Testosterone Reload

Testosterone Reload Review – A Testosterone Booster That May Help You or Not?

What Is Testosterone Reload?

Testosterone Reload is an anabolic testosterone booster that is both safe and legal to use. Its specific formulation imitates the effects of anabolic steroids by providing you with increased stamina, strength, intensity, and muscle gain. By using clinically tested substances that work together in harmony to enhance the rate of chemical reactions in your body, the product can stimulate your testosterone producing glands.

Testosterone Reload is a fitness enhancing product first and foremost that promises to deliver massive muscle gain results in as little as a few weeks. Unlike anabolic steroids, which can actually reduce your body’s testosterone levels over time, T-builders like this one encourage your body’s natural production of testosterone. Longer bursts of energy and the ability to burn fat are just some of the great things this product can do for your body.



It is manufactured by a company with the same name. The website does not provide much information about the manufacturer itself, but it does offer a wealth of information about the product.

The manufacturer’s website also supplies information regarding the product’s promises and award-winning status. The producer claims to be a leading manufacturer of some of the strongest legal T-builders available on the market. They offer several years of experience, research development, and cutting edge technologies to ensure that products deliver on their promises and are well-received by the bodybuilding and athletic communities.

The company stands by its 100% customer satisfaction guarantee by ensuring the testing of every ingredient contained within the supplement. Through testing and careful selection, Testosterone Reload is said to provide some of the best results you can find among all testosterone booster sold. Unfortunately, the lack of information about the owners of the company seems to leave a trail of questions rather than answering anything with any robust affirmations and valid results.


How Testosterone Reload Works?

Testosterone Reload contains a unique blend of pure, potent, and highly active ingredients that support your body’s ability to produce testosterone, build muscle, and burn fat. All the elements combined work to enhance both the serotonin and dopamine levels within your body, which boosts your self-confidence and ability to exercise for prolonged periods. Also, improving dopamine and serotonin levels leads to an increase in nitric oxide, which in turn increases your body’s health and ability to produce testosterone.

By providing your body with the fuel it needs to withstand prolonged bodybuilding and athletic routines, you are enabling yourself to obtain the definition and muscle growth you seek. Essentially, the product opens your arteries and blood vessels, which improves blood flow and oxygen that moves through your body. In doing so, you gain greater levels of energy that empower you to push your body to the limits with some of the most extreme exercises you have ever experienced.

The best way to understand how this product works for you is to know what happens to your body as you age. Your body can produce testosterone naturally, which in turn allows you to exercise, burn fat, and build healthy, defined muscles. Unfortunately, the older you are, the harder it is for your body to produce testosterone. By the time you reach your early to mid-30s, your body’s testosterone production abilities start to slow significantly

Some men experience a decrease in testosterone production earlier on as a result of various diseases or poor health conditions. By the time a man reaches 80 years of age, his testosterone levels are likely only 20% of what they were when he was in his 20s. This product, however, turns back the clock, allowing your body to produce higher levels of testosterone and enabling you to enjoy the results of your bodybuilding routines.


Ingredients of Testosterone Reload

The ingredients found in Testosterone Reload are some of the most potent, yet safe-to-use ingredients available. When you combine the ingredients together, they enable your body to produce testosterone to keep you pumped and energized all day long. The product comes in liquid form so you must squirt it under your tongue. However, the delivery of ingredients via this method is perhaps the most potent and offers fast delivery to your system.

Ingredients found within the supplement include:

Tribulus Terrestris

This natural plant has been used for centuries, initially acting as an organic remedy commonly used in Ayurveda throughout China, India, and other regions of the world. Today, it is often found in T-builders like this one as it is known to boost the body’s testosterone producing capabilities. It is also used to increase muscle growth, strength, stamina, and energy levels, which is why it is highly sought after by bodybuilders, athletes, and hardcore fitness fans. The plant is commonly found in Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe. It is most often harvested to provide a well-known and proven effectiveness to performance enhancing products.

