Tribestan by Sopharma Review – One of the Best Testosterone Boosters on the Market?

What Is Tribestan?

Leave it to the once-Communist country of Bulgaria to come up with a name for a testosterone boosting supplement called Tribestan. If this one of a kind, standout name does not conjure up images of man in his raw, muscular, virile, and powerful original state of nature then what would? This is exactly the image the developer and manufacturer is going for with this product and evocative name. The formula was designed to increase and improve a man’s naturally occurring levels of testosterone. This matters immensely as efficient and increasing levels of testosterone help to build up major muscle growth and to reduce excessive body fat at the same time.

This supplement is typically employed by manly men who desire to improve their muscles, endurance, and physique for better performance inside and outside of the gym. The formula is advertised to boost testosterone levels by an impressive 40% to 50% higher than before. This matters immensely as an average male has a bloodstream that possesses a typical level of between 350 and 1230 nanograms of testosterone for each deciliter of blood. Though this may be the normal threshold, men who possess testosterone levels of even as little as from 500 to 600 nanograms, well within the typical tolerance levels, will often find that they suffer from lower testosterone level symptoms such as lower energy and ongoing loss of energy, depression and despair, trouble with developing muscles, and even complete exhaustion or at least unnatural tiredness.



Tribestan was developed and manufactured by Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Group Limited’s wholly owned subsidiary Sopharma. With roots going back 70 years, Sopharma turns out to be the original Bulgarian drugs and supplement maker whose aim is to make accessible, high quality, efficient medicinal types of products which will help to realize the promises of life and health for both its Bulgarian and international consumers. Sopharma today remains among the most established and largest of medicine makers in the Eastern European country of Bulgaria. The company proudly has its name on over 170 individual medicines and supplements that span practically the entire group of pharmacotherapeutic inventories.

Besides this impressive roster of produced medicines, Sopharma also owns an enormous number of patents and possesses substantial technological and manufacturing know how on over 300 different technologies. The firm’s original contributions and development of phytochemical products that are derived from medicinal plant extracts as well as chemical substances and solutions span a range of international brands including Tribestan, Carsil, Nivalin, and Tabex, among many others that are internationally recognized and highly valued around the region and world.


How Tribestan Works?

Taking the supplement requires following some specific instructions. An initial serving of the formula is two filmtabs taken three different times each day with food. The cycle on requires 80 days to accomplish. Afterwards, the maintenance dose drops in half to a single filmtab taken three different times each day with food.

Tribestan users are assured by Sopharma that their male bodies will undergo a number of significant changes once they begin to use this powerful supplement. These are centered around a substantial improvement in muscle strength and size and additional levels of naturally powered energy. The manufacturer also promises that customers who consume the supplement will similarly enjoy better stamina and endurance for all forms of physical exercise and activity, particularly with heavy activity such as lifting weights. Performance levels in and out of the gym are supposed to be significantly improved as a result of this powerful testosterone boosting formula.

This is not to say that Sopharma’s all natural ingredients within the supplement will not be without some significant and sometimes undesirable side effects. Some consumers, though not many, have reported unpleasant results alongside the desired ones, including feelings of anxiety, diarrhea, chronic headaches, outbreaks of acne, and even unfortunate muscle spasms. It should be noted that only a small percentage of consumers who take this supplement complain that they suffer from such unpleasant side effects.

Whatever a bodybuilder or athlete’s ultimate fitness and training goals may be, Tribestan needs to be stacked up with other supplements in order to achieve the ultimate performance. A solid Whey Protein to be taken following workouts will assist in feeding muscles as well as with the development of lean muscle mass. For better overall workouts performance, experts recommend including the formula with a strong pre-workout supplement. Those on the prowl for improved after-workout recovery and muscle endurance should pair the formula along with a great amino acid nutritional supplement. Finally, many weightlifters are obsessed with getting their certified body fat down to a lower percentage level, and so they will want to stack in a Thermogenic Fat Burner such as Skald’s Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher to help to achieve this goal.


Ingredients of Tribestan

There is but one major active ingredient contained within Sopharma’s Tribestan. This is the world famous Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. It is a potent and unique in the world best extract of the plant Tribulus Terrestris. This all-natural ingredient is famed for increasing testosterone levels in men. It actually does this by elevating a male’s level of luteinizing hormone. This orders the relevant organism’s glands in the testes to produce higher levels of testosterone. More testosterone increases a man’s day to day performance in the gym and in all around life in general.

Those aging men who have lost their spark of youth are really not losing their spirit and zest for life, only lacking sufficient quantities of their manly testosterone. Tribulus Terrestris is helpful to them in several different ways. This formula is able to deliver this by being not just a person’s average and ordinary Tribulus. It is in fact the Bulgarian version of it, widely accepted as the very best of it found on planet earth. This is because the principal ingredient is grown in particularly fertilized fields that optimize its Protogracillin and Protodioscin contents.

Other active components in Tribulus and hence Tribestan are several. Microcell is the responsible ingredient for stimulating the testes to produce more testosterone. Polyplasdone XL works like a disintegrant for stimulating testosterone. Cabosil is utilized to thicken up the all-around extract so that it better produces testosterone. Polyvinylpyrrolidone serves as the critical binding agent that provides better access to the luteinizing hormones to produce testosterone. Talc works like a glidant so that the testosterone flows better in the male organism’s bloodstream. A film coating acts as a binding agent to hold the supplement intact until it gets to the testes which produce the natural testosterone within them.

