Testo Rip XR

Testo Rip XR Review – Is This the Best Product for Enhanced Energy & Powerful Workouts?

What Is Testo Rip XR?

Testo Rip XR is a powerful testosterone booster for men. The supplement is designed in a capsule form, with one pill taken twice daily for maximum benefit. The test booster frees up the natural testosterone found in the body, providing men the chance to feel like the younger, stronger version of themselves that they knew before the decline in testosterone levels depleted energy, strength, and even desire to hit the gym. As the ingredients inside of this test booster begin to flow through the body and kick into overdrive, hitting the gym is an extraordinary experience as users enjoy increased levels of energy, enhanced fat-shredding capabilities, and leaner, harder muscles with each pound of weight lifted.



Testo Rip XR is manufactured by the company of the same name. The company is based in Burbank, California, although there is little additional information available about the company. Currently the Testo Rip XR product is the only supplement that the brand manufactures. The company promises to provide men with bodybuilding products that are safe and easy to use and that provide ample results in the shortest time span possible.


How Testo Rip XR Works?

Testo Rip XR works in a similar manner to other testosterone supplements designed for bodybuilders. By enhancing different areas of the body with all-natural ingredients, boosts in testosterone levels cause a spike in energy levels, stamina, and fat-shredding capabilities. When used right before a workout, the testosterone booster increases a man’s ability to perform inside of the gym, offering improved athleticism, muscle size, and strength. The supplement is used twice per day, with one capsule taken at each use.


Ingredients of Testo Rip XR

Testo Rip XR contains several all-natural ingredients that promote natural increases in testosterone levels. These ingredients provide the body with the essential building blocks, enabling you to give 100% each time that you work out, since you are always feeling your best. However, as a proprietary blend, the only ingredient that we know the actual dosing amount of is Calcium. Each capsule contains 44.28 mg of calcium. There is a total of 1484 mg of the exclusive ‘Max-Test Blend.’

The Max-Test Blend consists of the following ingredients:

  • Horny Goat Weed Extract;
  • Nettle Extract;
  • Saw Palmetto;
  • Boron;
  • Wild Yam Extract;
  • Tongkat Ali Extract.

Using a testosterone booster that doesn’t provide you with per-ingredient dosing makes it difficult to stack with other products or to ensure that your body is getting the boosts that it needs for maximum results.



User of Testo Rip XR are promised a number of benefits when they start using the product. While results for each man is different, most users of the supplement report that they see a difference in as little as the first or second use of the product. This benefit is just one that is promised to users.

The fact that Testo Rip XR contains only natural ingredients is certainly one of the biggest benefits of the product. Many of the test boosters currently available contain, at a minimum, caffeine, which can negatively affect some men. With only natural ingredients packed inside of each capsule, men using the supplement can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they’re not putting any unnecessary ingredients inside of their body.

Men using this test booster will find themselves more eager to get in the gym than ever before, and with an abundance of stored energy ready to be unleashed. With increased energy and stamina, each and every workout that includes Testo Rip XR is one that provides you with results. Men workout longer with this test booster and do it with an added amount of eagerness and desire than ordinarily.

When this test booster is used, the ability to massively shred fat off of the body is gained, but the results do not stop there. This product also works to pump up the energy during the workout, enabling the bodybuilder to lift more weight while enjoying a more defined physique and harder, leaner muscles. The ability to see massive differences in your body shape, size and contour adds motivation to your workout and are all qualities promised to come your way when this bodybuilding testosterone booster is used on a regular basis.



Anything that you put into your body has an effect on you, whether it is good or bad. As a bodybuilder, it is imperative that you’re putting only the best of the best into your body in order to continue forth with your workout plan and efforts that you’ve already put into building those rock-hard abs and muscles. Anything less and disastrous results could occur. The Testo Rip XR product is manufactured inside of a professional California lab for your confidence and assurance in the supplement that you are putting into your body. This lab meets all of the current safety standards and regulations in place for production of a supplement, giving you added assurance and confidence. Men that want to enhance their body with a test booster can gain full confidence in the safety of this product.



The reputation of a product says a lot about what you can expect from its use. Learning more about a product reputation is as easy as a Google search. Online, many free reviews are posted from men that have prior experience with the test booster. Let’s take a look at a few testimonials out there from previous users.

I was referred to this product by a fellow-bodybuilder, but he must’ve been paid or something because I feel this is a waste of time. I ordered the trial product and had a really hard time cancelling it because every time I called to do so, I was disconnected or did not get an answer. I was even charged almost $100 the month after. I wanted to cancel the program because I did not see any results and I used the product as indicated on the label for the entire two-weeks. Why pay for a product that doesn’t work? There are far too many trusted products out there to waste your money on this one. No way could I see myself spending $100 a month on a product that failed to impress me from the start.

Patrick T., Dallas, TX

Testo Rip XR worked for me. I’ve proudly been using the supplement for about two months now. I notice that I have a massive burst of energy after I use the supplement that helps me workout like a champ when I hit the gym. I switched from another test booster to this one after a recommendation from a good fellow bodybuilder. I will continue to use the product as long as I am satisfied with the results. Why switch if you’re getting what you want?

