TestoMaster Review – Can You Master Your Workouts with It?

What Is TestoMaster?

TestoMaster is an all-natural fitness supplement designed to boost the production of free testosterone in the body. By boosting this natural steroid hormone, the manufacturer asserts the product will help maximize workouts and give men the edge they need to burn fat and build more lean muscle mass faster. Its key ingredients are the Peruvian Maca Vegetable, Euterpe Oleracea Extract and Theobroma Cacao. It is formulated to be used daily along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. It has enjoyed exceptional popularity among the men of Brazil.

This supplement is positioned first and foremost as a testosterone booster for healthy adult males. It is geared toward any such man who wants to improve both his physical and mental well-being. It is also geared toward professional bodybuilders, weightlifters and other fitness enthusiasts who are looking to gain an edge on the competition. Additionally, it is marketed to athletes looking to boost their sports performance. It is also purportedly a nutritional advantage for older men who are seeking to restore testosterone levels that may have declined over time, allowing them to re-experience youthful vitality and a lean, muscular physique.



TestoMaster was developed exclusively by the manufacturer Max Fórmula. This company operates in the health and wellness market and strives to bring quality products to its consumers and to comply with all appropriate approval certificates. Max Formula recently launched this food supplement in Brazil, where it has been exceedingly popular among fitness-minded men. This merchant offers a range of other health and fitness-related products to a wide customer base. It has been in business providing health and fitness solutions for numerous years.

Despite this merchant’s experience, it does not provide any information about itself on the official product website. Similarly, there was no easily available manufacturer information about Max Formula at the time of this review. To further establish trust with consumers, this company would be well-advised to provide an ‘about’ section on the website to help customers become more familiar with the company, its products and its goals. An added bonus would be a ‘philosophy’ section on the website, which would outline Max Formula’s seller philosophy as a merchant in the health industry.


How TestoMaster Works?

This t-booster works by utilizing a formula blend comprised of plants, roots, herbs and other natural extracts to dissolve in the bloodstream, where it then interacts with other chemical compounds to stimulate the active production of testosterone. This, says the manufacturer, gives users the necessary energy, strength, and stamina boost to work out harder and longer. Because males’ natural production of testosterone decreases over time due to poor diet and, most of all, the factor of aging, TestoMaster purportedly restores lost levels of testosterone for youthful vigor and vitality. It also claims to combat chemical elements that inhibit the production of testosterone, such as the female hormone prolactin.

This supplement also claims to be effective in improving blood flow, which bodybuilders and weightlifters believe has several important effects. The first effect is more blood flow to appendages and working muscle tissue, which enables more powerful pumps, the ability to get the most out of training sessions and the endurance to work out longer. Blood flow is also key to a quicker recovery as well as to less muscle fatigue and soreness. Vasodilation translates to benefits throughout the body, which includes to the brain for sharper mental focus and improved cognitive abilities.

Although the manufacturer promises no side effects, such a claim cannot be an accurate guarantee for all users. Considering the fact that even natural supplements may interact with certain medications or cause side effects to men with specific allergies and/or health conditions, it is always advisable to conduct necessary research and/or talk to one’s physician before beginning any diet supplement. Instructions recommend users take this supplement continuously every day before lunch or dinner. After eating, according to the website, the body’s absorption potential will be greater. Company experts recommend users take up to 2 capsules per day and, for maximum absorption, the most recommended usage times are before lunch or dinner.


Ingredients of TestoMaster

Per the manufacturer, the ingredients in this product are 100% organic. Its formula is also gluten-free. The active ingredient in its formula blend is the Peruvian Maca Vegetable, a natural compound the product website states is directly related to the increase of natural male testosterone production. This plant is found high in the Peruvian Andes and is often used by natives to combat physical and mental fatigue. It is also believed by many to contribute to higher energy levels, improved strength and endurance and even temperamental improvement.

TestoMaster also incorporates Euterpe Oleracea, an extract also known as Acai Palm widely believed to contain potent antioxidant properties. In addition to being rich in vitamins C, E, B1 and B3, it relies on ingredients such as iron, calcium and phosphorus to provide an energy boost. Theobroma Cacao, a small Evergreen tree native to Central and South America, is another important extract in this product’s formula. The manufacturer asserts that this extract is known for stimulating the nervous system as well as increasing nitric oxide production. Paullínea Cupana is another ingredient that contains caffeine for an energy and mood boost.

