Testrol by German American Technologies Review – Will It Help Your Testosterone?

What Is Testrol?

Testrol is a testosterone booster that turns out to be a synthetic version of precursors to hormones which are useful in the end to contribute to greater muscle size, strength, and all around stamina. Besides this, it helps the users to lose and burn off unwanted extra fat as well. It is referred to as an anabolic activator, providing users with powerful muscle growth according to the manufacturer’s claims. Adrenal fatigue is among the most common and tragic of causes for low testosterone in males. Fortunately for all of the men who struggle with this debilitating condition, consuming Testrol is supposed to help to ward this off and to cure all of the unpleasant symptoms which accompany it.

Low testosterone is to the average man what kryptonite was to Superman. With ample amounts of testosterone, males thrive on physical and aggressive activity, part of the reasons that the typical male is so competitive and enjoys contact sports such as football and rugby, while actively pursuing such strenuous past times as aggressive workouts to prove and improve their strength and stamina in general. Testosterone also helps to regulate the growth and maintenance of muscle and bone mass, as well as to control the means of properly storing fat in the male organism. It also contributes largely to the deepening of a man’s voice as he gets older, and it encourages the red blood cell count growth in the male form.

With testosterone in sufficient quantities, men are able to max out their body’s capabilities to the extreme limits of human achievements both in the gym and outside of it. This is all why a man’s body must have a sufficient level of testosterone hormones in order for his bodybuilding workouts to be effective and powerful. Just like kryptonite was Superman’s one weakness in life, falling and low testosterone levels are a man’s greatest weakness as he ages and with time. In fact, low testosterone contributes to many ailments according to scientific research. These include all of the following preventable conditions:

  • Abnormal weight gain particularly;
  • Decreased energy levels;
  • Loss of sufficient muscle mass;
  • Depression and feelings of despair even;
  • Fatigue and exhaustion which is not explainable;
  • Declining bone density;
  • Extreme and worsening muscle weakness.

If all of these unpleasant side effects sound suspiciously like a man who is undergoing a severe midlife crisis, that is because these conditions in fact feel exactly the same to a man. Some have made the argument that the causes of many a midlife crisis are in fact results of this declining testosterone production and total levels within the man’s bloodstream causing him to seek major changes to recover the lost vim, vigor, and vitality of his golden age youth. The good news is that Testrol is the antidote to this terrible aging and depressing weakness effects. As the completely natural supplement which addresses these serious issues, it is in hot demand in a number of different parts of the globe. It is ideal for anyone who is a weightlifting buff, serious athlete, or just a man who wants to look feel, and actually be his best for the present and many more years to come.



German American is the developer, manufacturer, marketer, and first vendor of the Testrol testosterone boosting supplement. Their brands are called the premium of hardcore supplements which are commonly used by competition level athletes all around the globe to attain major gains in their performance and to achieve higher levels of strength and stamina. These elite bodybuilders and professional athletes select German American Technologies and its supplements because they are all about extreme hard core performance, as is German American Technologies as a going concern itself. This is why GAT maintains a team roster of affiliated athletes to show off the lineup of performance and form enhancing supplements. The company’s supplements and formulas provide their customers with the capability of building up, defining, and strengthening their male bodies, leading to higher satisfaction and greater achievements of success in weightlifting, competition, and all other important areas of their lives.


How Testrol Works?

Testrol works as users consume a full dose of from two to three tablets of the formula every day during an eight week long cycle. The company furthermore recommends that users avail themselves of two glasses of red flavored grape juice one hour following every workout, of two grams of BCAA’s following every workout, and of 10-20 grams of creatine each day, along with the supplement of L-Glutamine following weights training and before lying down to sleep at night. This supplement is supposed to be so effective thanks to the unique combination of both L-Arginine and Tribulus Terrestris.
Tribulus Terrestris has been scientifically demonstrated to naturally boost testosterone levels while L-Arginine hormones improve the critical levels of nitric oxide within the male body.

Whatever a person’s fitness goals ultimately turn out to be, it is a good idea to stack up the supplement with some other types of formulas. A reliable brand of Whey Protein is important following a heavy workout in order to provide the muscles with protein and to help with the development of leaner muscle mass, such as with German American Technologies’ own Muscletein Whey Isolate product. Better workouts performance can be assisted by consuming a reputable Pre-workout formula, such as GAT’s Bulk supplement. Greater muscle recovery and endurance can be had by stacking up Testrol with a good amino acids product, such as German American Technologies’ colorfully named and branded Muscle Martini.

Depending on the users’ own particular places and conditions, there are several other good products that should be stacked up alongside this formula as well. Many men wish to cut down on their total body fat percentages. They can do this with a solid Thermogenic Fat Burner, such as German American Technologies’ JetFuel Pyro product. Finally, men who have passed their 25th birthday and who feel their masculine potency and endurance waning will want to start taking another all natural testosterone booster as quickly as possible, such as GAT’s Adenoflex brand.


Ingredients of Testrol

It is the active ingredients contained within the formula that make it so effective to many users who have tried and reviewed the supplement. Inside this formula are all of the following all natural composition ingredients:

Zinc, Selenium & Magnesium

In these three minerals lie the keys to each of the biochemical reactions within the human male body which are responsible for and aid in the effective production of testosterone. Magnesium further strengthens muscles while Zinc improves levels of nitric oxide that help the blood to carry nutrients to the muscles and with better, stronger, and longer muscle pumps.

Tribulus Terrestris

It boosts the production of testosterone via building up the pre-hormone levels and secretion of the Luteinizing Hormone. This hormone then gives the signal to the man’s testes to ramp up its activities of producing testosterone in a big way.

