Triazole by Driven Sports Review – A Testosterone Booster & a Stress Relief Solution

What Is Triazole?

This Driven Sports supplement takes its name from the chemical expression “triazole”. A triazole is cyclic compound composed of atoms of at least two different elements in its ring.

This supplement is designed to help build muscle mass, increase energy, and help you meet your fitness goals. This is accomplished by suppressing the hormone estrogen and stimulating testosterone production. It uses a natural aromatase inhibitor in concert with a strong liver protectorate and effective anti-oxidant to support healing and recovery while building muscle mass.

This supplement employs three methods to limit, though not eliminate, estrogen. The first method is by inhibiting estrogen production as follows: The enzyme aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen along with other functions. This can result in an excess of estrogen and low amounts of testosterone. By inhibiting aromatase, the body is seen to be less able to convert testosterone into estrogen leaving more of the male hormone available to build muscle.

The second method included in its composition to limit estrogen is described here: Triazole uses a selective estrogen receptor modulator (called SERMs), created from bee propolis. This SEREM is used to displace estrogen from its receptor. With no way to bind itself to its receptor, estrogen is disabled, further enabling testosterone stimulation.

The third way this supplement combats estrogen is associated with the other two methods. With estrogen creation inhibited and the estrogen receptor unavailable because its place is occupied by the SEREM, there is less occurrence of estrogen.



Founded in late 2008 by Matt Cahill, Driven Sports entered the highly competitive sports supplements business. They are a boutique supplement company specializing in supplements to support general health and bodybuilding. They sell a small, specialized selection of high performance sports supplements.

Their products seek to enable more challenging workouts, quick workout recovery, and help build a leaner body. They also compose and distribute stacks of their products. Stacks are selected, measured amounts of complementary products designed for maximal effectiveness. Stacks are available for men and women.

Driven Sports is unique in the supplements industry by its emphasis on science and testing. Anyone who has surveyed the supplement business knows that many products are based on ancestral remedies without any foundation in testing. Driven Sports opposes that tradition through extensive testing and scientific research.

The basis of the company is its commitment to providing quality, tested sports supplements. Driven Sports ensures that their ingredients are fresh and appropriate and each product is tested effectiveness and purity. In the unregulated arena of sports supplements, this testing process is unusual.

Driven Sports bypassed the generic replication model of sports supplements. Rather, they provide a selection of highly-tested, targeted products. They consider that the supplements they offer fill an over-looked void in the supplements industry. That void is for fitness practitioners and bodybuilders who want a scientific basis to their supplements.


How Triazole by Driven Sports Works?

To take your bodybuilding up to the next level, most men, and many women, could use increased testosterone. Triazole is a supplement that stimulates an increase in this hormone by limiting estrogen, which is an unusual approach.

The prevalent idea among men that estrogen is the enemy hormone because it is the backbone of femininity is inaccurate. Both men and women need a balance of what are considered male and female hormones for optimal functioning. Many testosterone boosters misfire by striding to completely stifle estrogen.

This supplement seeks to control estrogen by blocking estrogen from its receptor and by preventing or inhibiting the creation of estrogen. Triazole blocks estrogen from its receptor by having its all-natural estrogen receptor modulator inhabit the place needed by estrogen; this prevents the creation of excessive estrogen. The other method of producing estrogen, through aromatase conversion, is modulated by the extract from the shrub brassaiopsis glomerulata.

By taking this unusual two-pronged approach, this supplement encourages and even stimulates greater testosterone in the system without eliminating the estrogen you need. These approaches or pathways seek to promote the presence of the male hormone and keep estrogen in balance.

Another well-documented factor in preventing effective muscle mass formation is stress. To combat this enemy, the product includes curcumin extracted from the curcuma longa plant. Working cooperatively with CAPE, the estrogen blocker, curcumin is designed to serve as a natural antioxidant, relieving stress in your cells.

