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Testoril by Premium Nutraceuticals Review – How Good Is This Celebrity Endorsed Testosterone Booster?

What Is Testoril?

Testoril is a proprietary blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that reportedly boosts testosterone and balances hormone levels. An increase in free testosterone leads to greater muscle gain, fat loss, and improved strength and stamina, especially in older adult men. The key ingredient in this supplement is Fenugreek, which has been shown to positively affect the natural production and retention of testosterone. These herbal testosterone boosters are joined with essential vitamins and minerals that also have a beneficial hormonal effect. When used regularly, individuals report improvements to overall men’s health and some increase in the ability to train and heal.

To use this supplement, users are instructed to take two capsules each day, ideally one in the morning and one at night, although the timing is not critical. It is not a fast acting supplement or immediate energy boost, but instead works slowly and steadily to naturally increase your own testosterone levels. It is recommended that people use the supplement for at least three months, allowing the levels to build up, before judging its effectiveness. This supplement has been recommended by numerous professional athletes and celebrities, which may be a factor in its popularity and a sign of its quality.



The manufacturer of this supplement is Premium Nutraceuticals, an American-based maker of testosterone boosters and other similar supplements. Based in Augusta, Georgia, Premium Nutraceuticals makes a number of supplements intended to enhance men’s health. Besides Testoril, they are best known as the manufacturer of Vydox, an L-Arginine based male enhancement supplement. Because the manufacturing facilities are based in the United States, customers can be confident that it is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company has been in business since November of 2010, and the owner is currently listed as Mr. Joseph Testino.

Premium Nutraceuticals has been reviewed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and received a score of B-. This score was based on complaints, not about the efficacy of the products, but about confusion over automatic ordering and billing, especially relating to a free trial offer. All of the complaints seem to have been successfully resolved, and the aforementioned trial is no longer offered. Customers can visit the BBB website to learn about the details of these complaints and how they were resolved by Premium Nutraceuticals’ customer service.


How Testoril Works?

Testoril is a powerful supplement designed to support your body’s own testosterone production and retention, and to make that natural testosterone more biologically available. It is made from a number of well-known and accepted ingredients, including herbs, vitamins, and amino acids, which work to increase energy and strength through the natural hormonal stimulation. According to recent scientific studies, the ingredients in this supplement will effectively allow athletes of any age to boost their testosterone levels without artificial or unhealthy additives.

Individuals are directed to take this supplement twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. They must take it regularly to see results, since the ingredients stimulate natural testosterone production rather than give just a quick boost, and are directed to continue taking the supplement for at least three months to see its full results before judging its effectiveness. The supplement will only work as long as it is continued, so individuals must continue to take it for as long as they want to get the testosterone boost.

The key ingredient in Testoril, Fenugreek, has been shown in numerous studies to to naturally stimulate the release of androgens, the body‘s own muscle-building hormones. Vitamin B6 is also included, which has been shown to help increase free testosterone levels in men as well as lower destructive stress hormones. Finally, zinc and magnesium are added to this supplement, rounding out this powerful group of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, both which go to work balancing and increasing hormonal levels.


Ingredients of Testoril

This supplements is made up of four key nutrients, all recognized and valuable reputed testosterone boosters. The main ingredient is a large quantity of Standardized Fenugreek Extract. This extract, which contains over 100 phytochemical constituents, has been shown to support your body’s own production of Androstenedione. Specifically, it’s been shown to naturally stimulate the secretion of Corticotropin Releasing Hormone (CRH) from the Hypothalamus, which should then cause the production of Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH).

Fenugreek also seems to have its own testosterone-like properties all on its own, and it may also bind to the hormone receptors inside your body, mimicking testosterone and stimulating an increase in androgenic and anabolic activity.

The Fenugreek is supplemented by three other substantial ingredients that all work to stimulate and balance hormonal production. Vitamin B6, as Pyridoxine HCL, has been shown to increase the availability of testosterone, and to mitigate the effects of stress of hormone levels. Magnesium, as Magnesium Aspartate, also increases the levels of free testosterone, especially when paired with exercise. Finally, Zinc, as Zinc Amino Acid Chelate, has been shown to increase and regulate testosterone levels in healthy men.



