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Testo Vital Review – Is This the Right Product for Top Performance Boosting?

What Is Testo Vital?

Testo Vital is a testosterone booster designed to help the active man feel better, look better, and reach his physique goals. While testosterone is often regarded as a bastion of manliness, many people don’t realize that many men age 30 and over lose about one to two percent of their testosterone per year. This might not sound like a lot, but low testosterone can predispose you to a lot of detrimental effects. One of these effects is lack of energy. Testosterone can help you feel strong and energized, and even losing a small amount can start this process.

This important hormone also makes it easier to add fat. If you’ve noticed you’ve been adding fat, especially in the male pattern (more fat distribution in your torso and stomach areas), you may well be suffering from low testosterone. This addition of fat is a vicious cycle, as the more weight you add, the more testosterone you’re likely to lose. Testosterone supports lean gains and existing muscle mass, so loss of it may contribute to loss of you hard-earned gains. Test Vital is an all-natural supplement whose many ingredients are supported by research, a history of homeopathic use, and sometimes both.

With this supplement and your existing exercise routine, you will most likely experience an increase in energy and general well-being. This, in turn, can help motivate you to lift harder and exercise longer. Both of these effects will help you shed excess fat and make valuable lean gains. This supplement contains no stimulants or artificial ingredients, so you won’t experience side effects. Whether you take it by itself or add it to your existing supplement routine, this quality testosterone booster can help you feel, look, and perform years younger!



Testo Vital is made by a manufacturer that only makes this particular supplement. At first, you may understandably be a little thrown by this unusual situation. Many of us are used to making purchases from larger manufacturers. And while this can be a good route to choose, there are definite benefits to making your purchase from a manufacturer that only makes one product. One of these benefits is the fact that a single-product manufacturer has allocated all of its research and other funding into making this particular product.

Additionally, staff members, since they only are responsible for selling this product, will undoubtedly have more information to offer you. Representatives at larger manufacturers often are responsible for selling many products, and it can be difficult or impossible for them to have information on these products on immediate recall. The customer service you get from this company will likely be better than that from other companies.


How Testo Vital Works?

This testosterone supplement includes several proven ingredients. You may have seen some boosters that only have one or two ingredients, and while many of these work well, it can be helpful to have many ingredients. Different bodies respond to different supplements, so including many increases the chances that you will respond favorably. Additionally, while Testo Vital does not contain stimulants, it can also support healthy energy, which is a key part of reaching your physique goals.

As far as increasing energy goes, this is a supplement that contains many plant ingredients that have been proven, whether through Western research or through years of use as folk medicines, to increase energy and your general sense of well being. Unlike stimulants, which boost energy for short periods of time, these ingredients will provide sustained energy that fuels a sense of well-being. This sort of energy is beneficial for day-to-day life and also for sustaining energy throughout your workouts.

Aside from the energy benefit, Testo Vital supports healthy levels of testosterone. It does this through a variety of mechanisms. One of these mechanisms is by boosting the levels of testosterone in the blood. The ingredient boron has been shown in numerous studies to do this. Other ingredients provide your body with some of the molecular components of testosterone. This makes sure that you have the chemical compounds needed to formulate more of this vital hormone. Still other ingredients seem to boost testosterone and energy, but there has not been enough research to indicate exactly how they work.

Essentially, this is a supplement that works on a variety of levels to ensure that you have energy, strength, and the testosterone levels you need. Most of us know that healthy levels of testosterone are important, but not everyone knows the beneficial effects of testosterone on the body. To start, having enough testosterone raises your metabolic rate and helps you burn fat. Testosterone also is vital in both gaining lean muscle and maintaining those gains, so you can rest assured that you’ll get the most out of your workout. Lastly, the right amount of testosterone will give you energy and a sense of general well-being. Your body knows when something isn’t right, and endocrine disturbances can cause a serious lack of energy and a sense that something is off. With this supplement, you’ll be able to have a better focus a sense of wellness.


Ingredients of Testo Vital

Some testosterone boosters only have a few ingredients, some have only one, and some have many. Which one you choose depends on your preference. Below are the ingredients of this supplement, with a short paragraph about the effects and benefits of each.

