Testropin Review – Designed for Adult Males to Boost Their Testosterone Levels

What Is Testropin?

Testropin is a supplement designed for adult males to boost testosterone levels and subsequently enhance physical performance. The testosterone hormone is produced naturally into the bloodstream, but as men age their supply decreases. In fact, by the time men reach age 30, many will be producing 2-4% less testosterone each year. Supplements such as this one are extremely beneficial to fight these changes. It is also important to realize that testosterone is a masculine hormone, so there are many positive effects for me of all ages and physical conditions.

First it is important to note that testosterone is actually classified as an anabolic-androgenic steroid. Although the word “steroid” may be alarming, this is a natural steroid that is produced through normal biological processes and is totally safe. Anabolism refers to the formation of complex muscles through the fusion of existing smaller and weaker muscles. This allows even men who have been applying intense workouts to experience improvements. Additionally, androgenism refers to further growth and development very similar to the symptoms of puberty that male teenagers typically experience. These two properties combined lead to a more masculine build and a stronger body.

With the formation of new muscle mass, testosterone can also aid in burning existing body fat. This fat is broken down and used as energy that is required to complete the metabolic processes that form the new muscle tissue. The burning of fat also contributes to a more visually appealing body with visibly toned muscle.

Finally, many adults find that their physical performance decreases. With an inability to work out or exercise efficiently, it can become difficult to see positive results. When testosterone is increased, this problem is averted. Men find that they have more energy and exercise more easily. The increased stamina allows for shorter rest times between sets, as well as allowing for that final push through one additional set. This makes workouts longer, more intense, and yield better results.

When the male body is low on testosterone there are many adverse effects that include, but are not limited to, muscle loss, low energy, and fat gain. Through the proper intake of these dietary supplements, men can reverse these effects and improve their health. Results are often observed very quickly and improve with each month of use. By 90 days, users are expected to be experiencing maximum results. Users can also improve their results with the addition of a proper diet and exercise.



Testropin is being manufactured by a company with the same name as the product. The headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona. This means that the entire manufacturing process for this product takes place in the United States, ensuring that all ingredients and procedures are legal by the country’s legislation. They are a fairly new company and this product is the first of its kind from the manufacturing team, but a lot of hard work and research has gone into it. On the official product website there is a link to information available about the clinical studies conducted for all of the products’ ingredients and their effects on the human body. The company aims for maximum customer satisfaction. For this reason, the website also provides an email and phone number that can be contacted concerning any questions or issues that may arise. There is also a return address listed for any customer who is not satisfied with the product and wishes to return it. This rising company is looking to gain more recognition and credibility within the next few years.


How Testropin Works?

This product works quickly in many ways to assist users in reaching their maximum potential. It may seem too good to be true, so here’s an explanation of how everything works. The ingredients of Testropin enter the bloodstream through absorption processes throughout the digestive tract. From there, they are spread all throughout the body and assist in the optimization of testosterone levels. As was touched upon previously, testosterone can provide a number of effects throughout the body. Below these effects will be explained in more detail.

As an anabolic-androgen steroid, testosterone holds both an anabolic and an androgenic property. Anabolism, as previously mentioned, refers to the formation of complex muscles from previously existing simple muscles. Many men who are focused on their bodies have already been working out, eating right, and getting a health amount of exercise for their body. There comes a point in which the body is toned and healthy, but struggles to improve any further. At this point, anabolic efficiency is important because it will fuse these existing muscles together and promote growth of the individual muscles cells in order to increase muscles mass overall. On top of that, these muscles need to develop and work with the physical structure of the body. This is where the androgenic property comes in. When the body needs more space and a broader structure to support the increased muscle mass, it undergoes changes that are comparable to puberty in adolescence. Together these two properties assist in the formation of a masculine and muscular body that users can be proud of.

Initially, the body may also have a certain amount of existing body fat. This body fat can cause a generally toned body to appear unhealthy, making all of that hard work seem useless. While taking these testosterone products, many biological processes are promoted which are intended to produce additional testosterone. In order to complete these processes, however, the body needs energy. For this reason, the body will then break down this fat in order to fuel the reactions. In many ways, this is like a double positive.

