TestoJack 200

TestoJack 200 by NOW Foods Review – Should You Trust This Brand?

What Is TestoJack 200?

TestoJack 200 is a special blend of pure herbal materials that nourish the muscles and promote overall vigor. Containing Maca, Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris, and Horny Goat Weed, it is an effective organic supplement that men can take to stimulate testosterone and enjoy its accompanying energy boost. The inclusion of two types of Ginseng and Muira Puama complete the ingredients and also support balanced energy levels and vitality. TestoJack 200 puts its unique blend of raw herbs to work by raising energy and muscle development, while lowering exhaustion and decreasing body fat.



TestoJack 200 is manufactured by NOW Foods in Bloomingdale, Illinois and Sparks, Nevada. Launched in 1948 by businessman Paul Richard, back in the earliest days of the natural food movement, NOW Foods originally provided specialty grains and soy-based products to the public. Nearly 70 years later, NOW Foods has built up a devoted following among generations of health-minded individuals with its top-of-the line yet cost-effective diet supplements. Still a family-operated business, NOW fabricates and sells nearly 1,500 nutritional supplements, organic foods, muscle enhancers and personal maintenance systems. NOW’s goal is to supply to the public health products that enable them to live healthier and look better.


How TestoJack 200 Works?

Chronic fatigue and loss of muscle mass are linked to imbalanced hormone levels in the body, particularly testosterone, cortisol and dopamine. TestoJack 200 works to balance these three important hormones (and others as well) due to the inclusion of several natural adaptogens in its ingredient list. The prescribed dosage is two pills one to three times every day as needed with food, or as advised by a medical specialist. This is enough to add some much-needed punch to the body’s depleted testosterone levels. The slew of natural elements in this product aids in developing more muscle tissue while bringing up energy levels like never before. Operating in conjunction, these substances have been shown to impart a major increase in testosterone and energy levels, while simultaneously calming the brain and central nervous system.

Similar to other organic dietary supplements, TestoJack 200’s advantages are strengthened by consuming a wholesome, balanced diet and keeping up with a day-to-day exercise program. Although negative side effects have not been reported by users who stick to the recommended dosage, in very excessive amounts it could potentially overstimulate testosterone production or imbalance hormone levels in general, so dose instructions should always be adhered to.


Ingredients of TestoJack 200

TestoJack 200’s revolutionary blend offers the body what it really needs to combat fatigue for more rewarding and effective workouts. It also calms and fortifies muscles for a faster healing period after stress or overuse. Its all-natural ingredients include:

  1. Tribulus Terrestris Extract, an organic supplement identified as a testosterone booster, muscle stimulator and mood enhancer.
  2. Tongkat Ali Root, an aphrodisiac that improves circulation and physical stamina.
  3. Organic Maca Root, an all-around energy stimulator with aphrodisiac properties.
  4. Epimedium Extract (Horny Goat Weed), an energy booster that increases body levels of nitric oxide after exercise to relax muscles and help them to recover faster.
  5. American and Panax Ginseng Root, both natural energy enhancers that stimulate the immune system for better metabolism and recovery from stress.
  6. Muira Puama, an antioxidant with mood enhancing, hormone-balancing, and neuroprotective properties.



TestoJack 200’s benefits are measurable by the success of its many regular users, who claim to be more determined to exercise, with a lift in mood and self-esteem. Its restorative herbs help to balance the body with the mind as one whole functioning unit, meaning improved mood and energy along with increased physical strength.

The product’s numerous advantages are:

  1. Increased metabolism;
  2. Enhanced energy and determination;
  3. No negative side effects reported with prescribed use;
  4. Improved concentration;
  5. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.



TestoJack 200 is fabricated in a GMP-certified facility. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a certification that signifies products are routinely developed and managed as outlined by industry standards. GMP qualification means all elements involved in the manufacturing process (including the starting supplies, machinery, and the cleanliness of the facility and staff) have been verified and approved. Comprehensively written protocols are necessary for all processes which influence the quality of the resulting product. The program supplies incontrovertible proof that proper methods are employed at each and every stage of production, and for that reason items produced by a GMP-certified facility are confirmed to be of exceptional quality.



Before I started with TestoJack 200, I handled my andropause symptoms with my general practitioner, which was pretty disheartening. It turned out that I was being prescribed a topical cream that was actually raising my estrogen levels rather than testosterone, which was contributing to my gynecomastia and low stress tolerance. Since starting up with this product I am also a lot more educated about the symptoms of imbalanced hormones. I can reach their support staff at any time to respond to my questions, without having to set up an appointment two weeks in advance like I do with my regular doctor. I feel like a million bucks, with much improved energy and strength. No more man boobs, and there’s no obstacle that presents itself that I don’t think I can tackle. Thank you!

– Bryce H., New York, USA

After a few years of experimenting with different testosterone enhancers, I started thinking that none of them were any good. Immediately I loved it, and I loved the great support and detailed product info. I appreciated the fact that I could actually see everthing that was in it. A lot of health supplements conceal their ingredients, and some of them can really be harmful to people. I also read quite a few testimonials from other people like me, and it was very encouraging to see actual people with genuine results.

The first month, I had an increase of about five pounds of lean muscle, and I didn’t take any other nutritional supplements, protein powders, or steroids. I made huge improvements in my six months of using it. I’m planning to buy another huge supply to last me another six months, and I want to do another evaluation after the next six months.

