especially true when combined with the fact that lower doses of the herb may actually be more beneficial than higher doses.



Neither Tribulon nor its star ingredient, Tribulus Terrestris, has any official certification. It is also not strongly backed by science as a testosterone booster or a supplement that has any dramatic, or even noticeable, effect on athletic performance. It has only the backings of a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine.



Ted, 32, Los Angeles, CA

I’d read a lot of negative reviews about Tribulus Terrestris in general on the internet, but I actually found that this supplement did work for me. I started to feel better right after taking the supplement, and I did notice an increase in my overall performance and especially my energy level.

Marc, 22, Paris, France

For the longest time, I haven’t been feeling very good about my energy level or my motivation to workout like I should. I was losing muscle, and with it, I lost even more motivation and energy to get back into the game and stay active. I was really looking for something to boost my T-levels back up because I just felt like they were super low. This product really worked for me. I felt the effects within the first week, which was really nice because a lot of my friends said that it had taken them almost a month to feel anything from other supposed testosterone boosters. I’m happy to say that I’m working out again, feeling so much better and actually starting to regain a lot of that muscle I’d lost.

Richard, 29, Austin, TX

Don’t always believe the reviews. This herb has gotten a lot of bad rap, but it can work if you use it right. What I noticed about it after some reading is that it works fast, a lot faster than any other T-booster. I did the logical thing and after two weeks of taking it, I combined it with some other T-boosters. I got the best of both worlds by doing that, I think. I got the fast-acting boost from Tribulon, and I got a long-lasting increase from the other supplements I added. Start with Tribulon and you’ll be doing it right.

Ralph, 42, London, UK

My friends and I have had some good success with this supplement. We decided to all take it together as an experiment and because it doesn’t seem to have any bad side-effects. I didn’t want to be some kind of incredible hulk, and I was looking for a more modest and natural supplement for testosterone boosting. This supplement fit the bill for me.


Awards & Media Coverage

As primarily a European-based product, Tribulon has gotten a lot more attention in Poland and various European countries than it has gotten in the United States. It has been featured in several prominent bodybuilding and fitness exhibitions in Russia, Britain and other countries in Europe. Importantly, its manufacturer is also very widely known and respected in European athletic circles.

There are no awards specifically attached to this supplement or its ingredient, but it has been used as an enhancement supplement for a very long time across a wide variety of countries and cultures. It has stood the test of time despite an overall lacking of scientific support.


Money-back Guarantee

There is no offered money back guarantee for this product. Most consumers should consider their purchase of this product to be final unless the specific vendor they purchased it from offers their own independent money back guarantee or refund policy. There are a wide variety of vendors who sell Tribulon, so the chances of being able to negotiate a refund with them are rather good. Keep in mind that as with most refund policies, if the product has been opened or if large amounts have been used, then it may not be returnable.



Tribulon is sold online by a variety of retailers. It is available primarily in Europe but is also offered internationally by certain online retailers. Shipping policies vary depending on the distributor used. The manufacturer does not sell this product directly to consumers, and it directs consumers from its buy pages to an online or local retailer.

Customers should expect a standard shipping policy for this product. This includes five to seven day shipping times. There may also be certain duties or fees if the product is shipped internationally. Tribulon is marked as a natural supplement, so these will need to be a legal import in the country in question.


Customer Support

Trec Nutrition does provide direct contact information including phone number, mailing address and an online contact entry form on its website. For English speaking or American customers, it is important to keep in mind that this company is based in Gdynia and may not have the usual customer support. The company can also be reached via the full gamut of social media platforms such as Facebook and Google Plus.

It may be more beneficial for customers with concerns or questions regarding this product to contact the local or line retailer where they purchased the product. That said, the company does seem to care about connecting and educating consumers and fellow athletes, so they may be open to discussion and customer care if contacted directly.


Safe & Secure Checkout

All official online retailers offer safe and secure checkout for products. This cannot be applied to the manufacturer directly since they do not host an online store. If in doubt, a customer should look for an official encryption icon as well as scan the retailer’s policy pages for security statement. No online retailer of any worth operates an online shop without these security precautions, and since Tribulon is widely available from many international distributors, it should be no problem finding a properly safe and secure shopping option.



Tribulon is reasonably priced supplement considering what it contains. By contrast, the average price for other standard testosterone boosters is usually about $50. The average price of basic Tribulus extracts is as low as $30 for a bottle. Although Tribulon represents a superior form of the extract with its guaranteed higher concentration of active ingredients, it is still far below the normal price range for such products. Could it be too good to be true?






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