TestoStaxx Review – A Good Auto-Shipping Product or Just Another Testosterone Booster?

What Is TestoStaxx?

TestoStaxx is an all natural ingredient comprised supplement that is accurately classified as a testosterone booster. It is designed to maximize the body of the users’ normal male testosterone levels that are useful in increasing the loss of fat and the growth of lean muscle. This natural anabolic matrix works as a controlled and time released formula that is completely free of stimulants and helps to provide greater bodybuilding stamina and endurance for pounding workouts and intense weightlifting sessions. It is billed to give users plenty of naturally occurring performance and power so that they are able to maximize their typical male hormone levels and help to improve recovery speed and effectiveness as well.



The company behind the product is a well-regarded creator, developer, marketer, and manufacturer. They are not the average ordinary supplement-making company that is simply in a hurry to push their products on unsuspecting or unknowing customers. Rather they are one of the model companies in the bodybuilding supplements industry, which is a refreshing change over so many of the other fly by night operations that are shady in the ways in which they deal with their customers.

Established back in 2005, the more than decade old company provides high power supplements for those athletes and fitness enthusiasts who insist on having the very best of nutritional products. This company has thrived on the promise that they back up all of their products as both road-tested and actually vetted in the real world. This permits the best possible form of advertising known to man to work for them, which is that their loyal customer base advertises and gets the word out and around on their high potency formulas. In truth, they have used this strategy so effectively that potential customers have a greater chance of reading real user reviews on forums on the Internet regarding how effective the company products are than they do of seeing their advertising in muscle and fitness types of magazines.

The company takes the quality of their products so seriously that they utilize only Good Manufacturing Practice Certified facilities that are rated at Sport Facility level to guarantee both the greatest possible integrity and quality of each and every one of their fitness supplement products. In this way, they can personally stand behind every one of their products and claim that they are totally free from any sort of illegal or banned substances, as well as that they have no cross contamination in the manufacturing and distribution processes.

The formulas that they create are all potent, and their multivitamins and other sports supplements are not your average or every day ordinary muscle boosting products. Their offerings are often called some of the best quality and most highly effective supplements for physical prowess enhancement that are available to the devoted bodybuilder, athlete, and weightlifter on an amateur or professional and competition level.


How TestoStaxx Works?

TestoStaxx was created with the serious athlete in mind. The idea behind the product is to maximize the hormone levels and ratios, the mitochondrial biogenesis, and the blood cells which are rich in oxygen both while the athlete is performing and when he is recovering from the strenuous workout and exertion. The formula delivers a greater amount of power, endurance, and more effective recovery. It allows serious bodybuilders and weightlifters to train better and harder than they ever have before, to overcome their own physical limitations and plateau, and to recover from grueling workouts quicker.

The product stacks up well with a number of good supplemental categories. Whatever the users’ fitness goals may be, a solid Whey Protein helps after the conclusion of workouts to assist in feeding users’ muscles and in developing leaner muscles later. Anyone who is looking for a better performance in his workout will want to stack it with a good pre-workout supplement. Those looking for better recovery of muscles and endurance should stack up with a solid Amino Acid product. For those interested in cutting down on body fat, a helpful Thermogenic Fat Burner stacks up ideally well with the TestoStaxx product. The choices of stack ups are practically infinite as this product does not have dangerous elements or chemicals inside that will react with any routinely distributed pharmacy or health store item.


Ingredients of TestoStaxx

Cissus – represents among the best of anti-catabolic compounds that have rocked the supplement industry. These phytoconstituents turn out to be both effective and active at boosting the ligaments and tendons support. Effective inner workings of ligament and tendons functions are critical for good weight lifting form and strength in workouts and performance.

Carnitine – because of its many benefits and advantages, this element has been added in to the TestoStaxx formula. It delivers better recovery times after intense workouts. As it is utilized as part of a combo stack it allows users to workout or train harder and more frequently as well. Users of this product report better alertness and clarity, improved energy, and better, more effective utilization of fats that lead to a recomp effect.

Catuaba and Carao extracts work together with the other ingredients in the formula to assist in supporting supple muscles. They provide greater performance, higher oxygen levels, and better all around strength.

Gingko Biloba and Quercetin – have been utilized for hundreds of years in China. They deliver a performance boost that is free of stimulants via improving circulation and oxygen which gives the professional athlete a one of a kind alternative to products that are based upon stimulants. The sodium bicarbonate acts as a buffer to hydrogen in helping fatigue to be reduced while working out or training and in improving recovery between workout sets so that stamina and endurance can be built up totally free of jitters as they have never been before.

Grape Seed Extract, L-cariin, Apigenin, Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract, Niacin, and Luteolin all work together to boost blood flow, testosterone circulation levels, and human growth hormone levels all the while encouraging an optimal balance of estrogen.



TestoStaxx does a number of different things for the bodybuilder and professional level athlete to help them with their training, workouts, and performances. As a testosterone booster, it increases the male body’s natural production of the strength and muscle building hormone that develops all characteristics that are manly. More testosterone in the blood means bigger, harder, leaner, and more muscles develop in the man’s body.

