TestoFuel by Roar Ambition Review – Does It Work?

What Is TestoFuel?

TestoFuel is a bodybuilding supplement that is formulated to boost testosterone levels and help build muscle mass. This product can provide the missing link that many bodybuilders need if they are having trouble achieving the muscle gains they desire. TestoFuel also offers a safer, more effective way to naturally increase testosterone levels than drugs that are considered harmful.


This supplement is manufactured in the US and UK by Roar Ambition Ltd and the brand is an ownership of Peak Health Labs. The company ensures that all safety regulations are met and only uses ingredients that have been clinically proven to be healthy and effective. Customers are even given an easy way to contact the manufacturer if there are any problems with their orders.

How TestoFuel Works?

TestoFuel is formulated to quickly and easily transform a person’s physique. Many users of this supplement have been able to increase their energy levels and grow muscles in a faster, healthier way. This product is also capable of speeding recovery time.

Although no testosterone is contained, this supplement helps by enabling the body to release its own testosterone. This natural hormone helps build muscle by increasing the rate of proteins synthesis. People who have naturally lower testosterone levels will find this product to be particularly useful.

TestoFuel comes in a box of 120 capsules, which can last a user for up to 30 days. Four capsules per day should be taken in order to achieve the best results. It is also recommended for people to use this product for at least two months, although many users notice results after just a few days.

Men who are 18 years or older can enjoy the full benefits that come along with using this product. This even includes people who are new to bodybuilding. Men who have decreased testosterone levels due to increased age will also find this supplement useful.


This supplement is made with large doses of safe ingredients that have been clinically proven to aid in muscle growth. Some of the key ingredients include:

Vitamin D

Although this vitamin can be absorbed naturally from sunlight, TestoFuel can provide additional levels for people who are deficient. Vitamin D is able to help people maintain higher levels of free testosterone while increasing protein synthesis. Vitamin D has even been shown to be effective in preventing muscle atrophy.

D-Aspartic Acid

The chances of overtraining muscles and negating all the positive effects of a workout are greatly decreased with the presence of this amino acid. This beneficial ingredient can also take protein that is consumed and use it for the purpose of building muscle. Testosterone levels are further increased due to this ingredient’s ability to release the gonadotrophin and luteinizing hormones.

Oyster Extract

This ingredient contains zinc, which is a necessary component of healthy testosterone production. The zinc found within oyster extract further has the ability to facilitate muscle mass development by combating the effects of hormone imbalances that are often caused by overtraining. Furthermore, Oyster Extract can decrease estrogen levels in men, which can prevent the formation of dreaded “man boobs.”


Magnesium has the power to relax muscles by controlling calcium levels that can stimulate the nerves too much. Without enough Magnesium in the body, the overly stimulated nerves can overwhelm the muscles, which often leads to excessive fatigue, cramping and soreness. This ingredient is also needed to help muscles store certain fuels that are useful in their development.


This ingredient is capable of preserving high testosterone levels by generating the development of adrenalin and the adrenocorticotropic hormone. Ginseng is additionally known to increase energy levels, which can allow more productive workouts and help bodybuilders improve their physiques.


Long known for its health benefits, this herb can promote glucose absorption and be effective in aiding muscles during recovery periods. Fenugreek has also been shown to dramatically increase strength levels. Choline, which is a nutrient that is naturally found in Fenugreek, can be particularly advantageous when it comes to enhancing muscle development and athletic performance.

Vitamin B6

This important vitamin has long been known to be one of the best ingredients for natural performance enhancement. Androgen receptors have the capability of making more testosterone when they are stimulated by high levels of Vitamin B6. This ingredient contained within TestoFuel can also help with muscle development by facilitating protein metabolism and carbohydrate utilization.

Vitamin K2

Scientific studies have shown this vitamin’s effectiveness in maintaining plasma and testosterone levels. This vitamin works in this process by reducing lipopolysaccharide administering so that testosterone amounts can increase. The body is able to utilize this vitamin quickly, which can produce more rapid results.


