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TestoRush RX Review – Does It Work?

What Is TestoRush RX?

The supplement industry is virtually saturated with testosterone boosters. However, each booster works slightly differently than the others. TestoRush RX is a testosterone booster that operates mainly as a nitric oxide booster.

Some testosterone boosters and nitric oxide boosters have significant overlap, and for good reason – TestoRush RX combines L-Arginine, a nitric oxide booster that is backed by significant research, with a special blend of vitamins and natural energy boosters.

This is because the makers of TestoRush RX understand that building muscle and burning fat effectively depends on having a base level of good health and a strong metabolism. With that goal in mind, TestoRush RX strives to improve overall health and energy so you can get to the gym and crank out more reps than you ever have before.

Why You Need to Take TestoRush RX?

With that essential base covered, this supplement supplies you with L-Arginine, an essential amino acid that was the subject of medical research that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in the late 1990s. The researchers in this case found that L-Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide in the body, and that nitric oxide is a powerful catalyst when it comes to exercise. The supplement also includes nitric oxide itself in the formulation.

It works as a vasodilator, which means that more oxygen and nutrients get delivered to working muscles. This ends up delaying fatigue, providing more power, and reducing recovery time so you can get out there faster and build more muscle. And when you put on muscle faster, it makes it easier for you to burn fat, even at rest, because your metabolic rate increases with added muscle. Based on the manufacturer website, it looks as though this is a supplement that may not contain ingredients that directly boost testosterone levels in the body, but that it instead indirectly supports testosterone by aiding in muscle building.

The Benefits of TestoRush RX



TestoRush RX is made by a company that exclusively manufactures this supplement. This means that the customer service team is well-equipped to deal with questions and concerns regarding the product. Anyone who is considering TestoRush RX may want to talk to the service team to determine if this supplement is right for them. Though the website for the product does not give an office location, it does provide customers with a customer service hotline.

Three Bottles of TestoRush RX


How TestoRush RX Works?

This is a testosterone booster that relies on L-arginine, which technically puts it in a class of nitric oxide boosters. L-arginine can lead to decreased recovery times, and it fuels longer and more powerful workouts when taken as a pre-workout supplement due to its ability to increase delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles at work.

Gain Muscle Mass by Using TestoRush RX


Ingredients of TestoRush RX

TestoRush RX is somewhat unique in the the manufacturer does not actually list the specific ingredients on the website. This makes making the decision to purchase a challenging one at best. We do know that the product contains nitric oxide itself along with L-arginine and a vitamin blend. It isn’t clear if there are additional ingredients – many similar boosters contain herbal supplements like fenugreek and tribulus terrestris.

This makes it difficult for potential purchasers with allergies or other sensitivities to decide whether this supplement is safe. It’s best to verify ingredients before you buy.

It is likely that some of the unlisted “natural” ingredients are designed to boost testosterone, as the L-arginine and NO serve primarily to build muscle and do not necessarily boost testosterone levels in users. But since being active and adding muscle can in themselves support healthy testosterone levels, it is possible that added ingredients do not boost testosterone themselves.

That said, here are the two known ingredients with some added information:

As mentioned earlier, L-arginine was the subject of Nobel Prize winning research that validated the hundreds of athletes and fitness enthusiasts who have been supplementing with this and other nitric oxide boosters for years. L-arginine is probably the most reliably backed booster ingredient we have, and it supports muscle growth and fat loss on a number of different levels.

L-arginine, or, more specifically, the nitric oxide to which it’s converted once in the body, is an important part of many pre-workout supplements. It has a somewhat stimulating effect on the metabolism, making it easier for you to power through a workout with boundless energy.

The Steps for Takign TestoRush RX

Most of this ingredient’s beneficial effects come from its vasodilating properties. This effect comes from its ability to relax smooth muscles. While relaxing the muscles around blood vessels makes sure the body’s working muscles can get adequate oxygen and nutrients, the smooth muscle relaxation also diverts blood flow from the smooth muscles to working muscles, resulting in an even greater influx of nutrients and oxygen.

The increased delivery of blood to muscles is great for strength training, but it also can really benefit endurance training athletes. This is a plus for those who really want to drop some fat while bulking up, as cardio is the most efficient way to blast fat.

If you’ve ever been a part of the anti-smoking demonstration sometimes done in schools – the one where kids have to run in place while breathing through a straw – then you know what it’s like to try to perform cardio while not having enough oxygen. When you supplement with L-arginine, you can ensure that muscles have plentiful oxygen. This makes it easier to exercise harder for longer periods of time, meaning you get the body you want faster than ever.

TestoRush RX also contains plain Nitric Oxide. While perhaps not as effective – or at least not as well-researched as its amino-acid precursor, adding in already-converted NO can’t hurt.

It’s tricky to say what exactly is in this blend, as the company does not elaborate. It is very likely that there is a vitamin complex involved, as many boosters include a mix of B vitamins and other vitamins to support energy. It may also contain herbal or natural ingredients. Some common ones are Yohimbine – the bark of a tree that stimulates heart rate and boosts metabolism, and Tribulus Terrestris, a plant that is valued by many bodybuilders for its alleged testosterone-boosting abilities.

Boost Testosterone by Taking TestoRush RX



This supplement has a few advantages – one is that it is significantly cheaper than many similar products on the market. Another is that it supports your metabolism healthily and naturally, although it is difficult to know exactly how because the label does not list specific ingredients aside from L-arginine and Nitric Oxide. That said, the two ingredients that are listed are backed b significant research.