Damiana Leaf

This popular natural additive dates back to use among the ancient Mayan Indians who once used the leaf as a way to improve both mood and energy. Today, the herb is used in a similar way. Scientists have studied the benefits of ingesting this leaf only to find that it fuels muscle growth, improves the health of your organs, and improves oxygen and blood flow through the body. It is commonly found in nutritional supplements, particularly those involving sports performance enhancement.

Glucosamine Sulfate

This substance is a natural sugar within your body that is located around the cartilage that provides your joints with cushioning and support. It is also commonly found in the shells of crustaceans. It is a beneficial ingredient for any testosterone booster like this one because it minimizes joint damage and strain for those who regularly find themselves involved with high-endurance, high-impact exercises, and bodybuilding routines. This ingredient also reduces pain and swelling and speeds up recovery times.


This ingredient is known as a pseudovitamin, which is a term used to describe molecules not considered essential vitamins or minerals. Commonly called myoinositol, this ingredient is a carbohydrate that offers a mildly sweet taste and shares a similar chemical structure with glucose. This substance is usually found in oranges, cantaloupe, and other fruits. The substance works by preventing your body from building up fat deposits, and instead converts those deposits to energy, therefore allowing you to burn fat and build muscle.

N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine Hydrochloride

This essential amino acid is naturally produced by your body and used for the purpose of fueling your muscle and other tissues to create energy during your fitness routines. Your liver converts the amino acid so that your bloodstream can absorb it and use it to provide the necessary energy levels you need to withstand harder, longer bodybuilding regimens. This ingredient works in conjunction with the others found within this product to reduce fatigue, improve your cognitive functions and mental awareness, and enhance your circulatory functions for better sports performance.


This ingredient is known as a trace neuro-amine, which is a molecule found in your brain that works by enhancing your body’s serotonin and dopamine levels. Both serotonin and dopamine work together to improve your mood, which in turn enables you to focus more on your bodybuilding routines. This substance also enhances your body’s neurotransmitter capabilities so that messages sent to and from your nervous system are delivered at a faster rate, thus improving your motor functions and reaction times, which is a plus for athletes and bodybuilders who are often involved in fast-paced, high-intensity workouts. The ingredient also provides your body with the ability to melt fat and build muscle.

Saw Palmetto Extract

This extract comes directly from the berries of the aptly named saw palmetto plant, which is a small, palm-like tree that sits low to the ground and is similar in appearance to a typical palm tree. The extract has been used for many centuries and is commonly found in supplements like this one. The extract works to stabilize your body’s testosterone levels and encourage the natural production of testosterone. It also has the ability to provide you with stamina and energy so that you can power through even the most strenuous physical obstacles.


This is an important amino acid found within your body that is commonly used to synthesize nitric oxide, which in turn promotes a better flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles and tissues. Improving blood flow and oxygen to the muscles and tissues is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to obtain improved muscle growth. You cannot build strong, massive muscles without the proper support from both blood and oxygen. The substance also acts as a diuretic, which helps remove excess water from your body for better fat shredding capabilities.

Avena Sativa Extract

This oat-like extract provides your body with rich nutrients, vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, B vitamins, and phosphorous. The nutrients found in the extract work to eliminate pain and swelling that commonly occur in the joints and muscles of athletes and bodybuilders after intense, high-impact physical activities. The minerals found within the extract support healthy, strengthened bones and cellular growth.


This herbal substance is a beneficial ingredient because it increases the flexibility of the joints, which is great for athletes and bodybuilders who often undergo long hours of practice, exercise, and other strenuous activities that test the limbs of your body. This substance is often found in vegetables, coffee, tea, milk, fruits, and grains. Although you might eat these foods, you are likely not getting enough of this substance in your daily diet to provide you with any benefits, which is why it is beneficial to use a product like this one that contains this herbal resource.

Ginseng Root Extract

This extremely popular herb is often found in many supplements like this one. It has a long history of use because of its ability to both boost and maintain energy levels. It is also capable of enhancing memory functions, which is important for both bodybuilders and athletes. This extremely powerful herbal additive can combat the effects of fatigue, mental stress, and physical depreciations, which in turn allows you to enjoy more challenging bodybuilding routines.