One of the main advantages of using TestoFuel is that it is easy to incorporate into any training program. The fact that TestoFuel comes in pill form makes it possible for bodybuilders to take the supplement without having to squeeze in an extra meal or protein shake just to use the supplement. Bodybuilders can even take the capsules with other supplements without having to compromise their nutrition plans.

Many people who have used this product have been impressed by the long-term results they were able to achieve. Unlike synthetic steroids and other dangerous drugs, TestoFuel works with the body’s own mechanisms and can help muscles develop naturally. Muscle size will not automatically start to decrease if someone suddenly stops taking the capsules.

This product is made with a formula that is up to date with scientific studies and fitness trends. All ingredients are natural and clearly spelled out on the label with no hidden additives. The supplement is also produced in certified facilities with the use of safe equipment and formulating methods. Another key advantage is that this product does not contain caffeine or any other stimulants. The lack of stimulants makes it possible for fitness enthusiasts to increase energy levels in a healthier way. This can also help bodybuilders enjoy a better night of sleep and be more primed for their next workout.

The extra testosterone generated by the use of this supplement can help muscles recover faster after workouts. New muscle fibers are able to form faster because of the higher testosterone levels. These new muscle fibers are what allow muscles to grow bigger and stronger. Along with increased testosterone levels, these capsules are formulated to generate higher growth hormone levels. These growth hormones play an additional role in how muscles develop and become stronger. Growth hormones stimulated by TestoFuel are not the same harmful synthetic growth hormones that are often found in illegal performance-enhancing drugs.

Excessive body fat can be detrimental to any bodybuilder’s physique. Fortunately, TestoFuel is formulated to burn the extra fat and enhance muscle definition. This is particularly beneficial for men who want to show more definition in the abdominal region. Bodybuilders who compete in contests also will not have to worry about TestoFuel interfering with any drug testing. This supplement contains no banned substances. It only utilizes vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients to aid in muscle development.

The ingredients contained within these capsules are generally considered to be safe and do not cause any side effects. Most people only experience positive changes after incorporating this supplement into their nutrition plans. However, anyone who is allergic to any of the ingredients will likely experience adverse effects and should avoid taking this product.


TestoFuel is a GMP-certified product. Also known as good manufacturing practices, this certification is only given to food and health products that are deemed safe for public consumption. The manufacturer of the supplement was able to obtain this certification due to all the quality testing the product was required to undergo before it was allowed to be sold.

The product is also produced in certified facilities within the US and UK. These facilities are required to maintain strict safety and hygiene standards at all times. These particular facilities must also possess the equipment that can handle large-scale product manufacturing.


An editor at Broscience, which is an online media source dedicated to stories happening in the fitness world, conducted an independent study testing the effectiveness of TestoFuel. He found the product to be highly useful and detailed his progress over the course of several months. At the end of four months, he was able to increase three of his lifts by 30 pounds thanks in large part to this supplement.

Consumer Health Digest also reviewed the product and gave it mostly positive reviews. The supplement scored particularly well in the areas of effectiveness, safety and long-term results. The online publication also pointed out the quick positive changes that many users can experience after starting the supplement.

Here are the testimonials of some satisfied customers who have tried TestoFuel and benefited from the results:

Nicholas from Indiana began taking TestoFuel after spending countless hours in the gym without seeing any significant gains. He even tried using other supplements but wasn’t able to achieve the desired results. After only two months of taking the capsules, he was able to lift more weight than he could have ever imagined and started developing the chiseled physique of his dreams.

Rob from California has long considered himself to be a gym junkie and was excited to try the supplement to see whether or not it would help him increase his muscle gains. In the first three months, he noticed solid increases in strength and muscle growth. The supplement’s ability to burn extra fat also allowed him to see his abdominal muscles for the first time since his 20s.

