Testosterone Boost

Testosterone Boost Review – Can It Be Taken by Regular Athletes & Sports Performers?

What Is Testosterone Boost?

Testosterone Boost is a dietary supplement for men and is made from all-natural ingredients. The product is manufactured to optimize and enhance training for men looking to take their workouts to the next level. By increasing nitric oxide in the body, the product increases testosterone production and blood flow. Testosterone is a key hormone in building muscle mass, defining a well-sculpted physique and increasing vascularity. Increased blood flow and testosterone also result in improved energy levels and endurance so men can participate in more demanding workouts and achieve optimal fitness and training results.

Testosterone Boost is an all-natural product with no fillers, additives or chemicals. This product is a dietary supplement, not a steroid. And because of the 100% natural ingredients of the product, it is declared legal and safe for competitive weightlifters, bodybuilders and athletes to take as part of the their diet, training and workout routine. As a testosterone booster, middle-aged or aging men may also choose to use the product and augment their training routine.

Made from plants and botanicals, the product is all-natural and contains no fillers or additives. It does not contain any chemical or synthetic elements so it has been deemed as a safe product that will not harm the body or tissue. Because it is safe for daily use, the product can be used as part of a consistent, ongoing routine designed to build muscle mass, achieve a lean physique, increase vascularity and achieve fitness and bodybuilding goals. According to the dosing instructions, the product should be taken twice per day and incorporated into a regimen that includes a protein-rich diet, sufficient sleep and muscle rest between workouts as well as regular training sessions with weights and cardiovascular exercise.



Presumptively, Testosterone Boost is not only the product name, but also the manufacturer of the supplement. Online resources reveal little information or insight on the company; however, it appears to be well-respected and highly regarded in the bodybuilding community. Many discussion boards and online websites feature testimonials of users who declare the positive the results achieved with the product’s use as part of their diet and fitness routine. A sense of trust and confidence are achieved with a money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer, likely giving potential customers assurance of the product’s quality.

The company website does not include a physical address, and the contact us link on the website is blank and lacking an email address. While these key pieces are missing from the website, there is a customer service phone number that is clearly shown. The privacy policy area of the website also displays a blank page; however the terms and conditions include thorough details including purchase guidelines and instructions for the possible need to return product. Additionally, the terms includes the mailing address in Arizona for returns. While this address is not easily found, its existence provides credibility for the manufacturer.

The website serves as a resource with details on the product’s active ingredients and intended claims to build muscle mass, strength and energy. Despite the missing information in the contact us and privacy policy sections of the website, the design is sleek and the ordering functionality is easy to navigate and use. The offer of a money-back guarantee provides further assurance of the company’s legitimacy and professionalism.


How Testosterone Boost Works?

Produced from all-natural ingredients, the supplement is intended to increase testosterone and blood flow to create an atmosphere within the body that is conducive for achieving fitness and bodybuilding results. The efficacy of the supplement is the result of a combination of the three amino acids L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and L-Norvaline. The proprietary sustained-release formulation gradually adds these amino acids to the body so they can be fully absorbed versus a quick release that the body is unable to effectively take in.

The all-natural ingredients boost testosterone and create protein molecules in the body. The testosterone converts this protein into Nitric Oxide and provides numerous benefits to the body that bodybuilders and weightlifters find helpful in achieving their goals. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Expand the blood vessels to increase blood circulation and blood flow to nourish the body’s tissue, muscles and organs
  • Prevent the accumulation of lactic acid during workouts and reduce the risk of sore muscles
  • Spark the release of insulin, which helps decrease fat cells while building lean muscle
  • Increase energy levels, endurance and strength for a more strenuous and demanding workout to effectively achieve fitness goals

Product guidelines instruct the user to take two capsules twice a day—one capsule 30 minutes before a morning workout to fuel the body’s blood flow to tissues and muscles and a second capsule about eight hours later for sustained benefits within the body. The manufacturer’s guidelines clearly state the product is intended for men age 18 and older. Product storage should be in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight to prevent the deterioration of the active ingredients. While the product is all-natural, as with any supplement, users should review the full ingredients list to avoid allergic reaction or possible negative effects.


Ingredients of Testosterone Boost

Testosterone Boost is manufactured with a proprietary blend of organic, all-natural plants and botanicals. Free of fillers, additives and chemicals, the all-natural structure of this dietary supplement is reassuring of its health benefits and product safety. Regardless of the all-natural composition, users should review the ingredients list in its entirety to avoid adverse reaction.