B.J. Finn, London, UK

I am 38-years old, and although I still feel like I am a ready-to-rock 21 year-old, I’ve noticed my test levels have dropped considerably over the years. I ordered a trial bottle of Testo Rip XR and have been using it ever since. It works wonders for each workout, even if I just want to go in for a mini-session. I’ve never used a product that was able to provide me such phenomenal benefits so quickly.

Robert O., San Francisco, CA

Testo Rip XR has provided me with results, but I do not think that it is a test booster that is really worth the money. I am not too fond of proprietary blends in the first place, since I have no way to know exactly how much of a particular ingredient I am getting. When I add in the costs of this product, I know that it simply isn’t worth the headache. I’ll stick to the well-known brands that are out there. At least when I use them I can do so with a little bit of money left over in the bank account.

Jason J., Los Angeles, CA


Awards & Media Coverage

Testo Rip XR seems to be a bit shy when it comes to making itself known in the spotlight. You won’t find a great deal of information about the brand or the product on the web aside from a handful of reviews from past users of the product. There are no social media pages dedicated to the brand or to the product as you can find with many of the more popular names in the bodybuilding world. However, oftentimes the products that receive such massive amounts of hype aren’t all that they are cracked up to be and simply the result of marketing efforts and money spent. One should not be too concerned over the lack of social media attention, although most agree that it would be nice to work with a company that is a little bit easier to keep track of. Also keep in mind that the product has been around only for a short period of time, thus it lacks the same popularity as some of the others that are currently on the market.


Money-back Guarantee

Details of the money-back guarantee are a bit sketchy. While a promise of customer satisfaction is noted several times, nowhere can you find the requirements to make a return of the product if you are not satisfied. You will need a RMA number in order to return a product. The RMA number is provided by a customer service agent by dialing the toll-free number. Customers have only 30-days from the original date of purchase in which to make an item return. When you wish to get your money back on a product, it is necessary to dial an international number in order to access a representative.



Obviously you want to receive your order shortly after placing it so you can begin using the product as soon as possible. When you place an order for Testo Rip XR, your package is sent to you via USPS delivery using standard delivery methods. While your order is shipped immediately after your order is placed, regular shipping speeds require 3 to 5 days’ time for your order to be received. Once your order is placed, you receive an email receipt along with a confirmation and tracking number. The tracking number makes it easy to keep track of your order until it arrives securely and safely at your home.


Customer Support

Getting in touch with a customer service agent for assistance with cancellations, billing, questions, complaints, etc. is promised to be easy thanks to 24-hour customer support, 7 days per week. Agents seem to be professional and eager to assist callers. The exception, however, is when trying to cancel an order. Some users of the supplement report that they’ve had trouble reaching an agent when it was time to cancel their membership in the program.

The company offers a toll-free number for customers to call to speak to an agent whenever the need arises. In addition to contact via telephone, customers also have the option to send an email to the company. While telephone is the fastest and easiest way to reach someone, all emails are handled with a 24-48 hour response time, and sooner if possible. No live chat option is available with this company. Most people find this information disappointing, since live chat options make it easy to get the answers that you need quickly and easily.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Of concern is the description provided when ‘Ingredients’ tab is clicked. It appears the information provided in this section was written for another product all-together. Not only is the list of ingredients provided for another product, directions for use and warnings are also written for another product entirely. One would think that any trustworthy company would prevent such an error. Not only is this a big mistake, it leaves many to doubt the credibility of the company, not to mention with wonder of what the actual ingredients found inside of the product are. There is the promise of COMODO security protection, including SSL-encryption and authentication. COMODO is designed to secure personal information such as those provided when placing an order. When placing your order, be sure to look for these various security features to ensure that you are ordering at the right place.


Pricing & Free Trial

Testo Rip XR is one of the more expensive test boosters on the market today when compared to similar products. Retail price of the product is $89.97 for a 30 capsule bottle. At the recommended two-pill per day usage, this lasts only 14-days. Thus, a one-month supply can cost you as much as $180. Any bodybuilder will tell you that this is a lot of money to spend on a test booster! Compared to other, more popular test boosters, there is a strong lack of value found in the cost of supplement. Whether or not it works, there are many alternative supplements proven to provide results at as much as 75% less cost.

There are a few different options for ordering this test booster for men that wish to give it a try. A trial offer is available, and while it is the most popular of choices, there are still others available that might be of interest to you. You can always order one bottle at the regular 30-day supply rate if you do not wish to enroll in the monthly subscription plan. Or, if you would like to order more at once and treat yourself to a deal at the same time, you can order a two or three bottle supply, receiving a free bottle or two with each order. When you order multiple bottles and get freebies, you’ll never run out of product and your wallet will remain happy!

If you’d rather not spend nearly $100 (or more if you choose to order more than one bottle) a 10-day trial offer is available. An extra 4-days is granted for shipping, giving you a total of 14-days from date of order to receive and sample the product. Under agreement of the trial offer, you’ll pay for shipping and handling of the product ($4.94) and enroll in the membership program. Cancel before the end of the 14-day trial period by calling the provided customer service number and owe nothing further. If you do not cancel, you are billed at the normal 30-day supply rate and will receive a new bottle each month. Also of concern is two different telephone numbers listed on the website for the company. While under normal circumstances this might not seem odd, the cancellation telephone number begins with a country code, thus indicating you are dialing a number outside of the U.S.






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