TestoStrong Review – Is This Product Worth Your Time?

What Is TestoStrong?

TestoStrong is a testosterone booster providing lean muscle-building benefits for bodybuilders looking to achieve a ripped body. The testosterone booster works to increase the natural testosterone in the body, a necessary requirement for men that want to dominate the gym and put on a powerhouse workout each and every time. With a combination of natural herbs, all healthy men over the age of 18 can safely use the supplement for natural test level increases. With proper testosterone levels flowing through the body, your workouts are enhanced as you have more power, greater determination, and an eagerness and energy like no other.



TestoStrong is manufactured by the company of the same name, with the product the only current selection available from the brand. The company provides a listing of a location located in Savannah, Georgia, where their headquarters as well as labs are located. A search of their address revealed the location and physical address for the U.S. Post Office, Savannah. The Unit number that is accompanying their street address is obviously their post office box number and perhaps an attempt to scheme customers. It seems that this is a bit deceptive to unsuspecting men since any reputable manufacture should have a physical location.

A search also revealed no local telephone number for the company in Savannah. Again, this is information that leaves one to wonder what there is to hide and why it is unavailable if this is really a legit product and company. It is hard to trust a company promising such great things that seems to keep important information top-secret and unavailable to the general public, of whom needs it the most.


How TestoStrong Works?

TestoStrong works to increase the natural levels of testosterone in a man’s bloodstream. The testosterone levels are enhanced by combining a number of different natural ingredients together that begin working in the bloodstream. One of the main ingredients inside of the test booster has been proven to not only increase the testosterone levels in the bloodstream, but also to increase strength levels. Both of these benefits are enjoyable by a bodybuilder who is ready to take his workout to the next level and get the most benefits possible with each stop at the gym.

Rather than promote false testosterone builds as some boosters do, this test booster combines proven, all-natural ingredients that work together inside of the body to increase the levels of testosterone a man products on his own. The testosterone levels decrease as a man ages, making it more difficult to hit the gym like the powerhouse that you once were, and causing difficulty in building muscle tone. This alleviates any type of side effects, something that sometimes accompany bodybuilding and weight-lifting supplements. Without the worry of side effects, men who wish to use the product can do so with peace of mind.

When a man uses this test booster and hits the gym 30 – 60 minutes later, he will notice a difference in his workout. He will notice the desire to lift weights like he never before has, as well as a strength that he did not have before. Men using this test booster are able to shed fat from the abdomen and other areas of the body quickly, all while lifting more weight to gain those ripped and desired muscles. With the use of a test booster along with a great workout regimen, it is much easier to get the hard body that you crave.


Ingredients of TestoStrong

One of the biggest disadvantages of TestoStrong is the lack of information concerning the ingredients inside of the product. The one ingredient that we do know that is inside is one known as Trillium Erectum. This ingredient is known by several other names, including red trillium, stinking Benjamin, and Beth root, but no matter what you call it, the benefits it offers to a bodybuilder are massive. This ingredient works to enhance energy levels; provide you with greater strength; minimize post workout pain and soreness; and reduce fat deposits on the body. The benefits seem nice, but we don’t know how much of the ingredient is inside.

After much digging, the remaining ingredient list for this test booster was discovered via a search. Other ingredients that are said to be found inside of TestoStrong include Saw Palmetto, an ingredient that works to help a man feel at his best; Orchid Extract, providing strength-enhancing benefits; and perhaps others. Again, there is no information indicating the amount of any of these ingredients.



While results of TestoStrong vary from one man to the next, there is a good chance that you’ll see some considerable changes in your energy levels, physique, and overall desire to work out when using the booster. The product offers a number of advantages when compared with many of the other testosterone boosters on the market. The first and most enticing benefit to most bodybuilders is the cost as well as the ability to order two or more bottles and get free product. Cost is always an important consideration when purchasing a bodybuilding supplement and this one certainly exceeds expectations.

This test booster promises to provide fast results that you can see in as little as two weeks of product use. While results vary for each person and depend upon your desire, willpower and dedication, you are likely to notice changes with your workouts, your shape, and your desire to workout at the gym in this short period of time. The promise of fast results is always an advantage accompanying any product, so men certainly appreciate this quality.



TestoStrong takes pride in the creation of their product and ensures that each and every bottle is made with the highest of standards and regulations in place. A rigorous testing process is undergone before the product is made available to the public. This testing process ensures that only a high-quality product reaches you. Men that choose to use the test booster can do so knowing that it is produced inside of a quality facility that meets all current safety standards in place. Each and every bottle of TestoStrong is made using only the highest-quality ingredients, all of which are GMP certified.

While this information is promised, there are still concerns of the company legitimacy, considering the discrepancies in address information and telephone numbers. There are no papers or paperwork in place that back the claims. Again, any legitimate company would be expected to provide this information for the confidence of their customers and for those who want to place an order.



