Testomax by VitalMax Vitamins Review – Should You Try This Product?

What Is Testomax?

Testomax is a cutting edge proprietary blend of natural ingredients that safely and effectively raises testosterone concentrations in men. It especially appeals to athletes involved in competitive sports who want to improve their playing performances as well as their looks in general. This formulation not only supports male testosterone levels, but it has a positive effect on both the body and mind as an integrated system. The increase in testosterone that it provides leads to increased protein synthesis by the body, which in turn means more muscle strength and bulk. This is due to the fact that the more proficient the body is at creating protein, the better it is able to route nutrients to building muscle rather than storing them away as body fat.



Testomax is manufactured by VitalMax Vitamins in Milford, Connecticut. For years, VitalMax has provided health-minded customers with a vast assortment of dietary supplements to choose from, all of which have been reviewed and put together by several of the top health professionals in the U.S. Their supplements are crafted with only the highest quality natural products within their labs, which have been GMP approved.


How Testomax Works?

Testomax increases testosterone concentrations in men, which leads to increased muscle building and strengthening in males. Proper levels of testosterone are necessary in order for a man to be motivated and physically prepared for very challenging workouts, and to maintain physical confidence and self-esteem. Elevating testosterone in the body leads to increased vigor and less muscle soreness after strenuous fitness routines. It also speeds up nutrient recovery after workouts and in proper levels produces no known negative side effects.

After the bottle of Testomax arrives, a customer can start using the product immediately for rapid improvements to the mind and body. It’s advised to begin by swallowing two capsules twice a day for the first couple of weeks to get the best results. Once two weeks of regular use have elapsed, the dosage should be reduced to two capsules once per day. Like most natural supplements, it’s of the utmost importance to use the product on a daily basis without fail in order to facilitate optimal results.


Ingredients of Testomax

Testomax mixes science with nature beautifully, making use of only natural ingredients in their safest yet most effective concentrations to improve testosterone output. These raw ingredients are carefully selected and verified to be of the highest quality before arriving at the company’s GMP-approved laboratories. The ingredients are:

  1. Chrysin, which is useful in optimizing hormone levels by suppressing the aromatization of testosterone by the body into estrogens.
    Tribulus Terrestris Extract, an organic plant that indirectly raises testosterone by signaling the pituitary gland to produce more luteinizing hormone, which causes the body to secrete more testosterone.
  2. DHEA, which is one of the most crucial ingredients in the mix due to its function as a testosterone precursor in the body. Since men’s bodies secrete less DHEA as they age, many men have sought to boost its production naturally with DHEA.
  3. Saw Palmetto, which maintains prostate health – another important issue among maturing men.
  4. Yohimbe, which has an overall stimulating effect on hormone production and increases the flow of blood in the body.
  5. Mucuna Pruriens, which is known to naturally elevate dopamine and testosterone for more motivation and to uplift the overall mood.
  6. Muira Puama, an ancient herbal aphrodisiac that combats fatigue.
  7. Ginkgo Biloba, which increases the flow of blood into the brain for better concentration and awareness.
  8. Korean Ginseng, which also increases blood circulation in the body.
  9. Vitamin B-12, an essential nutrient which helps to regulate the body’s metabolism.
  10. Zinc, an essential mineral that helps to improve cellular metabolism throughout the body.

In recommended dosages, these ingredients are absolutely safe and beneficial though exceeding the prescribed dosage for a period of time may lead to imbalanced hormone levels, and it should not be combined with MAOIs.



Proper levels of testosterone are absolutely essential in order for the body and brain to produce energy, have physical stamina, think clearly, build lean muscle, and to feel good in general. But as men grow older, their levels of this important hormone decline, which makes these things that younger men may take for granted become increasingly more difficult to do. Testomax claims that it is a viable solution for this age-related decline.

It tackles the problem of low testosterone levels from a number of different angles at once, making it more likely for positive effect to be realized. Some of its neuro-stimulating herbs are thought to be effective at enabling people to banish negative thought patterns that may sabotage motivation, a result of their hormone-balancing effects.