Three amino acids serve as the active ingredients of the supplement. When taken in combination, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and L-Norvaline offer optimized benefits compared to if taken individually.

L-Arginine – a popular ingredient in bodybuilding supplements due to its work in producing nitric oxide, expanding the blood vessels and increasing the blood supply’s distribution of oxygen and nutrients to muscles and tissues. Increased oxygen delivery throughout the body leads to overall increased energy levels and helps the build endurance for routine fitness and training.

L-Citrulline – known for its ability to decrease muscle fatigue by increasing energy levels and endurance. This amino acid also increases the production of nitric oxide.

L-Norvaline – similar to the other two amino acids in its ability to produce nitric oxide, and its benefits are enhanced when taken as a combination formula.



Competitive bodybuilders, weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts are attracted to Testosterone Boost for its ability to build strength and muscle mass while improving overall health and fitness. The all-natural ingredient blend has thermogenic properties to burn and expel fat by increasing the body’s metabolism, increasing energy and decreasing fatigue.

The production of nitric oxide is fueled by the three amino acids found in the active ingredients. Nitric oxide leads to increased blood flow, which results in the delivery of nutrients and oxygen through the blood to the body’s tissue, muscles and organs. The body is nourished and able to recover following workouts with decreased muscle soreness and fatigue.

Greater oxygen supply through the blood flow improves cognitive function as attested by supplement users who say they experienced improvement in their thought process, clarity and focus. The oxygen delivery to the brain, heart and lungs aids in overall improved performance due to better concentration, mental focus and strength and energy levels.



Manufactured in America in an FDA-registered facility, Testosterone Boost offers the appeal of an American-made product. While the manufacturing facility is FDA-registered, this does not mean the product has been tested or reviewed by the FDA for product safety, claims or efficacy. The product is sold exclusively online from the company e-commerce website.

The company’s website states the product is safe for daily use due to its all-natural ingredient list containing no fillers, additives or chemical substances. The product is a dietary supplement, not a meal replacement, and is directed for use as part of an overall health and fitness regimen that includes a protein-rich diet and exercise.

According to the company website, Testosterone Boost is a certified testosterone booster through the increased production of nitric oxide. Users can expect to see improvement in energy level, mental focus and cognitive ability.



I’ve always been dedicated to fitness and work out regularly and eat well, but I reached a point in my life when I wasn’t able to keep up in my workouts. I was getting tired sooner and felt drained and had muscle aches after leaving the gym. I started using Testosterone Boost and within a few days I noticed improvement in my energy. I was able to put in the extra effort to make my workouts more challenging and within a month I was bulking up more and getting stronger. I wasn’t experiencing the muscle aches and fatigue and I actually felt more energized and ready to hit the gym.

– James, age 43, Washington, DC, US

I am a competitive bodybuilder so training is always part of my daily routine. I was trying to advance in the competition circuit and Testosterone Boost helped me compete at a higher level. I was able to amplify my training, pump heavier weights and push myself to points I hadn’t reached before. I have muscle mass, definition and vascularity that I’ve always dreamed of achieving.

– Scott, age 31, Philadelphia, PA, US

With a desk job during the day and limited to evening and weekend workouts, middle age was creeping up on me. I was eating well and working out, but I didn’t have the same energy I once had and began noticing some fat bulges and loss of muscle mass. I began using Testosterone Boost and within just a few weeks I was more focused at work and able to make my workouts more challenging. I noticed the fat disappearing and considerable improvement in my muscle mass and definition. I am on my way to developing the body I had in my 20s and it feels great.

– Tom, age 46, San Diego, CA, US

With Testosterone Boost I am working out harder and longer and building the body I have wanted for years. Sometimes I am unable to wind down and relax because all of this extra energy keeps me constantly moving whether at home or in the gym.

– Shawn, age 29, Charlotte, NC, US


Awards & Media Coverage

The internet contains several websites with information and testimonials about Testosterone Boost. User reviews provide a general consensus of the product’s ability to increase energy, muscle mass and strength. Its all-natural ingredients list earns it high marks and makes it a trusted product among the bodybuilding, weightlifting and fitness community.

