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Testo XTRM Review – Is This Product a Scam?

What Is Testo XTRM?

Testo XTRM is a testosterone booster which helps to build a ripped, muscular body. Using only all-natural ingredients, this supplement enhances natural testosterone production. Testosterone is present in both men and women, but its more prevalent presence in men helps to provide them with the masculine, ripped, muscular build most desirable for bodybuilders, athletes and those desiring a cut physique.

Testosterone is produced by the male testes. Levels of testosterone can be boosted through natural supplementation by the right types of ingredients, such as those in Testo XTRM. When testosterone levels are boosted, muscle mass increases. The drive to workout, confidence in the gym and desire to exert energy during workouts also increases.

Inadequate or low levels of testosterone result in metabolic issues, make a man less energetic, diminishes his confidence among other men and makes his workout regimen less productive for his body. By boosting testosterone through use of Testo XTRM, immediate positive results can be seen. Those results lead to a bigger build, better cut and more productive regimen.

Men who start using the testosterone boosting supplement do so because they are experiencing poor stamina and endurance during their workouts. They may also be seeing a lower level of physical improvement from their time spent in the gym, than they want to see. Recovery after workout sessions may be extended. This testosterone boosting supplement was formulated to fix these problems, by improving endurance and stamina, enhancing results from workouts and shortening recovery time between workouts.

Made of Tribulus Terrestris plant extract and other natural ingredients, Testo XTRM helps to restore testosterone production to levels of a more youthful, vibrant, agile and vigorous man. Studies have indicated Tribulus Terrestris helps in enhancement of muscle mass and vitality. It also improves energy, increases stamina and shortens recovery time.

Typical dosage of the product is one pill per day after a meal and one pill just before hitting the gym. Men using the supplement continue with their regular meal plan and maintain their workout routine. After starting use of only one capsule per day, results will be indicated through increased muscle mass and stamina.

Information of Testo XTRM



Testo XTRM is manufactured by an organization in the United States called Synergia. It appears that fulfillment is handled out of Tampa, Florida.


How Testo XTRM Works?

Testo XTRM helps to increase testosterone levels. This is done through delivery of testosterone boosting natural ingredients. When properly used as a supplement to a healthy fitness diet and workout regimen, the supplement provides men with increased muscle mass, a deeper drive to workout, confidence when at the gym and the desire to push harder and farther during fitness routines. These results can be immediately realized when the product is properly introduced to a consistent workout regimen.

Men choose to use this supplement because it is made of natural ingredients and delivers results. Tribulus Terrestris plant extract works with other natural ingredients to restore healthier and more youthful testosterone production to the body. In doing so, the user becomes more vigorous, realizes improved energy, gains muscle mass, increases stamina and enjoys a shorter muscle recovery time between workout sessions.

The Benefits of Testo XTRM


Ingredients of Testo XTRM

Testo XTRM contains the key ingredient of Tribulus Terrestris plant extract, the essence of a fruit producing Mediterranean plant. This plant is also called puncture vine and is used medicinally in regions where the plant grows. Tribulus Terrestris is taken for athletic performance enhancement throughout the Mediterranean and it is also consumed for treatment of a wide range of other health issues, including heart and blood circulation problems.

Although the benefits on other health conditions such as heart and circulation problems cannot be proven, studies do indicate some improvement in athletic performance by those who take Tribulus Terrestris. Formulation quality is the key to the consumption of Tribulus Terrestris being productive in athletic enhancement. There is no clear study or information regarding the right dosage level for optimum benefit from Tribulus Terrestris.

There are some side effects known to be caused by taking Tribulus Terrestris, although these are not directly linked to this particular product. Trouble sleeping is one side effect men may experience. Prostate problems have been linked to consumption of Tribulus Terrestris.