Horny Goat Weed Extract

This is a plant that has been used as part of traditional medicine for centuries. You may have seen it sold as a tea in your local grocery store. It is known for its ability to stimulate energy and general well-being. Some people have suggested that it may support levels of free testosterone, but its exact mechanism of action is not yet known. More research will likely help clarify exactly how it works.

Tongkat Ail Extract

This plant, also known as Longjack, has been used in Malaysian and Indonesian medicine for centuries. It has been used as a tonic and cure for a variety of issues, and it also has been used to boost testosterone. Some research has supported its efficacy as a testosterone booster, but like many traditional medicines, more research is needed to conclusively prove its efficacy. However, in the plant’s native countries, conservation efforts have been needed to preserve it from over-harvesting, and this suggests that it does work for many people.

Saw Palmetto Extract

This plant does have some research behind it that suggests it is useful as a boost of testosterone. It has a history of use in traditional medicine, but some Western physicians and researchers actually do use it to help treat low testosterone and associated symptoms. Saw palmetto is one of the more extensively researched traditional cures for lower testosterone, although even it could benefit from further research.

Orchic Substance

This little-publicized substance has been used in folk medicine, although modern studies have not shown that it has any benefit for testosterone levels. It is made from ground bull testes, and the theory is that it will help boost testosterone levels in users. Even though the research suggests it doesn’t work, there are people who swear by it, and it is not known to have adverse effects on users.

Wild Yam Extract

This plant extract comes from a wild sweet potato, and unlike some plant ingredients, this one does have significant scientific research backing it up. Wild Yams have plant sterols, which are part of the building blocks of steroid hormones. Testosterone is among the steroid hormones, so taking this ingredient can help your body to make more free testosterone.


This root, which can be found in real root beer, also can help to support healthy testosterone levels. More research is needed to confirm exactly how it does this, but it is a staple in the bodybuilding world to help support lean gains.

Nettle Extract

Like many of the other herbs on this list, nettle extract has been shown to help support healthy levels of testosterone. And also like some of the ingredients here, more research is needed to verify that it does actually raise testosterone levels. Many users swear that it supports performance, though, and it’s likely that further research will confirm its efficacy.


This ingredient is the most researched of the ingredients here. In both rodent and human studies, and appropriate dose has been shown to increase levels of free testosterone in the blood. This supplement, by raising testosterone levels, can help you to quickly gain more strength and energy, as well as to put on more muscle mass.



There are many advantages to taking Testo Vital as your testosterone booster. One of the main advantages is the fact that this supplement has many different ingredients. Some testosterone supplements have only one active ingredient. This can be good if you know that ingredient works well for you, but for most people, finding the right supplement ends up being a trial-and-error process. Additionally, different bodies react differently to separate ingredients, so it’s likely that some of this supplement’s ingredients will be more effective for you than some others.

Another advantage is the fact that this supplement is all-natural. You won’t have to worry about adverse reactions to different ingredients, as this is not a supplement that has side effects. However, it should be noted that even though this is a natural supplement, all ingredients are supported by evidence, whether that is in the form of traditional medical studies, folk use, or some combination of the two. Many testosterone boosters and other workout supplements sold online are backed up by junk science or even no science at all, so this supplement is somewhat unique in the sense that it actually works.

One other advantage is a practical one. While you need to buy most supplements as they run out, this supplement is available as a convenient auto-ship program. This way, you won’t have to worry about running out, as you get a new supply each month. Additionally, the customer service representatives with this company have unparalleled knowledge of this product and can help you make a decision surrounding it. Whether you’ve already purchased Testo Vital or are just considering it, the representatives can help you understand what’s behind this product and whether it’s the product for you.



Testo Vital has not won any certificates as of yet. However, because it is a new supplement, it’s likely that it will win a certificate or two in the near future. In general, any given supplement needs time for its audience and potential audience to evaluate it and determine whether or not it should win an award. In time, given the innovative ingredients in this supplement, Testo Vital will likely win itself a certificate.



