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Testo Stamina Review – Do You Want to Feel Invincible in the Gym?

What Is Testo Stamina?

Testo Stamina is a natural pre-workout testosterone booster intended to help men get stronger and leaner, to build bigger muscles and to improve endurance and workout quality. By using this supplement, the manufacturer asserts that men can work out harder, train longer and that their recovery time post-workout will be considerably quicker. The company and testimonials alike claim that these capsules lead to muscle-building results much faster than a guy would gain on his own. Essentially, what this product promises is an easy, organic way to build muscles and athletic performance faster. Per produdct advertisement, all ingredients are derived from plants and botanical extracts.

This testosterone supplement is targeted at and designed specifically for the adult male population. It is not recommended for males below the age of eighteen. It is purported to be especially beneficial to athletes who want to gain an edge in the sports performance arena. By ramping up t-levels, these competitors are reportedly able to run faster, gain more energy in the game and push themselves harder for longer. The supplement is also aimed at professional weightlifters and bodybuilders, especially for those who feel they have plateaued at a certain performance level. Lastly but not least, it is targeted at men in general who want to look fitter and feel better.



The manufacturer of Testo Stamina is a company by the name of Cardinal Grace LLC. This company sells a limited number of fitness and health products worldwide. Its headquarters are located in Falls Village, CT. On the official product website, there are many channels available to contact the company via customer service, but no personal history or other information. One might consider this fact a drawback, as some consumers prefer to know as much as possible about the company they are considering purchasing from. Cardinal Grace LLC may thusly want to consider adding company history information to further identify with its customer base.

Aside from this, the manufacturer makes up for their relative lack of background information by its specialization in a limited range of fitness and beauty products. While the company name itself might not be familiar to buyers, its products are likely easily identifiable by members of the fitness and health community. This is perhaps because its specialization allows it to streamline its efforts to develop and market the kind of products effective enough to make the presence they’ve gained in their respective industries.


How Testo Stamina Works?

In essence, this supplement works by stimulating a complex biochemical reaction that elevates testosterone levels in the blood. When the formula hits the bloodstream, it is designed to stimulate the production of nitric oxide. This chemical reaction then works overtime to produce more testosterone. Fitness buffs everywhere know that more testosterone equals bigger, buffer muscles. Additionally, testosterone has a longtime reputation for granting a more competitive edge in all masculine, performance-driven arenas.

Testo Stamina’s maximum-strength formula also works in reverse to inhibit hormones that would otherwise convert testosterone to estrogen. By both producing more testosterone and inhibiting t-blockers, the product’s formula purportedly works to give men an energy-and-strength-driven edge and a tougher, sleeker physique. Another advantage to raising nitric oxide levels is the fact is increased blood flow to the muscles. Bodybu8ilders believe this gives them greater strength to pump more iron and feel considerably less sore afterward, with much quicker healing time.


Ingredients of Testo Stamina

This product is a 100% herbal supplement designed to elevate free testosterone levels in the body. Many of the herbs listed on the ingredients label have a reputation for having a very long history of being effective for testosterone production purposes. The manufacturer also promises buyers that there are no fillers in its formula.

The central ingredient in this pre-workout booster’s formula is Fenugreek seed powder. Fenugreek is an annual plant that has been cultivated around the world for thousands of years. It is known in bodybuilding communities for its ability to increase testosterone levels, contribute to healthy cholesterol levels and increase strength and general growth hormone levels. Vitamin B6 is another key ingredient. This vitamin is primarily known for its abilities to up energy levels and increase endurance.

Testo Stamina’s listed ingredients include Magnesium, Zinc, Piper Nigrum Extract and Tongkat Ali. Fitness pros might recognize Tongkat Ali due to its reputation for being another well-known testosterone booster. It is a root extract that is purported to help build muscle mass, raise the body’s resting metabolic rate and to burn fat. It should be noted that, while all of these ingredients are natural, it is important to begin using them slowly and cautiously to rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction.



Perhaps the greatest advantage to using Testo Stamina is its claim to build bigger muscles. With increased testosterone comes more energy, which translates into more reps and longer weightlifting sessions — which of course translates into more lean muscle mass. The product also claims to effectively raise stamina, which naturally translates into a variety of health and lifestyle benefits. Stamina is especially essential to a powerful workout and to any physical activity in general.

