TestroVax by Novex Biotech Review – Does It Work?

What Is TestroVax?

TestroVax, a dynamic sports supplement from the Novex Biotech brand, offers athletes a synergistic formula of pure ingredients that join together to energize and invigorate the entire body for serious, demanding workouts and sports performance. The vitalizing herbal extracts and other natural components of that compose this special supplement fuel your muscles, joints and vital organs as well as your metabolism and cardiovascular system for completing the most challenging training sessions and competitive athletics with energy and stamina to spare. Advertised as the major modern product for enabling athletes like you to rediscover your prime, this fitness aid is helpful to bodybuilders and other athletes of varied ages, degrees of training and levels of experience in making big strides toward advanced sports skills and achievements. With daily use of this sports action enhancing agent, you will build new lean muscle bulk while benefiting from greater body strength, energy, endurance and the mental determination to attain your highest athletic dreams and goals.

This unique sports action booster contains a special proprietary blend of natural ingredients that were clinically tested and selected for inclusion in this formula due to their capacities to improve your body’s overall performance abilities to optimum levels. Each component actually boosts the effectiveness of other components, maintaining a powerful and continuous chain of energy reserves to sustain you throughout strenuous, long sports games and bodybuilding or powerlifting events. This energizing blend enables you to reach prime sports performance every day in your gym training sessions and during athletic competitions of all types and degrees of difficulty. With stronger metabolic activity, your system will have faster absorption and uptake rates of all supplement ingredients, helping you to perform better during athletics and helping you shred any extra body fat for a more streamlined look with greater physical strength, endurance and agility during sports.



As the creators of TestroVax, Novex Biotech experts designed this specialized sports formula to strengthen your bodily core and muscular structure while powering up your entire system, enabling you to engage in regular intensive, challenging athletic training and competitive events. The company’s focus was to formulate a safe, reliable and effective sports enhancement supplement with anti-aging properties to help keep serious athletes young and able to compete at high levels of skill and expertise. Working with a well-qualified group of scientific experts and nutritionists, company leaders successfully formulated this fitness aid, which has become a frequently used athletic performance enhancer on the popular natural supplements market today.

This sports supplements production enterprise is interested in assisting all serious sports advocates over the age of 18 to build powerful, muscular bodies with a sculpted, sleek, ripped appearance and plenty of energy and stamina for rugged exercise. Company scientists and sports nutrition experts formulated the proprietary blend in this fitness booster, TestroVax, specifically to ensure athletes of strong, steady empowerment they can count on as regular, daily users of this product. As each carefully tested and selected supplement ingredient supports the unique strengths of the other substances in this formula, all ingredients combine to form a special fitness aid with formidable power and effectiveness. This product truly improves all stages of a committed bodybuilder or sports player’s life, from better, deeper sleep with anabolic, body-repairing activity to pre-workout energy surges to super-energized workouts to fast, comfortable post-workout recovery and rejuvenation.


How TestroVax Works?

With the combined purity, strength and powerful nutritional value of its natural ingredients, the proprietary blend (Testrothione) of this sports supplement, TestroVax, raises your bodily counts of testosterone significantly. In fact, clinical studies have shown this formula to boost T-levels by as much as 42 percent in just 12 days after the initial dose is taken. Athletes who use this unique recipe on a regular daily basis report experiencing the fitness benefits of impressive energy bursts, heightened moods and stronger feelings of self-confidence, helping them excel and gain new bodybuilding and sports playing skills. As this fitness formula increases your body’s levels of testosterone and nitric acid, you will also acquire more lean, dense muscle tissue and mass along with a sleeker, better-defined physique.

With a unique composition including such reliable T-boosters as D-Aspartic Acid and Fenugreek Extract as well as the nitric oxide producing agent of L-Arginine and the stress-reducing herbal extract of Withania Somnifera, this formula is custom-made to promote your athletic success. When you choose this nutritional sports aid as your primary fitness enhancer, you will have a formidable and dependable body strengthener and energizer working full-time to support and improve your overall athletic action. As your muscles grow more powerful and flexible, your body speed and agility will increase rapidly. You will recover from strenuous sports activity more quickly and easily, with plenty of energy and stability to meet all the demands and surprises of your busy daily life. You will also sleep more soundly and restfully at night while this special formula continues to repair and empower your body for the next day’s intensive gym workout.