Avena Sativa

It builds up levels of free testosterone by binding itself to the Hormone Binding Globulin so that the SHBG does not bind itself to and take away the available testosterone.


It proves to be the precursor to critical nitric oxide. The amino acid L-Arginine HCL is what plays the instrumental roles in effective vasodilatation in the blood vessels. Nitric Oxide is the vasodilator that allows passageway for greater amounts of blood to reach the muscles for better workouts, endurance, and stronger and more effective muscle pumps.


It has been scientifically demonstrated to build up levels of testosterone in men.


This ingredient is the ancient world Chinese natural supplement that improves all around blood flow to all of the muscles and organs in the body, among other things.



There are a number of terrific advantages advertised and ascribed to Testrol by both German American Technologies and a number of online bodybuilding forum reviewers. These start with the appealing fact that is considered to be affordable by members of the fitness and weightlifting communities. It also does not require a doctor’s prescription. Because it is so safe to utilize, there are no needs for users to first see a doctor before taking it. There are also no known or anticipated side effects with the formula, and to date no potential side effects have ever been reported after consuming the supplement either.

As far as other tangible advantages to the formula go, it improves a man’s mood as the levels of testosterone rise to optimal points in the bloodstream. It increases the failing energy levels and reduces unnatural tiredness when the testosterone increases as well. It delivers improved levels of overall strength both in and out of the gym. Bodybuilders all understand the science of testosterone hormone and how it permits them to power on beyond all of their natural physical limitations. Professional athletes also realize that they are able to run longer and faster for an extended time if they have higher levels of testosterone.



There are no known certifications or certificates with Testrol. This probably has more to do with a lack of interest in going after them on the part of German American Technologies the manufacturer than with any inherent problem in the formula itself. Quite possibly they simply have not reached out to any of the certification outfits or boards as of yet.



Among the many benefits advertised by the makers of Testrol, I have experienced better mood, energy and vitality, and lean and yet denser muscle growth. Besides the benefits which they push, I also am having very good sleep compared to before I started taking the formula. I have the boost I need to push myself in every area of my life now, whether working out, working my job, or doing things with my girlfriend. Since the price is so reasonable, I can afford to take it all of the time, three times per day.

I love the ingredients in this formula, especially the tribulus, L-Arginine, and Fenugreek seed for starters. If you need a boost in your life to show off in the gym and in front of your girl, then this is the supplement for you. It is a tremendous value for what it delivers at this competitive price. Whether you want to cut fat or bulk up, this product has the active ingredients that you need to improve your results with either activity. – Buck Norman, Las Vega, Nevada

You just can’t go wrong with the ingredients found in this supplement Testrol. They begin with Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, long utilized in supplements for relaxing smoother muscles and dilating your arteries more effectively to improve blood flow. These herbal extracts are growing in popularity because they give you better total blood flow for working out, and for other important activities too. The formula includes a little Cnidium Monnier and a decent quantity of the essential amino acid L-Arginine HCL to help with boosting the production and release of more nitric oxide to the body and the muscles. The horny goat weed helps with better all-around blood flow, to the muscles and other important organs. I especially like that this formula has not given me any unpleasant and unwanted side effects, as some of the products on the market do and have done to me when I tried them out in the past. – John Tango, La Jolla, California

It is always true that each man’s body chemistry is different. This is why some may need less of the standard dose of two pills per day and some may require taking three to get the results which they desire. For me, Testrol has given me such monster pumps all day long that I can barely fit into my shirts anymore. I feel and look so much better now that the long desired promotion I have been competing for at the police station is surely in the cards now. – Frank Buttigieg, Malta, New York


Money-back Guarantee

Vendors like Amazon Prime provide 30 day money back guarantees as part of their standard return policy, assuming that the shipment arrives in damaged condition or is defective. Other vendors each have their own policies on when or if they will consider refunding purchase price if a user is unhappy with the results of this Testrol. GAT the manufacturer’s website has a shipping and returns link which describes a manufacturer company return policy, but that particular webpage has been taken offline so no one actually knows if they provide a good return policy or not.



The manufacturer offers free shipping on any orders that exceed $100. For orders which are smaller, they provide a reasonable flat rate shipping deal of only $8 to anywhere within the continental United States. Other vendors each have their own shipping policies, procedures, and charges. Of the independent vendors that sell the product, only Amazon’s Prime claims to offer free shipping as part of the price package deal.


Customer Support

Four different email addresses and a phone number make it easier to get in touch with German American Technologies. Regarding the customer service of other vendors such as Amazon Prime, each of them has their own customer service department and emphasis or lack thereof. Anyone who chooses to order the product from a different supplier than these two to save some money should carefully consider the level of customer service that the vendor will provide if something in fact goes wrong with the order.


Safe & Secure Checkout

German American Technologies maintains the same level of consumer data protection as do the majority of e-commerce sites with their standard 128 bits SSL level of data encryption. Each vendor maintains its own policy and level of protection for their customers of and on their website. In today’s times of extreme cybercriminal theft and activity, users can not be too careful in checking out this safety and security on any other vendor’s website.



Testrol is actually readily available through a fairly wide number of online supplement e-tailers. GNC also carries it physically in all of their commercial store locations for those who prefer to go into an outlet and check out the supplement before taking it home. Pricing varies widely from one vendor and the manufacturer to another. The manufacturer sells it for $34.99. Amazon Prime offers it from $20.78. Both I’ll Pump You Up and TF Supplements sell it at $24.99. A1 Supplements carries it for $29.95. All of these prices do not include shipping or handling, except for the manufacturer German American Technologies’ and Amazon Prime’s pricing. Everyone else adds whatever their standard shipping and handling charges actually are to the product price. However, saying all that, we think that the best place to obtain this product could is Bodybuilding.com and the price there is very fair – $24.98.






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