These three approaches, supported by the rest of the ingredients, work to help you reach your fitness and personal goals. Men report improved mood, quick muscle mass improvement, and improved general health when taking Triazole.

This supplement also features a time-release function. The idea behind this is to prevent massive flooding of the supplement into your system. Instead, time release makes the supplement available over longer periods of time.

By following the recommended dosage of 3-4 capsules daily, men have seen results. Driven Sports does not recommend taking the capsules without interruption. They recommend break periods and then a return to the product for best results.

The best way to know if the product is working for you is to measure your results by tracking your progress. Create a tracking chart including such information as:

  1. Date you began taking the supplement.
  2. Important muscle measurements such as biceps, triceps, or perhaps a muscle group you have been trying to build that has resisted your efforts.
  3. Health data – how you are feeling when you begin; any negative health issues.
  4. Energy level – you might want to use a 1 – 10 scale for this.

Tracking enables you to see your progress rather than trying to remember and guess at your improvement. You may also enjoy significant assistance from swapping supplements around or staking. As you know, your body builds up a resistance to things such as antibiotics over time. When you reach the end of the eight week cycle, take a break from it.

Take time to examine your tracking document. Note improvements in your ability to lift heavier weights, increased muscle mass and energy level. This is helpful when you begin your next supplement cycle. In subsequent cycles, you can focus on areas that you need to bring up to the improved level of other muscle groups.


Ingredients of Triazole

This supplement contains the following ingredients:

Zinc from Zinc Aspartate (5mg) is an important supplement in its own right. Human bodies require zinc for literally hundreds of functions. In men, it is linked to testosterone maintenance and prostate health. Zinc is also a key part of a healthy immune system. Zinc provides a strong support to the other elements of the supplement.

LetroDex is a proprietary blend present in 750mg.

Maca Roote Extract (Lepidium Meyenii) has been used by primitive peoples for years uncounted for its mood enhancing and energy improving qualities. It is also an adaptogen which means it is a natural immune system enhancer. Additionally, it has been prized for decades for its hormonal balancing attributes.

Brassailpsis Glomerulata Extract created from the leaves of the plant (pZole) is included for its long-accepted property in inhibiting aromatase. This is important because the body naturally seeks to convert testosterone excess to estrogen. Escalated amounts of estrogen can cause adverse effects such as gynecomastia. This extract also assists in reducing muscular pain.

Prunella Vulgaris Extract is derived from an entirely eatable relative of mint. It is created from the whole plant and is used in this supplement for its anti-estrogenic properties. This extract is used to activate the aryl hydrocarbon receptor with the goal of interfering with estrogen. The plant is also called “Cure All” because it has been used all over Europe and in China to treat internal and external issues.

Turmeric Extract (Curcuma Longa) is taken from the root of the Curcuma Longa plant. The spices tumeric and curcumin are derived from this plant. Curcumin is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Including curcumin in Triazole fights cellular stress thereby reducing overall stress. Stress is an acknowledged factor in inhibiting testosterone production.

Bee Propolis Extract is also a well-known ancient remedy. It is produced by bees from sap, wax and other materials and appears brownish and lumpy in the hive. As the very successful ancient Greeks did, Triazole includes bee propolis extract for its anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Black Pepper Extract (Piper Nigrum) taken from the fruit of the pepper plant contains bioperine. Bioperine is known for its efficacy in combating joint pain and fatigue. BioPerine is a registered trademark of the Sabinsa Corp.

CAPE an all-natural SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator).

“Pzole” is the company name for a new compound in the supplement that is a natural aromatase inhibitor. The enzyme aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen. pZola is included to inhibit this process so that greater amounts of the male hormone can be available for building muscle mass.



This supplement created by Driven Sports is a natural supplement. There are no certificates associated with supplements.



There are many testosterone supplement companies out there selling capsules, powders, tablets and creams. Dave, a local bodybuilder, thinks he tried them all.