Testo XTRM Steps

Although Tribulus Terrestris can cause insomnia and prostate problems for some men, interactions with other foods or supplements have not been found. There are, however, problems caused by taking Tribulus Terrestris with other medications. In particular, the extract is believed to increase the effect of blood pressure and heart medications. Such drug interactions include problems associated with:

  • Beta Blockers
  • Calcium Channel Blockers
  • Digoxin
  • Diuretics

There are other health issues affected negatively by Tribulus Terrestris. Diabetes patients should be wary of taking anything containing the plant’s extracts. Patients taking diabetes medications have been shown to suffer a dangerously severe decrease in blood sugar.

The Effects of Testo XTRM



Testo XTRM is easy to use and convenient in low daily dosage. As studies indicate that the supplement’s key ingredient of Tribulus Terrestris does indeed provide for increased testosterone production, the benefit of taking one capsule per day can be positive. This is most true when the bodybuilding supplement is combined with healthy meal plans, a consistent workout regimen and other supplements for additional muscle growth and energy enhancement support.

The Science Behind Testo XTRM



Testo XTRM does not have a large presence on the Internet. Certificates, promotions, coupon codes and discounts are rarely found for the brand’s bodybuilding supplements, if such is even ever available. However, there is a trial period available for customers who wish to try the supplement product with potential for return of unused capsules for a refund.



There are no professional athlete or celebrity endorsers of this testosterone boosting supplement. Other reviews can be found online. There are both positive and negative testimonials available.

Testo XTRM has really worked for me!! It took a couple of weeks before I noticed the changes. In about the third week I was doing more reps and the pumps were more intense. I’ve been taking the supplement for about four months now. I couldn’t be happier with how I look and I am sticking with it to see how far I can take my body with this testosterone booster.

Joe Chandler

I’m always skeptical about new products. I thought I’d give Testo XTRM a try because I was noticing some signs that maybe my testosterone level wasn’t where it should be. I couldn’t believe the difference after using the supplement for about three or four weeks. I started feeling much more vigorous and energized, both in my mind and body. My time at the gym was much more productive and I had a lot more confidence in the capabilities of my body. I think all of that helped because I’m really noticing physical changes for the better. I’m bulking and building.

Mark Johnston

I like Testo XTRM. I don’t have any negative side effects and feel more energized for sure. I don’t fight myself to get to the gym anymore. When I’m there, I focus on what I am doing better than before taking just one capsule per day and one before my workouts. My reps are better, the whole routine seems fuller and more productive. It has been about a month of me taking this product and I’m going to keep it up.

Chris Crouch

I usually think bodybuilding supplements are crap. I also thought reviews are crap. That is, until my workouts stopped being great. I noticed I was dragging myself to the gym and couldn’t do as much as I’d like when I was there. I started feeling like I was losing control over my body and my workout. I started with Testo XTRM because a workout buddy told me he thought I might have low T. I noticed a difference within a few weeks and now am keeping up with my workout partner and am starting to see some improvements all around at the gym.

Devin Archeson

How to Increase Testosterone Using Testo XTRM


Money-back Guarantee

Testo XTRM offers a free trial period of 14 days with a subsequent recurring billing program membership. This program provides the customer with the chance to try the supplement brand before being charged for the product. If the customer decides to keep using the testosterone booster, they are then charged the full price for the product.

If they decide to cancel their free trial and program membership, they must notify the brand’s customer service within the 14-day period for a return authorization, program cancellation and to return the product immediately. As long as the unused product is received by the manufacturer, the customer is not charged for the canceled trial. The customer is then free of any obligation to pay additional monies.

For customers choosing to purchase the product one bottle at a time without program membership or a free trial period, the product can be returned for a refund if there is a problem with it. Customers only receive a refund or exchange for unopened containers of product. Once the product is opened, a refund will not be granted. Refunds are for the amount paid for the product, minus shipping and a 35% restocking fee.