TestoStrong testimonials seem to be a mixture of both happy users as well as those that wish they hadn’t given the product the time of day. A few of the things that bodybuilders using the product have had to say include:

TestoStrong boosted my muscle size in a matter of weeks, but the product has also helped me gain a confidence that I did not have before. I love showing off my new physique and showing off at the gym. I always go hard and attract all of the eyes when I lift. It is quite nice to be the center of attention, and I owe it all to this product that’s shown me appealing results.

Trey S.,  27, San Diego, CA

I saw this product, but was very skeptical of it from the very start. Once I began reading more, I learned why I was so skeptical. I am unable to find information about the list of ingredients, the manufacture of the product, and other important information. It is my belief that any worthwhile company would make this information readily available, considering that it is a product that has an impact on your health as well as your fitness goals.

Brad K., 35, Dallas, TX

I started using this testosterone booster three months ago and since that very first day I’ve seen such amazing changes in my workouts as well as my body. I’ve told all my boy’s about it and many have now joined in on my quest at being the best and use the product. It is easy to use, doesn’t cause any side effects, and products results. It took me only about 10 days to start seeing a considerable difference. I would recommend this booster to any man that wants to rock the gym hard. It’s changed my entire workout for the best.

Carlos M., 23, Miami, FL

Disappointed with the product, but I can blame only myself because I knew from the start something was wrong. I awaited eagerly all of the energy boosts and gains, but never experienced them. I used the one-month supply and am glad that I didn’t waste any more of my time or money. With this being said, the product is not one I would recommend to any of my fellow bodybuilders.

Gage E., 42, San Francisco, CA

This is just a small sampling of testimonials offered by users of this test booster. It appears that some men find benefit in this product while others receive no benefit at all or have other worries or concerns over the product. It is basically a guessing game as to whether or not you are going to receive the promised results when using the supplement for your bodybuilding needs.


Awards & Media Coverage

There is a lack of media coverage of TestoStrong and finding information about the brand isn’t easy. They appear not to have any type of social media networks set up for their customers and little additional information available to customers.


Money-back Guarantee

TestoStrong users have the confidence of a 60-day money-back guarantee accompanying their purchase. To return an order, a Return Merchandise Authorization, or RMA, number is needed. This number is easily attainable by calling a member of customer service via their toll-free number. The return must be made within 60-days of purchase. However, after obtaining a RMA number, the product must be received back within a period of 15-days.

Only unused, unopened products may be returned. Shipping fees are non-refundable. The company will not make any exceptions to either of these return requirements. Refusal of product returns that are damaged is a right that the company holds. Users of the test booster should ensure they take proper care of the product so they remain eligible for a product return if necessary.



Normal processing times for TestoStrong orders is one to three days after the order has been placed. The amount of time that it takes to receive your order varies, depending upon the shipping speed selected and the city/ state that you reside. Most orders are received within a period of 10 days of the order placement. These shipping times apply to in-stock items only. International shipping must go through the customs process in many countries, which may considerably delay the length of time that it takes for the product to be received.

There are no options for rush or expedited shipping currently available from the company. While many men enjoy using this rush order option by paying an additional fee, you’ll have to wait the allotted time in order to receive your package. Remember, if you place an order after normal business hours or on the weekend, your processing times for order shipment does not begin until opening hours.


Customer Support

Live chat is not available with TestoStrong, however, there are a couple of options available should you need to speak with a member of the customer support team for any reason. One option is to call an agent via toll-free number during regular business hours. Regular business hours are Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST. Your second option is to send an email to a customer service agent. Email responses are handled within a 24-hour period, as long as they’ve been sent and received during normal business hours.

Most user experiences state satisfaction with the customer service team and the service they were provided. Most customers state professional, friendly, and timely service received from agents. Unlike many supplements of this type, there are no complaints concerning billing issues, however, it is important to note that the product is still fairly new.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Ordering TestoStrong is always a process you can complete with confidence, as the company goes out of their way to protect their customers and all of their information. Check it out for yourself. You’ll notice 256-bit SSL encryption in place for secure ordering; MasterCard SecureCode verification; Visa Verification; and GoDaddy.com verified. Shopping for this test booster is easy, simple, and safe so there is nothing for you to worry about.

You will need to enter personal details when placing your order, including credit or debit card information as well as your address. Thanks to this massive amount of protection in place, doing this with complete confidence is something that you can do. It is easy to place an order without worry that your information is going to be compromised because there is too much security in place for that to happen.



Despite the lack of a free trial offer, men that wish to try TestoStrong for themselves have several ordering options, each of which includes free product or another special offer. One bottle of TestoStrong costs $44.95, with an offer for free shipping available. Stay fully stocked and take advantage of the Buy 2 Bottles, Get 1 Free offer. The cost of 3 bottles through this special offer is $61.53. A third option to order 3 bottles and get 2 free is also available at a cost of $25.39 per bottle. Free shipping is also offered if you choose to take advantage of the two or three bottle special free offer.

When compared to the cost of other test boosters on the market, this one certainly offers competitive rates. If you can work past the lack of information concerning ingredients and dosing, you’ll appreciate the chance to earn free bottles and the low cost of each purchase. However, for some men, there product isn’t powerful enough to provide benefits alone and a secondary product must also be used for results.






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