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TestoFX by AllMax Nutrition Review – Is This a Good Testosterone Booster for Serious Bodybuilders?

What Is TestoFX?

TestoFX is a testosterone booster for bodybuilders that is said to be able to increase the amount of testosterone in your body by over 90 percent, a pretty large increase that should help those that are interested in building muscle mass when they work out.

As a product, its use is fairly straightforward, just take it after workouts and after a meal for the best effects. If you are taking part in a weightlifting program that focuses on increasing your body and muscle size while you use the product, you will soon start to see a positive difference in your body.

One of the main things that TestoFX can do besides create and free up a lot of testosterone is to inhibit the amount of estrogen or cortisol that is built up when someone who is in weight training builds up their testosterone. By inhibiting some of the of side-effects, it allows you to go onto building up muscle mass without having to fight through fat buildup or the type of anger that can occur when testosterone boosters are not joined with an inhibitor.



Allmax is an American health and fitness supplement and booster manufacturer that has a variety of products on the market. Not surprisingly, they tend to focus on the emphasis that their firm places on the quality of manufacturing products like TestoFX The upshot is that there are a lot of manufacturers that can cut corners when they build a product- and you may not even notice it. With Allmax Nutrition testosterone booster manufacture, the processes and the facilities that are utilized are state of the art and heavily monitored to ensure that there are no mistakes.

As they put it, they even have pressurized air chamber areas in their manufacturing facility that are there to separate the product while it is being manufactured. Because they can regulate their own manufacturing, they have a lot of confidence in the notion that each bottle contains exactly what it says it contains… something that should appeal to bodybuilders.


How TestoFX Works?

Like other testosterone boosters, TestoFX is built around a core blend of ingredients that is designed to increase the amount of testosterone that the body produces. The more that it has, the better the workout results when bodybuilders are trying to build muscle mass.

Because there can be problems with side effects when those in training go strictly after testosterone boosts, the product is also engineered to minimize the effects of cortisol and estrogen.

The product is intended to be taken after meals and after a workout to maximize the effect that you receive.


Ingredients of TestoFX

TestoFX is a unique blend of ingredients that are able to increase measurable testosterone significantly without utilizing too many artificial ingredients. One of the most visible parts of the blend is called Grecunin. It is a concentrated form of a fenugreek derivative that is known to increase bloodflow and testosterone in people who do aenerobic exercise.

Moreover, as the product engineers went with an aromatase type of model that provides an excellent way to stop the growth of estrogen among bodybuilders that use testosterone boosters, there is less fat for users to have to work through.

In addition to Grecunin, Novaldim is another featured ingredient of TestoFX. Novaldim is designed to limit and clear away estrogen from people that are in the midst of training programs designed to add bulk or muscle mass to their frame. As an estrogen inhibitor, Novaldim has so much unstudied potential that it is currently being researched by university level scientists so that they can look at other positives that it provides for users who include it in their diet.

By far, however, the most important component of TestoFX is the set of compounds that create a very large increase in the amount of testosterone that bodybuilders have after taking the product. As a developer of testosterone boosters, you would expect that Allmax would be conservative about the claims that they make regarding how much of a testosterone increase that users can inspect. Instead they talk a lot about a 284% increase in a time span as short as 12 hours. This can be encouraging to weightlifters who look at competitors products and see announcements that they will need to take their pills for weeks before they can hope to see any measurable change.



One of the advantages of using TestoFX is that there is a large user base who have been using it for quite some time. Of course for Allmax Nutrition, it is more than just safety in numbers. Instead of having to prove that their ‘novel’ concept works well with bodybuilders like their competitors, they can instead build community teams of sponsored athletes that can demonstrate how well their products work.

Another advantage for Allmax Nutrition is that they have focused on creating an online sales channel that is worldwide in scope. Instead of competing with these stores by selling directly, they help their partners by dropshipping and providing incentive for them to sell different products in their catalog at different times of the year. The upshot for a retailer is that they can move product without always having to take possession of it and store it. That allows them to compete and sell at lower prices than most of their competitors charge.



Allmax is known to be fairly fastidious about ensuring that their manufacturing process meets the needs of the bodybuilding community. They have therefore taken the time to certify that their products meet certain criteria that will make them more popular.

Their products are certified as being gluten-free and vegan. They are also certified as being kosher, which allows them to be used by those who follow strict dietary laws. And, of course, their manufacturing facilities are certified by more than one agency to create the powders, supplements, and boosters that they do. For most bodybuilders, the gluten-free certification is the most important because it means that Allmax is using their world-class manufacturing facility to keep out products with ingredients that can make a negative difference in their training regimen.



Although TestoFX has one of the top ratings online as a product, it is worth checking into why by looking at testimonials. In most cases, their followers that use the product report that it is the best that is on the market.

The rationale behind the sterling ratings appears to be that users are increasing their muscle mass without experiencing the type of mood problems that are normally associated with testosterone boosters.

As a manufacturer, Allmax put together a team of professionals that it provides its products to in exchange for feedback. The average customer that visits Allmax’s website is then able to follow the lives of these athletes online and get a feel for their workout regimen and lifestyle by reading their extended biographies. If you look into their assessments of products like testosterone boosters, you will find that their opinion mirrors that of the online shopping commenters. The one thing that does show up when you consider the amount of TestoFX sold online is that there are a lot fewer comments per product than you find with other testosterone boosters. So either they are hyping their product, or Allmax’s product simply works and its customers don’t feel the need to talk about it.

