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TestX Core Review – Are You Looking to Grow Your Muscle Mass?

What Is TestX Core?

TestX Core is a testosterone booster used by bodybuilders to enhance their results. The supplement is supposed to lead to more muscle mass, reduce recovery time after workouts, and give more strength during weight training. It also is meant to increase the production of testosterone, which also helps to help performance and overall workout results.

Low testosterone in men results in muscle loss and less energy in the gym and in general. After the product enters the bloodstream, the ingredients are supposed to boost its levels of free testosterone, thereby achieving the desired results. Other effects are more focus and increased fat burn. The lack of clear manufacturing information might raise the question of the supplement’s safe production. Also the sites’ differing listings for ingredients in the product might lead to the question of what is actually in the supplement. Also, the recommended dosage is different from site to site. All of this might make you want to contact Customer Support to clarify information about this booster before trying it.



TestX Core has no clear manufacturer. There is nothing on the bottle’s label to indicate who made the supplement, and the site itself doesn’t talk about a specific company. Also, it is a product that is relatively new to the market, and the ingredients are listed differently on different sites, which might make you wonder what you can believe about the product. Also there is no FDA approval required for the product.

There is also no clear manufacturing information. There is an email and phone number, as well as an address listed on the site. The address is listed in Colorado, but there is no indication if this is where the product is produced or if it is made safely. The address listed on the site is said to be an address specifically for returns of the product if you don’t like it, and doesn’t say anything about production facilities. Also several sites claim that the product is made by GNP Labs, but if you look for them you will not find them. There is a legitimate manufacturer of supplements that is well recognized in the industry called GMP Labs, but nothing about GNP. Maybe the sites promoting TestXCore made a typo? Or they were trying to get us to think the product was made by a reputable source, who knows? All things considered, you might want to try and call or email to speak with someone before you purchase the supplement.


How TestX Core Works?

Through the loss of testosterone in the body as it ages, the levels of energy and muscle mass go down. Therefore if testosterone is increased in the body again, it will be able to build muscle, burn fat and increase energy during workouts and in general. One site TestX Core says that you are to take one capsule per day of TestX Core to increase your endurance during workouts and your energy levels. It is also recommended that the user take the product over time to tell a difference.

However, another site reviewing the product says that you are supposed to take two capsules before training and two afterward as it will enhance the production of protein in the body best if it is taken right before and right after training. Again, this might make you wonder about the validity of the product, as there are different reviews recommending different dosages. What else are we not sure about with the product? It would be beneficial to try and get information from Customer Support to clarify these things before purchasing the product.


Ingredients of TestX Core

The ingredients listed in TestX Core are Saw Palmetto, Magnesium, Tongkat Ali, Zinc, Panax Ginseng Root Extracts and L-Arginine. Arginine is an amino acid. Amino acids are the structure of proteins which, when released into the body, help burn fat and build more muscle. One article also says that the supplement helps increase Nitric Oxide, which helps with blood flow in the body and gives more endurance during workouts. This article also says that the product contains Glutamine, another amino acid, and Vitamin B12. However, with differences in ingredient listings you might be left to wonder what is actually in the supplement.

It is free of non-natural ingredients and is said to be natural, but with conflicting ingredient listings you might wonder if you actually know all of the contents. Magnesium and Zinc are natural ingredients listed that are to boost the muscles and lessen stress. Also Lycopene is listed on one site as an ingredient, which again isn’t listed on other sites, but is found in food such as watermelon and tomatoes. Tribulus Terrestris is also listed as an ingredient on one of the sites, but it should be noted that there are some possible concerns that link the ingredient with prostate problems. It doesn’t contain harmful ingredients such as steroids, which leads to long-term serious health risks.



TestX Core’s main listed advantage is that it leads to a more production of free testosterone, which, in men with lowered levels of the hormone, and increase will lead to better muscle building, increased energy during workouts and better strength. It is also known to produce better mental alertness and reduce unwanted body fat. One advantage might be that you only need to take one pill per day. However on other sites it is recommended that you take four tablets per day, so it is uncertain what the recommended dosage is.

Also there are no said harmful ingredients or unnatural substances listed in the product and most of the ingredients listed can be found in food. There are no steroids in the product, which are knowing to produce harmful side effects. However the ingredients listed vary on different sites, so this fact might need to be confirmed by Customer Support if possible. Amino acids in the supplement are for helping build muscle in the body through proteins. Zinc and Magnesium are listed as also helping boost muscle and reduce stress.



There are no certificates for TestX Core to be seen. At the top of the TestX Core site there is an award listed that says “Proudly #1 best product. Ranked #1 in category 2015.” However there is no organization named behind the award. There is also nothing mentioned about what category the product won in. There is nothing to support that this is even an actual award, so you might question if it is an award at all. Or maybe it was something that the site made up to make the product look more legitimate.

There is also a paid, third party advert on one of the promotional sites saying that the customer’s satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. This might make the customer unsure if the guarantee is 100%, if the people who made the product had to pay someone to say that. The lack of genuine certificates and awards, combined with the promotional nature of most of the reviews that can be found, leads you to wonder how much of the “success” of the product comes from paid advertisement or pure hype. You might want to check your facts about manufacturing, ingredients and dosage before believing anything.



TestX Core consumers overall reacted positively, but the sites reviewing the product seemed more like promotional and marketing sites rather than actual reviews from customers. One user said that he felt exhausted all the time and usually could only make it to the gym three times per week, but that after 20 days of using the product, he felt energized. Another said that with this supplement he found he didn’t have to take other protein supplements such as whey protein. Others said they were better able to build muscle. Others said they noticed a boost in energy and ability to get through workouts.