This supplement does not have any specific certificates, although it is unclear whether or not TestoRush RX has been around long enough to be adequately reviewed.



When you buy a supplement online for the first time, it can be difficult to make the leap and buy that first bottle (or sign up for that trial). Here are the reactions from a handful of satisfied users:

Ben, 22, South Bend, IN:

I decided I wanted to try out a testosterone booster a couple years ago, but I wanted to take my time with research and make sure I picked the right one. I tried some of the over-the-counter ones sold by CVS and Walgreens and stuff, but they were pretty basic in terms of ingredients, and I wanted an all-in-one.

Then I came across TestoRush RX. I actually hadn’t found it in all my online searching – it was a guy in my grad school program who used it and told me it had helped him up his bench press. So of course I decided I wanted to give it a shot. First, though, I read the label. I was a little cautious because I saw that it mentioned a couple ingredients but not all of them. So I asked my friend about it and he didn’t know either. He had gotten such great results, though, so I got a bottle anyway.

And I’m glad I did. I really needed more help in the fat-burning department, so it was super useful in that way. I was able to do more cardio – and I hate cardio, for the most part. But it sure helped. and then a couple months later, my definition really improved, which made me happier. So I tried harder, and I was not disappointed. It seemed like they worked together – it was like the more energy I had, the more muscle I built, and the more muscle I built, the more energy I had. Definitely good stuff. It’s been eight months and I’m still thankful I took the shot.

Chad, 35, Twentynine Palms, CA:

I had been looking for a testosterone booster for a long time when I found TestoRush RX. And I was skeptical at first because this was not my first rodeo when it comes to online supplements. I’ve been burned by bad ones before. But I came across this one and wanted to give it a shot. I had been reading about L-arginine for years and I wanted to finally see if it could work its magic for me. It took awhile, but it finally did. About five months in I noticed I was looking more cut than usual. I thought maybe I was dehydrated, but it stuck. So I kept taking it, and I had enough energy to up my cardio routine and my strength routine. I keep dropping fat while also adding muscle, which is really great. I’m definitely going to be a customer for life.

Jackson, 28, Alberta, Canada:

Not gonna lie, I was super worried about this one. I actually impulse bought it when I was drunk and had been looking at pictures of bodybuilders and then started to feel bad about myself. When it came in the mail I figured hey, why not, it’s a free trial. And this was without question the best drunk mistake I’ve made in my life. It was a great pre-workout at first, but when I started to see results beyond those of any pre-workout I had ever had, I realized I had something special. I’ve been buying it for a year now, and I look great and feel better. Awesome!

Jim, 30, Chantilly, VA:

Pretty solid stuff for the buy. My favorite brand was discontinued, and I asked around and heard that TestoRush RX had sort of a fan club in my area. That was enough for me to give it go, partially because so many of my friends use it and I want to see if I can get more ripped than they are. I guess I’m pretty competitive.

Well, long story short, I blew everyone out of the water when it came to results on this. I got really jacked really fast, and I can bench significantly more than I did before. I’m impressed and also a little surprised, but I will definitely buy again.

Build Muscle by Using TestoRush RX


Money-back Guarantee

TestoRush RX comes with a 30-day trial, which makes it easier for you to determine whether or not it is something you want to keep ordering. If you forget to cancel, or if you simply order more bottles and then change your mind about them, you can send back the unopened bottles for a refund. For those who are understandably worried about trying a new supplement for the first time by buying it online, this policy can put fears to rest.

The Increase of Testosterone and TestoRush RX



Shipping is included in the supplement price, which is convenient for the buyer. International shipping and expedited shipping may incur extra fees, depending on the desired shipping speed and the final destination of the product. However, when you opt for the free trial, you must pay the low flat-rate shipping fee for the first bottle.


Customer Support

As mentioned earlier, the manufacturer does not list a physical address. This will likely not be an issue for most people, as many customers communicate with companies by phone or e-mail anyway. Buyers and potential buyers may call the customer support hotline with questions or concerns. However, some buyers who took advantage of the free trial said they were met with a recording when they called and that cancellation proved to be difficult. It is unclear whether this is the actual case or not, or if it only happens in isolated incidents.

Though the web site can be difficult to navigate at times, the presence of available customer service representatives makes it a little easier to get your questions answered and your order shipped.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Online buying can be worrisome for many, but when you buy TestoRush RX online, checkout is 100% secure. It is even verified by multiple internet security organizations. You can feel confident that your information is secure and protected, making it easier to order your product from the comfort of your home. You won’t get spam or other unwanted communications from TestoRush RX, and the company won’t sell or give away your information.


Pricing & Free Trial

The pricing of TestoRush RX is on par with many other boosters, although it is somewhat cheaper than a few of them. It runs about $89.95 per bottle after the free trial, which you will also be billed for if you do not cancel within the allotted time.

The Exclusive Offer from TestoRush RX

The free trial is similar to most autoship program free trials – you pay nothing except shipping and have a 30-day supply sent to your door. You will need to cancel within the specified period – this is usually about 14 days – if you want to make sure you are not enrolled in the autoship program. If you are, your credit card will be charged for the free trial bottle plus the next installment. You cans end back unopened bottles for a refund, but this can be challenging to do, as you usually have to pay for shipping both ways. Based on some customer complaints, cancellation and returns will sometimes prove to be difficult.

Though the free trial can prove to be difficult to cancel, it is better than having no free trial and risking buying a $89.95 bottle of a supplement you can’t use or that doesn’t work for you. As long as you keep track of things, you should be able to cancel, if you so desire, with minimal difficulty.






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