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TestoRip X Review – Is This Product Made From a Diverse Collection of Natural Ingredients?

What Is TestoRip X?

TestoRip X is a testosterone boosting supplement that is made with all-natural ingredients. If you’re an athlete who prefers herbal supplements, this one may be worth looking into. Don’t be fooled by the “natural” label, though – unlike some homeopathic remedies, this one contains ingredients that are mostly supported by research. In some cases, the ingredient has been involved in peer-reviewed studies. In other instances, it has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and then adopted by fitness enthusiasts who swear by its efficacy. At any rate, this is a supplement with a variety of proven natural ingredients, and this sort of ingredient profile is a good one for those who want to avoid side effects, as the natural ingredients included are not known for causing side effects. This supplement also does not include stimulants, which can cause jitters. On the whole, this is an all-natural way to support testosterone.

But why might you need this sort of supplement? You may think testosterone is only needed as a supplement if you’re older, but after the age of 30, the average man loses one to two percent of testosterone annually. If you want to keep performing and feeling your best, a supplement is wise. Loss of testosterone may lead to fat gain, muscle loss, fatigue, reduced strength, and a reduced sense of well-being. TestoRip X offers quality, natural ingredients to help you feel your best and combat low T.



This supplement is made by a company that only manufactures TestoRip X. If you are like many fitness enthusiasts, you may be accustomed to getting your supplements from large companies that manufacture tens and even hundreds of products. However, while it’s understandable to wary of companies like this one, there are a few benefits to using a single-product manufacturer. One is that the manufacturer is dedicated to extensively research all ingredients to make this the best product it can be. There are no other products to distract from this product. The other main advantage is that staff will likely have more information on this product on recall, as they only need to know about one product as opposed to hundreds of them.


How TestoRip X Works?

This supplement works on a number of levels. Some testosterone boosters will only have one mechanism of action, but this one works on several levels to support your testosterone. This particular supplement works by stimulating the production of testosterone, providing the building blocks of this and other steroid hormones, suppressing estrogen, and boosting natural energy. The first function is vital to all testosterone boosters, and TestoRip X contains ingredients that have been proven to support testosterone. Some are designed to increase testosterone regardless, and others are also meant to correct testosterone deficiencies.

But sometimes, your body lacks the raw materials to produce male hormones, and that’s where the second mechanism of action comes in. This supplement provides your body with some of molecular compounds needed to form testosterone. Therefore, you can be assured that the product will actually work, as opposed to being stymied by your body’s lack of materials. Sometimes, though, these building blocks can turn to estrogen, which can counteract testosterone by making it easier for you to add fat. It can make you feel slower and make it harder to gain muscle, thus getting in the way of your physique goals. This concern is relevant to most testosterone boosters, so the estrogen suppression in this one is very important if you want to feel your best, add muscle, and lose fat.

The energy boost inherent in this supplement is not due to stimulants. Some users may prefer a stimulant, but the energy here comes from natural plant sources, meaning it’s a sustained energy that does not include a crash. Having an energy boost can help you to get motivated enough to work hard at the gym, and it also can help support a sense of well-being throughout the day. On the whole, this is a supplement that is designed not to just be a sport supplement, but also as a general support for day-to-day life.


Ingredients of TestoRip X

This product includes a diverse collection of natural ingredients. Below is some information about each:

Horny Goat Weed – This plant is often made into a tea, but you can find it in some testosterone supplements, too. It has been used in Chinese Traditional Medicine for centuries, and it may have cognitive benefits. It is often purported to boost testosterone, and it’s likely that it does. However, it has not been tested clinically in humans. Studies on animals indicate that it does increase levels of testosterone in the blood, so there is a high likelihood it does so for humans as well.

Tongkat Ali – This herb, also called Eurycoma Longifolia or Longjack, is often sold as a testosterone booster. However, scientific evidence to support this idea is lacking. But this herb does serve an especially important function: it has been shown to suppress estrogen, and some research notes that it may act similarly to the anti-estrogen drug tamoxifen. Suppressing estrogen is important, as some testosterone boosters can actually increase the body’s production of estrogen. Estrogen encourages fat deposition, and if estrogen is being formed as a result of your testosterone booster, it follows that less testosterone is made. Thus, this ingredient helps balance others, especially prohormones that may turn to testosterone or estrogen.

Saw Palmetto – This plant is used to make a fatty acid extract that many have said increases testosterone production. Although there is a substantial number of people who swear by it, saw palmetto has not been shown in studies to be an effective testosterone supplement. It may have other performance benefits, seeing as there is a large community of fitness enthusiasts behind it.

Orchic Substance – This substance may sound odd. It is a substance extracted from ground testes of bulls. One may think this would be a great source of testosterone, but there is not sufficient research to prove this. However, this and similar substances have been used in traditional medicine for centuries, and some testosterone supplementers prefer that it is included in their supplements.

Wild Yam – This extract comes from the wild yam plant. It may seem strange to include in this supplement, but the wild yam is high in trace nutrients and also in plant sterols. Plant sterols are chemical precursors to hormone production, and specifically to the formation of male hormones, as these are steroid hormones. Thus, this ingredient helps to make sure your body has what it needs to make enough testosterone.

Sarsaparilla – This extract comes from a root that is used to make root beer and that also is a tonic. Sarsaparilla contains saponins, which contain steroid hormone precursors. One of these is diosgenin, which can be converted to testosterone once it is ingested. Essentially, this ingredients works similarly to wild yam when it comes to supporting formation of testosterone in the body.

