Trib-650 from Dymatize Nutrition

Trib-650 by Dymatize Nutrition Review – Need a Supplement for Increased Testosterone Release?

What Is Trib-650?

Trib-650 is a bodybuilding supplement that supports increased testosterone release, increased muscle mass and development, and helps the body have energy and function at optimum levels when training and working out at the gym. It is a product of the manufacturer Dymatize, which has developed other workout products, as well. It has been used with some of the top athletes, but also can be used for recreational use. Unlike steroids, it does not inject testosterone directly into your system, or any other hormone for that matter.

Instead, the ingredients in the product will help your body produce more testosterone. It takes time for the product to be effective and generate results in your body. It is designed to maximize your workout performance, giving you added energy and prolonged workouts to bring greater muscle mass and strength without as much working out. You will also find amplified gym results when compared to working out alone. You will also look and feel better, according to reviews. And the product claims to have natural ingredients.



The manufacturer for Trib-650 is Dymatize Nutrition. The company claims to have, as a team, spent over 50 years in the Sports Nutrition field and in product development. This experience they say helps to ensure that their products deliver the intended results while maintaining award-winning flavors.

They conduct university research that uses the best technology to bring the best product, through the individual ingredients and in the product as a whole. This is what sets apart the company from other competitors, they say. All products including Trib-650 are supported by Dymatize Nutrition Sports Performance Institute. This institute has four departments: an advisory board with experts from all over the world, a university research team and athletes who are selected to test the quality of their products. However, the possible downside to this site is that there is a lack of contact information and no real way to verify if these claims they make as a company are all true.


How Trib-650 Works?

Trib-50 is supposedly the closest to testosterone in its effects than any other product. It mimics the effects of testosterone and also increases the hormone level in the bloodstream. It does not work immediately, and if you want it to work you have to maintain a healthy diet and continue to work out at the gym. You should also keep away alcohol and smoking from your diet, and get good rest, and you should see results in 3-6 weeks in most cases.

You will see an increase in energy gradually, followed by an increase in endurance. Then you will start to see an increase in muscle mass and cut, as well as an overall increase in size. You should take two pills in the morning and two in the evening, and once you tolerate the pills and don’t see any side-effects you can increase to four pills in the morning and four in the evening. You can do this for two weeks, but then it is important to cleanse out the system and reset, so for two days take only four pills total in the day, then you can start the eight-pill a day cycle again.


Ingredients of Trib-650

The supplement facts are clearly labeled on Trib-650, and there is only one ingredient: 650 mg of Tribulus Terrestris. Other ingredients that are listed are of little consequence: gelatin, cellulose and silicon dioxide. Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that normally grows in a drier climate and has many other names such as burra gokharu, bindil, devil’s thorn, and many more. It has many medical uses and has been taken for these properties in the past. It has been known to decrease the effects of Angina, which is another positive element to the ingredient.

There is also evidence that the ingredient might be effective in bodybuilding. In the last 10 years there has been some evidence that extract from Tribulus Terrestris can aid in increasing testosterone in the body, and also androgens, which are very important in the bodybuilding process. The problem is, the ingredient is not always pure, and not all extracts are created equal. This is why many bodybuilders have failed to see the positive effects from the ingredient. So you need to buy products from a trusted seller to avoid the impure ingredients. Also, the product should be taken by itself and not in combination with other supplements as it may cause negative interaction and side-effects.



The manufacturer is overall a well-known seller and claims to test all of its products thoroughly. Also they test for the quality of the product and use the product on selected athletes to see how effective the product is for the user. Experts in the field are also involved in the product’s production.

The main ingredient is Tribulus Terrestris, which is known to be as close to actual testosterone as possible, actually producing more testosterone in the system, it says. Though other products with different ingredients claim to do this as well. Also the ingredient in the product, if pure, helps to increase the testosterone levels in the body leading to more energy during workouts, enhanced endurance, and greater muscle build and cut, as well as mass. Overall the manufacturer seems to be well-known and the products are tested, which is an advantage. As to the effectiveness of the product, some reviews have said they saw results within 6-8 weeks.



Trib-650 is a product of Dymatize Nutrition manufacturing. The company claims that all of its products are sports certified. They said that all of Dymatize’s most-popular products received Informed-Choice. The sport certification proves that all of the products sold in stores are free of all banned substances. This is good to know that there are no potential ingredients that the manufacturer didn’t tell us about. However there is no way to prove these claims through contacting customer service because it is lacking.

It is also helpful to know there are no ingredients that would potentially be banned due to negative side-effects in the body. The product Trib-650 has all the ingredients listed, so people with any allergies know what is in it. Finally, the product supposedly helps the body function at its best levels during bodybuilding at the gym. Overall the product is certified and has been tested on athletes and promises to deliver at the gym after a given period of time, generally 6-8 weeks. However again the there is no way to ascertain the effectiveness of the product due to the lack of customer support.



One user said that overall, compared to other testosterone boosters he had used, he found Trib-650 to be decent. He said after trying other supplements, this one wasn’t the best one he had tried, but he couldn’t complain mostly about how he felt, side-effects or how he looked after using the supplement for a period of time, after about 2 weeks. He said he also noticed, however, that his temper was a bit shorter and he was more aggressive than normal. He overall found the product to be mild as compared to other supplement of the same type. He gave it a rating of 7.3 out of 10.