Ingredients of TestroVax

TestroVax is power-packed with nutrient-enriched, versatile and pure components that join together to improve all areas of your athletic pursuits. These nutritional ingredients include the following all-natural substances:

Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxine HCl

As one of the eight energizing B Vitamins, B6 supports good metabolism of proteins, fats and other nutrients in the body, producing continuous supplies of energy and stamina. By helping to create new red blood cells, this ingredient constantly balances red and white blood cell counts, preventing high accumulations of white, which can lead to “tired blood” and bodily fatigue. Vitamin B6 also promotes healthy nerve tissues and good functioning of the nervous system.


Folic Acid

Vitamin B9, which is usually referred to as Folic Acid or Folate, helps your system process carbohydrates, converting them into glucose for use as energizing fuel. This formula component also promotes healthy metabolism of proteins and fats for additional physical energy and endurance. Since the B Vitamins are soluble in water, your body cannot store them for extended use, so athletes need to supplement their diets with fitness formulas that contain high contents of Folic Acid and other B Vitamins.


Vitamin B12 as Cyanocobalamin

Vitamin B12, or Cobalamin, is essential for highest functioning of your nervous system and for mental alertness and clarity. It also supports creation of new red blood cells in your body, boosting your energy levels and helping to prevent fatigue and stress. This substance also joins with other B Vitamins to boost your body’s energy, strength and lasting stamina.



This proprietary blend includes the following nutritional ingredients:

Asparaginic Acid

This ingredient is rapidly gaining in frequency of use in testosterone-boosting sports supplements today. D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) can actually increase T-levels in your body to impressive counts within six to 12 days of your first dose. Because these testosterone supplies do not remain stabilized at high levels in your system, regular healthy supplementation of this ingredient is advised for optimum athletic performance. Often referred to as Aspartate, this amino acid enables the essential biosynthesis of proteins in your body, and for this reason is considered a “corner stone” for structuring healthy protein conversion to fuel for bodily energy and muscle power.



This herbal substance has been included in fitness enhancing supplements for many years. It is considered valuable as a testosterone booster and for improving your body’s absorption and use of glucose. Both of these capabilities increase your body’s energy, endurance and ongoing agility for better sports action and bodybuilding achievements.


(S)-2-Amino-5 Guanidinopentanoic Acid HCl

This vital amino acid, also known as L-Arginine, builds and maintains healthy body tissues while promoting good cardiovascular activity, which is necessary for strenuous athletic action. It also helps increase your body’s supplies of stamina and strength for engaging in long or intensive workouts. As it raises your system’s levels of nitric acid, this substance also shortens and improves your post-exercise recovery time and continues to heal and rejuvenate your muscles, tendons and joints until your next gym workout or sports competition.


Resveratrol Extract

This powerful antioxidant fights inflammations of muscles and other body tissues, helping to keep your entire body in good condition for daily exercise and sports activity. Polygonum Cuspidatum, or Japanese Knotweed, is an herbal ingredient that is a well-known natural source of Resveratrol. It is often used in natural supplements production because it is more potent and less costly than other sources of this substance, such as red grape skin extract or red wine extract.


Grape Seed Extract

This ingredient is extracted from the seeds of red wine grapes after they have been ground into a powdered form. While strengthening and supporting cardiovascular activity for greater endurance and muscular action, this substance also promotes better circulatory activity in your body, improving your breathing and sustaining your capacity for longer, more rugged workouts. Its antioxidant properties also fight against muscle inflammations and enhance the repair and regeneration of damaged body tissues by your body.