Another touted advantage to this pre-workout supplement is its thermogenic capabilities. This means, according to the manufacturer, that it helps to raise the body’s basal metabolic rate, which translates into a greater number of calories burned while the body is at a resting state. More calories torched equals less fat and a leaner physique. Other advantages touted by the manufacturer are increased strength and greater mental alertness (likely due to elevated energy levels). This is beneficial to all men who want to get ripped, as opposed to only pro bodybuilders and athletes. If Testo Stamina is indeed as effective as the company claims, all of the above are tremendous advantages in improving energy levels in order to get more done in everyday life.



Testo Stamina’s biggest claim to fame is the fact that it was voted “Best Choice” by the general fitness community. This seal can be viewed directly on the product label as well as on the website. Its formula’s efficacy has been recognized by numerous testosterone supplement reviewers around the web, many of whom report significant results from its usage (especially longer-term). Both fitness professionals and average men alike have stated that they successfully burned fat and sculpted lean muscle in a short period of time.

Also on the label is a seal guaranteeing that all of the formula’s ingredients are all-natural and not genetically modified in any way. It has been widely reported that many major supplements contain genetically modified vitamin sources. Many would likely view this to be a frightening fact, considering these processed elements contain established health risks. Fortunately, Cardinal Grace LLC relies only on organic ingredients. The buyer is thus assured of a safe route to a harder, better body without worrying about unhealthy synthetic content.



I feel like Testo Stamina has been a major help in getting my body buff and back on track. I power through reps at twice the speed I did before; I seriously doubted I was capable of doing the number of deadlifts I can do now. A few months ago, I thought I had plateaued in my workouts, and there was nothing much I could do about it. It’s made my body leaner and meaner, and I have a lot more energy as a result. Highly recommended to the motivated workout buffs out there.

– Robert, construction worker in Davenport, IA, US

This isn’t a magic bullet, but if you’re willing to put in the time and energy, you will see results a lot faster than you would not using it at all — at least I did. I started taking this twice a day, and my belly pooch was almost gone in a matter of weeks. I gained several pounds of muscle on my legs, and my biceps look better than they did ten years ago. With a good workout routine, Testo Stamina is excellent.

– Hashimoto, chief financial office in Reno, NV, US

I’m down ten pounds, and I feel like I look the best I have in a long time. I can definitely say this is the best workout supplement I’ve tried. Aside from the muscle mass I’ve gained, the most noticeable difference is my energy level — I used to practically pass out at the end of every night. Now, I actually have the energy to go for a jog with my wife after dinner. The quality time we’ve gained is immeasurable.

– Jon, travel agent in Washington DC, US

I’d been getting lazy with my workouts until I gave Testo Stamina a try. I just didn’t have the motivation to consistently finish up my full hour-long routine, and I’d stopped seeing results months ago. Fast-forward two months when I started consistently using this, and I’ve got a six-pack where I only had washboard abs before. I’ve had so much energy to burn I’ve also taken up adult league baseball, and I fully credit this product with helping me get my energy levels back on track.

– Jorge, personal trainer in Joachim, MA, US


Awards & Media Coverage

Testo Stamina has received positive reviews on several top bodybuilding websites. Overall, the reviewers reported experiencing significant gains in muscle building and stamina over a very short period of time. Very few side effects were reported, and the side effects that were cited were minimal. The reviewers granted this supplement high marks on their sites. With such an outstandingly positive response, it would stand to reason that this testosterone booster is at least somewhat, if not extremely, effective for at least a portion of men.

Aside from professional review sites, this product’s web presence is exceptional. It has also received excellent reviews from everyday men who reported that the formula helped them to build bigger muscles and to elevate their energy levels. A few users also posted impressive before/after pictures to attest to their results. Testo Stamina has also appeared on numerous blogs and fitness forums. As is easy to verify, the results gained by this t-booster’s formula has earned it an extensive presence on the web.


Money-back Guarantee

Perhaps the biggest incentive to trying Testo Stamina out (aside from the outstanding testimonials and reviews), is the 100% money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer. Clearly, the company is confident enough in its product’s effectiveness when used as directed that it is willing to invest in offering full refunds for customers who may be displeased with their results. With nothing to lose, many fitness buffs have an excellent money-back incentive to give this t-booster a shot.

