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Testo RPM Review – Should You Apply for a Subscription-Based Product or It’s Not for You?

What Is Testo RPM?

Testo RPM is a testosterone supplement that is designed to support active men in their endeavors to build muscle, burn fat, stay active, and enjoy an improved quality of life. Many men may question why it is they need a testosterone boost, but the fact is that a man’s testosterone begins to decline after age 30. The declines may be small, but they have a noticeable impact on all aspects of life.

Low testosterone is often responsible for a change in body composition – and that change is almost never a good one. Lower testosterone is linked to an increase in body fat and a decrease in lean muscle mass, which can derail your efforts at both bulking and leaning out. More free testosterone in the blood means that your body has the capacity to both build and maintain more muscle mass.

But muscle and performance aren’t the only benefits of good testosterone levels. Many studies have shown that men with adequate levels of testosterone have better focus and general well-being. If you feel like a slug throughout most of your life, low testosterone very well may be the culprit. If you want to experience a better outlook on life, more energy, and a general sense of well-being, supplementing with this supplement may well be a good place to start.



This supplement is manufactured by a company with the same name, the people behind such products are known for their expertise in developing products for fitness enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders alike. Buyers and fans can find numerous interviews with bodybuilding pros on the company website.

The manufacturer is a company that is there to support professional and amateur bodybuilders alike. It has held a prominent presence at the Arnold Sports Festival, and it also has numerous products designed for people at every stage of bodybuilding.

This company does manufacture many products, but its representatives are knowledgeable about each product. The can help you make a decision, whether you are considering a purchase, are a longtime customer, or are somewhere in between.


How Testo RPM Works?

This supplement, like all testosterone boosters, works to help you boost your levels of free testosterone. But if you’ve been searching for a testosterone booster for awhile, you understand that not all testosterone boosters are created equal. Many of them find one great ingredient and just stick with that ingredient.

However, our bodies are not one-ingredient-seeking robots. A good testosterone booster will work with existing chemistry to support a body that has not only enough free testosterone but also the energy and sense of well-being to use it properly.

If you look at the label of any drugstore testosterone booster, chances are that the main active ingredient is boron. Boosting testosterone is a tricky thing, and in some studies, taking boron has been proven as a way to boost free testosterone. However, boron alone will not make a truly great testosterone booster.

This supplement has boron as an active ingredient, but it also includes a handful of other ingredients designed to help the user benefit as much as possible. For instance, included in the ingredient list (and discussed in detail below) is L-carnitine, a mitochondrial catalyst that is designed to support cellular energy and metabolism. No matter how high your testosterone levels are, if you lack energy, your performance in the gym and in life will likely be limited. Thus, this added ingredient proves to be ultimately crucial in the mechanism of this particular supplement.

But this is not all that is added. Magnesium serves as an energy support and boost to well being, but it is surprisingly enough a significant source of boosted testosterone. This may be shocking to some, but both anecdotal and peer-reviewed science shows it will significantly raise testosterone levels.

One particular study drove this point home. In a study of magnesium supplementation, three groups of men were studied. One group was sedentary and received a magnesium supplement that was proportional to weight. Another group did rigorous tae kwon do and also received a weight-proportionate magnesium supplement. A third group did the same tae kwon do routine and received no supplement.

The results indicated that those who took magnesium – even the sedentary men – saw a significant increase in testosterone. Of course, those who exercised rigorously and also took magnesium experienced the biggest boost in testosterone.

But there are other ingredients that support mood and energy, thus helping users to get their highest testosterone concentrations yet. Zinc is well known for its ability to regulate mood and support energy, and its inclusion means that users can maintain the energy and focus needed to propel them though rigorous workouts. Vitamin D3 is also included – this vitamin supports bone health (which is obviously important for those who lift heavy), but it also helps to support energy and focus. Thus, this supplement is designed with the whole athlete in mind – not just a person who needs more free testosterone.