Some of the products advantages are:

  1. It boosts testosterone production.
  2. Its ingredients are all completely natural.
  3. It comes with a money back guarantee.
  4. It elevates vitality and motivation levels.
  5. It’s safe when taken in the suggested dosages.
  6. It improves concentration for lengthier workout routines.



As it is a dietary aid, Testomax is not formally required to certify the safety of its product by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The FDA only extends its certifications to food and medications, and not to natural supplements such as this product. It is not meant to identify, prevent, treat, or heal any disease or illness.

What makes things probematic is that this product contains DHEA which can seriously damage someone’s health. DHEA is an anabolic steroid which is marketed as a prohormone due to a flaw in the laws. Some people are actually expecting this ingredient to be soon banned because of the possible toxic effects of it.



During the last six months, I have participated in several monitored exercise plans that at first involved just cardio and weight training, which I did for one hour a day, six days a week. They took before and after pictures and did some body weight tests all throughout the program. When I went to the first session, I was the heaviest I had ever been at close to 300 pounds and with 35% body fat. At the last session, I was down to 269 lbs and 30% body fat.

After that, I heard about Testomax and decided to give it a try in conjunction with a new program that rotated kickboxing and weight training for one hour a day, six days a week. They made all the same measurements as the first program, in addition to checking my flexibility, having me do a one-mile run, counting my pushups/situps per minutes, and measuring my hips, waist, chest, thighs and arms. They also made before and after photos. I made it through the pretest, the mid-point test and the final test, which was just last week. My weight is now at 240 lbs, with 20% body fat, I ran the whole mile in just under nine minutes, my pushup/situp rate increased to 60 per minute for both, and my flexibility is up to 19%. My weight goal is to make it down to 220 pounds with body fat at about 18%, and thanks to this product I’m already almost there. This stuff has made me see results in my muscle definition that I know from personal experience would have been impossible without it.

– David I., Los Angeles, USA

Last year, I realized I was struggling to get caught up on my goals – physically, mentally, and professionally. I wanted to objectively understand the declining functions that tend to crop up in men around my age (40s) to determine if I could do anything about it. I came across a lot of articles on the web that discussed male andropause. That was how I first learned about the symptoms of andropause, which I definitely had – in fact, I was a textbook example. Before this, I figured that my dropping energy levels were related to stress and overworking myself in a job I was dissatisfied with. I was losing the motivation to meet the traveling requirements of the job I really dreamed of and had been working towards, and every passing day seemed to make it more hopeless. I really wanted to step up and get things on the ball, but the discipline and ability to focus was missing.

After doing some more research and choosing to proceed with testosterone therapy, the next problem was deciding which hormone treatment clinic to go to. I called around to a lot of different clinics before I finally decided to check out Testomax after seeing it on an infomercial. I looked them up online and found that they had not only the most informative web page about testosterone supplementation on the internet, but the most affordable prices of all the online hormone products as well. As far as support goes, they have always been there to respond to my questions with a very high level of professionalism and reliability.

Over a year since I started taking it, I feel incredible! I am taking pleasure in activities with the same zeal and vitality I had in my 20s! I’m even making headway on all my business pursuits at the same time! My amount of stamina is tremendous, and I continue to surpass all my objectives, accomplishing them one by one and making new ones. I think the most significant benefit, which ties in with getting my youthful energy back, is that I now have the wisdom and experience that life naturally gives you over time, so I can enjoy my life to the maximum. I finally get to have my cake and eat it too! Thank you Testomax!

– Simon H., New York, USA

A few years ago in my mid-40s, I learned about the signs of andropause and knew I fit the bill to a T. I visited my doctor and had some tests performed that showed my testosterone levels were unusually low. At the start he gave me a testosterone patch to use, which was useless. Then he wanted to try injections, so I started getting them every couple of weeks. The effects were like riding a rollercoaster. I would feel great at first, then I would fall back down to all-new lows. Deep down inside, I believed there must be an easier way, and that something was just not right with my dosages.