Another reviewer said that he found the product underrated and, after taking a capsule after every meal and a period of time, had boosted testosterone and gym results. Another said it worked well for him, and another also complained of increased aggression but that this also led him to work out more and with better efficiency. Another reported a gain in overall size and strength and gave it a 10 out of 10. Another said he had not noticed a lot of muscle mass increase but did notice an increase in strength, giving it a 9 out of 10.


Awards & Media Coverage

Trib-650 itself has no evident award or media coverage. However the manufacturer Dymatize has been used by several top professional athletes listed. It was stated that Joe Flacco, in the year he started using their products, led his team to be champions. Also Erin Stern, Ms. Figure Olympia Champion in 2010 and 2012, used the products in her daily nutritional routine to keep at her optimum performance level. Also Dymatize is the official supplier for the IMG Academy, which helps athletes seeking to become professionals.

Research for the product is headed by Chief Science Officer Dr. Rob Wildman, and the team has together over 50 years of Sports Nutrition and also experience in product development. This helps ensure the consumer that the product has been tested, approved by athletes, is safe to use, and that the supplements they produce deliver effects the customers hope to achieve. Finally Dymatize has an institute called Dymatize Nutrition Sports Performance Institute, which consists of a development team, an advisory board and top industry research and testing of their products. Overall these help ensure a better quality and safer product for all of them, including Trib-650.


Money-back Guarantee

You can buy Trib-650 from the website online but you will be redirected to other sites to finish the purchase. And it does not appear there is a money-back guarantee in of itself, though perhaps some of the sellers have a return policy. This perhaps might make the customer pause as there is no way to buy the product directly from the site. Also you will have to buy the product without a guarantee that you will get your money back if you don’t like the results.

Also when you are shopping it is sometimes difficult to find the amount of supplements in the bottles. One claims to have 100 tablets for $24.99. If eight pills are taken each day, however, this would only last for 12 days. This means that the product would be an average cost of twice that amount per month. Also watch how many bottles you buy if there is no money-back guarantee. Overall, with no guarantee return policy, you may want to think twice about buying this product to try.



Shipping for Trib-650 varies because there are several sites you are redirected to to purchase the product. Some of the sites offer same-day shipping and some don’t. You might pay more shipping based on how much product you order and the weight of the product. One site says it is $7.65 to ship the $24.99 bottle for 100 tablets. According to the dosage suggested by some of the reviewers, you may have to pay this twice per month. The amount of the product and the shipping.

Shipping for most sites should be the standard 5-7 days shipping time. And with the lack of money-back guarantee, you might not need to worry about paying return shipping fees. So you should expect that 2 times the $7.65 should be the amount per month you will pay if you continue to use the product.


Customer Support

Customer support for Trib-650 seems non-existent. The site claims to have professional athletes using the products, and top researchers. And even an institute. However there are no representatives to contact to ask questions about the product or to confirm these claims. The customer should pause when there is no one to speak with about the product.There are no numbers to call, people to chat with, or even an address to find out where the manufacturer is based or to find out where the products are produced.

The claims are pretty big to not have any customer service representatives or contact information to verify the information. Customers might think its a giant scam except that some testimonials claim to have been happy with the results. There is a semi-impressive blog with some nice fitness articles, but this might be a cover for what isn’t there. There is also Dynamize Enterprises, LLC at the bottom of the site, but still no contact details to back it up. Overall the lack of customer support and contact information might also lead one to stop before buying the product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Again, the security measures will vary depending on what site you use to buy the product. There is a privacy policy on the site. It says that they might request the name, address, phone number email, gender, year of birth, type of exercise, shopping preference and product interested in. And they said of course they will need our credit card information for online purchases. This doesn’t make sense that Dymatize would need your credit card information, however, if you are actually buying through another site.

They did say that their security system has a sentry system to monitor activity and protect from unauthorized disclosure of credit card information or other private information. Also, they use industry standard SSL encryption to ensure the personal information of the customer is kept confidential. They said the primary use of your information will be for promotions and offers, and for survey and market research purposes. It is also possible to unsubscribe from any of these.



The cost of the product on several sites is $24.99 for 100 tablets, plus $7.65 shipping and handling. Total cost is listed as $32.64. Again, however, with taking the prescribed number of tablets per day, you can expect to double this amount per month should you choose to continue using the product on a regular basis. You can pay with Discover, Mastercard or Visa. There is a place to put in a coupon code on the checkout page.

There is no free-trial available for Trib-650, and this combined with no money-back guarantee again means you will be paying the full-price of the product in order to try it. Other sites were selling the product for $14.99 per 100-pill bottle, which would make the supplement much more affordable to try and also buy on a monthly basis, given the product’s effectiveness. Some of the reviews commented that they were positively impressed by the price of the product and also claimed that it was producing results at the gym. So overall even though there is no getting money back, for one bottle the price is not too high as compared to other supplements. However reviews also said it might take 6-8 weeks to see results, so you might need to buy more than one bottle to give it a proper test, which is a bit more financially risky.






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