Grape Skin Extract

As a natural source of Resveratrol, Grape Skin Extract offers multiple nutritional benefits. While supporting good action of your heart and circulatory system for prolonged energy, stamina and body strength, this ingredient also boosts antioxidant activity in your body, helping to eliminate and prevent any signs of inflammation of muscles and other tissues. It also promotes good balances of blood sugar counts for high energy and mental alertness during fast-paced sports.


Rhodiola Rosea Extract

This herbal ingredient grows freely in the northern regions of Asia and in Siberia. It is known to lower counts of cortisol, the stress hormone, in your body, giving you better concentration and peace of mind during rugged or difficult athletic performance. This formula component is also thought to enhance the natural creation of testosterone in your body.


Licorice Powder

This natural supplement component guards against too high an increase of testosterone in your body. Since some athletes may develop higher T-levels more quickly and thoroughly than others, Licorice in powdered form balances any sudden spikes in your body’s natural increases in T-counts from daily use of your safe, well-tested sports formula. This ingredient is also an excellent body energizer for better bodybuilding and exercises results.


Red Clover Powder

This formula component contains substances called isoflavones, which are converted into phytoestrogens in the human body. These phytoestrogens help prevent any sudden and accelerated spikes in testosterone counts, especially during your first days and weeks of taking your new fitness formula and body energizing supplement. This ingredient also provides healing properties that enhance your body’s natural repairing and revitalizing of tissues after strenuous sports activity.


Damiana Extract

This small herbal shrub grows freely in Southern California and Texas as well as in Central America. In Mexico, the early Mayan Indian civilization used this herb’s leaves for their healing capabilities and for making an energy tonic. This ingredient also relieves stress and anxiety while improving mental focus and self-esteem.


Withania Somnifera Extract

This pure herb has stress-reducing properties and encourages muscular relaxation, helping to prevent post-workout muscle cramps and joint pains. It also promotes an overall sense of well-being, which boosts levels of confidence and self-esteem for athletes.


2-Aminoethanesulfonic Acid

This organic compound, better known as Taurine, is found in many body tissues and in bile within the large intestine, promoting healthy digestion and uptake of essential nutrients for body energy and endurance during sports as well as healthy elimination of wastes. It also assists with antioxidation, cardiovascular activity, development of strong membranes and enhanced operation of the central nervous system. All these actions are important for better athletic energy, stamina and achievement.


Schizonepeta Powder

This sports formula ingredient, also known as Jing Jie and Japanese Catnip, can fight inflammations and infections in the body while acting as a calming agent. By promoting good respiration, it supports and enhances healthy and strenuous athletic performance.



This unique fitness improving formula called TestroVax offers regular users multiple important advantages for bodybuilding and sports performance betterment, such as the following:

  • This special sports supplement has been proven to raise bodily counts of testosterone for athletes by as much as 42 percent during the first 12 days of use.
  • With higher counts of both testosterone and nitric oxide in your body as a daily user of this formula, your energy levels with be raised significantly as your higher T-levels provide strong energy surges, and greater amounts of oxygen from the NO2 run throughout your bloodstream to fuel all your muscles and body organs, empowering your entire system.
  • With more NO2 in your body, your recovery time following intensive workouts will be shorter, more comfortable and more revitalizing.
  • Your system will be rejuvenated and any damaged muscles and other body tissues will be healed at night as you sleep, enabling you to awaken the next morning filled with energy, stamina and mental alertness for enhanced sports action.



Company leaders at Novex Biotech like to issue certificates of gratitude to amateur and pro athletes, trainers and other members of the sports performance industry today who encourage their trainees and protégés to take TestroVax on a daily schedule. By promoting the use of this unique sports enhancing formula, these sports professionals help increase interest in and regular sales of this empowering product as more sports enthusiasts make this supplement their main athletic performance booster. The company greatly appreciates the efforts of these members of the sports industry to advertise and market this fitness formula. For this reason, company leaders reach out to these sports training experts and pro performers to show their sincere appreciation for increasing sales conversions and usage of this innovative, safe and effective sports supplement.