Finally, I found Testomax online and ordered it, taking note of the money-back guarantee and figuring, well, why not? Since I’ve been using it, the effects it’s had on my body and brain have been awesome. The very first thing I really noticed after a week or so of using it was improved mood, which quickly expanded into feelings of higher energy and confidence. I was able to start jogging again, which I hadn’t done in years, and slowly started developing the discipline and desire to eat healthier. Next I added yoga and finally weightlifting to my routine, and inside of nine months after starting it I can fit once again into my old cargo pants, waist size 34! I’ve shed five inches from around my waist and have really gotten my body in a condition that it’s never been in, even when I was a kid. If only I had snapped a few before and after selfies to show the world my unbelievable progress. At 50, I have guys less than half my age asking me how I was able to build my body like this. My legs, chest, and abs have all bulked and toned up in the last few years. The only downside? None, other than having to buy new clothing! I’ve never thought I could be as happy with my body as I am at this moment. Thanks a million!

– Edwin F., Boston, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Testomax and other VitalMax supplements have been covered in-depth by the media. It has been positively reviewed in several well-known health fitness authorities like Consumer Health Digest, Consumer Health Shop and Man Related. Dr. Mark Rosenberg, M.D. has publicly sponsored the product after the impressive results he began seeing in his own patients with low testosterone. After recommending it to those he felt would best benefit from it, he has gone on record to say that he is truly astonished by the benefits these men are experiencing with Testomax included in their day-to-day dietary plans, and that a number of them now feel younger, stronger, and more attractive by taking it.


Money-back Guarantee

Testomax carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customers may try it or any other VitalMax product for up to 60 days, completely risk-free. If unsatisfied for any reason at all with the product, they can easily send back the unused amount for a total reimbursement of the sale price. That serves as a testament to the confidence VitalMax has in its products. Purchases by credit card are reimbursed to the card used for the sale, while purchases by check or money order are refunded in a mailed check.



VitalMax Vitamins provides a number of shipping choices, and shipping expenses are based on the chosen shipping method. Customers who opt for the standard shipping option are only billed a fixed fee of $6.95, no matter what they buy. Shipment tracking is also available on all regular U.S. deliveries.

Customers who choose the Easy Ship option will get free shipping and handling on all supplements, and will receive their products on a recurring bimonthly basis, with no need to keep track of reordering or worrying about running out. Their products will be shipped automatically every two months. There is no additional fee for the Easy Ship service, and it can be canceled at any time. This service also comes with its own 60-day money back guarantee. If customers are dissatisfied, they just have to return the unopened bottles within 60 days. Easy Ship will then be canceled, and the purchase price is refunded for that month’s shipment.


Customer Support

The level of customer support for this testosterone enhancer is unparalleled. For any support issues – which includes concerns over invoicing, fulfillment or any additional problems with the merchandise – customers can quickly get in touch with Testomax support staff at 800-815-5151. Support requests can be made around the clock, seven days a week to address all support issues, reimbursements, and general questions.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When customers supply VitalMax Vitamins with any private information – like their names, addresses, e-mail accounts, and credit card numbers – the transaction is conducted over a secure link on protected servers. The checkout page uses SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to encode all details provided by customers before they are sent to the server. SSL is the market standard and the most effective program readily available for safeguarding e-commerce purchases. In addition, the VeriSign Secure Site Seal guarantees buyers that the checkout page has been authorized by PayPal and that private purchases made on the site are kept confidential with SSL encryption.


Testomax Pricing

Along with its 60-day money back guarantee, Testomax comes in a variety of purchase options. A standard one-bottle purchase is $29.95; two bottles are $27.95 each, with savings of 6% off the original price of a single bottle; four bottles is $26.95 each, with a 10% savings; and six bottles are $24.95 each, for savings of 16%. As a special bonus, customers who purchase two or more bottles at a time will receive a free, detailed guidebook titled Maximizing Your Manhood, to help them slow the aging process and enhance physical agility from all angles at once.






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