It is often helpful to hear from those who have used a given product before you buy it. Below are the words of some who have used Test Vital:

Rodney, 35, Los Angeles, CA:

As I’ve gotten older, I can tell my T has gotten lower. I feel fat and slow a lot of the time. So I decided to find a testosterone supplement. This one was the last in a long line of them, and it’s so incredible! I’m already losing fat and I look so much better than before.

Jon, 51, Las Vegas, NV:

Once I hit 50 I knew something had to change. I’d tried cheaper supplements, but they were getting me absolutely nowhere, so I opted to try out Testo Vital. So much more energy! But the best effect is that I think much more clearly now, and my performance at work and at the gym has improved tremendously. I’m a customer for life!

Darryl, 25, Philadelphia, PA:

I know I’m somewhat young to use a testosterone booster, but I wanted a bit of an edge while lifting. I found it with this. My energy is better throughout the day, and I’m slowly starting to look more jacked than before. It’s well worth the price, in my opinion.


Awards & Media Coverage

This supplement, as mentioned previously, has not won any awards. However, given the fact that its ingredients all are supported by some level of evidence, it’s likely that, as Testo vital gains more exposure, it will win an award. As of yet, this product is very new, and it tends to take time for a supplement to gain the exposure needed to win an award. The supplement market is a crowded one, and as this supplement is advertised in magazines and tried by fitness enthusiasts, it may win an award or two.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of Testo Vital stand behind their product, and they will issue a full refund for unopened products. However, it’s important to note that the company limits refunds issued to one per customer. Repeat refunds cannot be issued, unless the product you ordered is defective or damaged. If you wish yo stop using this product, you can cancel your auto-ship program, and you won’t receive any more bottles.

If you do wish to return a bottle, you may need to contact the company to obtain a return merchant authorization. With this form filled out, you can then send back the bottle for a full refund. A restocking fee may apply, and you will be responsible for covering the cost of return shipping. If you need to return multiple bottles, you’ll only be able to do so if those bottles are broken or defective. You must make any returns within 30 days of purchase.



Shipping of this product is fast and secure. When making a purchase for the first time and signing up for the free trial, you will be responsible for paying a low flat rate for shipping. Your product should arrive in two to three business days. Tracking is not available.If you opt to continue purchasing this product, your shipping costs will be lumped into your monthly payment, thus streamlining your buying experience. You won’t need to re-order each month – if you choose to continue buying this product after the free trial, you’ll be automatically billed and shipped a new product before you run out.


Customer Support

As mentioned above, the customer support staff at Testo Vital is made up of fitness enthusiasts who have a great knowledge of this particular product. Representatives make themselves accessible so they can answer your questions as you have them. You may contact representatives via the e-mail address provided or by the phone number listed on the website. Representatives can discuss the product with you to help you decide if it’s right for you, and if you’ve already made a purchase, they can help you strategize a way to get the most out of your supplement. If you call outside of business hours, you may leave a message and they will get back to your promptly.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Making online purchases can make some people uneasy, but the fact is that purchasing this supplement online is actually very safe. The checkout interface is verified by independent agencies as being completely secure. It uses secure encryption technology to protect your information from hackers. As for the members of the company, they will not share your information in any way or use it to send you spam. Your information will only be used to help you re-order product as needed.


Pricing & Free Trial

If you decide that this product may be a good choice for you, you may choose to start using it on a trial basis. The manufacturers offer a free trial where you only need to pay for shipping, but you receive a 30-day supply. You have 14 days from the day you place the order (not the day you receive the product) to determine if it’s right for you. If you want to keep using it, you don’t need to do anything. You will be billed for the full cost of the trial bottle after 14 days and then enrolled in the auto-ship program, which will bill you for a new bottle and ship you a bottle each month.

If you decide the product is not the right fit for you, you only need to cancel the trial before the 14-day period. To do so, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer. You will not be billed further, and you also will not be enrolled in the auto-ship program, but you do get to keep the trial bottle. If you forget to cancel and end up enrolled in the auto-ship program, you may remove yourself at any time.






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