With biological activity taken care of, the product leaves the body equipped with extra energy throughout the bloodstream. This energy leads to increased stamina and improved physical performance. This means that gym time doesn’t have to also mean fatigue time. An energy rich blood supply provides the user with greater physical ability for longer periods of time without the post-workout drag. After some time with these exponentially improved workouts, there will be results to match.


Ingredients of Testropin

Testropin is composed of a number of different types of ingredients including vitamins, minerals, herbs, and organic compounds. The formula also includes some synthetic chemicals, but they have been tested several times, undergone clinical trials, and ultimately been declared safe for ingestion by humans. Below is a list and summary of each ingredient that the supplement contains.

Calcium Carbonate

This is the most common compound that includes calcium, used to fight against a calcium deficiency. Calcium can often be found in dairy products, but many people still do not ingest a sufficient amount for their size. Calcium is important as it strengthen bones and assists in healthy weight loss. Both of these effects are beneficial for men seeking stronger bodies.

Testropin also includes an ingredient referred to as “Flowviv MAX-TEST Blend,” which is composed of the following ingredients:

Horny Goat Weed

The official product website describes this ingredient as a natural herb known to increase energy and stamina. This is true, and it works by increasing blood flow throughout the body. When there is an increase in blood flow, there is more opportunity for absorption of nutrients which sooth fatigue. There is also evidence to support that it strengthens bones. Most notably, it is known to strengthen the back and the knees, which are two important parts of the body for workouts.

Tongkat Ali Extract

This is the root of an evergreen plant that is native to the southeast of Asia. This is a common ingredient used to assist in athletic ability and anabolic efficiency. The chemicals are proven to play a role in the body’s natural production of testosterone, suggesting that it might increase testosterone levels throughout the body.

Saw Palmetto Extract

This ingredient is the fruit of a plant native to America. I combination with other natural herbs, it is often given to men in order to improve overall male health. The official product website describes it as a plant that provides a testosterone boost and raw energy and stamina.


This is an herb that has been used in medicine since ancient times. The root is beneficial for bodybuilders and athletes to improve performance levels. Though this chemical is not a real anabolic steroid, it is suspected to provide several similar effects.

Boron Amino Acid Chelate

Boron is a mineral that is often found in nature, as well as food. It is often used in many forms of medicine, as it has a bone strengthening property. A particularly good benefit of boron is that it also improves muscle coordination, leading to better physical performance. In addition to all of this, it also has a positive effect o the way that the body absorbs other minerals.

This “Flowviv MAX-TEST Blend” also includes a few inactive ingredients in very small doses. These ingredients are listed below.

  • Orchic Substance
  • Wild Yarn Extract (root)

Additionally, the product as a whole contains a number on inactive ingredients in small amounts. These ingredients are listed below.

  • Microcrystaline Cellulose
  • Steric Acid
  • Croscarmellose Sodium
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
  • Plyethylene Glycol
  • Blue #1
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Talc



Testropin is a supplement that results in various positive results. Through providing the male body with the nutrients it needs and aiding in biological reactions, men’s health is able to improve exponentially. A final summary of the advantages to this product will be discussed in this section.

The initial effect that these pills have is their testosterone boosting effect. Through increasing the male hormone, men are able to pack on additional muscle to form more masculine bodies that they can be proud to show off. Testosterone is a natural steroid that forms strong and complex muscles and allows existing muscle tissue to grow and develop. In these ways it will directly benefit bodybuilders and professional athletes, though the increased hormone levels benefit men of all types.

In addition to the increase in muscle and simultaneous decrease in body fat, these supplements improve the entire bodybuilding experience. The most difficult part of working out and getting healthy for many people is fighting the fatigue during gym time. When Testropin enters the bloodstream it provides extra energy all throughout the body and fights fatigue. Users find that they do not feel unreasonably tired during their sets, making the entire process more enjoyable. They are also then able to add an additional set or two to their daily workout, which can yield some impressive results in just a short amount of time. Test have proven that workouts including more sets in a shorter amount of time with less resting time result in the best results, so that’s exactly what this product aims for.

The supplements are also hypothesized to improve mental focus with each month of ingestion, as well as physical athletic performance. The optimal muscle coordination is an obvious plus for anyone looking to improve their agility, but the boost in mental capacity can be very helpful in all aspects of life as well. These additional benefits make the product suitable for men of all ages and circumstances.