– Eric S., Los Angeles, USA

I’ve stuck faithfully with TestoJack 200 for almost five years and without sounding too hokey, TestoJack 200 has allowed me to turn into a new person. During the early months of beginning my treatment plan, my outcome was good, but not as wonderful as it should have been. The reason was because I had not committed myself to improving my diet and fitness. But the longer I took TestoJack 200, the more I realized my desire to overeat and laze around was changing, no doubt because of the cumulative effect it was having on my hormone levels. Soon I was able to tackle the problems that were hindering me from real results one by one, by cultivating new lifestyle practices, setting goals and then breaking them into manageable pieces, etc. And in what felt like no time at all I was where I wanted to be, with better health habits and a brand-new life. Thank you so much for this gift, and I hope anybody else who was in the same boat will take my advice and try this!

– Steven T., London, UK

I will soon be 60 years old. Before I began supplementing with TestoJack 200 in 2011 I was, in my view, a wreck. I was obese and had all the classic signs normally associated with andropause. I had put off trying supplements for a long time, being doubtful that these kinds of things might actually work. Four years later, every single aspect of my life has changed for the better, and I can tell you I don’t regret for one minute the investment I’ve made in this product. It’s helped me to commit to my goals, whereas before I didn’t have the energy or the will power. I have more energy and optimism than I ever have, look TEN times better than I did in my 30s, and to cap it off, and my company has prospered even during the economic downturn, and it’s all because I have went from a lazy wreck to a “take charge and get things done” kind of guy like I was in my 20s. Many thanks!

– George P., Boston, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

NOW supplements have been appearing more and more frequently on TV, in fitness journals, online, and other types of popular media, and their reach has stretched to a worldwide audience. This demonstrates that NOW is attaining their goal of enabling folks all over the world to lead better, longer lives. NOW’s supplements have been critiqued and reviewed favorably in the Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, Health Magazine, Men’s Fitness Magazine, US Weekly, and Fox News, just to name a few of the better known venues. The list of awards the company has earned for its supplements would be too long to show here.


Money-back Guarantee

Almost everyone has purchased a health food or product at some point and found it wasn’t what was expected. The great thing about this company is that products are refundable for any reason, even if they’ve been opened, which is highly unusual for many supplement vendors. Customers can ship the product back within 90 days in order to receive a quick and simple refund, and certain other supplements offered may be returned inside of a year for reimbursement. After they receive the shipment, money is refunded to the customer by means of whatever payment method was selected for the original order. Consumers will be issued a complete sale price reimbursement for the product, not including any shipping costs (except in cases where the product dissatisfaction is due to a company error, in which case shipping is also refundable). For this particular product, if 90 days have elapsed since the original purchase, it cannot be accepted as an item return.

To start the refund process, customers need to put the items they’re returning in a durable package, making certain that all components are firmly and safely packed. The company is not accountable for damage incurred during the transport of returned products.
Next, buyers will need to specify whether they wish to receive a refund or an exchange. After taking a scan of the purchase order that came with the initial shipment, customers will need to highlight the products they are returning, and put a copy of the scanned purchase order in the package with the items.

After printing the company mailing address for returnable shipments, buyers must bring the box to a courier or post office to ship it back to the company. Anyone sending an item back due to a company defect or mistake can get in touch with customer support for a prepaid return label. Customers will get an email notification verifying their refund request. It may take as long as two to three weeks for returned items to be processed, even though it typically takes less time than that.



Having delivered more than 25,000,000 shipments worldwide and sending more every day, the company’s shipping department is reliable, fast, and dispatches all products on a timely basis, all in the most secure and sturdy packaging available. The company provides a same-day shipment guarantee on the majority of stocked items that are ordered Monday through Friday by 1:00 p.m. Eastern (not including major holidays).

Same-day shipping qualifications may change according to the time of purchase and item availability, so customers may want to verify each product’s availability when they place their order. Only purchases made directly on the company website are eligible for same-day shipping. The company handles purchases seven days a week, and they dispatch all of their orders through DHL, FedEx, or USPS. Normal shipping time is two to eight business days, based on the location of delivery.

The program allows users to avoid the hassle of frequent re-ordering and keeping track of their product supply levels. The program allows customers to configure the desired frequency and volume of items sent to them, as well as providing savings on future shipments of certain eligible items, and email notifications are sent to customers before each shipment. This program may be canceled at any time.


Customer Support

Customer service for this product is multi-edged and truly exceptional. Customers who experience any difficulty or need any guidance with their nutritional products have several options for getting them resolved. If browsing the general support topics in the company knowledge base doesn’t provide the answers needed, customers may engage in a live, one-on-one chat session with one of the company’s skilled support representatives.

Alternatively, customer support can be reached at any hour of the day or night by calling 1-866-236-8417.


Safe & Secure Checkout

All orders processed on the checkout page are fully encrypted and secure. The company’s credit card and payment portal is run on a highly protected ecommerce application platform. The page is secured by Verisign and verified as being impenetrable by hackers, which means all personal information entered on it is guaranteed to be kept private. Customers can rest assured that their billing information is kept safe and sound using the most advanced ecommerce safety technologies. All private data is provided on a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) server, immediately encrypted and is only accessible on the customer’s computer and the company’s private servers, adding another layer of security so that hackers and internet agents cannot access this vulnerable information.



TestoJack 200 is available in several different prices and with discounts depending on the amount ordered. A standard bottle of 60 vegetarian tablets is only $15.99, which rounds out to 30 serving at $0.53 per serving, a 54% savings off the product’s suggested retail price of $32.99. Orders of $99 or more qualify to receive a free gift, which may be chosen as desired by the customer and includes a selection of pill dispensers, pill organizers, water bottles, and other accessories that could be readily used for making the dosage process easier. To make the buying process as simple as possible, the company accepts a myriad of different payment methods, which includes credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB), PayPal, gift certificates, bank wire exchanges, and money orders. Cash or personal check payments are not accepted.






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