Caffeine Anhydrous

This added stimulant has the capability to enhance physical and mental performances by ensuring that you are both alert and aware. The heightened levels of awareness and mental determination are pertinent for bodybuilders and male athletes who participate in competitive activities. Considering the fact that this stimulant contains little to no water means that it is a highly concentrated form of caffeine delivered to your body for effective results.


When it comes to herbs, this one proves particularly powerful and beneficial, especially when used within supplements like this one. It has the ability to improve your mood, agility, and physical performance. It also helps to suppress appetites, which makes it easier to burn fat, prevent fat deposit buildups, and build muscle. The amount of caffeine contained within this herb is roughly twice the amount that is contained within a single coffee bean, which makes it highly potent and effective.

Green Tea Extract: In terms of beneficial herbs, it does not get any better than this particular extract, which has been widely used for centuries to treat a number of ailments. It is most commonly used today to support a healthy cardiovascular system and to aid with fat burning and weight loss. The extract contains powerful antioxidants that benefit your cardiovascular system, making it possible for you to participate in strenuous physical activities. The fact that it stimulates fat burning and weight loss make it easier for you to get shredded and enjoy massive muscle gain.

By recognizing the ingredients contained within Testosterone Reload and understanding their benefits, you gain better insight into how the product works to promote muscle growth and fat burning while also supporting your love of bodybuilding and athleticism. Thanks to the combination of researched ingredients, all of which offer proven effectiveness, you can take your physical performances to the next level. Since the ingredients of the supplement are delivered under the tongue, they enter your body faster for effective and nearly immediate results.



Testosterone Reload offers a wealth of different advantages, making it a highly sought after T-builder. The fact that it contains highly potent, legal, and safe-to-use ingredients has bodybuilders and athletes alike wanting to give this product a try. Some of the advantages you will experience by taking Testosterone Reload include performance enhancement, weight loss, muscle building, increased mental focus, reduced pain and swelling, and greater joint flexibility.

All the advantages you gain from using this supplement are beneficial for those who participate in sports, athleticism, bodybuilding, and otherwise high-intensity, high-impact physical activities. Your joints need flexibility if you are to exercise or perform on a baseball field, football field, or other sports-related arena. You also need a product that is capable of minimizing pain and swelling after you participate in physical activities as it will help reduce your recovery time and discomfort.

Furthermore, if you wish to build muscle, you must be able to burn fat and prevent a buildup of fat deposits, which is something that Testosterone Reload can do for you. Most importantly, this product enables your body to produce testosterone naturally. By delivering messages to the glands in your body that are in charge of testosterone production, you can experience what it means to reverse the impact of aging and the negative effects of decreased testosterone levels that come with it.

By stimulating your body’s natural testosterone boosting capabilities, you are enabling yourself to enjoy noticeable physical difference. Within just a short amount of time, you will notice a trimmer waistline and bulkier muscle mass. For a physique that resembles all of your hard work in the gym, you need something that ensures your body is producing testosterone, which is why Testosterone Reload is so advantageous.



Currently, Testosterone Reload does not boast any certificates from outside parties. However, the manufacturer does often provide athletes, trainers, and bodybuilders with appreciation certificates when they purchase and promote the product to others. The certificates provide recognizable evidence that promoters can use to influence others to purchase the supplement.

Unfortunately, a certificate supplied by the manufacturer seems rather biased and there are those in both the bodybuilding and athletic communities that would like to see certification of the product’s value come from other companies, professionals, or publications. That being said, it is a strengthening point to see that the manufacturer is willing to self-certify their product. Self-certification goes a long way in showing potential consumers that the company stands firm in the belief that the product works.



There is a wide range of customer testimonials online. Although there seems to be a mix of both positive and negative reviews, the majority of consumers from the bodybuilding and athletic communities seem pleased with the product’s results. Some of the testimonials left by customers include the following:

George T., New York, USA:

As an amateur baseball player, I began feeling the impact of my age just a few years ago. I noticed that my ability to keep up with younger men on the field was quickly creating a gap of sorts. I felt fatigued after every practice, game, or workout. I also noticed that my body lacked definition. A friend of mine recommended Testosterone Reload and I must admit, I’m pleased with the results. Within just a couple of weeks, I noticed that I felt stronger, more alert, and far more agile than ever before. I now recommend this product to everyone I know.