After investing in a four-month supply of the product, Anthem from California packed on nearly 20 pounds of muscle. He believes that the product’s ability to enhance testosterone levels is what provided the missing link to his workouts and nutrition. He noticed positive changes within three weeks of starting the supplement.

Roderick from Mississippi has been a power lifter for years and wanted to take his workouts to a whole new level. He tried many other testosterone boosters on the market with limited success. After taking TestoFuel, he was quickly able to gain 10 pounds of muscle and increase his workout regimen due to the product’s ability to help with faster recovery times.

Dominic from Utah was initially skeptical about the effectiveness of TestoFuel when he first learned of the product. Despite his dubiousness, he decided to try the supplement on a whim. Much to his surprise, he started to see results after only one week and now highly recommends the product to others.

Paul from Australia has proven that this supplement is not only meant for the young bodybuilder. This middle-aged professional began taking the product as a way to combat the physical effects of sitting at a computer all day. He was able to burn extra fat and dramatically increase his muscle gains in less than four months.

Dan from the UK noticed a natural increase in his strength level within two weeks of starting the product. He also noticed that he was able to push himself harder in the gym and focus better on working out certain muscle groups. Another benefit he experienced was the ability to sleep better, which gave him more energy when it was time to hit the gym again.

Already an avid bodybuilder, Pierre from France was looking for a safe way to increase his muscle gains. In just four months after starting TestoFuel, he gained 12 pounds of new muscle and was able to notice visible changes in his body shape. He saw even more significant improvements after being on the supplement for nine months.

Money-back Guarantee

Men are guaranteed to see results after using this supplement. The company offers a money-back guarantee for all users who are not satisfied with the product within 90 days of purchase. This allows people to try the product risk-free.


Shipping is available to customers worldwide. Shipping options allow customers to receive their orders by UPS, Royal Mail or United States Postal Service. Expected delivery times depend on where customers live and the shipping methods that they select.

Customers in the US can receive their shipments via UPS surepost, UPS 2 day or USPS priority mail. Expected delivery times range from two to ten business days. People living in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico only have the option of receiving their shipments via USPS priority mail. UK customers will have their orders delivered by Royal Mail. Orders are shipped directly from the company’s depot in England. Most shipments arrive within one to two business days. Orders shipped to other parts of Europe are sent by royal mail and usually arrive within three to six business days. Customers who live in Canada, Australia and the rest of the world will receive their orders by Royal Mail. Most shipments arrive within five to ten business days.

Customer Support

Questions can be submitted to customer support staff by emailing the company directly. The company also has an online form that allows customers to submit their questions and contact information for a response. There is even the option of contacting the manufacturer by regular mail.

Safe & Secure Checkout

The makers of TestoFuel take measures to ensure that the checkout process is always safe and secure and use 128 bit security encryption to protect all customer information. Customers paying by credit card can securely make their purchases using Visa, MasterCard or American Express. There is even the option of paying with PayPal.

The manufacturer works to ensure confidentiality with all deliveries. Customers who do not want other people knowing that they have ordered the product can feel safe in knowing that their orders will be delivered in plain packaging. No brand information is featured on the packaging.

In order to give customers an even greater sense of security, the company does not bill on a recurring basis. This means that customers will not have to worry about having their credit cards or PayPal accounts debited automatically every month. When it is time for a product refill, the company’s website makes it easy to place additional orders.


Most people will find that TestoFuel prices are reasonable. Pricing depends on the particular package that is selected. Certain packages even come with additional free items.

  1. Ultimate Muscle Gainer’s Package – This option includes three boxes of TestoFuel plus an additional box for free. Customers also get a free T-shirt, free worldwide shipping and two free e-books that offer nutrition and exercise tips. The total cost for this package is $219.00.
  2. Two-Month Supply – Customers opting for this package will get two boxes of the supplement for $138.00. Free delivery is made to US and UK customers.
  3. One-Month Supply – For only $69.00, men can try one box of the product, which contains 120 capsules. Standard shipping charges apply.




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