One advantage of this supplement is that it’s primary ingredient, Fenugreek, has been the subject of numerous peer-reviewed, scientific studies. These studies have found substantial evidence that Fenugreek boosts natural, free testosterone levels through a number of proven biological mechanisms. Specifically, it is reported to stimulate the production of androgens, most notably, of Androstenedione. Other studies show that Fenugreek supports the freeing of testosterone from hormone binding globulin, as well as the release of luteinizing hormone from the pituitary gland, and the reduction of the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. This powerful herbal ingredient is the keystone of the testosterone boosters in Testoril’s proprietary formula.

Another advantage is that this supplement can be safely used by all adults, alone or in combination with other supplements. The ingredients in this formula are all deemed safe efficacious for adults of all ages, regardless of current health. Although exercise is said to magnify the effects of the Fenugreek and Magnesium contained within, it is not necessary to work out to see results. This supplement can also be combined with others for greater results without fear of contraindication. While this supplement slowly raises natural testosterone levels, other formulas, which may be more useful for immediate energy boosts or other nutritional or athletic needs, can be added at will.



This supplement has not been submitted for any external, professional certification, possibly because the manufacturer’s do not want to reveal its exclusive, proprietary formula. For example, although it has a number of reviews by the Better Business Bureau, it has not applied to BBB accreditation, but it is also under no obligation to do so. Instead, Premium Nutraceuticals depends on celebrity endorsements and the reviews of past users to attest to its value.

The celebrity endorsements, from both PGA and NASCAR professionals, speak volumes about the reputation of both Testoril and Premium Nutraceuticals. Not only have these celebrities lent their names, faces, and reputations to advertising the supplement, they also claim to use it regularly with positive results. Their experiences with the testosterone boosters in Testoril are detailed online and in promotion materials available from the manufacturer.

Furthermore, there is the validation and endorsement of a number of past users of this supplement, who have shared their experiences in online posts and forums. Reviews of this supplement have been mixed, with higher ratings from older users. There are also video reviews of it that are available online, which praise it for supporting physical endurance, improving stamina, and increasing lean muscle mass in bodybuilders.




I’ve only been taking this for a couple of months and don’t feel much yet, but it’s easy to take and is probably working, so I’ll keep taking it for sure.

– Pete A., San Francisco, CA

Totally works good! I got more energy and can lift a whole lot more. I been using Testoril for months and feel better than ever.

– Corey L., St. Louis, MI

As an older man, I feel like my testosterone levels have been on the wane for a few years. Since adding this supplement three months ago I have seen an improvement in my strength and stamina, and will continue taking this for the long run.

– Joe B., Philadelphia, PA

I started taking Testoril a few months ago and now I can start to tell the difference in my energy levels. Seems like I heal quicker and can work out harder and more often. I wanted to get testosterone boosters from my doctor but this is a lot easier.

– Paul M., New York, NY


Awards & Media Coverage

Testoril has been endorsed by a number of professional, celebrity athletes, who praise its testosterone boosters and male hormonal support. The first is Mark John Calcavecchia, a professional golfer who has won thirteen PGA Tour events, including the 1989 Open Championship. He states that “Testoril is simply the best testosterone booster. I love it.” Another PGA winner and compensated endorser is Brian Gay. Gay states that, “It has changed my life. It can change yours too.”

In 2014, at NASCAR’s 2014 Coca Cola 600, the Testoril logo and color scheme were on the #66 Toyota racecar. This was driven by professional racer and celebrity Joe Nemechek, who also lends his name and reputation in support of the supplement. Besides these professional endorsements, Testoril has also been extensively covered on various websites and forums. Reviews have been mixed, although the celebrity claims lend support and credence.