A final ingredient of Tribestan is Caltrops extract. This Bulgarian produced version of it best increases vitality, endurance, and lean muscle mass. Without creating any side effects in the man’s body on its own, it can interact negatively with certain other stacked supplements. This is why men are advised to be careful and talk with a general practitioner doctor before mixing unknown supplements with the formula itself.



This all natural and time-tested supplement that has long been used in Bulgaria to treat declining testosterone offers a number of advantages to its users. For recreational and professional athletes and weightlifters alike, it delivers significantly improved vitality, stamina, and vigor for better performance on the field and in the gym. All of its ingredients are natural.

Sopharma has seven decades of experience and customer base behind it, meaning that it has effectively stood the test of time and must be at least somewhat reputable by default. Tribestan is conveniently available from a number of independent and online retailers and is not supposed to cause any harmful or negative side effects by itself. Males who take it and follow the instructions religiously are told that they will have greater energy levels and bigger stronger muscles, helping them to be stronger and more enduring from the outside to the inside of the body in order to last longer both in the gym and outside of it.



Sopharma is one of the founding members of the Association of Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. They are also certified as a European Generic Association member. They count themselves a member of the European Organisation of Over the Counter Medicine Manufacturers. Finally, they are certified a European Organization of Medium and Small Sized Pharmaceutical Companies member.



I am an avid user of the Tribestan and have seen some results with the supplement over the months, but nothing to really write home about honestly. For me the results that I achieved at the price I paid for this somewhat expensive supplement just do not justify my continuing to use it. If the price comes down on these newer film coated tablets then I will consider trying it again.

At 54 years of age, I am willing to try anything that will help me to get my lost youth and testosterone levels back. While I eat healthy and drink plenty of water, I still have not found the right testosterone booster to give me that extra hard hitting power in the gym. It may be that this formula works better with some men’s chemistry that it did with mine, so it would not hurt to try it out as it has some strong positive reviews on the weightlifting forums.

– Vance Beaucham, Sun City, FL

I can only say that this formula is the real thing, and even better than the real thing. The main ingredient Tribulus proves to be a terrific natural testosterone booster with practically zero side effects. Sopharma does it the right way, investing all of the right amounts of time into science, tests, and properly growing and harvesting this Tribulus the correct way. All I can say is that this supplement really works. I might not have any scientific tests or results to prove my testosterone blood levels now, but I do possess more than 20 years of weight training and supplement taking beneath my belt.

I can feel the actual changes in my attitude and intensity in workouts thanks to taking this formula. After three months of taking it though, the product seems to peak out and level off a bit. For any man who is a believer in Tribulus the all natural testosterone producing supplement, you should definitely check this Sopharma product out soon.

– Shawn McCallister, Edinburg, Scotland

I have experienced no negative consequences or difficulties in taking this Tribestan product. It has been extremely successful for me personally. It delivers fantastic results in building up muscles and increasing flagging energy levels. I enjoyed solid results by taking three of these film coated tablets per day. Sopharma products have always done me well.

Getting the best Tribulus Terrestris extract is expensive, as it only comes from Bulgaria in its best form. I find Sopharma’s products to be both dependable and successful in delivering the results that they promise. I give them and their supplement five stars for excellence.

– Mr. Jeff Newman, Newark, NJ


Money-back Guarantee

Any money back guarantee is issued by the U.S. vendor from whom potential customers buy the supplement. Sopharma is not involved in the transaction whatsoever, having no direct operations outside of Eastern Europe. Seeing as the manufacturer can not or will not help customers with any potential problems that they may run across, it is wise to investigate the money back guarantee and terms of any return policy of any vendor from whom the product is purchased.

For example, Amazon Prime offers a 30 day money back guarantee on any defective or damaged product that arrives at the purchaser’s address. Other vendors may not be so generous with this, or may offer even 60 day no questions asked return policies. This is why it is critical for potential buyers to investigate this all important return policy regardless of from whom they purchase.



Similarly with shipping and handling, each company sets its own prices and policies. Amazon individual merchants and Prime service both offer free shipping on this product. This free shipping and handling policy is fairly unique in this sports nutrition supplement industry.


Customer Support

When the manufacturer of a given supplement is located half the world away and can not help a customer of their product with problems and needs of customer support, it becomes so much more critical to know that the vendor from whom they are buying the product will step up to the plate. This starts with five days per week minimal customer service offered at least by telephone. Buyers should not take this as a given or for granted, as some vendors will instead offer live chat customer support or even only email responses to problems which their customers experience. A wise potential customer might even attempt to contact the merchant before actually buying the supplement from their online e-commerce store in order to make sure that he will be able to reach a live person in the event that something goes wrong with his particular order.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Anymore, offering a true secure and safe checkout experience has become as important as the good or service which a company is selling. Thanks to the proliferation of cyber-crime, which now touches over one-fourth of American consumers, this is a critical issue which any merchant from whom you will consider ordering should address in no uncertain and even forceful terms. Take the time to navigate to their privacy and security policy page to make sure that buying Tribestan will not lead to heartache and years of misery with stolen identities and credit card fraud even years down the road. For a company to avoid these problems is as easy as providing a secure 128 bits SSL level of encryption as a minimum to protect all incoming and outgoing transmission of data of their customers sensitive credit cards and personal information as well.



Tribestan prices vary naturally from one online vendor to the next. Most online vendors in particular sell it in the fairly standard 60 film coated tablets form. AllStarHealth offers it for $39.99 plus shipping and handling. BodyBuilding delivers the formula for $40.98 plus shipping costs. Amazon charges a higher price point at $43.94, but in fact they do include shipping and handling as part of the total package price deal. Highest costing among the major well-respected vendors is TFSupplements, which is charging a whopping $48.95 plus shipping charges to get the product out the door.






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