The product website offers a full money-back 14-day trial period for new customers. Once the order has been placed, the customer is promised a thirty-day supply. If for any reason one is not satisfied with their results, they can call the toll-free customer service number provided to request a refund at any time within the 14-day evaluation period. The company provides clear instructions on how to request an RMA number and on where to send the product. With clear instructions and a free trial offer, the manufacturer makes an offer that is likely hard for fitness-minded men to refuse.



Unfortunately, the shipping instructions are not as clear on the manufacturer’s website. The order form states that shipping is totally free, while the fine print cites a shipping and handling cost of $4.95. The company would be well advised to clarify by choosing one or the other. Customer attention span is notoriously short, and they may lose out on sales by confusing potential customers. Most buyers would likely agree that, although a $4.95 shipping cost is minimal, free is better (although shipping is indeed free for all orders after the initial trial bottle).

The official website states that all orders are delivered via the United States Postal Service. The shipping charge is $3.94, while handling is listed as $.99. All orders are delivered within a two- to four-day window 24 hours after the initial order confirmation, and the company also enrolls trial customers in an auto-ship program. After the initial first free bottle, the buyer will be shipped a fresh bottle of Testo Stamina every thirty days thereafter. This auto-ship enrollment will be a blessing of convenience for many, but will likely annoy some buyers (it must be noted that this auto-enrollment can be cancelled at any time simply by calling customer service).


Customer Support

The manufacturer offers many clearly-detailed avenues to customer service. Both current and potential buyers can access customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the toll-free 1-800 number provided on the website. The company retains a cadre of representatives on standby for any Testo Stamina-related questions, usage instructions or any questions about the transaction process itself. This is a crucial consideration for the more cautious consumer, who will want to ensure they have the proper information at their disposal at all times.

Customers can also reach a support representative at the email address listed on the very front page of the website (as well as on numerous other pages of the site). Also listed is the address of the company’s headquarters as well as the California address provided for returns. The benefit of these numerous channels is the convenience of support for men all over the world. With a physical address, an email address and a toll-free telephone number, the manufacturer has all of their customer service bases covered. Representatives are also trained to answer questions regarding company policies.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Although the manufacturer guarantees the privacy and security of all customer personal and financial information at all phases of the checkout, their website does not offer the visual confirmation of SSL logos and security verifications. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that checkout isn’t secure, the lack of SSL certificates could scare potential customers off. The company would be advised to include these on their checkout process for both customer security and its own profit margin. Additionally, while the company does accept a range of credit cards, buyers may note the lack of ability to pay with PayPal. Considering the ubiquity of PayPal in this day and age, it would be wise for Cardinal Grace LLC to consider including this transaction method at checkout.

What the manufacturer does offer is transparency. To their credit, they make their privacy policies very clear and readable on their website for all buyers; there is no extra-fine print here. They elaborate on their full policy list via the Terms and Conditions, which are stated equally clearly. Thus, although they do not offer the buyer a roster of security logos at checkout, they do make all of their policies easily accessible and easy to read so that all customers can decide whether or not to participate. Whether or not their checkout system is secure, it’s reassuring that they offer such policy transparency upfront.


Pricing & Free Trial

The initial trial bottle of Testo Stamina is indeed free as stated. Once the 14-day evaluation period has expired, the customer’s method of payment on file will be automatically billed for a regularly-priced bottle at $88.97. Via the auto-enrollment program — which can be cancelled at any time by calling customer service — a new bottle of the supplement will be shipped at the regular price at thirty-day intervals. This auto-enrollment program can be cancelled easily at any point by calling customer service. Similarly, orders can be modified at any time using this same method.

As a major bonus for the committed customer, the company offers a range of order options and discounts for ordering multiple bottles. The first is a three-bottle package at a buy two, get-one-free price. The other is a five-bottle package at a buy three, get-two-free price. There is also a field at checkout in which to enter a discount coupon code. Loyal customers also benefit from remaining enrolled in the auto-shipping program by retaining the original non-promotional price per bottle indefinitely, even if the company decides to raise the price thereafter. Returning customers also enjoy the convenience of not having to re-order every month.






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