This formula also incorporates Acerola Extract, a fruit extract the company claims helps to lower prolactin, which in turn facilitates increased testosterone production. The company states that Acerola Extract is an incredibly nutrient-rich additive. It is extremely high in Vitamin C content and has also been known to possess anti-aging properties. Lastly, another important ingredient is Chromium Picolinate, another natural compound believed to raise t-levels and increase the ability to pack on lean muscle mass.



Perhaps the greatest purported advantage to consistent use of TestoMaster is this supplement’s ability to raise testosterone naturally. This is especially crucial for older men whose levels may have begun to decrease around the general age of thirty, perhaps leaving them with a softer body overall and less strength and energy. By stimulating the body’s production of this natural steroid, the manufacturer promises users the energy and ability to sculpt a hard, lean body more quickly than by diet and exercise alone. This product also promises better circulation, improved hormonal regulation and improved circulation. These benefits in turn lead to others like less muscle fatigue, less cramping and soreness and more frequent and powerful workout ability.

This fitness supplement also promises men to give them the extra edge they need to recreate themselves to become new and better men. With their new and improved selves come benefits like higher self-esteem, better moods and major new confidence boosts. Though some men may be under the impression that using these tablets is the only step to achieving these goals, it is important to note that users must also put in the time and effort to eat well and train hard in order to reap the full benefit potential of TestoMaster.



According to TestoMaster’s developer, Max Formula, this product underwent several tests before finally being released onto the market. It has purportedly received authorization from the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA). This Brazilian regulatory agency is tasked with ensuring that products like cosmetics, diet supplements, pharmaceutical supplies, medicines and other health services, meet set standards of legitimacy and effectiveness before hitting the market. It also provides services relating to web hosting and health information. Brazilian consumers are encouraged to research more by visiting its official website.

TestoMaster guarantees that its formula components are effective and that its production process complies with national and international standards of quality. In addition, the manufacturer states that it offers an effective and safe exercise program that has been tested by thousands of men and approved by experts. Its website also states that, in clinical studies developed by independent experts involving more than 4000 men taking Testomaster, there was a significant increase in specific measurable variables. The site does not, however, provide further details or links regarding these statistics.



TestoMaster has changed both my workout routine and my life. I can do twice the squats and deadlifts I was able to before, I can work out for longer, I don’t get as sore afterward, and the taste is pretty decent. I’ve found that I don’t even need to stack this with another supp for optimal results. My friends have all noticed the new and improved me, and they all want to know what my secret weapon is. I have and I will proudly share my new find with other guys who are willing to work hard and commit to building a better body and self. – Jim, aerobics instructor in Freehill, AZ, US

I have to honestly say that my girlfriend is an even bigger fan of this stuff than I am. It has jacked up my stamina and strength by a long shot, and she definitely appreciates the more ripped, toned me. I take this every day before meals and before my daily workout, and it has paid off. I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained muscle, I feel like I can think more clearly, and I have more energy throughout the entire day. This has been a major win. – Jackson, martial artist in Bear Creek, ID, US

I just won my first statewide weightlifting competition, and I don’t think that would have been possible without TestoMaster. It has upped my game in the gym better than any t-booster I’ve tried yet. Needless to say, I will continue to make this a part of my everyday training routine. I’m excited to see what the future holds as far as getting even more built and winning more competitions. – Tyrel, weightlifter in Birmingham, AL, US

There’s no way I would have been able to get as stacked as I have as fast as I have, without this. I’m down ten pounds and counting. This has been a huge boost in my workout routine. My confidence is up 200%, and the ladies have definitely taken notice. I’m excited to see how shredded my biceps will be a couple of months from now. – Max, videographer in Atlanta, GA, US


Awards & Media Coverage

The TestoMaster website asserts that, as early as the first month this supplement was released, it had already become a tremendous hit among the men of Brazil. It has been featured in the pages of such publications as Men’s Health, Super Interessante, Men’s Fitness, R7 and Veja. This is an impressive beginning from a supplement its customer base will hopefully find equally impressive. Considering the fact that it is relatively new to the market, these accomplishments are especially impressive. The company might be advised to take this market success a step further by providing links to its media coverage.