Human growth hormones work hand in glove with testosterone hormones to help the man work out longer, harder, and more effectively. The other ingredients in the product combine to help with improved and faster recovery times. All of this taken together makes the athlete or bodybuilder a more effective machine in the gym and training facilities either for amateur personal development or competition level athletics and bodybuilding.



The products that this company developed and manufactures, including TestoStaxx, are all certified as having achieved a number of different compliance levels. These include NSF GMP Registration Policies, NSF Certification Guideline 306, NNfA GMP Certified, GMP requirements in NSF and ANSI Standards 173, Section 8.



TestoStaxx is useful for both intense working out focus and mood as well as recovery after working out. It also doesn’t hurt that it helps a little to boost the flow and pumping of blood to the body and muscles. If you have the basic supplemental needs covered already, this is a good addition to your stack. With time and continued use, I decided that TestoStaxx is among my favorite of formulas. It gets the job done each and every time. I find that it stacks ideally with Forskolin to increase cAMP levels that help with mental performance and burning of fat. – Vandraren, Winnipeg, Canada

This is really great stuff. When I first took TestoStaxx though, I had some uncomfortable chest pains though I think in retrospect that it may have been from a lack of sufficient amounts of water intake. You really should test out this supplement with a single pill on your first day. The formula does allow you to train better, stronger, harder, and more frequently. Let’s say that this is no miracle supplement, but it does the job it advertises very well. When I stop taking the formula, I find that I get so very sore in all of my muscles, which proves how much it helps with workout recovery. Now I find that I can’t do without it anymore. – Johnny, Provo, Utah

This is all around a terrific supplement product. Around a week before I ran out of my first two bottles, I started getting some great recomp efforts. I am leaning out and holding steady at approximately 200 pounds. To me, you need a good 60 days of the formula in your body before you hit the maximum effects and benefits. I saw greater and better results form the first couple of weeks on the second bottle than in the entire first bottle. The only negative thing I can think of is that I did experience a minor acne increase by the end of my two bottles’ consumption. – Abdullah, Buffalo, New York


Awards & Media Coverage

The company has won a number of awards for many of its products in the stable of bodybuilding supplements and brands, but TestoStaxx is not among the ones that have been recognized so far.


Money-back Guarantee

The company is so sure that users will enjoy their TestoStaxx product that they offer an unparalleled in the business money-back guarantee on the full purchase price of the product. All that purchasers have to do to claim this impressive money back guarantee if they are unhappy with the supplement is to take the pills that remain and pack them up in the bottle with the receipt and user’s address and send them back to the manufacturer directly in 30 days or less of time of purchase.

Users should expect to wait up to from two to three weeks for the credit to show back up on the credit or bank card. It is important to note that such a guarantee is only applicable for those who order the supplement directly from the official manufacturer and not via any of the vendors and resellers. Any items that are on sale do not apply. The company claims that they provide such an unrivalled money back guarantee on the product because they are so sure that users will be thrilled with all of their supplements. They are willing to honor their own stated guarantees, but claim that they do not believe anyone will take them up on it.



The company does not offer any free shipping, but they do offer a relative deal. For any domestic U.S. address order, they charge purchasers a flat rate of $5.99 for the entire shipment, regardless of the quantity of bottles that a buyer purchases. They also now offer international shipping to all countries besides Australia, Nigeria, Indonesia, and South Africa. The flat rate fee for international shipping to any other country in the world is $19.99, also regardless of the quantity of bottles that a buyer orders.


Customer Support

The manufacturer is not the user friendliest supplement company the world has ever seen, nor is it the worst one around either. They prefer that users who need to contact them regarding any matter at all do so by writing an email to them. The company promises to send a reply in no more than 24 hours. If for some reason customers do not hear back from them in this time frame, they also offer their toll free phone number in the United States for customer service phone inquiries, and a collect call back to the U.S. from overseas for those customers who are living and using the formula abroad.

The customer support can be reached by calling this number 1-844-289-4510.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The company is somewhat unusual in the space in that they do appear genuinely concerned about the cyber security of their users. They state that this is a top priority of theirs, which is why they promise fully 100% secure ordering to anyone who visits the site and wishes to purchase supplement products. They carry this out in practice and safeguard customers’ credit card data by employing SSL Secure Sockets Layer technology, long considered to be the standard in the industry and still reckoned as one of the best software protectors available for securing important and sensitive commerce transactions.

To help customers feel assured about how seriously they take these privacy and financial security concerns, they even provide a full manual on how SSL actually works in practice for the convenience of their customers. The long and short of it is that thanks to the employment of the SSL technology, every single communication between users’ computers and that of the company is encrypted to cloak and shield all of the sensitive information that is sent between users and the company’s own e-commerce website.


TestoStaxx Pricing & Free Trial

In order to qualify for the free trial offer, potential customers would have to order their sample directly from the manufacturer. The cost from their own web store will be only the shipping fee, however if the product is not canceled within the free trial program, the customer will be charged the full price each month until the product is canceled. The company takes great pride and makes a huge point about not enrolling customers in any recurring shipment and charging programs as a matter of company policy.

It is not possible to order the supplement from physical store, it is available online exclusively. The prices from these vendors are all over the proverbial map. The cost of the supplement is 78.62 USD per month.






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