Another said that she couldn’t find a solution to his weight gain, but when she tried this product, it helped him burn the fat. Again, however, since you search through multiple sites that all have a promotional smell to them and also all have positive reviews, you might pause. If there are no negative reviews of a product, if the review itself seems like an ad, and there are also variations of ingredients listed and dosage to question, these seem to all add up to some unanswered questions. This questions you might want to bring to Customer Support, or just leave unanswered and try to find something that doesn’t have so many in the first place.


Awards & Media Coverage

TestX Core has one award listed at the top of its site that reads: “Proudly #1 best product. Ranked #1 in category 2015.” But there is no company or other organization that the award came from. This could very well be false advertising because the burden of proof for where this prize came from is unlisted, unless a ghost gave them the award out of thin air. There is also no specific category listed. It is simply said to be rated the best product. But by whom? And also ranked first in a category in 2015. Well at least we know the year, but what category are we talking about? Supplements? TestX Core ranked against itself means it has to be first?

Also there are sponsored labels on some of the review sites that say your satisfaction as a customer will be guaranteed. So it seems good money has been spent to promote the product, and also to produce positive reviews and sites that have questionably no real backing as there is evidently from these sites nothing negative to say about this product. Maybe it comes from unicorns. There is also no social media platforms to speak of, and therefore no customer reviews there. Also to note is that the manufacturer listed on several of the review sites was for GNP Labs, a company that doesn’t exist. There is an award-winning supplement manufacturer called GMP Labs, minus the “N,” but no GNP to speak of.


Money-back Guarantee

TestX Core does claim to provide a free trial and money back guarantee. You can sign up for the free trial via their site, which is the only place where you can purchase the product. You cannot buy it from any other major online retailer or bodybuilding site. The free trial period lasts for 14 days, but remember that the 14 days starts from the date that you order the product. During this time if you decide you are not happy with the product you can ship it to the return address they provided on the site. Remember though that this means that with a 3-7 working day shipping policy, you might not be able to try the supplements very long before having to cancel.

You also will need to ship the product back to the manufacturer, again at your own expense. With a $4.95 shipping and handling fee for each shipment, the minimum price you can expect to pay for trying the product would be around $10. Also if you don’t cancel the order within 14 days you will be charged $87.45 for the full amount of the product for one month’s supply. 45 days after that you will be charged another $87.45 and this cycle will continue until you cancel the subscription.



Except for the free trial, TestX Core shipping is free in the U.S.A. and in Europe. For other countries international shipping rates will apply. For the free trial you will pay $4.95 for it, and it will be the standard 3-7 day delivery time. Also if you aren’t satisfied with any of the products you can cancel the product by calling. Then you have to ship back the unopened bottle of supplements to the address provided. All returns outside of the free trial must be shipped back within 30 days of the purchase.

Shipping and handling charges are listed as non-refundable, however some sites did say that main order shipping is free in the U.S.A. and Europe. This would mean that usually you aren’t paying for it except with the free trial, given that you live in one of these two countries. However for the free trial of the product, expect to pay $4.95 standard rate to get the product, and the same again if you end up returning the product because you didn’t like it.


Customer Support

TestX Core has several methods by which you can contact them with any questions. One is via email, and there is also a telephone number and address. Keep in mind however that the address is listed as a return address, so it shouldn’t be used for any other purposes. Due to the questions about the ingredients listed in the product, as well as the manufacturing information missing, and finally the recommended dosage discrepancies, you probably will want to contact Customer Support with these questions before purchasing the product.

However, don’t count on the representative being fully aware and able to answer all of these questions. In the Terms and Conditions website, the numbers and emails are mainly given to place orders and modify your membership. Also the address given is to return the product. So when you contact them you might not be able to get answers to the categories in question. If this is the case, you might want to consider finding a more reputable source of nutrition that has a proven track record and better information.


Safe & Secure Checkout

TestX Core has the McAfee symbol underneath the order form for the supplement. This is the SSL certificate claiming that you are guaranteed safety and protection of your personal information. It is a reputable SSL certificate. Also under the site’s Privacy Policy, the certificate is said to encrypt the customer’s credit card and other information. They ensure that the only parties exposed to the transaction will be those necessary to complete the transaction.

Also in the terms is stated that your other information such as email, address and phone number might be used to promote material and might also be used for advertising purposes. It says that at any time you wish to stop receiving promotional offers, you can opt out of the service. It also says that your information might be used to poll surveys to better marketing data. The individual’s information is compiled to create a profile, and the information is stored in a secure database. Overall, beware of possible unsolicited advertising, but know that you also have the option to unsubscribe from this.


Pricing & Free Trial

TestX Core is $87.45 for a bottle of 30 capsules, which at one capsule per day will cost you that much per month for the product, plus shipping and handling. That is, unless the review saying to take the supplement at four capsules per day is right. It is only available via one purchasing site and cannot be bought in retail stores or other common purchasing or bodybuilding sites. You are also no able to view the product’s price until after you enter your personal information. Details you provide include your full name, address, phone number and email.

Once you have entered the information you will be redirected to a page where you can receive one month’s worth of the product for a free trial. You have 14 days to complete the trial. At the end of which if you haven’t canceled you will be charged $89.41 for the rest of that month. Also you will be billed again the same amount after 45 days for the next shipment of the product and so on, until you cancel. You can cancel without fees but you need to look closely at the terms and conditions to see if there are other actions needed in order to avoid other charges.






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