Money-back Guarantee

According to the manufacturer’s website, this supplement is covered by a “100% Iron-Clad Testoril Guarantee.” Customers who would like to try the product can order a 2-month supply completely risk free. If, after using the product for 60 days, customers are dissatisfied, they can then return the empty bottles for a free refund. Specifically, they are directed to contact the manufacturer for a Return Merchandise Authorization, then mail back the empty bottles within 68 days of purchase. The only cost incurred in this procedure is that of shipping, which customers must pay in both directions.

In fact, customers can even save money on a larger, multi-bottle purchase while still utilizing the money-back guarantee. If a customer has ordered a larger quantity, they simply need to return the other, unopened bottles along with the two opened ones. Customers will receive a refund on the entire order, credited to the account that was originally used for the purchase. Returns absolutely must be made within the 68 days to activate the refund, and returns may be only made once per customer.



Customers have a number of options for shipping their Testoril, depending on the urgency of their delivery. Free shipping is available for all orders, but it will take an unspecified, presumably long time for delivery. There is also the recommended flat rate, which is $5. Alternatively, customers can go with a USPS Flat Rate, for $5.99, which will take 7-10 days.

For customer who need their supplements sooner, there is the option of faster USPS delivery, which will cost $19.99 for 3-5 days, $22.99 for 2-3 days, or $36.99 for overnight delivery. If you need your shipment sent internationally, there is International Mail via Parcel Post, which takes 10-14 days, and costs $22.99, International Rush 3-6 Days via DHL for $29.99, or international Rush 2-5 Days via FedEx for $49.99. Finally, all standard shipping is free for customers who spend over $290. This is the cost of a four-month supply, enough to see the full purported effects of the product.


Customer Support

The easiest way for customers to reach out to the customer service professionals at Premium Nutraceuticals is to call their toll-free number, as listed on their website. It’s unclear what hours this phone number is manned, so customers should probably call during regular business hours. There is also a regular telephone number that reaches the Premium Nutraceuticals Georgia office, available on the Yellow Pages online. The physical address of their office and facilities are also readily available, although in-person customer service is not advertised as being available.

If you would rather speak to a representative online, there is a contact form available on the website. Simply leave your name, email address, and a message, and someone will respond, presumably promptly. Customers can also contact Premium Nutraceuticals online, through a customer service email address. They are available on Facebook, on a page called PNIonline, and can respond to posts, comments, and messages there. In the worst case scenario, customers have received satisfactory responses by contacting the company through the Better Business Bureau website.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customers who purchase the Testoril supplement online through the manufacturer’s website are guaranteed a safe and secure checkout experience. The checkout page is protected by its 256 bit encryption, which is the industry standard for online transactions. It also has a valid and current SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. This certificate is the standard in security technology, and is used to establish an encrypted link between the web server and browser. This link guarantees that all data that is passed between the web server and browsers will remain private and secure, including name, address, and credit card information.

The Premium Nutraceuticals website also explicitly states their Privacy Policy, which explains their approach to collecting and protecting customer information. According to this policy, customer information may be added to the Premium Nutraceuticals databases, to be used for future marketing, e-mails or postal mailings. However, they claim not to spam email addresses, and to be in compliance with the “Can-Spam Act” of 2004. For specific questions regarding privacy and security, customers are directed to contact the company’s customer service representatives via an email address provided on the website.



Customers have a number of options when buying Testoril, and the price of the supplement will depend on the quantity that is purchased. The most conservative option is to order just a single, one-month supply for $84.99. Since it is recommended that individuals try Testoril for at least months before seeing results, there is also the 3-month option, for $223.99, which saves $30, though returns are only available for the first 68 days. For people who are very confident in the value of this supplement, there is also a 4-month supply for $291.99, a 5-month supply for $359.99, or a 6-month supply for $418.99. Finally, users can order a whole year’s supply of this supplement for $533.99, which would save $485 off the one-month price.

Individuals who purchase the 5-month supply or greater will also receive one or more free boxes of Vydox, an L-Arginine supplement. Orders of a 4-month supply or greater will get free shipping. Customers who have bought this supplement in the past and been satisfied will definitely save money by placing larger orders. However, those just starting out may benefit from the two-month risk-free trial, which allows for returns in case of dissatisfaction, for $156.99.






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