Though not a huge guy, Dave had a strong, muscular physique. He invested many hours at the gym honing his body. During his early adult life, his gym time and a balanced diet were all he needed to keep his admirable muscles.

In his early 40’s, though still dedicated to his exercise and diet, he noticed that he could not build muscle mass as quickly as he used to. Added to that observation was another even less comfortable: he was often tired. Sleep did not restore his energy.

His time around the gym had already taught him that these could be signs of decreased testosterone. He thought he was too young for that, but a little research told him that this key male hormone generally begins to dip in your mid 20’s or early 30’s.

His doctor did tests but the results were inconclusive. Hormone therapy was not indicated by testing. When Dave suggested that his doctor prescribe such therapy for him to try, it was met without enthusiasm. A little fatigue and the inability to support substantially above average musculature did not seem reason enough for such a significant therapy.

On his own, Dave began experimenting with testosterone supplements. He began with the products his buddies at the gym were using and worked his way through dozens of supplements. His workout pals told him not to be discouraged. Their opinion was that you just had to find the right match for your system and you would see results.

That match was Triazole. Three weeks into the eight week regimen, he began to see improvements. First he noticed that he could lift more weight. Then he observed that his lethargy was lifting. At last he saw that he was actually building muscle.

He has stayed with his supplements since this positive experience. His brain trust at the gym, noticing his improvement, have also begun taking it hoping to mimic his success. Since he has to take a break after eight weeks, he is still experimenting with alternative supplements, but is glad each time the Triazole break is over.

Though not part of his initial research, he is reassured that his supplement is well-tested and natural. Since Dave now sees himself as an on-going customer, these factors are immensely comforting. He has also begun experimenting with some of the stacks in his off periods. He finds they help bridge the breaks effectively so he does not lose much ground.


Awards & Media Coverage

Driven Sports won Supplement Award nominee for Breakout Brand of the Year 2011. is a website dedicated to all things related to bodybuilding including supplements, training methods, exercises, the personalities of bodybuilders and training tools and apparel. The site offers regular rankings of supplements, supplement companies and training programs and videos.


Money-back Guarantee

Driven Sports does not offer a specific money-back guarantee in writing. However, the company stands behind all of their products. Contact Driven Sports directly to make your argument for reimbursement.

Neither does the company offer promotional testing programs or automatic monthly order refill. These are not appropriate because of the eight week cycle. A single month or less would be insufficient for you to understand its properties.

Monthly automatic refills is also inappropriate because the product is designed for eight weeks followed by a break; automatic refilling would be confusing to users.



Driven Sports charges a flat shipping fee for an order of one unit. The ordering process makes no statement about the shipping methods employed. There is no statement about the covered shipment area. However, since the order form defaults to “domestic shipping”, they likely do not offer anything but domestic shipping. They charge a $6.95 flat rate per unit for domestic shipping. Two or more products ship for $12.96.


Customer Support

The website for this supplement company includes an email form through which to contact the company. The phrase “Customer Support” does not appear anywhere in the company materials or on the website. There is no listed Customer Support department. There is no listed turnaround time for replying to email requests. The site does not list a telephone number, but the located listed company phone number is: (877)-245-5271; this number is not supervised 24/7 so you will almost certainly have to leave a message and await a return call.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Safe & Secure checkout assures purchasers that their credit card and personal information is protected by technological means. This includes encryption, firewalls, virus protection and many other measures. These functions are usually revealed to users through security statements or/and security logos. Driven Sports does not offer safe and secure checkout. The checkout process does not carry any of the secure checkout logos. There is no statement anywhere on the website indicating any kind of checkout security.



Driven Sports sells a bottle of 90 capsules for approximately $40.00. It is not possible to estimate how long this supply lasts. The company recommends that you take 3-4 capsules per day, but some users find even three capsules too much. Various outlets and large suppliers offer similar amounts for somewhat less. The manufacturer runs discounts and special offers periodically but unpredictably.






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