Online discussion forums for bodybuilders and weightlifters include many positive reviews with the vast majority stating they saw results within just a few weeks from product use combined with their workout routine and high-protein diet. The product’s increased popularity is likely due to users sharing their success with the product via social media platforms.

The substantial number of profound testimonials indicates Testosterone Boost is gaining satisfied customers who are in turn becoming advocates of the product’s ability to help men reach their fitness goals. While the product has the greatest use and appeal among the bodybuilding community, it appears men of all ages seeking improved fitness and muscle mass are stating their satisfaction with the supplement.


Money-back Guarantee

If not completely satisfied with the product, the manufacturer offers a customer-friendly return process and 24-hour customer service to assist. Customers may submit a return and receive a full refund, with the exception of the shipping charges.

To receive a refund, customer service must be contacted with 14 days of receipt of the free product trial. Any unused product must be returned no later than 30 days after the original purchase date. Within three to five business days, the customer should expect to receive a refund for the product; however, shipping fees are not refundable.

Customers who are pleased with their purchase do not need to take any action, and they will be converted from the trial to a monthly subscription that includes convenient auto-payment and shipment. Every 30 days, the customer will be billed and receive a 30-day product supply. If the product is received damaged, customer service will assist with a product replacement or refund.



At just $4.95, the company offers a competitive shipping rate via USPS. The company ships all orders the following day with the exception of those placed on Saturday or Sunday, with those sent the following Monday.

Shipping times will vary by location, but orders are typically received within two to three business days. Customers who are satisfied with the product and choose to convert to a monthly subscription will receive a new 30-day supply of Testosterone Boost every 30 days with shipments sent through USPS.

Shipping and handling fees are nonrefundable should the customer decide to return the product. Customer service is available 24 hours a day to assist with issues surrounding shipping.


Customer Support

Customer service is available at 866-520-0522, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week PST. Representatives are well-informed of the product specifics, including ingredients and directions for use, as well as purchase transaction assistance. To bolster the company’s customer service, an email address or live chat functionality would allow customers to easily contact a representative directly.

If the company wanted to further reinforce its positive image and credibility, it should address the blank contact us link on the website. While there is no contact information in that area of the website, the terms and conditions link provides a physical mailing address should a customer need to return any product.

One of the strongest features of the company website, which adds to the overall image of the company, is the 24-hour customer service department. The round-the-clock availability is convenient and shows a commitment to customer satisfaction. The toll-free phone number is clearly displayed at the website footer and in the terms and conditions section of the website.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customer privacy and security are taken seriously by the manufacturer as evidenced by the multiple efforts to protect from fraud during the online transaction process. Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is used for online orders and verifies that transactions on the website are safe and secure. This technology also protects again phishing and malware. SSL is the industry standard for secure online purchases and banking transactions as it encrypts the all personal and credit card information provided by the customer.

The online presence of the McAfee Secure, TRUSTe and Norton Secured VeriSign logos verifies the SSL certificate and ensures the company is trustworthy in their e-commerce practices. These certificates also verify the company takes appropriate measures to operate a secure website with protection against data and security breaches. As data and security remain important issues in e-commerce, these security measures offer some reassurance to online customers.


Pricing & Free Trial

Testosterone Boost is a product in high demand with the company website indicating limited supply of the supplement. The easy online ordering form and a low shipping fee of $4.95 provide a free product trial that includes a 30-day supply. If the customer is happy with the product and wishes to convert the free trial to a monthly subscription, no further action is needed and future product supply will be automatically shipped to the customer.

For a subscription of $84.94 per month, including shipping, the customer will receive a 30-day supply (60 capsules). Recurring monthly fees will be charged to the credit card on file and the product will be shipped automatically. Each month, product shipments will be sent unless the customer contacts customer service to cancel the subscription.

In the event the customer chooses to cancel the subscription and not convert the trial to a monthly subscription, contact must be made with customer service within 14 days of receiving the product. The remaining product must be returned within 30 days of the original order date to cancel the subscription and prevent future charges.

For customers who are enrolled in the monthly subscription and choose to cancel, customer service will assist with the process. At any time and for any reason the customer may cancel the subscription by calling customer service at the toll-free phone number located on the website. All cancellation requests are effective immediately. The provision of a customer service department to handle membership and ordering questions is an important aspect of the company’s attention to customer satisfaction.






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