Ingredients of Testo RPM

This is a supplement that has reliably researched ingredients. Its list is small, but all ingredients have been proven to boost testosterone directly or indirectly. Below is a list of ingredients and how each contributes to this supplement:

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is essential for everyone. But hen you’re an athlete, it’s especially vital. As many athletes know, Vitamin D is vital if you want to properly absorb calcium. This is essential for proper bone health. However, it may come as a surprise that this vitamin has actually been shown to raise testosterone levels. One study noted that supplementation with D3 resulted in a “small but statistically significant” increase in free testosterone levels.

While more research may be needed to prove the efficacy of D3 in boosting testosterone levels, it’s important to note that this supplement can support general well being and energy. If you’ve ever been in the middle of a workout and found you just weren’t feeling it, you know why focused energy is one of the most important parts of training. This ingredient helps supplement users achieve that.


As mentioned earlier, Magnesium actually has been shown to boost testosterone levels. The study that proved this did note, however, that the largest increases in testosterone increased in those who participated in a rigorous exercise program as well as taking a magnesium supplement. In this study, subjects took 10 mg of magnesium per kg of body weight. Since this supplement has 800 mg of magnesium per serving, it likely will meet that minimum amount for most users.


L-Carnitine is a mitochondrial catalyst, which basically means it supports energy production at the cellular level. The mitochondria are organelles in virtually every cell, and they are responsible for energy production. If you are feeling generally slow or if you need to kickstart your metabolism, taking L-carnitine is generally a good idea.

This supplement can help to support your metabolism, energy and focus, which is vital as you intensify your workouts. It also can help you readily convert fat to energy, which is something most of us want. Whether you are a professional or amateur bodybuilder, you most likely want to drop fat while building muscle and gaining more energy. L-carnitine can help you do all of those things.


You’ve probably heard of zinc and its ability to help elevate low mood and low energy. But have you heard that it may in fact be able to treat low testosterone? For many men whose testosterone falls below normal ranges, zinc can provide a low-cost but highly effective answer. Men who have unusually low testosterone have what is commonly called hypogonadism, which basically means the organs manufacture insufficient amounts of the hormones.

Zinc has been shown to help treat hypogonadism and to help users boost testosterone levels naturally. Even if you do not suffer from low testosterone, zinc is likely to be able to help you boost testosterone naturally. Plus, the added benefits of focus and general well-being are very helpful for those who want to boost muscle ton, burn fat, and generally feel better about life.


At on point, boron had been seemingly unequivocally proven to boost testosterone. Now, some studies seem to be calling that claim into question. However, there are legions of athletes, bodybuilders, and others ho will swear that boron has boosted testosterone. And in contrast to the many herbal testosterone boosters out there, boron actually has some legitimate research behind it.

In short, boron may have been called into question, but for many users, it remains an incredible way to boost testosterone with no side effects. Virtually every supplement’s efficacy is called into question at some point or the other, and despite the research-based conflict currently surrounding boron, it remains a favorite of many.



This is a supplement that has many advantages. One of those is that the ingredients list only includes supplements that have been proven to boost testosterone and/or support general energy and health. If you are at all familiar with the testosterone supplement market, you have no doubt seen the supplements that include ingredients that are only backed by folk medicine.

While it’s true that folk medicine can sometimes be beneficial, many of these testosterone-boosting ingredients have been evaluated by numerous studies and have been proven to not boost testosterone. And what’s worse is that these supplements are often incredibly overpriced, leading many buyers to shell out absurd amounts of money to get testosterone boosters whose research backing is shaky at best and nonexistent at worst.

Thus, when you opt to try Testo RPM, you get a formula that is actually scientifically proven. Not only that, but you also get a formula that is reasonably priced. This supplement is made for those who want results without having to break the bank. And that’s precisely what you get when you go with Testo RPM as your testosterone-boosting source.



Testo RPM has not yet earned any certificates. However, when you visit the Testo RPM website, you will see that a large collection of professional bodybuilders both use and endorse this manufacturer’s products. It may not count as an endorsement by a magazine, but the endorsement of this company and its products by successful athletes absolutely communicates something good about this product’s efficacy.