The company states that this product is exceptionally effective and has already helped more than 30,000 men worldwide to regain their self-esteem and other benefits in matter of a few short weeks. Its website says that TV coverage has provided exceptionally popular demand but does not specify which TV stations it was featured on. TestoMaster has not received any awards in its industry as of this review.


Money-back Guarantee

TestoMaster customers do indeed receive the benefit of a 30-day money-back guarantee. In order to be eligible for a full refund, the product must be returned unused, undamaged and unopened, while all refund requests must be made within one month from the date of purchase. Customers are advised that the deadline for any request contesting the content received (quantity, appearance or presentation) is two calendar days after receipt of the purchase. Additionally, if buyers have purchased merchandise through any multi-package discount offer, all items must be returned to receive a refund. If a buyer returns only part of the merchandise, their refund will reflect a final value arrived at by deducting the value of the item based on the total value of the purchase.

Customers requesting a return will receive a Return Authorization by email after the customer service department has confirmed return eligibility in accordance with company policy. Any products returned without a Return Authorization number are not eligible to receive a refund. The product must reach company headquarters within 7 calendar days after receiving the Return Authorization Number. Upon receipt of the return, the order will be cancelled with the credit card company within 30 days.



Per the TestoMaster website, the average delivery time for the metropolitan region in Brazil is 1 week and, for more distant regions, 1 to 2 weeks. Orders will be shipped out in 24 hours. All orders delivered to Brazilian addresses are expected to reach delivery destinations within 2 to 7 business days. All shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. For returns by mail, customers are instructed to carefully pack the product and will be responsible for all return shipping costs.

The product website does not specify which postal carriers it uses for merchandise delivery. It also does not specify whether it delivers on Saturdays and/or holidays. Perhaps most unfortunately is the fact that it does not offer a shipping and handling policy on its website aside from the aforementioned facts. Max Natural would be very wise to add this information to their site for the knowledge and convenience of their customers. In addition, buyers are responsible for all shipping and handling fees for both initial sale and returns; there are no refunds for shipping charges.


Customer Support

The TestoMaster customer service page was unfortunately non-operational at the time of this review. As such, the company does not specify the hours of operation for their customer support center. They also do not provide details as to whether their call center is operational during weekends and holidays. They do, however, provide a customer support email address for customer convenience and return purposes. The website also lists a telephone number local to Brazil for local customers who wish to speak with a live representative.

Aside from the telephone number and support email address, customers may find the lack of customer service information and policy to be off-putting. To provide a better experience for their buyers, this manufacturer would be advised to provide a full customer service policy on the product website. Not only would this information be of tremendous assistance to the company’s customer base, it would put the merchant on an equal playing field with competitors who have a superbly professional website (and corresponding customer service tab, a crucial aspect of any manufacturer).


Safe & Secure Checkout

According to the official TestoMaster website, personal data from customers is not shared in any way other than to enhance customer experience and to complete all transactions as requested. The privacy policy states that the website is 100% secure and is authenticated by trusted security companies. The privacy policy further details how customer information is used, how the company uses sensitive data obtained, and how confidential information is protected within the company. According to the site, only employees who require specific pieces of information for specific transactional purposes are allowed to access this data. It further states that all of the merchant’s confidential information is kept in a secure environment.

The checkout section of the product website features both McAfee Secure and Compra Segura security certificates. McAfee Secure software is used to detect potential malware, phishing attacks, viruses or other potential threats to customers’ personal and financial information. It is commonly used in the supplement industry to show online shoppers that the merchant’s site is secure. Additionally, Compra Segura is another security logo likely displayed to demonstrate to customers that the merchant utilizes encryption technology to encode sensitive data.


Pricing & Free Trial

TestoMaster is available in three different package options to suit varying customer needs. The first option is 6 bottles at a 56% combined discount for $66.00 (BR currency). The second option offers four bottles for $76.00. The basic product packages offers two bottles for $89.95 with an additional option to receive 15% off. All products come with the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customers will likely be very pleased with the versatility of the package options, though it is unfortunate there is not a single bottle option.

The company charges a restocking fee of $10.00 for each unopened, returned item. The product website offers several coupons, including a 10% discount coupon at the time of this review. Customers are responsible for any and all sales tax as applicable to their geographic region. The checkout section of the official website also accepts a number of credit cards as payment options.






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