Nettle – This herb has long been claimed to boost testosterone. However, there is not actually scientific evidence to indicate that it does this. It has some health benefits, especially for urinary regulation, and there are still some users who prefer to supplement with it, despite the little evidence behind its efficacy.

Boron – This ingredient may be one of the most investigated – and also most proven – means for increasing testosterone. Multiple studies have indicated that boron supplementation will increase your levels of free testosterone. Many testosterone boosters sold in stores have this as the sole ingredient. While it is undoubtedly a very effective ingredient, TestoRip X has the added benefits of many other ingredients that have also been proven effective. For those skeptical of some of the lesser-known ingredients, the inclusion of boron may provide some reassurance.



There are many advantages to taking TestoRip X. For one, it does not include any stimulants, which can cause jitters. Because of this lack of stimulants, you can take it at any time of day. Another significant advantage is the fact that it includes multiple ingredients that work using several mechanisms. Since different bodies respond differently to various ingredients, including a wide variety is a great way to increase the chances that the supplement will work well for you. Many testosterone supplements only have one ingredient, so the variety in this supplement makes taking it advantageous. It is also convenient and advantageous that it comes as an autoshipped product. This can save you the time of driving to purchase a supplement, or of re-ordering each month. A new bottle will be shipped to you each month without you having to do anything. On the whole, this is a supplement that, for a variety of reasons, stands out.



This product has not won any certificates as of yet. Certificates are often awarded to a supplement that stands out as being especially effective. However, because TestoRip X is a relatively new testosterone booster in a class that’s full of them, it has not yet had significant exposure to warrant being awarded a certificate. It is likely that, given some time, it may get a certificate. As it is tested out by journals and fitness writers, it may gain some more exposure. For now, the science behind its ingredients helps support claims to its efficacy.



Buying on the internet can give some people pause. In those cases, it may help to hear from people who have used the product. Here are the opinions of those who have used and liked TestoRip X:

Josh, 30, Miami, FL:

I read somewhere that men start losing testosterone at 30, so I decided to get a jump on it. TestoRip X was the first booster I tried, and I could tell within a week that it was just right. My energy was boosted, I felt good, and I was motivated to lift harder than ever at the gym. A month into it, I looked awesome! So glad I found this before low testosterone got bad enough that I lost progress.

Steve, 44, New York, NY:

I’ve spent the better part of seven years looking for the best testosterone booster for me, and I would’ve thought I was looking for the holy grail. But soon enough, I found what I needed: this. It was great from the start, and now, I look amazing and feel better than I ever felt possible.

Robbie, 50, San Francisco, CA:

I feel like I look like a geezer when I go to the gym. Lately, I’ve added some fat and I feel terrible. But then I ordered this. The energy boost is so amazing! I hope my physique follows suit.


Awards & Media Coverage

As mentioned above, since this is a fairly new testosterone booster, it has not yet had much media exposure. However, because it has many ingredients, and because those ingredients are nearly all supported by science, it may well gain media exposure and awards. Part of the problem with the testosterone booster industry is that there are many, many testosterone boosters, and many of them are effective. But there are many more testosterone formulas than there are journals and awards, so it sometimes takes a lot of time for a given supplement to be reviewed. Many individual ingredients of TestoRip X have been covered in the media and written about at length in sports journals, however.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturers of this product stand behind TestoRip X, and you can get a refund for an unopened bottle if you forget to cancel your free trial on time and don’t want another bottle. It is recommended that you first call the customer support center, which is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Once you have been given instructions on how to send back a bottle, you can proceed with your return. It may take the refund five to seven business days to show up, and you can return a product up to 60 days after purchase.



Shipping is billed as a low flat rate for the entire continental United States. When you sign up for your free trial of TestoRip X, you will be charged for shipping only. This is $3.97. If you continue with purchases after the trial, shipping costs will be rolled into your bill. This helps streamline the billing and make your experience easier. Shipping time will vary depending on where you are, but you generally will receive your bottle in a few business days. Your monthly shipment will be timed so there are no gaps in your supplementation routine. If you live outside the United States, contacting the company for shipping information may be a good idea.


Customer Support

The customer support staff with TestoRip X is dedicated to making your experience a great one. Many testosterone supplement offices are only open during normal business hours, but you can call representatives here any time, as the office is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Moreover, these representatives are all dedicated to fitness and are very knowledgeable about it as well. The customer service representatives can answer questions if you are already a customer or if you’re just considering whether or not their product is the right one for you.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying online can understandably cause some worry, and websites with no security can be dangerous to your financial information. Luckily, this supplement’s website uses some of the best security technology around to ensure that none of your information is taken by outsiders. The company itself also pledges to never use your information for anything but sending your orders. Your information will not be shared in any way with anyone. Plus, the checkout online helps to save you the time that it usually takes to drive to a store and make a purchase, or to reorder your supplement each month before it runs out.


Pricing & Free Trial

Pricing of this product is fairly in line with most testosterone boosters. It is somewhat costly, but the manufacturer offers a free trial option. If you want to try with no commitment, you can order the free trial option. With this trial, you pay only shipping – a total of $3.97 – and you have ten days plus four days for shipping to evaluate it. If you decide this is not the product for you, you may call to cancel. If you don’t cancel, you’ll be billed $88.99 for the trial bottle, and $88.99 each month after for a new bottle. You may cancel at any time by calling the company hotline. If you accidentally do not cancel and mean to, you can call and ask about setting up a refund.






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