When deciding on a testosterone booster, it can be hard to make a decision without having tried a given supplement. Here are some words from those who have tried and loved this supplement:

Johnny, 23, Greensboro, NC:

I’m not even at the age when testosterone drops, but lately I’ve felt a bit sluglike. So I gave this a shot. And by week three I felt amazing! So much energy. Maybe I had nutritional deficiencies or something, but regardless, I feel really powerful and seem to hit a bench PR every couple weeks.

Bob, 44, Culpeper, VA:

As I get older, I seem to just run out of energy and power. I tried the drugstore testosterone boosters and they did next to nothing. So I started to research with the intent of finding the best booster for me. I came across this one and was skeptical based on the price. But I gave it a shot and thank God I did. Granted, it took the better part of a month, but I slowly gained endurance and strength. I realized I got less and less tired during strength and cardio. And soon, I was cycling farther than ever and at a better speed. Of course, my outlook on life has greatly improved. I feel 100 percent!

Darl, 28, Minnesota, WI:

I had been taking an overpriced testosterone booster for years, but I got a testosterone level taken at my doctor’s and it was still low. So it was time for a change. I went through a zillion boosters and then my dad of all people recommended this. I was skeptical, but I realized that I felt better than I had in years. I love this stuff. My muscle is starting to really show (and I of course eat well). I’m a customer for life!


Awards & Media Coverage

This supplement has not yet earned significant media coverage, but as mentioned above, it is endorsed by many professional bodybuilders and fitness models. These endorsers are both male and female. While their endorsements may not count as traditional media coverage, they can help shoppers realize what products professionals use. When a casual bodybuilder sees that the pros use a given product, they will (correctly) assume that Testo RPM is a product that yields results. Thus, these endorsements speak volumes about the efficacy of this product.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of Testo RPM stand by their product. Consequently, if you are dissatisfied with your product, you may contact the manufacturers within 30 days for a full refund. It is worth noting, however, that the company employs representatives with a deep knowledge of the products sold. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, it may help to talk to a representative before going through all the hassle of a return.



Shipping is not free and it includes all orders. including the first which is considered a several days free trial. However, the shipping is a low flat rate. It’s fast, too, so you can count on getting your order shortly after you place it. While it may seem easier to just go to a supplement shop, the shipping for Testo RPM allows you to get your ideal supplement without leaving the comfort of your home.


Customer Support

The manufacturer is a company with several years in the bodybuilding industry. Therefore, its representatives are knowledgeable and want to be there for both new and old customers. If you have not yet bought a product and want advice and input, they can help. Similarly, if you have already purchased a product like Testo RPM and just want some advice on how to get the most out of it, the customer support team can still help. You can also call them to cancel your free trial.

You can reach out the company by using this phone 1-866-889-9739. Customer service hours are 9am – 6pm CST, Monday through Friday and Saturday’s from 11am-4pm CST.


Safe & Secure Checkout

For many people, buying supplements on the internet feels like a gamble. And while it’s true that some sellers may not be reputable, when you buy Testo RPM online, you are purchasing it through a 100 percent safe and secure portal. The company will not sell, lease, or otherwise share your information. Info is also encrypted for an extra measure of security.


Testo RPM Pricing & Free Trial

Unlike many highly overpriced testosterone boosters, Testo RPM is quite reasonably priced at $89.92. This is for a 30-day supply. And, as noted earlier, shipping for Testo RPM is $4.90. When one considers this price against the prices of most other testosterone boosters, this is truly a deal. You have 14 days to cancel the free trial, otherwise your credit card will be charged the price of a one-month supple which is $89.92. The product will be delivered to you each month until you cancel it and you’ll be charged each month. These conditions are also mentioned in their terms, so please check them out before you order this product.

Note: This is a product review. We are not associated with Testo RPM or their company in any way, we don’t own, sell, manufacture, trade, give or sell their product. The product is not given for free from their company, a free trial program means that there are terms and conditions regarding this product which is a subscription-based product, it means that the company will charge you each month. If you want to receive a support for this product, please the phone from this review or visit their website.






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