Testropin is a fairly new product and manufacturing company, and as such it has not received any sort of certification yet. Since it is a dietary supplement instead of a drug, the FDA does not need to approve the contents. The ingredients have been tested several times, however, and the results of all of these tests can be accessed through the official website for the product. In summary, there are not currently any certifications for the product or its manufacturers, but they are also not required for these types of supplements.



I have been focused on my body and physical appearance for several years now, and Testropin really pushed me to my maximum potential. I saw an improvement in my muscle mass, but what really excites me is my increased stamina during my workouts. I am truly impressed with this product and couldn’t ask for anything better. I will definitely recommend it to all of my fitness-loving friends.

Wayne, 48, New York, NY

I have always been on the smaller end of the spectrum and never expected to be any different. When I started focusing on my health a little bit more I decided to try out Testropin to boost my testosterone levels and give me room to grow. After the first month I was already seeing impressive results and that gave me the motivation to keep pushing. I never imagined that I would have the body that I have today and it’s all thanks to this product.

Randy, 36, Los Angeles, California


Awards & Media Coverage

Testropin is a new product, but with that into consideration it has gained quite a lot of attention. There have been no awards yet, but they have gotten the attention of a number of media sources. The product has had the opportunity to appear in Men’s Health, Maximum, Playboy, and Men’s Journal, all in its short history of existence. With this momentum, the product seems to offer a promising future.


Money-back Guarantee

The official website for Testropin does not explicitly state a money back guarantee; however, the company expresses its concern for the happiness of their customers and works toward maintaining their happiness in any way possible. For this reason, one may assume that a full refund is possible if a customer is truly unhappy with the product. In fact, there is a return address listed on the site that may be used for this purpose. Aside from this, though, there is a 21 day free trial of the product available for everyone, and there are no additional charges made if the subscription in cancelled before the 21 days run out.



All orders through the Testropin website usually ship within 24 hours via the United States Postal Service. There is only one standard shipping option that costs $3.95 per order. Additionally, the company charges a $1.99 reservation fee for all orders in order to ensure that the product is correctly selected and that it gets to the customer in prime condition. The total comes out to $5.95 for the free trial bottle and an addition $5.95 to any subsequent order.


Customer Support

As a rising company, Testropin really values their customers. The company puts their best effort into going out of their way to satisfy the needs of any and all customers who may need any sort of assistance. Through the official website of the product, customers can access various contact information. For starters, there is a phone number to the main office that is staffed with knowledgeable people ready to answer any questions over the phone. This number can be called during normal business hours with any concerns. If the help desk is unable to answer a specific question they are able to redirect customers to the appropriate department. There is also a contact email listed on the website for less urgent concerns.

Customers are encouraged to use the listed contact information to inquire about the product itself, its ingredients, or any side effects that may arise. In addition to that, the customer service department is able to address any issues with things such as payment, package tracking, and cancelling subscriptions. Out of respect toward the customer, the help staff will not ask any invasive questions as to why they may wish to cancel.


Safe & Secure Checkout

While ordering Testropin, customers can rest assured that all of their information is safe and that the process is a secure one. The official product website is equipped with 128 bit SSL, which stands for secure socket layer. What this does is encrypts the information within the ink from a customer’s home computer system to the company’s computer system. This keeps private information private and unattainable by any single person on the company’s end. This encryption service is employed for all transactions completed 24 hours a day. Additionally, the website has been declared VeriSign secured and McAfee secured. Finally, Scan Alert has declared the website to be hacker safe, and tests are run every day to check it. The website currently accepts visa and mastercard as preferred method of payment.


Pricing & Free Trial

Testropin is a relatively affordable option when it comes to testosterone boosters and legal supplements that are available today. To begin, everyone is able to try out a 21 day supply for free. Interested customers only pay a total of $5.95 for their first bottle. This cost is composed of the shipping fee, which is $3.95, and a reservation fee of $1.99. Through signing up for this free trial, customers also enroll in the product’s monthly subscription program. This means that, if not cancelled within the first 21 days, customers will be charged an additional $54.95 per bottle every 30 days. If a customer wishes to cancel their subscription for any reason, they can contact the company though the information on the website. If a subscription is cancelled after the charge for the following month’s supply has gone through, the customer will not be reimbursed for that month. They will stop receiving the product and being charged beginning the following month.






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