One of the negatives that comes through sometimes in customer testimonials is that some customers do not do well when they eat the pills with a meal. They instead feel a little bit sick. In the weightlifting community, many people have answered to say that the people that do not like to take the pills right after a meal should wait because they have found them to be equally effective when they are taken without food.


Awards & Media Coverage

Within the testosterone booster industry, there isn’t that much room for individual product achievement. Just the same, Allmax products get consistently reviewed in bodybuilding magazines.

Because their form factor and number of capsules is the same as others in the industry, a lot of media coverage is focused on explaining the performance difference so that people can understand why their ingredients are superior.

The company also gets a lot of coverage because their own website takes the time to chronicle the lives of their sponsored athletes. Noemi Olah is one example of a Allmax sponsored competitor that takes the time to use Allmax products as part of her daily routine. Living in Florida, Noemi is a swimsuit model and competitor that uses Allmax every day as part of her diet. Online, she also shares her typical workout plan so that people that want to compete like she does can see how to put together similar plans.

With several pro athletes listed in the same area, it is easy for bodybuilders to find someone that matches their body type and lifestyle so that they can optimize any plan that they are working on if they see changes that make sense. As Allmax Nutrition has several different types of boosters and powder supplements, it shouldn’t be hard to find something that can give you an edge while you train.


Money-back Guarantee

Although there isn’t much written about guarantees on the Allmax nutrition site, the fact that they ship their products through retailers that obey state laws where ever they operate means that their products can be returned to the store that you purchased it at if you find yourself unsatisfied.

With most of their retailers, you merely need to ask in advance what will happen if you are unsatisfied with the product or if the product shows up broken or unusable. As an alternative, you can also look at shopping at venues that contain an independent type of control over their retailers so that your shopping experience is better. Amazon online is one example of a mall-like experience where you can find Allmax Nutrition products and purchase them without too much concern. If you are a member of Amazon’s yearly subscription service, you can even use Amazon to help you cancel any order that does not match your criteria.

You can also seek to pay for your Allmax product by using a third party payment service like Paypal. Paypal is different from VISA or Mastercard. When you go to dispute charges with those cards, there can be a protracted process. With Paypal, if you dispute the charges that were put on your account, they will contact the merchant directly and explain why you feel that they should return your money. In most cases, it works out to be a pretty effective way of doing business on your behalf.



Although you can find and pay for shipping through one of Allmax’s online retail partners, the larger goal for some new athletes is finding a way to buy TestoFX locally without having to pay for shipping at all. In most metro areas in the United States, this is possible, due to the large number of retailers.

When you do have your goods shipped to you from an Allmax retailer, you will likely find that the shipping weight and size of the bottles makes the shipping price a very reasonable cost. As mentioned before, as Allmax products are available on Amazon, if you are someone who has the free shipping subscription, you can probably save money by ordering through the retailers that sell on that site.


Customer Support

Allmax provides customer support through their website for a variety of activities including: hiring, sponsorship, sales, and actual product questions. As Allmax Nutrition products are only sold through retailers, the gist of their customer support program is to make certain that their retailers are trained and can support the product locally and directly for potential clients.

At the same time the company does respond directly to requests for information about their products and the opportunities that are available to those that want to be sponsored by Allmax. They also acknowledge that there are frequent ‘demo’ times at their local retailers which allow bodybuilders the opportunity to try TestoFX for free. One part of their customer service, which some other companies do not do is to answer inquiries from people that are interested in getting involved as retailer of the product in other countries.

The lack of an 800 number for support that is published does not seem to affect the company’s performance or rating when it comes to testimonials from fans. The e-mail response time is said to be solid- and it makes it nice for people that are bodybuilders that are in other countries or are on a different time line to be able to send an email when they want to instead of waiting for customer service to open up in the United States.


Safe & Secure Checkout

TestoFX is available through a list of retailers that includes big-box retailers as well as smaller specialty retailers that sell TestoFX to people directly in your community.

Among the retailers that they use, some of them have qualified as both online retailers and bricks-and-mortar presence people. Allmax requires all its online retailers to use secure checkout procedures and to connect with clients using https or SSL on the Internet. Moreover, their bricks-and-mortar retail store partners also have the latest security software and techniques to use against people that would try and steal from Allmax or their customers.



The testosterone booster industry is an interesting world when it comes to pricing. Most manufacturers have their own online store that sells directly to bodybuilders at a slightly higher price than that of online affiliates and partners.

TestoFX sales channel is sort of like that, except they don’t have their own store – making finding a solid retail partner a necessity for fans. One nice thing about that dynamic, however, is that Allmax, the manufacturer, is able to declare demo times for their retailers in different locations. A ‘demo’ time is when the retailer starts promoting the product growth by using a free sample or trial program. During this time period, the user typically pays only for shipping.

Currently, there is no active ‘demo’ time program running. When there is a ‘demo’ running, you would likely get a set time like 14 days to decide if you like the product that you are receiving for free. Meanwhile they will ship you a whole bottle that contains 90 pills in it. If you do not return the bottle before the 14 days are up, you will automatically be charged for the rest of the pills that are in the bottle. If you choose to move forward because you like the product, you can take advantage of signing up to make purchases monthly.






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