This fresh, energizing fitness formula will bring you outstanding results in your bodybuilding and sports playing efforts. In just two weeks’ time, you will begin to develop new, leaner and denser muscles with great tone, strength and agility. Not only will you be able to powerlift more weight, but you will also be faster and more accurate in all your moves on the athletic field or court during games. Just order your first month’s supply of TestroVax today to get ripped and become a real sports action winner! – Jason Baxter, Portland, OR, USA

TestroVax will bring you awesome results in all your sports endeavors. As your muscles grow to impressive size and power, you will gain the strength, ability and confidence to be a real champ as an athlete. Get this great formula today and become a real pro! – Lonny Realton, Winston Salem, NC, USA

Want to push your sports success to the limits? Try TestroVax from Novex Biotech today for true Atlas Man results!” – Warren Knox, Palo Alto, CA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

TestroVax will no doubt win many future accolades and honors for its outstanding efficacy and safety as a major testosterone booster and body energizer for impressive athletic performance improvements. In fact, many sports industry leaders expect this fitness formula to win such desirable awards as the Supplement of the Year Award from such authoritative sports action sources as Bodybuilding.com and numerous others. As a frequent item of discussion on many sports performance forums and webinars today, this innovative fitness enhancer is also predicted to gain news coverage from primary sports media channels and networks during this year and beyond for its valuable contributions to sports action betterment for all serious athletes.


Money-Back Guarantee

Novex Biotech executives offer a full money-back guarantee to all buyers of TestroVax. It is very important to this natural sports supplements production company that each and every customer experience true and complete satisfaction with the purchase, receipt and usage of this unique fitness aid. Most buyers and users of this formula are well-pleased with the results it brings them in their favorite sports endeavors. However, if you do encounter any problems or difficulties concerning the delivery or use of your new fitness enhancing product, simply contact the friendly customer support staff right away for full reimbursement of your supplement purchasing cost.



This fitness aid production enterprise uses only safe, reliable and efficient national shippers and global transport companies for shipment and delivery of sports supplements to customers. Each product order is carefully packaged and labeled for secure, accurate delivery to purchasers. Predicted delivery times are usually met, and some supplement orders even arrive at their specified destinations earlier than expected. However, if you experience any late deliveries, damaged packages or other mishaps, just contact the Novex Biotech customer support department immediately for a prompt, agreeable solution to your issue or problem.


Customer Support

The professional customer support team at Novex Biotech is ready to assist you with any questions or problems that you may have concerning TestroVax. They are always prepared to help solve any and all issues that may arise during your purchase, delivery or early use of this innovative sports improvement formula. Whether your problem or query is a minor issue with the suggested dosages of your new supplement or a more major one concerning the late arrival or damaged condition of your order package, this expert team of well-trained staff members is eager to help resolve your particular issue, question or problem to your complete satisfaction.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout is totally safe and secure for every customer who shops and places an order for TestroVax on the Novex Biotech company website. Because this company is very focused on providing excellent quality customer services, the complete protection of every supplement buyer’s personal identity and purchasing information is of utmost importance to company leaders and staff. The company site includes the latest security technology, such as advanced encryption techniques, to ensure that such valuable data as you your name, shipping address, email address and credit card numbers are carefully safeguarded throughout your entire website visit and product purchase. You can enjoy your shopping experience on this site with the reassurance that all personal data you input while buying your sports performance supplement will be well safeguarded from misuse.



This empowering fitness formula is reasonably priced at $69.99 for a one-month supply on the company website. In addition, by visiting the site frequently, you can take advantage of reduced prices during product promotions and periodic supplement sales. During these events, TestroVax may be available at pricing as low as from $47.24 to $ 42.99 for your monthly supply. Novex Biotech leaders want to make this product affordable for serious athletes with a wide variety of spending budgets today.






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    Hello I am a 18 year trucker from Houston today I took my first dosage, I’ve tried everything else and for the price I hope to see results soon…stay tuned.

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      Hi, we would like to tell you that this product is good, but it is not part of our recommended supplements. The product is good, but there are other better ones for sure. Good luck!

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