Thomas H., Cleveland, USA:

I have to admit that I’m not really enjoying the fact that this product comes in a liquid form that must be delivered under the tongue, but I am loving the results. It is incredible the way I am able to workout for a longer period. I’ve also noticed that I can withstand higher-intensity physical activities, which is something I was unable to do before. Testosterone Reload has managed to provide the results I’ve been searching for all along. All I can say is, if you are looking for a great testosterone booster, this is it right here.

The customer testimonials above are just some of the many positive reviews left by those who have tried this product. It would appear that there are plenty of others who agree that this supplement delivers on the promises made to increase testosterone levels and improve upon performance capabilities.


Awards & Media Coverage

As it currently stands, Testosterone Reload is lacking both media coverage and awards, which makes some consumers feel slightly skeptical. However, the manufacturer is confident that the product will receive plenty of awards and recognition from several of the top-notch and most highly recognized bodybuilding and athletic communities. It is the manufacturer’s hope and belief that major sports publications and news channels will quickly pick up on the benefits and value of the product to get the word out to others.


Money-Back Guarantee

When you purchase this product, you are provided with peace of mind and a money-back guarantee. Customers who feel dissatisfied with the use of the product are free to return it, no questions asked, for a refund of their purchase price. No matter the reason for your return of the product, the company is set to honor their refund commitment. Of course, customer service representatives will try to assist you in discovering what caused your dissatisfaction in the hopes of correcting the issue, but if no resolution is available, they are happy to provide you with a refund.



The company relies on domestic shipping companies to ensure that your product reaches you in a timely fashion. The product ships the next business day after you make your purchase, meaning it reaches you within just a few days at the minimum for those living in the UK. However, residents living in the U.S. will have to display a measure of patience as the package may take a bit longer to reach you.

However, even shipping to U.S. residents seems to move along rather quickly given the reputable shipping companies the company uses. If you notice any delays or issues with the shipment of your order, make sure you contact customer support immediately to address the matter. Although it is not common, delays and packages that fail to arrive can and do happen, which requires you to notify the company immediate so they can assist you.


Customer Support

Customer support professionals are willing to assist you with any questions or concern you may have regarding the purchase of this supplement. Their training and professionalism ensures that you receive the courteousness and answers you would expect when the need to contact customer support arises. No matter your issue, the support team is willing to assist you in finding a resolution that best suits your wants, needs, and current situation.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Making a purchase online has always been a concern for many consumers. There is always the nagging worry that somehow your personal and financial information could fall into the wrong hands. Fortunately, the company that supplies this supplement is proud to offer safe, secure checkout procedures that are guaranteed to keep your information private.

Thanks to data encryptions and SSL certificates, which are backed by multiple security logos, you can rest assured that your purchase information will remain secure. Additionally, the company does not sell information to third parties, meaning you will never have to worry about contact from unwanted persons or companies. If you have any concerns regarding the security of your checkout, you are always welcome to contact support for assistance.


Pricing & Free Trial

Testosterone Reload is only trough a subscription model, particularly when compared to similar testosterone boosters on the market. You can subscribe for a monthly supply for $89.95 which doesn’t include the shipping. You can cancel the product in the first 14 days, which is your free trial. Many people confuse a free trial period from this monthly billing subscription program with a giving away of a free sample. The company doesn’t offer any free samples and when you order the product, your are actually subscribing for an auto-billing monthly supply of the product.

Make sure to check frequently for any specials so that you can save money on the purchase price of the product. Stacked options may also allow you to save money on your purchase price. Considering that the price for this supplement is rather low compared to several other T-builders makes this one well worth buying no matter if it is on sale or not to determine if it will provide you the muscle growth and improved testosterone levels you want and need.

Keep in mind when making your purchase that shipping and handling charges will apply. If you have any questions regarding the total price of your purchase, customer support is always willing to assist you. However, most consumers agree that they were able to purchase the product successfully and at a price that they loved.






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