When returning product, customers are responsible for calling customer service within 30 days of product purchase. During that call, customer service will provide a return merchandise authorization number. That number must be clearly marked on the outside of the customer’s return package, for it to be accepted by the shipping center and credited to the customer’s account. Customers should always use a tracking number when shipping products back to supplement companies for refund.

If customer care has not authorized return of the unused supplement product in advance of its shipment back to the fulfillment center, the customer will not receive a refund. There is a shipping address which must be used for return of product. That address is PO Box 153201, Suite 1093, Tampa, Florida 33684. The customer service telephone number is 855.511.2251.

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Regular ground shipping for one bottle of capsules as part of a month’s supply costs the customer $9.97. The customer is also responsible for return shipping for a refund. Return shipping will usually cost about $4.95 for one container of supplement capsules sent by Priority Mail.

Customers can ask customer service for expedited shipping, if desired. The company uses FedEx, United Parcel Service and the U.S. Postal Service for its shipments. All shipments appear to originate from a fulfillment location in Tampa, Florida.


Customer Support

Testo XTRM is supported by a customer service department in the United States. That department provides customer support from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday of each week. The telephone number of the customer service department is 1.855.511.2251. At this time, it appears that customer support, shipping, ordering and other aspects of customer business only exists in the United States for the supplement brand.

For return shipping and refunds, a fulfillment center provides handling and restocking of Testo XTRM products. When a customer returns product, this fulfillment center does deduct 35% of the refund for restocking of product. While this fulfillment location provides product handling, shipping and receiving support, this is not a primary location of business for the organization which owns the supplement brand. The fulfillment center is located in Tampa, Florida.

If you need to correspond with the management of Testo XTRM, the fulfillment center address in Tampa will not necessarily result in the company receiving your correspondence. It is best, if you seek customer care from the company which owns the brand, to call the customer care number at 1.855.511.2251. It is unclear where the actual management offices for Synergia are located. This likely means that the product is a white label brand, one produced for multiple brand labels which are independently owned by individuals or small groups.

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Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout when purchasing this product is always secure. The company utilizes a Secure Socket Layer for customer payment transaction processing on their website. The site is protected through a Comodo SSL Certificate which protects customer transactions with high security levels. The granted SSL Certificate provides 2048 bit signatures and up to 256 encryption with highest possible levels of security for the supplement brand’s customers.


Testo XTRM Pricing & Free Trial

A free trial is available for Testo XTRM. When a free trial sample is requested, you are enrolled in an automatic shipment program. This program delivers new product every thirty days. At the time of monthly shipment, your credit card will be billed for the full payment of the product with shipping and handling fees.

The free trial program can be cancelled within the 14 days following the order date. When it is cancelled, you must return unused product to the fulfillment center of the brand. If you do not return the unused product of 16 days’ worth of capsules in the original container, you will be charged the full price of the product. It is imperative that you gain a return merchandise authorization number from the brand’s customer support center, if you wish to return your Testo XTRM trial bottle.

The cost of one bottle of product is $139.97. The trial sample’s shipping fee is only $4.97, which is less than the standard monthly shipping amount you will pay of $9.97. Future shipments after the trial period will cost $139.97 for product and $9.97 for shipping.

Testo XTRM’s brand states that it usually takes about three months to see results from their product. This is somewhat common with products affecting hormone levels. As testosterone production stimulation is the result of using this supplement product, users must be ready to commit to about three months of use to see if the product is truly effective for them. Truthfully, it would be unusual to see marked physical improvements such as increased muscle mass within the 14-day trial period timeframe.

Testo XTRM’s pricing is likely cost prohibitive for many users with shipping and handling costs are also more than similar products, at $9.97 per monthly shipment. These are points to consider when ordering initial supplies of the testosterone booster or when entering the free trial period. Also, the restocking fee of 35% is a bit unusual and affects refund amounts. This policy means that a canceling customer will actually pay $48.98 for product restocking if they are dissatisfied, as well as the $9.97 in shipping.

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